tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAn Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 35

An Opportunity Not To Be Missed Ch. 35


Alison had always understood and tried to help Mandy in any way she could. Her constant endeavour in trying to keep Ted next door away from her daughter was starting to tire the voluptuous 40 year old, so much so that she was considering upping sticks and moving the whole family somewhere else. How she was going to get her husband to accept the idea was an obstacle she would have to overcome without him ever knowing the real reason.

The more she thought about everything the more she wondered if it wasn't somehow all down to her and the way she had been when she was younger. She used to love the power that came with her undeniable sexuality, it turned men into jabbering idiots, they were like putty in her hands. In a way she still did love it, after all if she hadn't got this gift she wouldn't have been able to keep Ted away from Mandy for so long.

Even before her encounter with Mr Cramp she was already blatantly exploiting the phenomenally well developed body she was blessed with. She had quickly learnt that most men, however old, could be manipulated like stupid puppy dogs with just a flutter of her eyelashes. Just the vaguest glimmer of hope from the busty beauty was all it took to have them eating out of her hand. This is the definition of a cock teaser, and this is most definitely what she was. So maybe she had somehow passed this teasing habit of hers on to Mandy without even realising it and that's how she has found herself in this mess.

The fact was that Alison had experienced so many sexual encounters as a result of the way she looked, some minor, some major, that she had probably forgotten more than she could ever remember. Like the time when she was 18 and in the final few months of school, a while before her memorable meeting with Mr Cramp..........................

..................................It was the turn of the 1990's and as an 18 year old 6th form school girl Alison was truly a sight to behold. She was the cause of a good many accidents by drivers distracted by the sight of her voluptuous curves in her uniform. She would sway her ass a little more and walk in such a way that gave her huge boobs even more bounce whenever she caught sight of some old pervert ogling her from behind the wheel. She would then smile to herself as she heard the inevitable screech of brakes and sounding of horns that nearly always followed. When you look like she did then you get used to these things, along with having everything your own way pretty much all of the time too. She was in constant trouble at school, usually for flouncing the strict uniform rules, but she never seemed to pay the price that others did. The main reason being that most of the teachers were male, and for Alison that was all that was needed....

It got to the point however that something needed to be done to curb her teasing ways, the way she dressed and behaved could get her into trouble if she wasn't careful. The female staff were worried that she didn't know the dangerous game she could potentially be playing. However one or two of the male staff took a rather different view, they seemed to quite enjoy having this big busted blond tease them and didn't really care if it meant she got away with the odd misdemeanour ........

She did occasionally find herself in trouble however, and her first real experience of the affect she had on men and the subsequent consequences happened just several weeks before the start of her final exams.

After a minor disagreement with one of her female teachers regarding her non compliance with the strict uniform rules the teacher had had enough. She was constantly being told but never seemed to take the telling offs seriously. So this time she was sent to the heads office.

This was a first for Alison, she had been sent to the head before, but not this one. The old head master had just been promoted to another school, a private school well known for turning out some of the highest achievers in the country. Good for him, but not so good for the school he left behind, this was due to the fact that there was a real shortage of qualified staff coming through.

So the job of overseeing the school had been put in the hands of the local authority until a suitable replacement could be found. This meant they had to put somebody in there to take charge of the day to day running of the place, this wasn't a teaching post, more an administrative one. Again the local authority too were short staffed and so they gave the temporary position to the only person they had available, Sidney Spooner.

Sidney had been worked most departments during his 40 plus year career with the local authority and was just about as experienced as anyone. He started out as a bin man all those years ago and worked his way up from collecting rubbish off the cold streets to eventually being completely in charge of the refuse collection department. Over the many years that followed he worked in various departments including parking, traffic, housing and now schools and education. At 60 years of age he was set in his ways and didn't welcome yet another change in jobs, albeit a temporary one.

Being not the most pleasant of characters Sidney was probably best suited to an overseeing role, he didn't really care whether people liked him or not and if his presence shook things up a bit then it was considered not a bad thing. He was one of these characters that didn't seem to have much of a life and was pretty much "married" to his job. Everyone wondered how he spent his free time as he had no family and apparently no real friends.

The truth was he didn't really have much of a life. He lived in a dingy little flat and was quite well known for being rather tight with his money. He wore the same old clothes day in day out and never took a holiday, instead he stashed his money away like scrooge, which was one of the many nick-names his work colleagues used when talking about him.

The other equally unpleasant side to his character was one that the women he worked with came to know only too well. He was what can only be described as a typical "dirty old man". They all felt uncomfortable at the way he seemed to ogle them constantly. He had a stare that made them feel he was undressing them with his eyes and he was well known for his inability to keep his hands to himself.

The younger more attractive females around the office were always nervous at being alone with him as he would always try to put an arm around their waist as he spoke to them. If he succeeded he would hold them a little too closely for comfort and often reach with his fingertips and touch the edge of their breasts. He wasn't too subtle if he walked behind them either, especially if they were bending over, he couldn't resist brushing his hand across a tight skirted ass.

As a result he had a reputation, and he knew it too, but he didn't care. Why would he? He had nothing to lose and everything to gain. Such was his daily frustration that he couldn't help himself even if he wanted to. He wasn't a fool he knew he was old and unattractive in just about every way, but so what. The way he saw it they were asking for it, if they didn't want the attention then don't come to work looking like that. To lay temptation in the path of a frustrated and sexually deprived old man like him was the risk they took by dressing the way they so often did. He was a truly lecherous old pervert with a one track mind, and didn't care what people thought.

He especially loved the summer months when tops would get flimsier and skirts even shorter. It was during these months that he would often become preoccupied with using any means to try and get a glimpse up one of the girl's skirts. Whenever the opportunity arose he would take it, sometimes successful, sometimes not. His best chance and highest success rate was on the stairs.

There was a stairwell that went up several floors in the outside lobby and Sidney would always keep an eye on out in case he saw one of the short skirted lovelies heading for it. He would often get to the door first and being a "gentleman" he would hold it open and let whoever it may be through first. He was sure they were on to him but again he didn't care. He would follow them up the several flights of stairs trying all the way to get a look up there skirts. Every now and then it paid off and he would glimpse the beautiful cock hardening sight of a pretty girl's panties. That was it! The poor old boy would get so turned on that he could barely control himself, often slipping his hand in his pocket to give his erection a little rub as he got off on it. It was no wonder he had this reputation of being a creepy little pervert, it was a reputation that he accepted and even acknowledged as well deserved!

Being quite an unpleasant man meant that he was quite happy to spend much of his time in his own company. He valued his privacy because he could spend his evenings doing whatever he liked, which was usually watching television then going off to bed to do what most lonely men do. He would lay there in the dark and within a few minutes his hand would always find its way down to his permanently frustrated old cock. A dirty smelly cock so long deprived of the pleasure of a females touch that it would get hard at the drop of a hat.

He couldn't help himself, he would more often than not be thinking of one of the several young girls at work. He would think of the pretty younger ones in their tight skirts and sometimes revealing tops. He would picture them bending over and imagine himself touching them, feeling their lovely tight bums, or running his hand up their silky smooth thighs and under their skirts. More than anything he would imagine them spreading their legs and hitching up their skirts and offering themselves to him.

He would lie there muttering one of their names as he imagined peeling her sexy panties down and slipping his hard cock into her lovely tight young pussy. He would have given anything to be allowed just once to live out his fantasy, but it was never going to happen. Instead he would have to just carry on using his right hand and his vivid imagination while at the same time taking any opportunity that came along to exercise his dirty mind.

So now he was to spend the next few weeks in the head masters office as a sort of stand in. He was going to miss seeing some of the lovely girls he worked with, but he figured he would just keep himself to himself for the next few weeks and soon all would be back to how it was. They, on the other hand were almost certainly over the moon to get a respite from his dirty wandering hands.

With no qualifications he wasn't permitted to involve himself in the teaching side of things, all he was there to do was basically be in charge of managing the place. He knew this, but his exact roll wasn't clear to all the staff. Most thought he was a fully fledged stand in head master, and being a rather pathetic nobody Sidney didn't really go out of his way to put them right. This minor misunderstanding boosted his fragile ego somewhat and it made a nice change for him to feel like somebody for once.

So Alison is standing outside the office door, there is no secretary in the outer office as she went with the head master to his new post. Alison hadn't yet seen this new "head" but was quietly confident that he would be just like any other male teacher, all it would take was a pout of the lips and a quick flutter of the eyelashes and things would be ok. If not then she knew that if all else failed arching her back and thrusting out those incredibly impressive tits of hers would almost certainly get the old boy in an embarrassed fluster and achieve the required result.

She pulled a brush from her bag and brushed her lovely fine blond hair, and then checked herself in the mirror before knocking on the door.

Inside Sidney was startled, he wasn't expecting anybody, so he took a moment to appear busy with some papers before clearing his throat and barking "Come in!"

Alison went in and closed the door behind her before stepping up to stand in front of the heads desk. He didn't seem to acknowledge she was even there, instead he carried on busying himself with his papers for what was probably only about ten seconds but felt like ages. As the pretty 18 year old stood there looking him over she noticed how old he was. "This is going to be easy," she thought as she cast an eye over him. He was just what she had hoped for, a sad old boy who would surely be rendered helpless by her obvious "charms". As she stood there she noticed his crusty balding head and greasy grey hair left the shoulders of his shiny old jacket with a scattering of flakes of dry skin and dandruff. He was rather a scruffy man and she thought how he didn't really look much like a head master.

Just then he cleared his throat again and looked up. There was an embarrassing moments silence as his eyes widened and his facial expression turned from one of gruff annoyance to an open mouthed look of almost stunned disbelief.

"W....what can I do for you young lady?" He asked as he tried once again to clear his throat.

As Alison explained why she had been sent poor old Sidney couldn't quite believe his eyes. He could hear she was talking but her voice seemed distant as his concentration was instantly focused on what she looked like rather than what she was saying. Wow, this girl was just incredibly beautiful he had never seen such a sweet and pretty face, the sort of face that a man could so easily fall in love with. She had such lovely blond hair that cascaded down over her shoulders looking so soft and fresh. The navy blue college cardigan that she wore hung open, unbuttoned all the way down revealing a white blouse and loosely fitted tie. Sidney's eyes widened even more as his wandering gaze stopped at her chest. It was impossible not to notice the size of this girls tits....they were huge! He was stunned he had never seen anything like it. They were big and round and obviously very firm from the way they were thrusting out against the tightness of her blouse straining the buttons to the absolute limit.

For a moment he was unsure what to do, the vision before him had him in something of a fluster. Alison of course could see the affect she was having on him, it was the same affect she had on most men. This was what she wanted and felt confident that this was going to be easy. Being a real tease she couldn't resist arching her back a little and thrusting her boobs out even further. The expression on his face was a picture and right away she knew what he was thinking.

"S....sorry, w...what did you say?" Sidney suddenly piped up as he shook himself back to reality.

"I have been sent for breach of uniform rules again sir," she said rolling her eyes as if it were all so trivial. "Also apparently I shouldn't answer my teacher back."

The old man coughed and, trying to be as firm as possible said, "well, you shouldn't answer your teacher back! What's your name young lady?"

Still trying to look like he knew what he was doing he spun his chair around to the filing cabinet behind him and went to where he knew all the student files were kept. As he pulled hers out and spun the chair back round to face her again he asked. "What do you mean breach the uniform rules?"

"M....my skirt sir," she answered all coyly, "I've been told it's not the right length...."

With that she stepped back and looked down. Sidney's eyes hadn't got that far, he was still trying to come to terms with that unbelievably spectacular chest. As his eyes went down he could see from where her blouse was tucked into her skirt just how surprisingly slender her waist was. At that moment could see what a rare and wonderful creature she was, such a slender toned body yet with such huge tits. It was quickly becoming obvious that she was one in a million, a truly cock hardening wonder of nature. She was about as close to perfection as it's possible for a girl to be, the sort of girl an old pervert like Sidney would so often fantasise about when alone in his little flat, but obviously never get to meet.

Still Alison just stood there feeling rather smug at the blatant look of disbelief on his old face. She loved the feeling of power that came with the body she had been blessed with. It always amazed her how a man could be instantly reduced to the most basic of levels regardless of how intelligent he may or may not be. She understood why he was looking, it came as no surprise to her, although he was staring rather intently which freaked her a little. It was obvious from the look on his face what he was thinking. She didn't normally mind as this affect she had always worked in her favour, but this old man was rather creepy and seemed a little too interested.

"Oh my God!" He said out loud as he noticed her skirt. Instantly he realised what he had done and clasped his hand over his mouth. To his relief she didn't appear to have noticed his unplanned outburst.

It was just getting better and better for the sex starved old pervert, he was in heaven, he couldn't remember in all his years ever seeing anything like this. The navy blue skirt she was wearing had pleats to either side at the front and it was short......very short! Displaying a generous amount of her strong young thighs he began to realise what a lovely cock teaser she was. Her silky smooth skin had a light golden tan and as he looked at where they vanished under her tiny skirt he felt his mouth begin to water.

"It's my gym skirt sir, so it is actually uniform." She sort of blurted out in an attempt to break the silence.

Suddenly aware that he was staring old Sidney quickly started thumbing through her folder. As he read her notes with her standing there he saw a few things that caught his eye. She had been up before the head a number of times in the past. He read on and found that, among other things, a few of the teachers had complained about her flirtatious and overly familiar ways when talking to the male staff. They were concerned at the way she "used her sexuality" as a means of getting herself out of trouble.

Now he was interested and so he read on. She also had been threatened a number of times with expulsion due to her blatant disregard for uniform rules and subsequent attitude when reprimanded.

This made good reading for Sidney and he quickly figured that what they were basically saying was that this 18 year old was a cock teasing flirt who thought her obvious sex appeal meant she could get away with murder!

Luckily old Sidney had done some research before he took up the post and some of what he had learnt involved uniforms. His mind was working overtime, this was a once in a lifetime opportunity and he quickly had to think of a way that he could take advantage of it. There was no way he was going to let this cock hardening piece of skirt go with just a few stern words. All the girls at the office where he worked collectively didn't measure up to this beauty, he had to try his luck, if he didn't he would regret it for the rest of his days.

He hesitated for a moment unsure what to do. But just looking at her standing there had his deprived old cock stirring, he knew it was wrong but why should he care? He didn't ask her to come in looking like that, perhaps she needs to learn the consequences of dressing in such a way, especially when blessed with such voluptuous curves. "What the hell," he thought, "nothing to lose....."

"Right young lady," he began, "you know the test."

"T....test? What test sir?"

"You know, the test! The way of testing the length of your skirt!" He barked trying to sound as annoyed as possible so he could maintain control of the situation.

"Er...n.....no sir."

"Right, well turn around and face the other way," he ordered.

She stood there confused by his request. She looked at him for a moment unsure if she had heard him right. As she did she began to realise just what sort of man she was dealing with here. He was just about as unattractive as it was possible for a man to be. At 60 he looked so old, and she began to feel worried as she saw him lick his craggy dry old lips as he just stared at her chest. She could see his teeth were stained a brownish yellow and he made her feel rather sick as again she watched his tongue circle the entrance to his filthy old mouth. This was new territory to Alison, she didn't know how to deal with this situation and so she decided that all she could do was exactly what she was told.

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