tagGroup SexAnd Me Makes Three!

And Me Makes Three!


I hope you enjoy this, it's all true and we certainly did!

It happened last Christmas, after a friend's wedding. We'd stayed up drinking with some Army officers, in no hurry to get back to our room in the hotel. They were going to catch a cab to another hotel, but it was late, and we were having a good time so we offered them floor space in our room.

Jamie took us up on the offer; he'd been flirting with Sarah all night and clearly hoped he wouldn't end up on the floor. Sarah's the kind of girl that every guy wants to fuck. Dark hair, perky round tits, slightly shorter than average with great legs and the dirtiest smile. She has a way of looking at you that tells you she's thinking about doing something filthy, and that you're gonna love it. I'm a few inches taller than Sarah and my hair is longer, with full bouncy breasts and tanned skin. I'm proud of my tits, I love the way they bounce when I'm riding a cock and I really love my nipples.

When we got to the room Sarah changed into her pink satin PJs, I hadn't planned on having guys in the room and only had a short T-shirt to sleep in. When I changed out of my dress I decided to leave my teddy on, I didn't want my tits bouncing around in a thin T-shirt. It actually looked pretty hot, black lace showing through my thin top .

Jamie left his dress uniform on a chair and sat around in his underwear while we drank the last of the whisky we'd brought back from the bar. I'm not sure if it was the amount of whisky we'd shared or the sight of his tanned body as he lay back on the other bed, but I suddenly reached out my leg from the bed Sarah and I were sat on and traced a line up his leg with my toe. Sarah and I had kissed before in drinking games and I knew a bit of harmless flirting to get Jamie 'warmed up' wouldn't offend her.

I thought I'd better back off then so Sarah could have some fun, but when he went to the bathroom she said she was tired and wasn't going to go for it.

There were two beds in the room but our friend Jane was already asleep in the other one, she'd had too much wine at the reception. I had been planning to sleep on the sofa cushions we'd arranged on the floor earlier when we found the hotel was fully booked. Now that Jamie wasn't going to be getting in with Sarah I spread the cushions wider to make two beds.

I needn't have bothered. Within seconds of the lights going off Jamie had slid over to my pile of cushions and started to kiss me. He was hot and hard, it wasn't long before the T-shirt was gone and he was whispering in my ear about how badly he wanted to fuck me.

Hell yes! I thought Sarah would be asleep and I'm quite noisy when I cum so I suggested we go into the bathroom before things went any further. Just then I felt something brush my hand. Before I knew what was happening Sarah was in the makeshift bed with us whispering something in both our ears. It took me a second to realise it was 'mind if I join you?'

Jamie had frozen, I could see the hesitation in his eyes, obviously trying to work out which answer would see to it that his erection, which was still pushing against the lace between my legs, wasn't wasted. I had to make a decision fast before my brain took over and told me to ignore the feeling between my legs and remember that having sex with a colleague was a bad idea- especially another girl. As usual my clit won the argument, Sarah was hot and I loved the idea of licking her body while Jamie watched.

I leant in and whispered to Jamie to kiss Sarah, at the same time putting my hand in her silky hair and guiding her towards his face. He leant in and slid his tongue deep into her mouth, still lying on top of me with his dick pressed up against me. As soon as they'd finished kissing, Sarah leant in to kiss me. Her mouth was as soft as I remembered. Kissing her felt so hot, Jamie was really into it, watching us kiss up close he must have been thinking about what else we would do to each other.

Sarah was soon rolled gently onto her back so that I could help Jamie undress her, pulling her satin shorts off while he kissed her breasts and pulled the top over her head. We both took a second to take in the sight of Sarah lying there naked, her full round tits revealed, skin as smooth as silk, her pussy neatly shaved with just a thin strip pointing the way to the pussy we now knew we were both going to have. She was hot, no doubt about it. I couldn't wait to see her pussy up close.

And then they turned their attention to me. Sarah struggled up and got on top of me, kissing me hard and pushing her tits down onto mine, pulling back just far enough for Jamie to see our tongues exploring each other's mouths. And then I felt him pulling at the black lace that held my tits in, gently exposing my D cups which now sat right under Sarah's, our nipples rubbing against each other.

The teddy continued its journey downwards as Sarah slid to the side allowing Jamie could see my tits properly. She was kissing my neck now and beginning to tease my nipple with her fingers as Jamie's tongue found its way to the same place. Then I felt her hands take over my slow strip, my last shred of modesty removed as she tugged at the lace between my legs and pulled the teddy all the way down, throwing it towards where Jane was sleeping. As soon as I was naked Sarah gently pushed my legs apart to show Jamie my pussy.

I was throbbing then, laying there with my shaved pussy on display while Sarah held my legs wide open. She was looking up at him from between my legs, making sure he was turned on by the sight of me laying there helpless and totally exposed, as if my throbbing pussy was a gift from her.

It felt amazingly sexy, being offered to a man I'd known for only a few hours by another woman as if I was some little slut willing to do whatever he wanted. And I knew that's exactly what I was.

He licked me first, running his tongue up and down my slit, but pretty soon I felt a new tongue lapping gently at my clit, new fingers pushing slowly inside me. I looked down and sure enough it was Sarah who was now sucking and kissing me slowly for his viewing pleasure. Jamie was behind and above her, clearly enjoying the sight of her giving me my first girl-on-girl oral sex, at the same time slowly sliding his fingers in and out of her cunt. She ran her tongue around my clit in circles, stopping to push it into me after every few circles.

My pussy was on fire and I soon wanted something more than Sarah inside me. Gently I pulled her away from me and sat up, kissing her deeply on the mouth and licking around her lips seductively so she would know I wasn't finished with her. I was tasting myself on another woman's lips for the first time, I felt so horny but I wanted more. Jamie was rock hard after licking my pussy and watching Sarah do the same, time to get to know that erection a little better.

We pushed him onto his back and I slid myself quickly all the way down onto his hard cock. I felt my lips part and my pussy stretch around his cock as he slipped inside me. As I began sliding back and forth, taking him balls-deep into my smooth shaved pussy, Sarah knelt with one leg either side of his head and leant forward to kiss me, rubbing my nipples at the same time.

The view from where Jamie lay must have been incredible. Her cunt with its dark brown landing strip bouncing above his head, our breasts bouncing info each other as we kissed. And when he looked down my lips and clit were wet and throbbing, sliding up and down as the head of his cock was disappearing again and again deep inside me.

Before long I felt him stiffen as he pumped his first load of cum deep into me, crying out loudly. I froze for a moment, listening for any change in Jane's gentle snore, but it didn't stop and neither did we. Sarah came up behind me and lifted me from Jamie's still-hard cock, pulling me down on top of her so that we both faced up with our legs wide open, again giving him a full view of two soaking wet pussies.

Sarah whispered in my ear 'Time to cum for me, you hot little girl'. She reached down and placed her just-licked fingers into my cunt as I started to stroke my tits, drawing slow circles around my nipples, for my pleasure and theirs. I was so close that it was only a minute later that I felt my pussy tighten around her fingers and the world slid out of focus as I burst into my first orgasm. It was amazing, the feeling of letting myself go completely for her, with Jamie looking on and Jane asleep only a few feet away.

I really hadn't cum like that before, my heart was pounding as she pulled her fingers out from between my shaking legs. Jamie kissed us both then, ending up in a three way kiss with all of our tongues lapping at each other, the taste of my pussy still on both of theirs.

I decided it was time to use Sarah's beautiful body to give Jamie some pleasure. I knew she was up for most things and I wanted to force her beyond her boundaries, to know I was in control like she had been when she stripped me for him and showed him my pussy like I was some hired whore.

I whispered in his ear to fetch the camera phone from my bag, meanwhile I pulled the tie he had been wearing from the back of the chair and tied Sarah's wrists together tightly above her head while I kissed her beautiful round tits.

When he pointed the phone I posed her for him, pushing down on her knees to open her pussy as wide as it would go. I made her hard nipples wet with my saliva and pulled her hands higher above her head to lift her tits. She looked amazing, if I couldn't see that myself I would have known it anyway from the way Jamie was snapping away and sliding his other hand up and down the shaft of his cock which was hard again now. He went in for a close up of her pussy, using the flash to make sure nothing was left private in the low light of the room. Jamie decided he needed both of us in one shot then, proof (trusting that I would send it on to him) that he'd had us both, and something to masturbate to later.

I knelt underneath him and pulled Sarah up onto her knees so he could point the camera down and capture our nipples sliding against each other as we kissed, our tongues again exploring each other. That position put us at the right height and before he had time to react we were sliding our tongues down the shaft of his cock, carrying on into a all-girl kiss each time we reached the tip. We carried on sharing his cock and eventually the camera was put aside, I guess when he thought he had enough shots of his pre-cum dripping from our mouths as we fought over his erection, and he lay back down to enjoy the blow job properly.

We greedily sucked his cock into our mouths one after the other, competing to get closest to the bottom of his shaft. Then I left Sarah pulling him deep into her throat while I sucked his balls into my mouth and began to lick and suck them, running my tongue around in circles and moaning gently, knowing the vibration would drive him wild. I've always loved giving head and now I know the only way to do it thoroughly is with two of you lapping away together. Jamie's reaction was wild, he was wimpering as we rubbed ourselves against him and stroked each other, her hands still tied, mine free to touch her while our mouths drove him right to the edge.

When he'd enjoyed our oral attentions for as long as he could take it, he pushed us both back onto the cushions, laying us out next to each other, legs open, and knelt back trying to choose which pussy he wanted. It was no surprise that he wanted to try Sarah first, he'd already had me once and her pussy was new, untouched and sopping wet. I would have wanted to slide inside her too.

Then Jamie's hand was on the back of my head, pushing me towards her pussy to prepare her for his cock, as if she needed any more foreplay, she was already dripping wet. I obliged anyway, curious to get my first taste of pussy and keen to please Jamie in a way I had never imagined before. I was just starting to realise how hot it was to be just a dirty slut to someone, doing everything they want and being used as a plaything, the harder he got the more my pussy throbbed. I wanted to make sure Sarah was well used too.

As she started to moan under my tongue Jamie moved my tongue away from her slit, he'd already put on a condom and was moving into position between her satin smooth legs. I reached up and slid her bound wrists under the leg of a nearby table so that the tie trapped her where she was, leaving her totally vulnerable for him again, legs open, pussy totally exposed, this time for his cock, not just the camera.

I moved in behind him, reaching around and stroking him slowly with one hand while I gently probed her pussy with the other, my breasts pushed up against his back. Then I whispered in his ear 'lose the condom and take her bareback'. She was too delicious a treat to resist that offer and he was shaking slightly as I slid the condom back off his rigid cock and guided him towards her pussy.

Sarah tried to resist, she was struggling and saying something about not being on the pill but her hands were trapped and she was in no position to do anything about it. She was dripping wet now and must have been dying to feel something in her pussy by now.

I guided him all the way in, feeling her open up around his shaft as he gasped in pleasure. As he began to pump his cock deep into her I picked up the camera phone and started to shoot them, taking still shots of her ripe tits and using the video function to capture the look of ecstasy on both their faces. I took close ups of his cock disappearing into her and reappearing covered in her juices. He cried out, 'god she's so tight, thank you, this is the best pussy I've ever had' as his balls slapped against her. I could feel his legs trembling as he drove down into her hard again and again.

Then I felt the camera being taken from my hand and Jamie guided me down on top of Sarah, face up so I was spread out for his visual pleasure while he was still pumping Sarah's pussy. He pulled out of her and filmed himself thrusting quickly into me, then after a few times bottoming out inside me he pulled out and drove his huge cock back inside Sarah.

He carried on like that, going from one to the other every few strokes, keeping us both on the brink of orgasm. Feeling Sarah's breasts pushing against my back while Jamie fucked us both was amazing and before long I reached down and started rubbing my clit. I love to masturbate, doing it for Jamie while he fucked Sarah was even better. When I came again it was even harder than the first time. It felt like my whole body was cumming, my toes stretched, my head rang and every inch of my skin tingled against Sarah's as we both enjoyed being Jamie's filthy little sluts.

Then I found the tie around Sarah's wrists and pulled her loose from the table, knowing that by now she was beyond all resistance, far too turned on to be thinking clearly. She immediately put her still-bound hands on my breasts and began to knead them, holding on tight as Jamie drove her towards orgasm. She wasn't far behind me, after only another minute or so I felt her go rigid as her orgasm hit, I turned my head to kiss her and she came on his cock, her body wracked by spasms.

It must have felt amazing for Jamie, her tight pussy contracting around him as she wriggled under my naked body, straining against her wrist restraint and he looked like holding back his own orgasm was taking all his effort. She was still wimpering like a child as my body pinned her down and he pushed down into her for the last few times and then began pumping his hot cum deep down inside her. He whispered as he shot the first of his cum into her 'Oh my god, you beautiful filthy little sluts.'.

Then he quickly pulled out of her and moved us both on to our knees, heads together, mouths open. The camera was still in his hand and he held it close as he shot the rest of his hot wet semen over both of our faces, into our mouths, rubbing it in to our faces as we kissed each other, wiping his cock inside our mouths when he was finished. When he was finished we both licked him clean, fighting over his cock one last time.

When Sarah went back to her bed I checked that Jane was really asleep and hadn't caught any of what had gone on. I knew I was going to send the photos and video to Sarah and Jamie over the coming weeks anyway, but I wanted to know that how and when this night was masturbated over was in my control alone.

In the end I would send the images one by one with instructions to go straight to the nearest bathroom and masturbate to them. I only meant to send one shot - of her lying with her hands tied together- as a keepsake for him to keep the show we'd given him in his mind and to make her remember the feeling of being a dirty little bitch, used for a few minutes to make someone feel good. But knowing we were all thinking of that night at the same time and touching ourselves was addictive, I sent the shots to both of them at the same time at times when I knew they would be able to sneak off and look at them as they came quietly in the work bathroom.

And Sarah and I got to share the experience at work once, sneaking off to the shower room to masturbate in front of each other. We never met up with Jamie again but we let him share this experience over the phone. We put him on speakerphone, looking at a photo of us both on our knees with his dripping cock between our tongues and told him where we were. Then we took his instructions...

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