tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAll You Have To Do Is Ask

All You Have To Do Is Ask


I'm sitting at my desk, working diligently on something. You don't really know or care what it is, but I seem to be thoroughly engrossed in my work. My lips are pursed, and I frown as I concentrate, but your mind is not registering on the way my face I looks. As it's a study day, I have not changed out of my bath robe, but the neck is loose and hangs open so that you can see the round of my breasts when I lean forward. My hair is long and you like the way it falls down around my shoulders, lying is loose blond curls against my back. They make me look almost innocent and sweet, but you know that under my robe I'm none of these. You like the way my tattoos give me an edge that only you get to see.

I'm clearly distracted, because when you walk up behind me I don't seem to notice your presence. You can smell the shampoo in my hair and, when towering over me, can see all the way down the front of my robe. You note that it must be cold in here; because you can see my nipples stand out against the thin fabric. You remember last night; how your mouth was wrapped around them and the way they felt against your tongue. But you also remember how mean I was to you, teasing you all night, but then not allowing you any relief.

As you stand behind my chair your hands slowly reach out to touch me. You lean forward to kiss my neck, and as your fingers lightly move the hair away, I jump with the sudden realization of your presence.

"You scared me!"

"I didn't really mean to" you lie, breathing against my neck as you say it. You know this gives me shivers.

"Um, someone's happy this morning" I tell you

"I am., and what about you?" You kiss me again, nuzzling my neck.

"I'm busy. Huge paper."

"You don't have a little time for me?" You ask. Your kisses have become more firm, and your other hand has moved around to the opposite side of my neck, holding and exposing my neck and ear to your kisses.

"Um," I sigh as the bristles of your beard give me shivers down my spine. "Especially not for that. Besides I got mine last night!" I tease

The mention of last night gives you shivers too, but not down your spine. Your mind flashes to the best moments:

Me. Naked. Straddling you while your cock pulsed inside me.

You. On your back. With your hands pinned down under my knees.

I rode you for what felt like all night. I'd stop periodically to reach down between us and play with my own clit, helping me bring along my orgasm along.

There was one point when you had the use of your hands.

I had reached down and pulled them up to my breasts. You loved the way they filled your hands, and how my tight little nipples become small hard pricks in your palms.

"Be rough" I demand and you had not thought to question

Through it all, you remember the way I looked when I finally came. You were still lying on your back while I straddled you, pushing you into the bed. I was leaning forward slightly; resting my weight on my one hand which was planted on your chest. My other hand was between my legs, circling and flicking my clit. You could feel my fingers slip against the shaft of your cock, heightening your arousal as I played with myself while fucking you. As I came shuddering to my orgasm, you remember how tight I felt, and how close you could feel your own climax as my pussy clenched tighter around you.

You loved how both your hands were roughly squeezing my breasts as I moaned through my cum.

All this flashed through your mind in a matter of moments, and now your cock feels rock hard, pressing against the confines of your pants.

Your one hand moves away from my neck, sliding down and around my shoulders, under the edge of my robe. Your hand finds my small breast and cups it within your palms. Just like last night, the hardness of my nipples stands out against the softness of the skin.

"Hey," I tell you "I'm busy."

"I know. And I could be too." You kiss my neck again, and whatever else you were saying is lost into the fall of my hair.

"Okay, serious-" The rest of the word turns into a gasp as your fingers tighten and twist one nipple. With one hand occupied at my breasts, your other one drops lower, below the line of my belt. Your hand moves down across the flat of my belly and lower to the warmth you know is there. Your fingers feel the short hair that grows around my pussy, but as they probe deeper you realize that my legs are tightly shut against you.

Undeterred, your hand runs down my thigh to the bend of my knee. It cups the edge of one, then moves inward, running along the inside of my thigh.

I try to stand up get up, but the hand on my chest holds me down, pulling me against the back of the chair. As you kiss my neck, you can feel that my pulse has quickened.

Although I have not begun to relax my legs yet, you begin to bring your hand in towards the heat between my thighs. As your fingers move closer and closer, separating my thighs little by little, you are forced to use increasingly more pressure to do so.

Wedging my legs open with your fingers you slowly move inwards.

When you finally reach the outer lips of my pussy, your fingers pause.

The tip of your tongue tickles the back of my neck while your other hand roughly gropes my breasts, but I only sit there uncertain as to what I should do.

Your hand remains still between my thighs, but you can almost hear the slight whimper in my breathing.

"You want it." You laugh into my hair. It's not a question, and you already know what the answer is. "If you want it, you know I'll give it to you. You just have to ask."

Neither of us moves for the space of a few hart beats, and mine are coming on fast.

The hand between my legs begins to move, slipping just a little bit further, closer to my pussy. Although my legs are still held tightly together, your closest finger is now directly between the lips of my pussy. You can feel a rush through your body as the heat deep within me registers in your finger tips.

I still don't say a word.

With my legs this way your can just barely move your fingers, but you know how to make that change. You slowly move the edge of your finger towards the round of my clit. You can feel the small knot of nerves stand out from the smooth skin around it, and you know what the slightest pressure against my clit does to me.

Your finger runs quickly across it once.

My hips buck back in response.

Your finger again rubs against it.

Again, my hips jolt back.

Again and Again, you flick your finger across my clit, and my hips move in the same response.

But this time your finger stays still, and you can hear my quick breathing and feel my rapid pulse. Only moments pass since your last flic, but you can feel the difference in me. My skin has become hotter and you know there is colour in my cheeks. You can also feel the heat between my thighs increase, and can sense the wetness that you can't quite reach. You're also aware that my pussy lips have grown larger, swollen with the extra blood. But best of all, you can feel my legs loosen and my body grow softer.

Your finger moves again.

This time I moan slightly as my hips jerk forward. You smile to yourself, imaging the conflict going on in my head; picturing me hating you for what you're making my body do, but not wanting you to stop either.

As my legs relax you have more space to move around between them, so you switch tactics. You gently slide your fingers further down, bending them so they can reach that wetness within me. As your finger tips touch the warm hole of my pussy you watch my face, and noticing that just as you brush the wetness around it, my lips relax and I let out a breath I hadn't realized I was keeping in. You use just the mere tip of your finger to tease my wet entrance, lightly brushing it with your finger, and loving how wet I am.

"See, I knew you wanted it" You tell me

I say nothing in response.

Your fingers gather up some of my juices and bring it up to my clit, moistening the tender skin there. Because I silently moan as soon as you touch it, you continue to repeat the process; gently dipping the tip of your finger into my juices, them bringing them up to my clit.

After a few repetitions, you use several fingers together, forming a wide flat surface and slowly circle around my now wet clit. You begin with little pressure and a slow speed, making small little circles with your fingers. Every time you reach the apex of your circle, when my clit is slightly pinched between your fingers, my body registers it with a little jerk of my hips and the slightest moan.

Your lips brush my ear as you whisper; "All you have to do it tell me you want it"

Your fingers continue to circle, slowly and lightly. Teasing me. Gradually, you begin to move faster around my clit, and my body jerks and shakes in response. My breathing comes faster with a little moan at the end of each exhale. My skin is hot against your hands and my legs have moved sufficiently apart that you can reach my clit easily now.

You circle your fingers harder and harder, and as the pressure in your fingers increases, you notice that my hands are clenching the arms of the chair. You also notice the minute tilt I've given to my hips, helping you to access my clit. You realize that my body is at an apex between shaking and holding perfectly still, and you know that is means I'm close.

The pressure continues to increases and your fingers speed up, quickly circling my swollen clit. At the bottom of the circle, you can feel the wetness between my legs, which only reminds you of how much I'm truly enjoying this. I'm now openly moaning, and my breathing is loud.

Another flick. And then another. My body begins to go completely ridged.

"God" I whisper

And you know what that means, so you have to stop.

This sudden change to inaction is almost painful to me, and I can feel my once impending orgasm fade away.

"Why did you do that?!" I snap, angry about my loss

"All you had to do was ask me"

"Well, Fuck, you can't just stop like that, that's not fare!" I'm still angry, and it makes you happy to know you can torment me like this

"So, DO you want it?" You calmly ask

In response I thrust my hips forward spreading my legs wide so you can see how swollen I am. You can see the wetness of my swollen pussy and smell the heady sent of my arousal, knowing how much I want it. But you've already laid out the rules to this game, and you know I'm going to have to work for it.

"So you do?" you ask

"FUCK!" I scream in annoyance. I grab the fingers on my clit and move them so they are at the entrance of my pussy. Futilely I try to shove your fingers inside me, but you're frustratingly uncooperative. Annoyed and irritated, I give up and throw your hand away.

You laugh under your breath and kiss my neck, and in response I relax a little because I think this means you will continue.

"All you had to do was ask, and you couldn't even do that" you tell me "I would have given it to you too; made you cum with my fingers, or however you wanted, and probably more then once. But now you don't really have that option"

I don't fully understand what you mean, but I can suddenly feel your muscles tighten as you move into action.

Your hand moves away from my throbbing pussy and down, cupping my thigh. You swiftly scoop me into your arms, pulling me out of the chair, and awkwardly pinning me against your chest.

"What?" I try to ask, but you're not even listening anymore. You start walking out of the room and down the hall.

"Let me down!" I demand, trying to disentangle myself from your arms

You step into our bedroom, and dump me unceremoniously onto the bed.

"God. What's wrong with you?!" I demand, yet you refuse to even answer me

You quickly drop your self down on top of me, pinning me to the bed with your weight. When I reach up to push you off of me, you roughly grab my wrists, your fingers biting into the skin. You push my arms above me, pulling them straight and stretching me out beneath you. Switching my wrists into one hand, your other one pulls my legs apart, and you position yourself between them. I struggle to free my hands from you but can't, and the fitful sounds I'm making only make you squeeze my wrists tighter. Your free hand is working at your belt and pants, roughly tearing at the buckle and zipper. You even pop a button in your haste, but don't seem to notice in the rush of the moment. You finally get your pants undone, pushing them down to your knees. Your cock is now free of the tick material and you sigh under your breath as you feel that relief.

Between the frustration of last night and the thoughts that came with it, and the feeling of my wet pussy in the other room, your cock is nearly hard. But it's the smell of my pussy in the air and the feeling of me pinned beneath you which bring you to a full erection. You hold yourself in your free hand while you use your legs to spread mine further apart.

Switching to using your fingers to spread my pussy, the head of your cock easily slips inside my moist hole. With just the tip of you inside me, you revel in the feeling of how hot and wet I am. You can feel me wrap around you and notice how tight I am, and how you can just make out my heart beat through the walls of my pussy. They're coming on quickly. Your free hand now moves to my leg and pulls one up. Grabbing and holding my knee painfully in your hand, you spreading my legs roughly apart, giving you better access to my pussy. You lean forward, pressing your chest against mine. Lying directly on top of me, you use your full weight to hold me down. My wrists are burning under the pressure of your fingers, and my pussy is burning around the width of your cock. You still only have the tip of your cock inside me, and you slowly trust it in and out of my wet pussy.

"God, you feel good" You tell me "You're SO wet, so I know you want it. Just tell me and I'll give it to you."

You receive no response, but the throbbing in your cock has increased as you tease yourself in my pussy, slowly thrusting the tip of you in and out of me.

As you lie on top of me, you can feel my hard nipples through the thin robe, and you ache to hold one in your mouth.

Letting go of my one leg, you pull your chest off of me and reach for the belt of my robe. You quickly undo it and pull it out from under me like a whip. Without loosing a beat you reach above me. I don't understand what you're getting at, but can feel the belt brush against my arms. By the time I feel the knot tighten and understand what you're about; all my struggling and weak protestations can do nothing to help me. You wrap the loose end of my new handcuffs around the corner post of the bed frame, and as you tighten the belt, I struggle to move up with it, attempting to alleviate some of the pressure on my arms. You laugh at this and place your hands on my hips, preventing me from squirming up, and forcing me to lie stretched out with my arms fully extended above my head.

Your cock is throbbing with the sight of me, and you continue to slowly thrust in and out.

"All you have to do is tell me you want it" you remind me, but I stubbornly ignore you

With my breasts now fully exposed you roughly grab one with your hand, squeezing and pulling it, while you begin to kiss my neck, gently nipping the skin. Your kisses move lower as you make your way to my breasts, and when you reach them you become rougher too. While your mouth covers my nipple, your fingers roughly squeeze the round of my breast. You pull the nipple into your mouth, lightly sucking the silky skin until it's nice and soft. You then change sensations and blow cool air on to the wet skin of my nipple, enjoying the sight as it grows hard again. You begin to roughly bite the flesh of my breasts, leaving hot red marks across my chest.

Every time you tweak my nipple and every time you squeeze my breast you can feel my pussy tighten around the tip of your dick, and you love feeling my reaction to your administrations through my pussy. Your free hand reaches down to explore that area, and with your finger tips, you notice that my juices have begun to slip out of me, running along the length of your cock and creating a damp spot on the bed.

"I can feel that" You whisper in my ear, and I hate that my body has betrayed me.

Your fingers again begin to gather up this moisture, but this time move further down rather then up, beginning to moisten my ass instead. You can hear me whimper slightly under my breath, but you only go back for more, making sure your fingers are completely covered in my juices, then circling them around my ass hole. You move back to my pussy one more time, and slowly slide a single finger along the shaft of your cock up inside my pussy. Although it is just a finger, its combination with your cock stretches me and I moan as you push your finger in further.

"I just want to make sure it's nice and lubed up for you" you tell me

Then you pull your finger out again, enjoying how my muscles feel like they are trying to hold it inside of me. You then bring your finger down to the pucker of my ass, and slowly begin to slip the tip of your finger inside me, gently pushing it in. You begin to slowly thrust your finger in and out, going back to circle my pussy for more lube every time. As you push your finger in, I have not even reached your second knuckle yet, but you can feel my body react to this none-the-less.

My breathing has become deep and throaty, and my cheeks are flushed and hot. My eyes are closed and my mouth has formed an 'O'. I am lost to the feeling of your hands and cock, but the pull of the belt against my arms keeps me locked beneath your body.

All through this, you continue to slowly thrust the tip of your cock inside me, teasing me with never completely filling me up.

Your finger begins to push further inside my ass, and you can feel the pressure it creates on your cock through the walls of my pussy. With one finger fully inside of me, you can hear me moan with every thrust of your dick. You begin to swirl your finger around, and can feel the muscles of my pussy grow tighter around the head of your cock. You're painfully aware of how wet and hot my pussy is and how good it feels when you push inside of me. You can feel the way my pussy holds on to you as you pull out as well, and your cock begins to ache with the need to fill me up with it.

"Just say the words" you tell me again

Over the sound of my breathing and the rush of blood in my ears I can barely hear you, and the teasing is nearly more than I can handle.

"Um, I love it when you try and play hard to get" you tell me, "Fine. I'll stop, but I want to try one more thing first"

I can't tell if I'm disappointed or relieved, but I focus on the last part, hoping I can hold out.

Your hand moves away from my breasts and firmly grips my hip, bruising it as your hand holds it against the bed. Then, with one swift thrust, you plunge your cock deep inside me. I tried to bite down the scream, but my body refuses to obey me, and when your dick finally fills me, I can't help but scream aloud. As you feel the warmth of my wet pussy grip the full length of you for the first time, your cock nearly begins to drip inside of me. With your one hand holding my hips down, you grind them against yours, forcing your cock deep inside me and rubbing the head of your dick against my cervix. I moan deeply, enjoying the way you fill me.

While your cock forcibly pushes deep inside me, you use the finger in my ass to push up towards my pussy, squeezing the walls of my pussy between your finger and the shaft of your cock. You move your finger around until you hear me whisper "fuck" under my heavy breathing. Now you know that you have my gspot pinched between the pressure of your finger and the shaft of your hard dick.

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