tagErotic CouplingsAlmost Heaven

Almost Heaven


"Almost heaven West Virginia..." Paul sang as he crossed the state line. He pulled into the first rest stop there were several cars there, but he picked hers out right away. The blue Malibu with the sunroof, couldn't be any other one. As he parked beside it he began to laugh, he had been correct with his guessing.

She got out of her car at the same time he did. This was a woman comfortable with her own body. She was short, soft and curvy. Her short skirt covered her rounded tummy as in fell over her thighs. He could tell that she wasn't wearing a bra only by the outline her stiff nipples left on her blouse Her breasts weren't big, but they stood nicely with no bra for support.

Her skin was still freckled from the sunlight of summer vacation and her hair wore highlights of golden blonde surrounded by fiery red. Her blue eyes sparkled as she walked up to him and kissed his lips.

"I've rented a small cabin" she said, "I thought you'd like to see what West Virginia is famous for while you were here"

"Honey, I've got a number of things in mind to check out that are native to West Virginia he laughed.

"Well then sweetie, follow me" she grinned. He walked around to open her car door for her before getting in his own car and as sat down in the seat she opened her legs just enough to let him know she wasn't wearing any panties. He could see just a hint of her strawberry bush as she swung her legs inside the car.

He returned to his own car, as quickly as he could considering the instant hard-on he now sported. Took his place behind the drivers seat and followed her car out of the rest stop and onto the twisty mountain roads. Well that's if you could call them roads...the narrow mountain passageways where the front end of your car met the rear end fender as it rounded the corner could hardly be called roads so far as he was concerned.

Her car came to a stop in front of a cabin that seemed to appear out of no place. When he stepped from the car he could hear the cool mountain stream that twinkled over the the rocks in back of the cabin. The smell of the mountain laurel lingered in the air He knew that they were the only two people within miles of where they were standing and that was just fine by him.

He walked quickly to where she was standing, the element of surprise would work well now and then the fun and games would be off to a great start. He gathered he in his arms tightly and backed her against her own car. His hand went below her skirt and rubbed against her pussy.

"No panties", he said as he held her against the car with his thighs. "Well there are things that happen to women who go into the woods without panties" he breathed against her neck.

He looked around the outside of the cabin and saw the wooden picnic table setting off to the left side.

She laughed as he led her over to it and assisted her in sitting on the top of the table.

"And you are about to show me what things happen when women were no panties in the woods right?" she said. "Yes as a matter of fact I am" he replied with a grin. He pulled four silk ties from his back pocket and began to secure her to the table. He laid her back on the table with her ass at the edge, tying each leg to one of of the table legs. He tied her arms above her head.

"I can still move" she said with a laugh.

"Not for long darlin" he replied as walked to the car returning with two elastic cords used to hook bikes to the top of cars. He hooked one on each side of her tied arms and then ran the cords under the table to hook them together. "Now you can't" he said with a laugh.

"No pain" she said with a start as she realized it didn't matter what in the hell she said now, she couldn't get away.

"I promised, no pain, only pleasure." he whispered as he began to rub her thighs with his hands. "But remember intense pleasure can drive you wild" He disrobed allowing his erection to finally feel itself from his clothing. He was already throbbing with desire as he continued to run his hands over her thighs and pulled her skirt up over her hips. She sight of her semi-naked, tied to the table, almost made him cum before he even started his "game". He walked along side the table and with one swift pull popped the buttons of her blouse off. He peeled back the sections of ripped material and could see her breast rising and falling as her breathing quickened.

He leaned down kneading her tits with his hands and softly bite around each nipple. She moaned and he could feel her body raise up to try to meet his, but tied as she was movement was limited and she had to be content with whatever he did. He licked his way down her body, over her ample tummy and wound up standing between her legs. He looked down at her and could feel his balls tighten in anticipation as she was spread open before him. Her clit was pink and swollen ready for his tongue and his cock. Her pussy lips were parted nicely by the ties that held her secure.

He kneeled in front of her began to taste her juices. He sucked her clit in and out of his mouth until he heard her moan with pleasure. Then he began to lick at her pussy lips as his fingers found and massaged her clit until she cried out with the waves of orgasm.

"That's one, baby" he said, "you are going to cum for me until you are spent".

His mouth found her open pussy again as his hands reached up to pinch her nipples. His tongue teased in and out like a hot fire inside of her and once again she came with a moan.

"Fuck me now" she begged "put that cock of yours inside me and fuck me hard."

Though the thought was tempting to him, because his release would ease the aching of his rock hard cock, he denied her that for the minute. He used both hands to cover her pussy and began to rub it in a slow circular motion, again he heard her moan and felt the wetness on his hands as she came for a third time.

He put one finger inside of her and then two. Fucking her with his fingers while his mouth found her clit. He could feel the vibrations start inside of her until hard contractions of pleasure made her cry out. She was somewhere between a world of pleasure and pain now, her body almost exhausted. A single touch from his hand or mouth would bring her to orgasm.

He stood and slowly inched his cock into her pussy. Self control he thought, I just need to hold back a little longer. She cried out and begged him to fuck her, but he continued to slowly inch his way inside of her. Halfway in he stopped for a moment, then thrust himself hard and fast inside of her time and time again. She screamed out as wave after wave of cum filled her. It was the scream that sent him over the edge, thrusting deep and releasing his hot cum with hers. They lay together panting until breathing normally became on option for them again. He lifted himself off her body, both of them covered in sweat, and smelling of sex. She was so far gone that he knew she couldn't move, and muscles in her legs trembled as she tried to open her eyes.

"Just rest now" he told her as he began to untie the restraints. As she laid back and let him untie her, just before drifting in and out of sleep she thought she heard him singing "Almost heaven, West Virginia...

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