Alyson, Her Master and The Room


Leaving her to her pain, Roger went to the rack from where he had earlier got the massage oil. He returned with a handful of steel bulldog clips of the type sold in stationers and placed them on the bench between her legs. He bent and kissed her sweat covered forehead and she heard him murmur.

'Do you remember your first lesson?' he asked.

She thought quickly and then moaned softly.

'Yes Master,' she replied.

'Good, how many clips?' he asked.

'Four Master, two on my nipples and two on my cunt lips,' she replied.

She answered remembering to use the crude name for her sex as she had been instructed.

'Very good slave, this time it will be twelve.'

He picked up a clip and with one hand began to tease her left nipple until it was fully aroused. She watched him squeeze the levers until the jaws were wide open and then guide them until the nipple was between them. She braced herself for the pain but, as before, when he released his hold on the clip it was as if her teat had been cut off and she howled in pain. Before she had time to collect herself he attached another to her right nipple and then flicked both clips with his fingers. This almost caused her to beg for mercy, but from somewhere she found the determination to grind her teeth and resist. He picked up two more clips and placed one on each swollen pussy lip adding to the already almost unbearable pain from the oil. Another four clips quickly followed, each one next to the other, lining her cunt with steel. He placed the remaining four clips on the inside of her thighs just below the thigh straps and then stood back to admire the effect on his hapless victim.

Her body was now racked with pain and she rolled her head from side to side, her tongue feverishly licking her lips as she gasped and moaned. She tried to force her mind into the trance state that she had gone into when he had caned her, but it was proving hard to resurrect. Roger raised the stakes by holding the vibrator before her and coating it with more oil.

'Not quite hot enough yet slave?' he asked.

She could not find the strength to even moan as he pushed the black plastic into her burning cunt, each movement forcing the clips aside and causing even more pain than she had believed possible. The heat inside her rose to even greater levels and he pushed the device even more deeply into her womb. Alyson shrieked at this further brutal assault and then lapsed into silence as he withdrew the implement from her.

Her ordeal was not yet over. She watched with almost dream like detachment through tear filled eyes as Roger held a large blue candle in front of her and lit the wick. He bent and kissed her before starting to drip the melting wax on her left thigh just above the knee. This new source of anguish at first seemed to have little effect, but as the wax trail led up her leg to the point where the clips were dug into the soft flesh she began to whimper. What made it even worse was that she knew where the trail of burning wax would end and this knowledge caused her to try to close her splayed thighs.

He moved his attention to the other leg, each splash of deep blue moving closer to that centre of her agony filled being, her tormented burning cunt! Again he stopped just short of her pussy and moved his attentions to her belly, holding the candle almost on her heaving stomach muscles he dripped two trails of fire in a V with the point deep into the hair above her cunt lips. Oh god here it comes, she thought, as he used the tips of the finger of one hand to push against two of the clips decorating either side of her pussy, this forced her lips apart and wrenched yet another scream from her dry panting lips. He positioned the candle directly above the pink slash of her exposed cunt and she watched with a kind of dread fascination as he tilted it over and a thin stream of molten wax fell towards her. She tore at her bonds, her body heaving futilely against the strong leather, knees twitching in a vain attempt to close and stop the pain whilst she moaned in a long keening sound of total agony. He stopped and blew out the candle.

There was a pause and she began to take stock of her abused body. The heat from the massage oil was subsiding and the pain from the clips was now a dull ache which with a little concentration she could just about ignore. Her master broke into her reverie by kissing her neck and then her lips, she felt his tongue on her lips and opened them allowing him to invade her and meet his questing tongue with her own. She pushed against him, forgetting her pain, pushing her tongue into his mouth, eager to please her master. After what seemed like an age he broke away from the kiss and she heard him say.

'I am going to remove the clips now, you will pick them for me,' he said.

She kept her eyes tightly shut and tried not to think of what was to come because she knew that the removal of each clip would bring exquisite agony before relief. Rogel flicked at the nipple clamps with his hand and the clips bit harder into her tormented tits.

'Which one first,' he asked.

'Lower left thigh,' she said.

She heard herself gasp before the pain of the blood returning to the clamped area brought more agony.

'Next?' came the command, and she called the lower right and almost immediately after asked for the two other thigh clips to be removed. The hot wax had been painful but this was, as she had known it would be, far worse. Her thighs already sore from the whipping felt like pillars of fire, but she had to concentrate and call for her next dose of torment.

'Left nipple please master,' she begged.

She forced herself to sound calm, but this was abruptly shattered when he slowly squeezed the jaws apart and removed the clip as instructed. Pain rushed to the tortured teat and her sweat covered body writhed yet more. Summoning all her remaining will she called from the removal of the clip adorning the right nipple, and screamed as the right tit joined the left sending more signals of woe through her over stimulated nervous system. Roger smiled down at her and somehow she returned his smile before he bent and kissed her.

'Only your cunt to go now slave,' he said.

She nodded in agreement and licked her dry lips.

'Lower right please master.'

She called, and was surprised that the pain was not as great as from her tits. Quickly she called for the other three clips removal and then screamed as the pain caught up with her. Her master silenced the scream with a kiss and massaged the pain filled labia gently with his hand.

'I want you to accept one further trial,' he asked.

She gazed up at him, heart pounding. It will be the electrics she thought, and she closed her eyes briefly before looking back at him.

'I am your slave master and I exist only to please you,' she whined.

He smiled at her and bent to kiss her still throbbing nipples his teeth grazing each one and sending a frisson of desire through her body. She moaned with pleasure and he moved his lips down her body across her wax splashed belly and pubic hair until he was kissing her much abused sex lips. His tongue probed her still wet sex until he found her clit and took it between his lips and frigged it slowly with his tongue. She tried to thrust herself against him but the straps held her firmly and she could only gasp with delight as he banished the recent torture from her mind. Suddenly he stopped.

'Time for your last torment.'

He announced and again went to the wall rack, returning with an electric cable, an electric body massage machine and a tube of KY jelly.

Alyson watched with resignation as he confirmed her recent guess. He smeared the jelly onto her nipples and then some more on her pussy lips. He placed the machine between her thighs and plugged short cables into the front of it. Each cable ended in a small chrome crocodile clip and he attached one to each nipple and another to each of her cunt lips. She winced as the cables tugged at her so recently tortured flesh. Roger completed the arrangements by plugging the machine into the extension cable. He looked at her and she heard the click of a switch as his hand reached down between her thighs. 'Tell me when you can just feel it, do you remember how it feels slave?'

She remembered all too well the first tingling sensation and hurriedly answered.'

'Yes Master, I remember.'

It was just in time as the first twitch of the current tugged at her labia followed by a tweaking sensation from her nipples. 'I feel it now Master.'

Roger nodded and she watched him turn one of the knobs. The tingling sensation in her nipples turned into a not unpleasant tugging. He turned the other dial and the same feeling started in her pussy.

'Admit to me and yourself that you are a shameless and vain little slut,' Master demanded.

As she opened her mouth to speak he turned a dial again, the tugging turned into hot needles driving into her nipples and she cried out.

'Answer me Slave,' he shouted.

Again before she could answer he turned the other dial and pain stabbed through her cunt. She forced herself to speak,'I am sorry master. I am a vain shameless fucking cunt slut,' she gasped.

He turned a dial another click and the stabbing in her tortured teats forced a scream from her. The pain in her pussy was also increased and she felt her thigh muscles start to spasm.

'This won't have cured you though will it?' Alyson shook her head dumbly.

He reached for the controls again, this time with both hands and indescribable pain tore through both her breasts and pussy. She shrieked with the agony of it but managed to gasp.

'Please Master I may be a slut and I may be shameless but I'm your slut and I have no shame when I'm in front of you,' she whispered.

The pain was a series of contracting pulses, each one causing her to gasp and writhe in her bonds, but as long as her tormentor did not adjust the controls it gradually became bearable. Roger smiled at her.

'I know and I wouldn't want you any other way,' he replied.

He twisted the dials again and the pain caused her to force her arse off the bench and howl in pain.

'Thank you Master,' she heard herself say.

Each phrase was gasped between the contractions caused by the current surges. He gave the dials one final twist and stood back smiling as his hapless charge screamed in torment with muscles flexing uncontrollably as the shocks took over her body. After about two minutes, which to her seemed more like two hours he reached down and switched the infernal device off before standing back to watch as she lay trembling on the torture bench.

Roger stepped forward and unclipped her wrists and ankles, she raised her hands and massaged her tortured breasts as he undid the waist strap before undoing the straps holding her thighs. She felt a pang of regret as he did the latter, the thigh straps always made her feel so totally available and spread, providing arousal even when being viciously mistreated. Her lover bent over her and kissed her lips, she opened her mouth wanting his tongue but he broke away forcing his hands and arms under her thighs, and shoulders.

'Hang on,' he said.

He grunted before lifting her off the bench and carrying her from the torture chamber along the corridor to her bedroom. She wrapped one arm across his shoulders and used her free hand to open the door. The bedroom was spacious and lavishly decorated. Rich floral drapes hung across the two windows and a large bed was the centrepiece of the room, Rogerl carried her to the bed and laid her on it and then bending forward began to kiss her tortured tits. He sucked each nipple in turn, teasing them gently with his teeth before sucking them into his mouth. It always surprised her how quickly her tits and nipples recovered from being tortured and responded to being pleasured, within a few moments she was gasping with pleasure and reaching for his cock.

Suddenly the door opened and Graham entered. He said, 'I thought I heard you come back, was she a good slut this time?'

'Better than ever,' Roger replied. 'I'm just going to finish off the session and give her what she needs now more than anything, are you going to stay and watch?'

'Yes,' Graham replied, 'I need to make sure I'm getting my money's worth.'

Roger knelt on the bed, thighs astride her head and she gazed up at the straining balls and stiff cock before opening her mouth as he lowered himself down onto her, his lips finding the cunt which he had so recently tormented. She greedily sucked at his cock whilst teasing his balls and inner thighs with her finger nails. His tongue lapped the full length of her slit causing her to grip his head with her thighs, and when he pushed a finger into her arse whilst licking and sucking her clit she thrust her cunt against his face trying to reach a climax. He pulled his cock from her gaping mouth and swung round to kneel between her wide spread thighs, cunt thrusting up towards him as she mutely begged for the release she needed. She thrust her gaping pussy lips upwards to meet his cock and felt triumphant as he impaled her, driving as deep as he could into her.

'Fuck me master,' she shouted.

She screamed as she felt him slide powerfully back and forth and his hands slid under her weal marked arse cheeks to grip them and force her even deeper onto his invading cock. The pain from her whip marks acted, as it always did, to heighten the pleasure being caused by his cock and she felt the waves of orgasm begin to radiate from her cock filled cunt until she lost all reason and became a simple being of pure pleasure and lust. Roger seemed to also have lost all control as he drove his cock into the writhing heaving beast that was his slave, his cries of ecstasy mingled with hers and he spurted jets of seed into her before collapsing to lay half across her heaving body.

Almost instantly she felt Graham's spunk splatter her exhausted body as he finished pleasuring himself.

The two of them sat and recovered and after showering and having a welcome glass of wine Graham said to Roger, 'I'll call you in about a week and we'll make her next appointment.'

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