tagRomanceAnna the Soulful Sole Queen Ch. 01

Anna the Soulful Sole Queen Ch. 01


I was already in a very good mood because I was driving home from work and it was the first warm day of the year. After months of wearing a Winter coat, the temperature was suddenly 70 degrees amid a cloudy sky. And upon driving into our apartment complex, my mood got even better when I saw that Anna's car was parked in the lot. She and I had kissed, cuddled and spooned for several hours the night before, which was great, but we didn't have sex. Tonight I was going to make sure that we did.

When I entered our apartment, it was completely quiet and all the lights were off. I thought that maybe she was outside taking a walk. But when I walked into our bedroom, I was in for a very pleasant surprise. Anna was standing nude on the balcony. Unfortunately, her size 9 soles, my favorite part of her body, were both flat on the floor. But her also luscious ass and thighs, my second and third favorite parts of her body, were in my clear view, and they were enough to quickly get me hard.

Anna was gorgeous light skinned brunette almost 10 years younger than me; 5'7" with thin shoulder length hair, a solid, medium build and one shoulder tattoo. She held her weight beautifully and had a nearly trimmed bush.

Though I was very turned on, I stood inside and watched as Anna gripped the top of the railing with both hands and stared into the forest. I was hoping that she would lift one of her soles off the floor and position it so that I could see it. I love watching her soles when they're naturally posed and she doesn't know I see them. But this time it didn't happen and after several minutes, I went outside and joined her.

As I opened the sliding glass door, she turned around. Upon seeing me, she smiled and walked toward me, and I did the same. "Hi, Hon" I said as we hugged and then briefly kissed on the lips. "This was a nice surprise!

"It's been months since I felt a cool breeze on my nude body" she responded.

Still holding her closely, I moved my right hand up to her 38Ds that were sandwiched between her body and mine. Her nipples were hard. I then slid my hand down to her cunt, which was dripping. Being nude outdoors had always been a turn on for Anna, and having waited about 8-9 months for this, she was very ready.

My lips touched hers again and this time our mouths opened. We kissed slow, wet and deep, while I began slowly rubbing her clit and my other hand massaged her ass. Anna's hands got active, too. She rubbed them all over my back and through my hair, then also started taking turns rubbing her soles up and down on my legs.

The sound of the leaves blowing and the birds chirping was gradually drowned out by the slurping sound of Anna and me swishing our saliva back and forth in each others mouths and the spongy sound of my working her clit. I was so turned on that I started making fucking motions against the elastic waistband of my underpants. She noticed after only a few thrusts and then unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans with both hands. At that, I took her by both hands and walked her into our bedroom, keeping the sliding glass door open so we could still feel the breeze.

As I stood at the end of the bed, Anna pulled off my pants completely while I took off my shirt. I then handed her a pillow and sat down on the edge of the bed and she sat the pillow down on the floor and used it as padding for her knees. She then grabbed my balls with her left hand and my hard on with her right hand and went to work.

As I ran all 10 of my fingers through her silky hair, she gave me one of the best blow jobs I've ever gotten. She started off lifting up my balls and licking the back of my scrotum, which caused me to gasp at the top of my lungs. She magically glided her tongue all over, sending waves of euphoria throughout my body until, after several minutes, I lost sensitivity in that area.

Then she worked my fuckstick itself. She rolled her tongue in circles slightly under the head of my cock and also sucked and licked heavily on the area right under my spout. While doing so, I started coming but didn't warn her, because I wanted to see her reaction. The first shot hit her right cheek and at that point, she took my head her mouth and stroked it until I was done shooting my load.

She then looked up at me and smiled. I took her by the hands, brought her up on the bed and lay her on top of me. I held her tightly while I licked up the come on her cheek. Then she and I kissed passionately and swished my load back and forth into each other's mouths for several minutes until we combined to swallow the whole thing.

Then I suddenly rolled her on her back and thrust my face into her now completely soaked cunt. I wrapped my arms tightly around her thighs and aggressively rolled my tongue all over her hard, swollen clit.

Anna instantly started moaning loudly. I looked up and her eyes were tightly shut as her head was thrown back against a pillow and her mouth was hanging open. She looked like she was in her own private world of ecstasy and that, for the moment, getting off was the only thing on her mind.

As her moaning continued, I got tighter in my squeezing and faster in my licking. Anna was already turned on when I arrived home, so I figured this time she would come faster than usual. Sensing that she was close, I continually cranked up my speed.

Her body was very tight by this point and also began to shake while her moaning got even louder. Suddenly she screamed at the top of her lungs and shook so violently, her cunt was removed from my mouth for about a second. But I took care of that problem by grabbing her right ankle with both hands and holding it tightly in place while using my right forearm to pin her upper body to the bed. I then I continued licking her clit and she gushed her juices all over my face.

Under normal circumstances, her screaming probably would've hurt my ears, but at this point, I was so turned on and so into what I was doing, I didn't care. I just wanted to bring her as much pleasure as possible for as long as possible.

She came for over two minutes before finally telling me that she was too sensitive. I then let go of her right ankle and climbed on top of her, pulled her up by the hair and said in my toughest voice "Anna, you taste so fuckin' good." We then kissed and swished her juices around our mouths, as we had done with my come a few minutes earlier. This time we went even further, rubbing our faces all over each other, causing hers to become as completely soaked as mine was.

While that was happening, I noticed that my hard on was back, so I again grabbed her right ankle with both hands and drove my entire fuckstick inside her. I then pressed her right sole against my face while locking my eyes with hers. Then I was ready.

As I zealously worshipped her sole, I slowly pulled out up to my head, then suddenly drove my entire length inside her, and kept repeating the process, hitting her G spot with every thrust. Each time, the bed sounded like it was going to collapse. Because I had come just a few minutes before, I managed to hold it a long time with this fuck and give her several more orgasms in the process.

Throughout the entire fuck, we gazed deep into each other's eyes. Though neither of us said anything other than grunting or moaning, the intimacy of the eye contact greatly heightened the fuck. The look we gave each other said "I love you, I'm hot for you and I want to bring you as much pleasure as possible."

Several times, especially when her orgasms caused her cunt to contract on my fuckstick, I almost came. When that happened, I kept pausing for a few seconds. I wanted this to last a long time. But after nearly half an hour, both she and I were starting to get sore, and my mouth was almost dried out from all the sole worshipping, so I stopped holding back. I fucked her at full speed and force.

Anna suddenly exploded into a violent orgasm that had her screaming at the top of her lungs as I again tightly held her in place. While she was coming and gushing out juices, I came inside her, having a fantastic orgasm in the process.

Our orgasms faded out at about the same time and I then lay down on her left, rolled her over so that she faced me and took her in a passionate embrace. With her eyes just a few inches from mine, I told her in an exhausted voice "Oh shit, you were good."

"You were, too" she responded, also sounding exhausted. At that we had another slow, passionate kiss and her saliva helped bring some wetness back to my mouth. But within five minutes, I realized she was asleep. I then got up and closed the sliding glass door, got a blanket and lay it on top of her. After standing there and admiring her beauty for a couple of minutes, I joined her under the blanket, held her in a spooning position and fell asleep myself a few minutes later.

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