tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAnal Nurse Ch. 06

Anal Nurse Ch. 06


by britisha_luvs-anl, patty parker, nastilatina & lila_luscious

Exerpt from Chapter 5A

Yet again, the bleary-eyed nurse is presented with a "cock" fresh from her backdoor, and again she opens her mouth, submissively accepting the soiled prick like the true anal slut she has become. Once she is finished with her task of cleaning Irinia's strap-on to the Head Nurse's satisfaction, she slumps onto her bottom, still panting from her exertions. There will be no rest for the weary (wicked), however; not yet, at least....

"My turn, baby," Jessie quips, drawing the dazed beauty into her arms and pulling her close.

Her rubber rodger is in perfect position to enter Harriett from the front, and as she has never had THAT particular orifice, she decides to sample it for the first time.....

Bracing herself above the stacked brunette nurse on her muscular arms, she begins to fuck in and out of Harriett using long, slow strokes. Harriett's skin is hot to the touch, and both women are perspiring freely within minutes. Harriett's pussy is wet and slick, the consistency of soft butter, except when she clenches her inner cuntal muscles.

Jessie drives into her, grunting with the exertion, until both women are engulfed in the fiery ball of their joint spending.

Lila Jergens, the buxom, blonde, recently-widowed socialite, is returning from the South of France, where she has spent the last few weeks after her husband's funeral. She squirms uncomfortably in her first-class seat; she's been the house guest of the infamous Baroness Marie LaFavre, and as such, has been one of the centerpieces of a round the clock, all-woman anal orgy, leaving her bottom tender, raw, and magnificently sore. The orgy only ended three hours before her flight this morning, and so the all-night anal fuck-fest, lack of sleep, and a double gin and tonic combine to put the 40 year old blonde in the mood for nothing more than a long and restful in-flight sleep-a-thon. She decides to use the restroom before settling-in, and makes her way down the wide walkway to the rear of the first class cabin where the on-board "facilities" are located.

An air hostess stationed near Lila's destination smiles and offers assistance as she nears. "May Ah 'elp you, Madame?"

"Thank you, no; I'm going to have a long nap after I use the facilities"

"Pleese let me know if thair is eenything that you require"

Lila nods her thanks and moves past the stewardess; as she does the other woman reaches-out, palms the well-padded cheek of her left buttock-and SQUEEZES! Lila pauses for the briefest of moments, then continues on into the 'loo'; before the pneumatic-door can close, Dee Dee, the air hostess, slips inside (Dee Dee's cousin had been a participant at the Baroness LaFarve's "festivities", and has clued-in Dee Dee as to Mrs. Jergen's proclivities; to acertain the date and time of Lila's return flight to the U.S. is easy as pie-there is but one airline servicing the area. Therefore, before taking her station on the plane, Dee Dee buckles-on a big, thick, chocolate-brown rubber dick and secures it to her right leg with a strip of Velcro. After that, it is a matter of comparing the photo her cousin messages to her wireless phone to the boarding first-class passengers to set her plan in motion....Lila Jergens sounds entirely too horny, nasty, and depraved to pass-up!).

"What in the world"...Lila begins, and as she turns around, Dee Dee pushes her against the sink and kisses her, hard. After the initial surprise, Lila surrenders to the hot buss, returning it with gusto. Their tongues do battle for long minutes as Dee Dee's hands make a bee-line for the zipper on back of Lila's dress. The red garment falls away from her shoulders and hangs around her waist, exposing her appetizing cleavage. Her massive juggies look as if they might burst from her red satin bra. Without preamble, Dee Dee unfastens her bra, slides it from around her arms, and tosses it aside.

Lila gasps as the other woman takes her heavy breasts in her small, delicate hands, massaging and rubbing them. Her already erect nipples grow harder and the over-large globes seem to swell in the Frenchwoman's palms; Dee Dee shifts her grip to cup the gigantic globes so that her long fingers can get at and twist the berry-sized, stubby brown nipples between them. After a heartbeat or two, Dee Dee takes the left one in her mouth, sucking hard and flicking the nipple with her tongue as Lila runs her fingers through the coifed locks of the beautiful hostess' hair, urging her to nurse her harder.

Dee Dee switches to the right nipple, slurping the hard bud between her lips, circling it with her tongue and lightly nibbling at her new friend's throbbing teat. She continues this way, switching from one to the other, until the horny older blonde is panting and writhing with want.

While Dee Dee continues her hungry tit-worship, Lila uses both hands to shove the rest of her dress down over her hour-glass hips so that it pools at her feet. She is a vision of mind-blowing voluptuousness in red satin suspender belt and black nylons; no panties. Her left hand strays to the front of the other woman's uniform slacks, tracing the outline of the large phallic-looking lump she finds there. Eureka! By now, Dee Dee's busy hands have moved around behind to make acquaintance with the pillowy mounds of Lila's ass. For once, Lila is not in the mood for more backdoor shenanigans, but the other woman's hands are all over her ass cheeks, squeezing and kneading them like bread dough. Dee Dee remembers that her cousin has described the incredibly-endowed widow as submissive, so she decides to take decisive charge of the situation:

"Turn around; bend over"

Lila does what she's told, facing the sink and bending at the waist. Her big, shapely butt-cheeks spread apart as she does, and the horny Frenchwoman is quick to bury her face between them. Dee Dee begins licking ferociously at the puckering, dusky brown rosette. Lila's muted scream of delight as the hot tongue burrows its way all over her exposed tender rear portal serves to encourage Dee Dee all the more. Lila's moans of acceptance and the sky hostess' avid slurping are the only sounds in the enclosed space for the next few minutes. Dee Dee continues to lick and nibble all over the blonde bitch's spread cheeks while her limber tongue constantly stabs at the delicious anal delicacy. Lila can feel every twitch, every turn, of the tongue gnawing at her anal canal. She is consumed by the mind blistering pleasure crackling through her every nerve ending. Only a few seconds tick past before Lila feels the donkey dick slide between her butt-cheeks and press against her well eaten asshole.

The thick monster plows deep into her rectum, meeting no resistance, and the slutty blonde groans as her slack anus stretches painfully to accommodate the incredible mass. Short, shallow strokes to begin, then longer, deeper shafting.

For the next half an hour or more, they fuck unhurriedly but passionately, with intense enjoyment. The sexy French-Guyanese slides her dick slowly and deeply into the luscious American, fucking her with measured, hard, and rhythmic thrusts. Lila whimpers joyously, rocking and lurching beneath her. The stewardess ass-fucks her without respite, groaning and panting as her own hot, tight cunt convulses and cramps around the stubby end of the strap-on buried within it. When she finally pulls-out, Lila spins around and falls to her knees, her red lips already open in welcome.

The sensuous, voluptuous blonde sucks Dee Dee's cock deeply, laving it with her cunning tongue and lips and teeth. Lila whimpers in undisguised joy as she feasts on the succulent rubber horse-cock, seasoned with the residual oils of her own anal tract. They orgasm almost simultaneously. Lila is the first to spend, gasping and mewing in pleasure. Dee Dee is not far behind, groaning as the heat explodes in her loins and bursts through the rest of her body like a grenade. . HARRIETT & GiGi

(GiGi Lorenzo is a recent nursing school graduate and has been employed at the hospital only three weeks. A product of an Italian father and African American mother, she is 5'6" tall, slender and shapely (34C- 18-35) and has luscious coffee and cream skin. Her hair is long and curly, a bit past shoulder length, framing model-quality features. At 19, GiGi has had a few sexual encounters with males, but NONE in the past year or so...since her last boyfriend, GiGi has had dozens of one-night stands and short-term relationships with mostly older, mostly voluptuous, mostly submissive women. Having discovered a dominant streak early-on, she also is quite adept in using a strap-on (which at least a few of the nurses on her shift can attest)....

On her way to the Nurse's Lounge, Harriett is side-tracked when a disembodied arm emerges from the doorway of a utility closet and grabs her by the wrist, dragging her inside. Once the door is shut, 19 yr old GiGi's hands make a bee-line for her uniform buttons while her lips lock about those of the surprised older nurse.

"GiGi, please" Harriett manages to gasp, before her lovely red mouth is stoppered by the insistent lips and tongue of the pretty young subordinate. "I'm on my break; I only have 15 minutes", she blurts, breaking loose from GiGi's forceful lip-lock.

"Oh, JESUS" the bountiful-bosomed brunette cries, as GiGi's manipulation of her uniform-encased breasts becomes rougher. Her fingers dig into the masses of breast meat, mauling them through the uniform material and the lacy bra beneath. A renowned tit-lover, GiGi will have to forgo this pleasure for now: someone is bound to need supplies from this closet at any time.

"Fuck, I wanna see that fucking beautiful big ass...down on your fucking knees, bitch"

The now-whimpering brunette does as she's ordered, shucking the hem of her uniform up over her abundant hips after she is settled on all-fours. GiGi is right behind her, her gamin face pushes into the smelly crack dividing Harriett's gloriously-abundant buttocks. She wastes no time digging her tongue hungrily into the obviously shop-worn, battered and reddened arse-hole she finds there. She pulls her face back for a moment to admire her handiwork: the dusky-brown, still-gaping rear pucker is coated with the younger woman's saliva. She will not even need any lube when she sticks her big cock up this juicy butt!

GiGi drives her tongue up the older woman's arse trench yet again, causing Harriett's breath to hiss-out in one long, semi-strangled gasp. As abused and over-worked as her rear-end has been, the hungry tonguing is having the desired effect: it isn't long before the ONLY thing on the submissive nurse's mind is a hard, deep anal fuck. The first-year nurse slurps at away avidly at Harriett's asshole while using both hands to slap and clutch her well-padded, globular ass cheeks. Massive jugs heaving, the panting, squirming brunette barely has time to catch her breath before she is guided to her knees. GiGi is wearing blue scrub pants, which she quickly slides-down to her ankles, displaying her lovely, toned thighs, flat stomach, and the wispy, royal blue g-sting covering her mons. From beneath a pile of rose-colored scrubs, piled on a shelf, GiGi pulls a very big, quite thick, flesh-colored strap-on, which she quickly straps-on. Harriett quivers with lust and trepidation as she watches her subordinate expertly manipulate the buckles and straps until it is securely fastened about her slim waist. Her massive cock jutting straight out and shining brilliantly with lube, GiGi steps right in behind Harriett's raised, jutting ass and places the huge knob directly onto the big-titted anal slut's glistening pucker GiGi thrills to the sight of the fat rubber dong as it slides freely up and down Harriet's sweaty, now greasy, ass crack.

GiGi weighs only 105 pounds, but since Harriett's veteran arse-hole is so slack and still slightly-gaping, a semi- hard initial thrust is all that is needed to send the whole length of the one-eyed monster deep into the melon- titted brunette's squirming bowels. Due to the extreme soreness and tenderized state of Harriett's pooper, the extent to which the massive girth of the thing and is stretching her rectal walls, Harriett can swear that someone, some-how, has filled her bottom passage with rocket fuel and lit a match. Once she is seated firmly up her supervisor's bum, GiGi begins gyrating her hips while slowly fucking her thick rubber pole in and out of Harriett's subjugated arse hole. The slim young 19 yr old brings her cock all the way out of Harriett's silky anal sleeve, just until the base of the crown of the mushroom head appears, then slowly shoves it all the way home. After about two minutes of slow torturous fucking, GiGi picks up her pace and begins ramming her thick rubber dong in and out of the squirming, wriggling brunette's horny bottom. The pace is quite is brutal; it is all that Harriett can do to clamp her weakened anal muscle down on the thick intrusion plowing through her thoroughly-loosened fundament; her inability to do so means that she has no control over the speed and depth of the heavy plunges of the truncheon-like slab of rubber meat, or its withdrawal.

Conscious of the time constraints, and beginning to tire a bit, Gigi mixes up her pace, anal-fucking Harriett into a series of mind boggling orgasms for the best part of an hour before neither woman can take it anymore. Just before she spills her female juices, the young biracial "domme" yanks her greasy wang from Harriet's blown-open anal port and shoves it into her open mouth, just as the dazed and incredibly-horny brunette gets to her knees. Harriett licks the length of the fake prick, from crown to balls, before eagerly gobbling the long, thick latex poker into her gullet.

GiGi's blood is boiling as she playfully fucks her huge penis in and out of Harriet's mouth, occasionally pulling it out and smearing the spit over the submissive older nurse's red lips and cheeks.

Without warning, GIGO squeezes the large ball-sac dangling beneath her saliva-slickened priapas and shoots a thick, gooey wad of "cum" onto the beautiful cock-sucker's up-turned face.

She is now over-extended on her break, so Harriett struggles to clean herself up and straighten her uniform GiGi stuffs the soiled strap-on underneath some spare towels, snickering as she makes herself presentable before departing the utility closet.

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