tagInterracial LoveAn Unforeseen Moment

An Unforeseen Moment


His hands roamed over her mound and as he approached paradise he could feel the heat escaping her body. He rubbed her clit for a moment and then slid two fingers easily into her wetness. She arched her hips slightly and the tiniest of moans escaped her lips. Her own hands squeezed her breasts and she slid a hand down beyond her flat belly and rested it on top of his hand, gently pushing him deeper with the ulterior motive of not allowing him to withdraw from her body.

He worked himself in and out of her, spreading his fingers as her hand moved with his. He was excited and her motions only added to his lust as his hard dick flinched involuntarily with his burning passion to be inside of her.

Unable to contain himself any longer he spoke for the first time since they entered her hotel room; "I want to fuck you."

In the darkness he didn't see her as she caught her breath but he felt her hand as it left his and searched for his dick. He heard her gasp as she closed her hands around his thickness. He smiled. He loved it when women realized just how big he was. Not just long, but his thickness was something many women had not experienced as well and he flexed as she squeezed him. He felt her as she silently tugged at him, to guide him between her legs.

She looked at him as he moved over her. His body was so black. As black as coal was how he put it. She had never had sex with a black man before and she was nervous despite her arousal. Truthfully it was his size that had caught her attention and she was almost embarrassed with herself at the pure lust that had captured her when he whispered how big he was in her ear back in the bar.

She never once gave thought to the boldness of him telling her or the fact that an hour ago she had never seen him before. All she knew was she wanted to feel that; to experience that. She had been with men with some size before but never one like this. She had resisted his efforts to get her to take him into her mouth out of simple fear of not being able to get even his head into her. Now, as she opened her legs she shuddered, but out of what? Fear or lust she didn't know and as her mind screamed no, her body begged yes and she didn't care why she felt this way, she just wanted to feel him inside of her.

The moon broke free of the clouds and its harvest light shone through the open curtains and she saw him clearly as he positioned himself to enter her. He was looking down and as she caught that brief glimpse of his body in contrast to hers she realized just how dark he was and the adrenaline rushed through her body at the taboo of what she was about to do. Or what he was about to do to her.

He positioned himself perfectly and she felt him as he pressed against her. She tensed; fear flooding her body at everything this moment represented: the taboo, the size of him and the sensation of going from thinking about this, to wanting this to accepting this to needing this. All these thoughts flashed through her mind in a instant as he pushed himself into her and with a shock and a moments flash of conflict he was inside of her and she could feel her pussy as it squeezed itself around him, urging him into her overpowering desires.

He pushed himself deeper and her body rose up in protest as he reached for places no man had ever been before. He slid his hands around her hips as she lifted herself and catching her he latched on to her and held her in place as he pushed into the wetness that surrounded his manhood.

The feeling of her tightness spurred him on but he tried to be gentle, knowing many women had never had anything like him inside their bodies before. But he was losing the fight simply because she was squeezing him and he felt her as she fired all those special muscles that wrapped him up like a blanket. Finally he reached the spot where her resistance would require some effort and he turned to look down at their union. "Almost there baby," he whispered to her.

She watched him in the flickering fading candlelight, wishing the moon would break free again or that she had left a light on. She desperately wanted to see what he looked like inside of her.

"Do it, please give it all to me," Her words surprised even her but she wanted him, wanted to feel all he had to offer her as she felt a climax building.

He grasped at her hips as he locked her in place and she suspected, correctly it would turn out, that she would have bruises there... With her body held in place he rose up and pushed himself into her forcing past her resistance. When her hips rose and she tried to pull away he held her in place; pushing and suddenly he was there and he watched as the remaining inches of his dick disappeared into her willing body.

He missed the fact that as he reached nirvana she came. But not knowing and destroying the moment were two different things. He knew from experience that if he pulled back any she might not let him back in all the way. Or she might not be able to let him back in all the way so he stayed in place and just flexed and moved his hips around. It was perfect for her orgasm and she closed her eyes and squeezed her muscles as they hardened and her body tensed and clamping her legs around his back as she began to lightly shake as the bolts of electricity rushed through her nervous system.

As her orgasm began to wane he began to move, to pump into her. Harsh light flashed through her closed eyes as he did and she felt every fiber of her pussy as it moved with him, or resisted him in the perfect places as she felt him filling her yet again. She opened her eyes to see him over her; up on his hands arms extended. She realized then how tall he was as his head was past hers and she had to look up to see his eyes. His hips moved to some rhythm inside his mind and she struggled to match it as he picked up his pace. He began to withdrawal more and then thrust in and she felt every inch of every stroke of him.

As she became more accustomed to him and his size he began to move easier and therefore faster. Her hips were moving with him and then her whole body began to move up and down as he pushed into and out of her, he had not once totally withdrawn and the depth of his strokes were beginning to move her up the bed. She put her hands up to keep her head off the headboard and he rose up grabbing her waist and without withdrawing pulled her back down the bed. She laughed at the kindness of not banging her into the headboard and he responded by moving harder and faster as he thrust into her.

He changed his strokes to hard rapid thrusts that shook the bed and she was unable to match his intensity. A small moan began to escape her lips and as he powered into her it built up into a steady sound that spurred him on; faster and harder until it became something that left her unable to match him and her body just gave up all resistance and moved only as he moved her.

His body slapped at hers as he reached full depth with his thrusts and she knew she was once again moving toward the headboard. He moved to lift her legs up but she resisted, trying to pull away, knowing that position would give him access that she feared might split her in two so powerful were his thrusts. Her moans had turned into gasps and an uncontrollable panting as she tried to speak but was unable. He was like a machine and the more noise she made and the more she tried to get away the harder and faster he went. Unable to take it any longer she moved her hands to his chest to try to control the depths of his thrusts. Her fingers splayed open across him and she saw once again the color contrast; her Irish white skin against the black of his chest and the thoughts of the taboo and the forbidden lusts combined to force another rush of adrenaline through her body.

The moon escaped the clouds at that moment and the contrast was clear, his face, his body, the feel of him as he penetrated her so completely, No violated her! Her mind screamed and she shuddered into her second orgasm of the night.

This one he recognized and he lifted himself up higher forcing her hips up and he rose up to his toes and pushed himself deeper into her and once in flexed himself and then pulled away only to quickly push back down into her. He moved harder now and with her hips slightly upturned his body pounded against hers. Her clit, swollen from the rush of adrenaline, sparked to his touch as her orgasm continued to race through her body.

As her muscles tightened she began to pour out her wetness over him to such a degree that it escaped around him and flooded their union and her legs. She began to moan and cry out in a song of pleasure that continued for minutes as he repeated his hard slow strokes making full body contact until at last her body collapsed to the bed totally spent, sweat covering her as a fine mist.

He thought she had passed out for a moment until she moved her hips to escape him. He tried again to lift her legs but she startled him by whispering "No. I can't take that. Slow down, come here," as she pulled his head down toward hers.

He came down to her then, resting himself on his elbows. She wanted the full contact of his skin against hers and as she slid her hands up over his back she pulled him down further until he relaxed and suddenly she felt his body pressing against her. Like all men his inner sense of chivalry prevented him from collapsing completely on top of her so she left it alone. His chest still pressed against her breasts and she felt the beads of sweat from his body as they mingled with hers. He had almost stopped his thrusts as he sought a position comfortable to both of them but it didn't matter, she felt him as deep inside of her now as she did before.

She looked at him but his head was turned away from her as his hips were moving again. She wanted to see his face and slid her hands from his back to his head and guided him to her. He didn't resist but rose up a notch where their eyes met. Between the dark room and the blackness of his skin his eyes seemed to glow and she pulled his head just a touch and he lowered to her waiting mouth. Her lust relaxed slightly only to be replaced with a deep passion as her lips pressed against him and her tongue searched his open mouth.

She held him in that position; on top of her unmoving, buried inside of her, as their bodies relaxed until his needs began to feed him again and finally he pushed himself up a touch. Eyes locked again she finally gave in to the inevitable and she whispered to him "Fuck me hard."

He hesitated only a second and that just to allow him to see her face as she said it. He twitched inside of her and heard her gasp as he rose up and pushed himself away and reached once again for her legs. This time she didn't resist and he swung them over his shoulders and lifted himself to his knees and slowly, painfully slowly began to move inside of her again. He moved in deep full strokes now as he wanted to hear her beg him again. He had gotten what he wanted; this sharp looking professional woman lying underneath him. And he knew he had pleased her. He had felt her violent orgasm. Not knowing he had made her cum twice he was never the less pleased with the intensity of the one he knew she had experienced.

Now he wanted this moment to be about him. Not knowing for her it had always been about him. She had given in to his advances out of more than just lust or the curiosity of wondering if what she had heard was true. Out of some sense of... what? She was afraid to admit or even entertain that thought as she watched him begin to drive into her again.

She had been shocked by his size and how he worked himself. How he handled her, like a, like a what, she wondered yet again... As he quickened his pace once more her body moved with him and she thought about how he was fucking her, how he had fucked her. She wasn't a virgin and had had a few really talented lovers so what made him different?

She watched him as he closed his eyes and began to lean over her. He grunted and she had to catch a breath as he began to move hard again, competently changing up his motions and she knew this would hurt so right.

Suddenly it came to her trained mind. Of course, she was a doctor, a shrink, she giggled silently. How had she not seen this? To her it was the fulfillment, maybe, of a secret taboo, something so wrong, so bad; so forbidden. It was like a junkie sneaking away for a fix of something new. For him it was some kind of conquest. She was white and he was black. He saw life differently than she did; she was the white man's woman. She recalled telling him she was married, it was a lie to scare him off but all that did was make him try harder to get her. She saw it now...

She thought about this unexpected revelation for a minute as he moved harder and her thoughts became clouded with the feeling swelling up inside of her body. She realized that she was also pushing these thoughts herself. Her mind, what she considered her greatest sex organ, was working overtime now with these feelings. These realizations and their mental thoughts, hers and what she suddenly knew had to be his, were driving her lusts toward something new. And if she was doing it to herself, he must be too! Then the light flashed on and she knew what he wanted. What he had to have to complete his conquest. Her journey to this forbidden pleasure had been wicked, violent and draining and now she knew he needed something too.

The surprise she felt of grasping his thoughts on fucking her was over shadowed by the shock of what she did next: Watching him as he was moving inside of her she spoke to him in a voice she didn't recognize: "Fuck me you bastard. You black bastard mother fucker. Fuck my white pussy!" It came out in a hiss of a whisper but it made its mark and she saw his eyes open and he stared down into her face.

His mouth clinched tight and he moved a touch faster. She knew it then, saw it, he was about to cum and she knew she had to give him what he needed, what he had to have to fulfill his half of the taboo of an interracial union. She reached for his ass, grasping him, squeezing him, pushing him into her. She spoke again: "That's right baby, fuck me, harder, harder!" She wanted to say more, to be really nasty and she suspected he would have enjoyed it and responded to it, but she was unable to bring herself to cross that line so forbidden to her was that taboo...

He pushed himself up higher on his outstretched arms and his hips staggered and she squeezed, digging her nails into his ass as suddenly she knew he was there, he was going to cum inside of her. That's what he needed! That's what he had to have for his half of this bargain, his half of the conquest. He grunted and his voice blasted from his clinched mouth; "Ahh fuck, I'm cuming baby! Oh Fuck... damn..."

She squeezed him harder and rode him as he thrust inside of her, his powerful body tense as he completed the actions his lusts demanded. She tried to watch his face, to gauge his response to her allowing him to finish this way when she realized that he would never see it as her allowing him to cum inside of her, but as him taking what he demanded. That realization intertwined with her mental image of this black man as he poured his cum inside of her caused her to climax in an orgasm that made the other two look tame by comparison...

When she awoke she startled at the realization that she had been sleeping. She looked around and steadied on the clock: 4:30 in the morning. She sat up, aware that she was alone. Was that a dream? Her mind flashed for only a second. Her body answered no as she felt the soreness in places not used to being abused in that manner. She dropped back down into the bed and began to think about the bar where she met him. She smiled and ran her hands over her body shuddering at the sensations. She stretched and felt the stiffness and sighed into the darkness as her hand slid down between her legs: No it wasn't a dream...

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