tagBDSMangel's Silent Obedience

angel's Silent Obedience

byAngel Love©

She can feel the steady beat of her heart as she lay there very still...waiting. It has already seemed like forever since He tied her here and left her alone. Her wrists and ankles bound tautly to the bed...spreading her smoothly shaved and vulnerable sex open to the night air. A soft blindfold covers her intense hazel blue eyes and a silken gag prevents her from speaking. All she has is her heightened sense of hearing left to bring her into the world of reality.

Across the room she hears the door open slowly as He enters. The fine hairs on her sensitive body bristle at the sound. She is afraid to move...for fear of angering Him. There is another silence as He stands there gazing down on her perfect body. Her breathing becomes more rapid as He softly touches her belly with the palm of His hand.

He finally speaks. "angel, My dear, please do not fear Me." Then silence falls again.

She lies very still, awaiting His next move. He takes the gag out of her mouth, but cautions her against uttering a sound. Leaning in He kisses her lips tenderly, at first. Thrusting His tongue roughly into her mouth He becomes more aggressive and almost bruises her lips with the force. She stifles a moan, more from desire than pain. He pulls back and looks down on her once again...this time with a wide grin on His face. Pulling the bag open that He has set on the table next to the bed, He begins to search for something. She can hear Him remove it from the bag and becomes very anxious to find out what thrill He has chosen for her pleasure.

"Remember, pet, not a sound, unless you need to use your safe word, and DO NOT cum until I command you to."

angel nods.

Now she feels it...it is soft...sensual...and yet she knows it can become more than that at any given moment. He runs the flogger up and down her naked body...tickling her senses...making her giggle lightly. She feels Him stop suddenly and then...WHAP...she feels the sting across her thighs. She knows that she has angered Him with her insolent giggling. She remains very still now. He lightly taps around her breasts and over her nipples...and she can feel the cool thin strips graze across her cheeks and lips gently. She remains ever still.

He reaches into the bag once again and pulls out something that she can hear is metal against metal. Lifting up her right nipple He clamps the item over it...now the left nipple. She stifles a moan again. He tightens the clamps now and she feels the pain begin to grow in her body, but she likes the sensation. He lifts the cool chain that has fallen against her skin and tugs on it...causing a ripple of pain to shoot thru her nipples...again silence. Letting go of the chain He pulls out yet another item.

Without moving as much as a muscle...she waits. Feeling very vulnerable is also very exciting to angel. She knows in her heart that He will not bring harm to her, even as she now realizes that He means to push her limits today. He lifts her bottom up and places a pillow under her...opening her pussy up a little more for His pleasure. Her heart begins to pick up pace as He runs a finger up the slit of her pussy.

"Mmmmmm My pet is very wet with excitement, I see. This pleases Me very much, my love."

Now He clamps another toy over her clit and she feels it pulse to life...sending shivers throughout her body. Her hips instinctively rise up off the pillow, but He gently eases her back in place. Again she lies very still... already wanting so desperately to cum.

He rubs His fingers up and down her sex...teasing her more...then thrusts them inside of her...making her moan out in pleasure. Immediately He retreats and tugs hard on the nipple clamps...reminding her of her place. Silence falls against her moans once again. Satisfied He picks up the glass and taking a cube out of it He glides it up and down her pussy lips...she just shivers. He places the ice inside her pussy hole now and taking the clamps off her tits, one by one, He sucks hard on each nipple...causing an immense sensation of pain...yet angel remains still and silent.

A cool liquid flows down on angel's breasts startling her. It is poured over her tummy and onto her soft pink pussy lips and clit. He smoothes the lotion over her body with a tenderness only a Master has for His submissive.

She hears Him pick up another object...then the strike of the match. She knows what is coming...but does not know where He will aim it. Will it be her tits...or her tummy...or maybe her pussy? She eagerly waits. There...just where she had hoped it would be...she feels the sting of the hot wax on her right nipple. It makes her wince a bit...but she still remains silent. Then her left tit gets a few drops. Again...this time around her navel and she feels it drizzle down to her pussy...still silence. He cools the areas that He has hit with the wax with the ice and then taking out His knife He gently lifts the paraffin off of her body, smiling at the red marks it has left behind. She remains ever so still and trusting in His abilities.

He steps back surveying her body. Reaching down He unties first her wrists and then her ankles. He massages them tenderly before turning her over on her tummy. Taking her by the hips He pulls her up on all fours, raising her round ass up to Him. He leans in and kisses each cheek tenderly...then WHAP!!! He strikes her bottom with the palm of His hand, then strokes it lightly before...WHAP!!!! She swallows hard on the moan that tries to escape her lips. WHAP, WHAP,WHAP, again and again He slaps her ass cheeks, til they are hot and pink. He smiles with delight at her composure, knowing quite well of her intolerance to pain in the past. He IS pushing her limits, and she is tolerating it very well.

He rubs His now hard cock up and down over her tender ass, teasing her mercilessly. She wiggles against Him but He simply says, "No, angel." She stops and is still again.

He leans down and softly speaks into her ear, "angel, you have been a good little girl. For this I will give you what I know you so desperately need. You may cum angel...when I say, *Now My pet*...Do you understand love?"

Angel nods and she waits.

Lifting angel's favorite toy out of His bag, He glides it up and down thru her pussy lips, covering it with her slick juices and inserts it immediately inside of her waiting, hungry pussy...yet silence prevails. She feels it hum slowly to life as He begins to thrust it in and out...in and out...slow at first...but soon picking up speed.

Taking His cock and coating it also with her juices He eases it into her tight little rosebud. Slowly He moves it in a little and back out a little, opening her virgin ass for the first time. She remains very still, affording Him the access He needs to bring her to the best orgasm she will ever feel.

Sensing her need to cum now and His to watch her cum, He pulls out and turns her over on her back. Laying her gently down against the pillows, He removes the blindfold so He can see the pleasure in her eyes as He takes her to new heights. She smiles up at Him with her whole face. He sees the love and trust in her eyes and this pleases Him greatly.

He pulls her legs up and rams His cock deep inside her aching pussy. Her eyes almost roll back into her head as she feels the strength of her Master taking what is rightfully His. He pounds her forcefully, almost brutally as they both are at the peak of cumming. She knows He owns her, that He not only owns her body and mind, but also her will and her love. She submits everything to this Man, her Master.

Smiling down on her He simply says, "Now My pet"...and she explodes as He does.

Her moans fill the air, as wave after wave of blissful orgasms shudder thru her body, just before she utters her first words to him "Ohhhhhhh Godddddddddd Master, oh dear God, thank You Master!!!!!!"

He falls down against her body. Rolling over He holds her gently in His arms.

Softly He says, "Thank YOU My pet!"

She smiles warmly up into His eyes, knowing that she has honored Him...with her obedience and her silence.

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