Anal Invasion


She and Torrie loved to go after women who were physically stronger than them and break them mentally. It was such a rush to see a woman like Lita who could easily kick Stacy's ass helplessly bent over with her hands handcuffed behind her back as Stacy filled her with strap on dick, the redhead moaning in pleasure with every thrust.

And Stacy wasn't the only one enjoying having her way with a WWF diva.

Torrie had worked her way up from a steady fucking to the point where she was now pounding Trish's helpless pussy and the busty Canadian blonde was offering absolutely no resistance whatsoever, in fact Torrie was almost positive Trish was thrusting herself backwards to meet her thrusts.

In some ways it would be somewhat disappointing if she had broken Trish already, but it would also be incredibly hot.

Trish wasn't nearly as physically strong as Lita was, and going in the WCW girls knew the redhead was going to be a bigger challenge, but Trish was still stronger than Torrie or Stacy so it was a incredible turn on for Torrie to hear Trish moaning for her and possibly even thrusting back at her.

Already Torrie couldn't wait until she had completely broken Trish and made the WWF diva her bitch.

She and Stacy were determined to fuck Trish and Lita into submission and they were doing a great job because try as they might the WWF divas just couldn't stop moaning. It just felt so good.

Lita had known she was bi for a very long time but she'd never used a strap on before in her love life. Sure, she'd played with plenty of dildos of all shapes and sizes but she just hadn't got around to trying a strap on yet. Now she was feeling one moving inside her she wished she had tried one sooner. She had thought about using one on Trish, and after she had got together with her Lita had promised herself at some point she would make that fantasy come true but this was the first time she was ever experiencing one in person.

Despite herself Lita found that her pussy was dripping as Stacy ploughed into her over and over again, fucking the redhead so skilfully it felt as if the leggy blonde had been pounding pussy her entire life and for all Lita knew she had. Unfortunately the thought of Stacy pounding girl after girl only increased Lita's arousal and the redhead's moans continued to increase in both number and volume as the fucking continued.

Even though she had enjoyed sex with men in the past everything with Lita had been so amazing that Trish had actually begins considering becoming a full-time lesbian, swearing off dick and devoting her life to pussy. Torrie's strap on however was convincing Trish otherwise.

The WCW girl was just fucking Trish so wonderfully, taking her better than any guy had ever taken her before. Oh how she loved it.

It just felt so amazing and Trish and Lita soon forgot how they ended up in this position and just concentrated on the pleasure they were feeling, hoping it would go on forever. Unfortunately for Trish and Lita this was just a warm up fuck, something to get the dildos lubricated before the real fucking began.

Never one for patients Stacy pulled her strap on out of Lita's pussy and pressed it to the redheaded diva's ass hole.

"Hey Torrie," Stacy said, "I'll race you. First one inside her bitch's ass hole wins!"

Trish's and Lita's eyes went wide when they realised that Torrie and Stacy intended to sodomise them, but there was not much they could do about it. Their hands were still bound and they had already agreed to submit to whatever Torrie and Stacy wanted. All Trish and Lita could do now was grit their teeth and do their best to relax their sphincters for the coming anal invasion.

"You're on," Torrie giggled as she removed her strap on from Trish's pussy and started shoving it up the other blonde's butt hole.

Trish let out a little whimper when she felt the strap on knocking at her back door, trying to bully its way into her butt, but she was helpless to stop it so she tried to relax to make it easier on herself but she was too nervous to relax and when the head of Torrie's dildo forced its way into her ass hole the pain was so agonising that Trish couldn't help letting out a scream of pain.

As Torrie stuffed Trish's shit hole with strap on Stacy slowly pressed her own strap on forwards, watching with glee as it stretched open Lita's tight anal ring to allow the head passed through it and causing the redhead to cry out as her rectum was violated, Lita's ass surrendering to Stacy at the exact same time Trish's ass surrendered to Torrie.

The WCW girls shared a cruel laugh at Trish's and Lita's pain before they pushed forward, continuing to fill their butt holes with fake cock, both Torrie and Stacy getting off on Trish's and Lita's suffering.

Although their objective was the same, to stuff Trish and Lita with dildo, Torrie and Stacy went about it in two very different ways.

Torrie would thrust an inch at a time into Trish's ass, giving the WWF diva time in between each thrust to relax her ass in preparation for the next inch.

Stacy on the other hand was giving her bitch no such mercy, using just one long drawn out thrust to force her dildo into Lita's ass.

Trish whimpered with every inch of dildo that was forced into her ass, and the sound broke Lita's heart. The redheaded diva turned her head to look at her lover and tried to tell her that everything was going to be all right but she just couldn't find the words to speak. The WWF divas ended up staring into each other's eyes and that seemed to comfort Trish in her time of need and she stopped whimpering and finally allowed herself to relax, allowing the dildo much easier entry into her bowels and in turn making the sodomy much easier on herself.

"Awww, isn't that cute, a couple of dykes in love." Stacy laughed cruelly as she continued to force her way up Lita's ass.

"Adorable." Torrie said, as she did the same to Trish.

The WCW girls shared another cruel laugh before Stacy's hips came to rest against the redhead's ass cheeks, announcing that her dildo was now completely buried up Lita's butt.

"Hey Torrie, looks like I win our little bet." Stacy said proudly.

"Yes, it looks like you have." Torrie said bitterly.

Torrie was upset, she should have had her dildo up her slut's ass before Stacy was balls deep inside her bitch's butt. It wasn't fair, Trish had been whining so much Torrie had gone easy on her, something which was obviously a mistake. A mistake she was going to correct.

Seething with jealousy that Stacy had managed to get balls deep inside her bitch first Torrie gripped firmly to Trish's hips and in one hard thrust forced the rest of her strap on into her bitch's rectum. There had only been a few inches left, maybe five at most, but Trish still screamed anyway. What a weakling.

All of a sudden Torrie thought of a way she could get Stacy back.

"Hey, bet I can break my bitch before you break yours." Torrie challenged.

"Not a chance." Stacy said, excepting the bet.

With the gauntlet thrown down Torrie and Stacy began sodomising Trish and Lita, the WCW girls quickly settling into a steady pooper pounding pace, ass fucking the other girls as hard as they could without tiring themselves out too quickly, trying to out do each other at fucking WWF diva ass.

Trish and Lita struggled to relax to accept their anal abuse. The sensation of taking a cock up the ass was different when compared with actually getting ass fucked simply because before they had only had to worry about the feeling of something forcing its way inside their forbidden holes on the inward stroke, now they had to worry about the outward stroke, the strokes that would remove the strap ons from their shit holes, leaving their widely stretched bowels feeling empty before they were refilled by hard dildo.

At first Trish and Lita hated these new sensations but accepted they had no choice, they had submitted to Torrie and Stacy and rather than find a way out Trish and Lita found that it was much easier just to accept the sodomy, to let the feelings of helplessness wash over them and except there was nothing they could do to prevent Torrie and Stacy from buggering them.

As the brutal butt fucking continued these thoughts of submission echoed in the WWF divas minds and became more of an attractive option by the second. For two women who had fought in too many matches to count, always seeming to battle for dominance, the idea of submitting was blissful and the fact that they would be submitting to two women they had fought and defeated only a few moments ago only made it better.

Just when Trish and Lita were starting to seriously consider submitting completely to Torrie and Stacy something amazing happened, the pain in their ass holes slowly began to die down and then fade away completely. This may not seem that amazing but to Trish and Lita it was because they had begun to wonder if their ass holes would ever stop hurting. Luckily for them their rectums had adjusted to the abuse they were enduring and had finally relaxed around the invaders inside them to give Trish and Lita some much needed relief.

The relief however was short lived.

It started with a little spark here and there, little jolts of pleasure coming from their ass holes, and then suddenly thing started to snowball and Trish and Lita found themselves overwhelmed by an bombardment of pleasure the likes of which neither of them had ever known.

It was wonderful, and it was weird, and it were so many things but all Trish and Lita knew was that they loved it and wanted more. But they were terrified of wanting it, of actually wanting Torrie and Stacy to sodomise them. They started desperately trying to hide it.

Unfortunately for them Torrie and Stacy could see the signs.

The WCW girls exchanged a look and started laughing at the WWF girls expense as they continued the relentless rectum wrecking.

Torrie was a little surprised how quickly Trish and Lita seemed to be submitting to them, she would have figured they'd be harder to break, but she certainly didn't mind. She and Stacy had been watching Trish and Lita since they debuted in the WWF and had wanted them immediately. Oh how she and Stacy had talked about making Trish and Lita their bitches, and now they were going to be able to do all those nasty little things to them and Torrie just could not wait.

The question now was not would they be able to break Trish and Lita but when would Trish and Lita break and after losing the last little bet she had had with her girlfriend Torrie was eager to beat Stacy to the punch and break Trish first. So Torrie increased the power behind her thrusts, slamming Trish's shit hole as if she was trying to tear the poor girl's ass hole apart, finally causing Trish some pain again before the blonde Canadian's poo pipe relaxed and once again Trish became overwhelmed by the pleasure of her butt fucking.

Stacy was also surprised about how quickly Trish and Lita seem to be breaking, but she just decided that was because of her awesome ass pounding skills. She and Torrie had double teamed a lot of girls since they got together and the leggy blonde had been pounding female ass long before meeting her girlfriend. Stacy loved Torrie with all her heart, believing she had found a kindred spirit in her, but that didn't matter to her right now.

All that mattered to Stacy was winning their little bet and breaking Lita before Torrie broke Trish.

Stacy understood Torrie's plans for breaking Trish, roughly butt fucking a girl was a good way to break her, but Stacy had a better idea.

Reaching across Stacy grabbed the keys to Lita's handcuffs, which she had left in easy reach, and undid the cuffs.

Torrie was so shocked when she saw what her girlfriend was doing she actually stopped sodomising Trish, her dildo halfway inside, halfway outside Trish's stretched shit hole, holding her breath to see what the released redhead would do.

After all this was Lita, the extreme diva, a woman who flew around the ring and had even hung with a few men inside the squared circle. Surely the redhead would start fighting back, knock Stacy off, start throwing punches, hurricanrana them, something.

But that didn't happen.

Instead Lita's arms fell unceremoniously by her sides, the redhead seemingly not even trying to get free.

Lita was just too tired to do anything at this point, but that wasn't the only reason she wasn't fighting back and it scared her. Unfortunately Stacy knew the real reason Lita wasn't doing anything and decided to capitalise on it.

Slowing down the pace of the sodomy until she came to a complete stop Stacy made her move.

"Reach back and spread your ass cheeks for me bitch," Stacy commanded, slapping Lita on her dildo stuffed ass as if to wake her up, "I want to get a good view of my dildo owning your ass."

For a few moments there was absolute silence. You could have heard a pin drop. Torrie, Stacy and Trish waited with bated breath to see what Lita would do. For the longest time nothing happened, and then Lita, the extreme diva, a woman who flew around the ring and had even hung with a few men inside the squared circle, reached back and spread her ass cheeks.

The wicked smile on Stacy's face could have lit up an entire arena.

"Taken, broken, owned." Stacy said, wanting to rub in her victory.

"Yeah well, my bitch would spread her ass cheeks if I asked her too." Torrie said defensively.

"Prove it." Stacy challenged.

Torrie responded by grabbing the keys to Trish's handcuffs and releasing her bitch from her bounds.

Just like Lita the blonde Canadian's arms fell by her side, not offering any resistance whatsoever.

"Well don't just lay there you stupid bitch, spread your ass cheeks." Torrie commanded after a pause.

Again Trish did nothing. Stacy giggled and Torrie became angry. She would not let this bitch make her look bad in front of her girlfriend.

"I said spread your ass cheeks for me bitch!" Torrie screamed, delivering a hard slap to Trish's already beaten red ass.

In the blink of an eye Trish's hands shot to her buttocks, spreading her ass cheeks open as wide as possible for Torrie.

"Oh yeah, you've got that bitch owned alright." Stacy said sarcastically, as she began to sodomise Lita again, her eyes becoming fixed on her bitch's busted open butt hole which was on perfect display.

"You wanna see owned, I'll show you owned!" Torrie spat, grabbing Trish firmly by the hips, pulling back so that her dildo was almost all the way out of Trish's ass, before slamming every inch back inside her slut's shit hole in one hard rectum damaging thrust.

Trish screamed, only this time the initial pain was gone in an instant and was replaced by intense pleasure as Torrie began giving her the butt pounding of a lifetime, Trish's screams and the sound of flesh on flesh as Torrie's hip smacked against Trish's ass easily drowning out the soft moans Lita was making from the shitter stretching she was receiving.

It got Stacy really hot to see her girlfriend pounding into a bitch like that, slamming their shit holes, letting them know that without a shadow of a doubt their ass holes were now owned property. But Stacy wasn't just interested in owning Lita's ass hole, she wanted the redhead's soul. Stacy wanted to break Lita completely and leave her a shell of a woman, a mindless sex slave willing to do her bidding no matter how deprived the request. And Stacy knew she was close, so very, very close.

Torrie on the other hand seemed quite content with just owning Trish's ass hole.

"Don't you dare take your hands off your ass bitch!" Torrie screamed as she continued to brutally bugger her bitch.

Trish was too afraid that Torrie would stop this wonderful sodomy if she disobeyed her to even seriously consider taking her hands off her ass. Sure her arms and hands were so stiff from staying in the same position for so long and her hands were receiving a battering from Torrie's hips which collided over and over again with Trish's hands which were holding her ass cheeks apart for Torrie's pleasure but what was a little pain compared to the mind numbing pleasure she was receiving.

Torrie had Trish in the palm of her hand and it was only a short matter of time before the blonde Canadian broke down completely but Torrie was impatient. She wanted Trish begging her for the privilege of being her bitch right then and there and she was determined to do it even if she had to tear Trish's ass hole apart.

While Trish's ass hole was being roughly torn apart Lita's ass hole was being slowly stretched out to the point where the redhead thought she would go crazy. Lita didn't know why or how she could possibly enjoy something like this but that dildo sliding through her bowels felt like absolute heaven. Like her song said she didn't know what it was but it just felt right. And she wanted more. She wanted her rectum to be completely ruined by that big strap on inside it, for that wonderful dildo to tear her insides open and turn her into a complete anal slut. She wanted what Trish was getting. Lita had never been this jealous of anyone but she couldn't help it, she wanted to be ass fucked and ass fucked hard.

Unfortunately for Lita the long legged blonde who's dildo was sliding through her rectum was more interested in stretching out her shit hole than slamming it.

Stacy was just feeling so captivated by the beauty of Lita's ass hole spread open by her cock, the woman who had kicked her ass earlier on in the night now spreading her ass for her pleasure. It was such a fucking power trip.

Stacy could've probably spent the whole night just watching her strap on slowly stretching Lita's shit hole open but she was eager to finish breaking the redhead in and she had a wicked idea just how to do it.

Pulling her strap on from Lita's butt hole Stacy got off the bed and walked over to the bed at the opposite side of the room. She and Torrie always had to get a room with two beds just in case anyone got suspicious. If anyone found out they were staying in such a cheap motel they could simply explain wanting to save money. Sharing a bed was harder to explain.

Laying down on the bed with her head resting on one of the pillows Stacy beckoned her bitch.

"Come on slut, get over here and stick your ass back on my cock." Stacy ordered.

Lita bit her lip and stared over at Stacy, the dildo which only a few moments ago had been buried deep in her ass sticking out of the leggy blonde's waist obscenely. Glancing over she saw that Torrie had stopped fucking Trish's ass again, both blondes looking at her to see if she would rebel against her abuse.

Part of Lita was still disgusted with herself for allowing herself and Trish to be used and abused in this way, and part of her wanted to kick some ass. Physically Torrie and Stacy were no match for her and she could have easily kick their asses and turn the tables on them without breaking a sweat. However that's not what she did. Instead of kicking ass Lita spread ass, meekly walking over to where Stacy was lying, kneeling over the blonde, placing most of her weight on her knees and began to start trying to lower herself down onto the dick. Unfortunately without anyone holding the dildo firmly upright Lita was unable to get it back inside her ass hole.

"What are you doing you stupid whore? Grab my dick and guide it into your ass you dumb bitch." Stacy demanded, "Oh, and don't you even think about putting it in that slutty pussy of yours, your loose cunt isn't good enough for my cock."

Lita's cheeks burned with humiliation as she reached down and grabbed the dildo, pressed it to her abused ass hole and began to lower herself.

"Not facing me, I don't want to see your ugly face, turn around so I can see that pretty ass of yours." Stacy spat.

As her cheeks became as red as her butt cheeks Lita turned around and after a little awkwardness managed to finally push Stacy's strap on back inside her ass hole. Lita's back door still hadn't recovered from its previous pounding and had even remained slightly opened which meant Stacy's dildo slid into Lita's rectum like a hot knife through butter. Lita moaned in pure pleasure as her ass hole filled with strap on again, the redhead taking a brief moment to just enjoy the feeling of that big dildo inside her butt hole before lowering herself down further, inch by inch sliding into her cock hungry poop shoot until she was sitting on Stacy's lap, the full length of the strap on buried inside her butt again.

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