Allen & Ashlyn: Winter Break-Christmas


I wonder what he thought. I wonder if that turned him on even more. I wondered if he wanted my pussy and much as I wanted his cock.

As he put my foot down, I thought about just rubbing his cock until he came but I was afraid he would yell, get mad, or send me for counseling.

At the end of the show, I sat up and moved my face towards his. Kissing his cheek as close to his mouth as I could. I wanted to tongue his mouth, letting our tongues dance together.

I walked into my room and daddy into his, but I knew he would be jerking his cock tonight so I left my door open, hoping he would so I could watch again.

I gave him five minutes before tip toeing into the hall. His light was still on but I peeked anyway. This time, no sheet was covering him and I could see his massive cock being pumped by his hand.

"Oh daddy," I thought. "If you only knew..."

My hand went straight to my pussy as watching him turned me on so much. I couldn't help it. I could hear him breathing heavy and grunting and then, I heard it... my name coming from his lips. Did daddy want me as much as I wanted him? Well, I was determined to find out and I may just do that tomorrow.

Just then, I saw him cumming, shooting it up into the air. Upon seeing this, I began to get weak at the knees. My body tensed and my pussy exploded, sending cum down my inner thighs.

Daddy cleaned himself and turned off his light while I retreated back to my room quietly, smiling, thinking of how daddy used my name and not one of my friends, or my moms.

As I laid there, I kept thinking and was getting hot all over again. "Daddy wants my pussy". I had to play with my pussy, today had been hot and tonight also. I came quickly and fell fast asleep.

(Allen) The following morning was pretty hectic around the house. Both Ashlyn and myself were running around trying to take care of our last minute Christmas details. The phone rang so I answered it and it was my ex wife Mary. She wanted to talk to Ashlyn so I handed her the phone. Ashlyn took the cordless phone and wandered around the house while she talked to her mother.

"Mom is going to come over so her and I can exchange presents tonight" Ashlyn stated after she hung up the phone. "What time dear" I asked? "About eight", "I told her we were going to midnight mass tonight" Ashlyn said.

Looking at the clock I realized that it was getting late so I excused myself to go take a shower. I was really quite pissed about Mary wanting to come over tonight but I realized that Ashlyn is her daughter too and that it would be good for them two to see each other. I was just ticked because I wanted to spend the whole day with Ashlyn. After I showered I threw on a pair of sweats and a sweatshirt and went down to the living room to watch a Christmas special.

"I'm going to go take a shower daddy" Ashlyn said. She went upstairs and I heard the water running as I began watching a holiday show. About a half hour later I looked up as Ashlyn walked into the living room. "My god" I thought as she walked towards the couch and sat down wearing a short satin robe. She had with her a roll of toilet tissue and a bottle of nail polish.

"Can you paint my toe nails daddy" my daughter asked? Looking into her eyes and seeing her cleavage where her robe was partly opened was the only encouragement I needed. "Sure sweetie" I said. With that she swung her legs up and placed her feet on my lap right on top of my cock. I took the tissue and rolled some up and placed it between her toes. Next I took the bottle of nail polish and opened it and pulled the little brush out. Slowly and meticulously I began to paint her pretty toes. When I was finished with the one foot she shifted her weight on the couch and placed her other foot at my disposal. In doing so my daughter's robe parted open farther and I now had an open view of her naked bald pussy. I almost gulped when I saw she had no hair there.

I looked up at my daughter and saw she was watching the show so I tried to continue painting her toe nails. As I applied the prettiest shade of pink to her nails it was the other pink object that was getting my attention. As I painted I continually glanced up at my daughter's slightly parted pussy lips.

Just then my ex wife walked in the front door. I wanted to jump up out of fear of my ex seeing me with my daughter in this seemingly awkward position. Mary's eyes almost bulged out of her head when she saw Ashlyn sitting in her robe more than slightly exposed to me. Ashlyn closed up the top of her robe and swung her feet off of my lap. She pulled the tissue from between her toes and stood up to hug her mom. In doing so my erection in my sweats was visible. I quickly stood up and shifted myself to hide my throbbing boner.

As Ashlyn went to her room to get her mother her present, Mary looked at me and said "you make me sick Allen". "Just remember, she is your daughter". "Keep your dick in your pants" Mary said as she shot me daggers. Ashlyn returned and handed her mom her present and her mom handed her one as well. They both enjoyed their gifts and exchanged hugs. While Mary hugged her daughter and pulled her into her arms it caused Ashlyn's robe to ride up. My daughter's naked ass was half exposed now for a few seconds causing my aching cock to start to stiffen again.

They said their good byes and soon Mary was gone. "I'm going to go get dressed for mass daddy" Ashlyn said. "Me too darling" I replied as I followed her up the stairs. The whole way up the stairs I scanned every inch of my daughter's bare hot flesh from her feet to the bottom of her ass cheeks.

I walked into my room and flipped the door shut and imagined what kind of sexy clothes Ashlyn was going to wear. Could it just be a plain dress or would she wear something sexy like a thong and stockings. I went to my closet and pulled out my suit and got dressed. I adjusted everything in front of my mirror. I looked as good as I could considering I only wear a suit for special occasions. I walked down stairs and waited for Ashlyn.

(Ashlyn) As I woke up on Christmas Eve morning, I felt like walking into daddy's room and giving him a good Christmas present, but I heard him downstairs already and I knew he was up preparing for tonight.

I went ahead and got up and began helping him around the house. Around 5:00, mom called and said that she was going to come over to exchange presents with me. I didn't even care, all I needed was what my daddy had bought for me which looked like enough to me. I didn't even care if she came over or not, in fact, I would rather she didn't, but...

Daddy went upstairs and took a shower. He took longer than he usually does and I was glad of that. I wanted to watch him, so I went up and peeked in on him. I could smell his masculine soap as I entered his bedroom and as I crossed the room to the doorway of the bathroom, I could hear him grunting. I knew what he was up to. I peeked in and saw him stroking his cock, my God, how I wanted to join, but I figured I should go pick out what I was gonna wear to Mass. As I walked by his bed, I noticed something sticking out from the mattress. I walked over to the bed and saw it was a book. I pulled it from between the mattresses and discovered that it was a photo book of me. There were pictures of me and my friends at my 18th b-day party, me at graduation, even one of me and my cheerleading friend flashing the audience. I chuckled, he never did punish me for that. There were pics of me in my bikini laying out. I felt all warm inside knowing my daddy had this book of me. He probably looked at it while he stroked his cock and that made me feel even better.

I placed it back and walked into my room. I decided to wear a hunter green velvet dress that was low cut and short. I hoped he would like it. I walked to my dresser and chose a bra and thong ensemble that was burgundy velvet and black lace. Also pulling out a pair of black thigh highs, then closing the drawer. I laid my outfit on the bed and walked back downstairs but as soon as I sat on the couch, dad walked back downstairs.

I ran upstairs and got into the shower. While in the shower, I shaved from my legs, all the way up. I love having my pussy shaved, it felt so good. As I finished, I had an excellent idea of letting daddy paint my toes nails, so I grabbed the bottle of pink polish and threw on my skimpy robe.

I skipped down the hall and hopped down the stairs. Walking up to the couch... "Can you paint my toe nails daddy?" As soon as he said yes, I plopped right down on the couch. I had chosen not to put my thong panties on yet. I wanted him to see my freshly shaved pussy.

As he painted my toes, I again imagined him licking and sucking them. I could tell I was getting wet and I would be surprised if he could not tell that my lips were glistening. I had caught him looking at me, at my pussy staring at him in the face.

Then, mom came in but she didn't stay long, thank God. We exchanged presents and as I hugged her good bye, I could feel my short robe ride up. I loved that, knowing daddy was behind me and I could imagine he was looking right at me.

As she left, I told him I was going upstairs to change clothes. I slid the thong over my hips and ass, covering my hairless pussy. Then, I rolled the thigh highs up and stuffed my tits into my bra. Slipping the dress over my shoulders, I loved the feeling of the velvet. I slide my size 7 feet into the 4 inch black heels with sling back strap. I reached over to my night stand and grabbed my gold anklet and placed it around my ankle.

I put on my makeup and the rest of my jewelry and then headed downstairs. As I walked down, I saw dad's eyes light up. "Ready for mass daddy?"

(Allen) Suddenly I heard my daughter come down the stairs. I looked at the stairwell and I was breathless as she walked down the stairs towards me. She had on her green velvet dress and high heels that I thought would give the priest a woody while he said mass. Ashlyn walked up to me and hugged me. I prayed that she wouldn't feel the woody in my pants. As luck would have it while she hugged me she pressed herself up against my rapidly stiffening cock. I knew she could feel it and I thought I was going to squirt right into my pants. She gave me a kiss on the cheek that seemed to linger for an eternity then whispered "lets go to mass daddy".

We walked out to the car and I opened the door for my lovely daughter. As she sat in her dress rode up far enough for me to see the tops of her stockings and the soft tanned flesh just above them. I had such a hard time concentrating as I drove to the church. When Ashlyn crossed her leg and let her heel dangle from her foot I thought I was going to squirt again as her dress rode up even farther exposing even more of her sexy tanned leg. As I drove to church I kept asking myself "why does she have to be my daughter"?

We pulled into the church parking lot and I walked around and opened the door for Ashlyn. She stood up and I offered my arm for her to hold. I felt like the king of the world when my daughter took my arm and walked with me into the church. As we walked I couldn't help to notice how her breasts jiggled and swayed with each and every step. We walked in and sat down in the front of the church because the back was totally jammed with people. After we knelt and said our prayers we sat there waiting for mass to begin.

As the priest said mass I could tell that my daughter's looks affected him. He constantly starred at her. Just then Ashlyn reached over and slid her soft sexy fingers into my hand. Her fingers traveled until they slipped between my fingers. Simultaneously we squeezed our hands together as we held hands throughout the rest of the mass.

I was now so horny I was going to explode. It was time for communion. Ashlyn was in line before me so I was able to look at her sweet sexy ass as we slowly proceeded towards the alter. From the lines under her dress I knew my prayer was answered as I realized that my daughter had a thong on We returned to our pew and sat down after communion. I had a considerable amount of pre cum already in my pants.

Finally mass was over and we began to make our way to the exit. Everyone we knew had to come talk to us. I just wanted to leave to get home to open presents with Ashlyn. It seemed like an eternity before we finally made it to the car. Finally we drove home.

(Ashlyn) I walked over to my sweet daddy and gave him a big hug, making sure I pressed myself into his cock. I could tell that he was turned on by the feeling in between his legs. It excited me so much, I could feel my juices flowing. I wanted him, but I knew we had to get going, so I planted a kiss on his cheek and told him to let's go.

We walked out to the car and as daddy opened the car door for me. I sat down, making sure my dress slid up enough so he could see the tops of my thigh highs. On one hand, I felt so bad but on the other, I knew I wanted my daddy. I wanted him so bad. Wanted to feel his mouth on me and his hands, and I wanted him to make his little girl a woman.

Just then, we pulled up to the church and daddy parked. He helped me from the car and into the church we went. The church was so packed, we sat up front. I could tell the priest was looking at me and I smiled. I was wondering if he liked what he saw. I was wondering if, behind that podium, his cock was as hard as daddy's was. I looked down and noticed daddy's hand resting on his lap. I reached out my hand and took his, enter twining our fingers.

Time for communion came and as we walked up to the alter, I knew daddy was looking, I could feel the weight of his stare.

After service, a lot of my friends came up to talk, it was so good to see them, but all I could think of was going home to be with my daddy. I made the excuse that I was getting chilly and that gave us an out. After telling many of them that I would call them, daddy and I finally got to drive to our home together.

(Allen) We pulled into the driveway and finally into the garage. Again I ran out of the car to open the door for my daughter. She uncrossed her legs giving me a wonderful view of her panties and creamy thighs above her stockings as she stepped out of the car. Taking my hand for support she squeezed my hand as she held it all the way into the house.

I turned the Christmas lights on and lit the gas fireplace which was across from the tree. When I turned around Ashlyn handed me a glass of wine. "Here daddy lets share some wine while we open presents". I took the glass of wine and clanked it against hers and said "Merry Christmas baby" "Merry Christmas daddy" Ashlyn replied as we looked into each others eyes. For some reason or another we both chugged our glass of wine. Ashlyn went back to the kitchen and returned with the rest of the bottle of wine. As she filled the glasses I reached down and handed her first present to her. We both sat on the floor across from the fireplace taking turns opening presents. Every time she opened a present her eyes would light up. I opened a lot of nice gifts as well. We continued to throw the wrapping paper at each other the entire time we opened presents. Finally all the packages were opened.

We both sat there on the floor in front of the tree across from the fireplace. "Thank you daddy" Ashlyn said as she moved closer to me and hugged me. "Your welcome sweetie" I said as I felt her soft young body pressing up against me. Ashlyn reached up to the couch and brought down the blanket and a couple of pillows. We laid on the floor looking at the fire all covered up under a soft blanket as we finished drinking the wine.

Ashlyn laid with her head on my chest and her hand rested on my stomach. The smell of her hair was intoxicating and I could feel my blood rushing to my cock. Suddenly my daughter shifted and placed her leg over mine and her thigh was now pressing on my aching cock. "My god" I thought to myself. I placed my hand on her back and slowly began to caress her back . In turn I felt her hand beginning to stroke my stomach.

Ashlyn's hand caressed my stomach from my breasts to my belt. I daringly let my hand and fingers inch farther and farther down my daughter's back until I felt the top of her ass. My heart was beating a mile a minute and I wondered that if she was listening to it as her head was still laying on my chest. Just then Ashlyn pulled my shirt up causing it to come out of my pants. Her warm hand slid up my stomach under my shirt and I almost came right there. I noticed that my breathing was becoming heavier as her hand continued to caress my stomach and chest.

Finally with all my guts I let my hand reach down and made one pass over her entire ass before sliding it back up to her back. At the same time I felt my daughter begin to gently caress my now stiff nipples. A moan of pleasure almost escaped my lips as my lovely eighteen year old daughter began to lightly scrape my nipples with her finger nails. Again I reached down and caressed her ass this time squeezing a little as I felt her ass crack through her dress.

The wine was definitely affecting both of us. Ashlyn lifted her head and I followed her eyes with mine as she slowly raised her eyes to look into mine. Her fingers were still toying with my nipples as my hand still caressed her hot ass as we stared into each other's eyes. Not a word was said as we laid there holding and caressing each other the way a father and a daughter never should. We laid there searching each other's souls not really sure who should make the first move.

(Ashlyn) We finally made it home from mass and as daddy pulled the car into the garage, I was getting pretty excited. I knew I was getting a lot of presents from him plus, I was looking forward to spending some time with just him. I was hoping that he would light a fire. I was sure he would since that was a tradition with us as far back as I could remember. We always had a fire on Christmas Eve.

Daddy came around to my side of the car and opened the door for me like a true gentleman. I wondered why mom had felt so inclined to leave him but then again, I was glad she had now. As I uncrossed my legs, I was hoping he would look at the show I was putting on for him.

We walked into the house and daddy turned on the Christmas lights and as he started a fire in the fireplace, I went into the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine. As the burgundy liquid flowed from the bottle into the wine glass, I couldn't help but think of the possibilities that the night held. I walked back into the den where daddy was just finishing with the fire and handed him a glass. We toasted and both chugged the wine. I decided that since he had allowed me to drink that much that he probably wouldn't mind if we finished the bottle together. I walked back into the kitchen, got the bottle and then walked back into den. Dad had sat in between the fireplace and the tree so I joined him. Opening the presents was fun. I had gotten daddy a few things for his shop, a tie and a nice watch. Included in my gifts from him were a set of pearls and a Winnie the Pooh snow globe. Every year I received something that was Winnie the Pooh because he was my favorite.

After we had opened presents, I thanked daddy and gave him a hug but I noticed there was still a chill in the air, so I reached up and grabbed the throw blanket from the couch. I cuddled with daddy, watching the fire and finishing the wine. "This is nice," I thought to myself. I laid my head on daddy's chest and then as I shifted in his arms, I could tell he was getting a little aroused. With his hand on my back, he caressed me and I began to rub his chest. Daddy had such a nice body.

His hand reached down and just gently brushed my ass but I could tell he wanted more. His heart was beating hard in his chest. I felt it on my cheek. How good it felt to be in my daddy's loving arms. How I ached for more. I was becoming more and more aroused with each passing moment. I could feel my lips getting moist and I felt like my body was on fire, the passion was so intense.

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