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Anna's Punishment and Reward


Author's note: This is a first for me: It's the first and depending on your comments and reception it also might be the last exclusively heterosexual Story I've written. Please let me know what you think about their relationship or if my Master is too nice to his pet. Thanks in advance, R. W.


Summary: After more than a week of absence Master returns home for an evening of fun and discipline with his pet.

1. Master Robert's return

Robert Masterton pulled his key-ring out of the left front pocket of his slacks. He weighed it in his hands as if to make sure that it still held all the keys. In reality he did what he had done since the night before: after concluding the business deal that had kept him from his pet for ten days and nights he pictured what awaited him on the other side of the door. Anna, his beloved pet and wife, but foremost his pet, would be on her knees, waiting for him to come home, naked except for her collar, her wrist and ankle cuffs, her knees spread, her head held high but her eyes cast down on the pattern on the antique Persian rug he had brought home from another business trip over a year ago. Her hands would be clasped behind her back. Just as she was supposed to do whenever she returned from work before her Master.

He unlocked the door and grabbed the telescope handle of his carry-all with his right hand. He pushed the door open; the hall was illuminated by the ceiling lights but the Persian carpet with the vivid colors was empty. His cherished wife and beloved pet was nowhere in sight. He pulled the carry-all inside and relocked the door. The only sign of life in the living room came from the flickering of about a dozen church candles, distributed evenly and burning silently. He went deeper into the apartment past the bedroom on one side and the office and playroom on the other, even further in, the door to the laundry room was open and he stopped on the doorjamb. Anna was bent over the washing machine at the other end of the long-stretched room, with her back to him, unaware of his return, seemingly without a care in the world.

Robert cleared his throat. She froze for a moment, closed the lid of the washing machine, pressed the start button, whirled around and crossed the room in her impossibly high heels. She then sank on her knees right in front of his feet. Her movements were fast, sure and graceful and as usual he admired the seeming easiness in which she moved wearing those six and a half inch high instruments of torture. He also saw the big alligator clamps she had put on her nipples; their sharp, pointy teeth would undoubtedly leave bloody, lasting marks on her nipples.

Those clamps, more than her whispered apologies and the fact that though she was bent over his feet she didn't dare touch his shoes with her lips, were a sure sign that she was feeling very bad about something, something more than just not having been in her space on the rug at his return.

"Get up and look at me, Anna, my pet!" His voice was stern and cold; he wanted her to know that she was in deep trouble, but also that he still loved her. "Look at me and tell me what happened, baby-girl!"

Even with her highest heels Anna had to tilt her head back and look up to be able to look into his eyes. Standing at a bit over 5' 1'' on her socks, the heels brought her up to almost 5' 8'' which meant that she still was half a foot shorter than his generous 6' 3'' frame. A former Quaterback of the New York Yankees he had ended his professional career at 26 when his knees had started to give out on him and he had earned enough to live comfortably off the interests for the rest of his life.

He had quickly found out that retirement did not suit him and had gone back to school to work on a masters degree in business administration and software design. He had founded his own firm and after a slow start, he now was the head of an internationally operating IT-firm.

"Do I have to repeat my order, pet?"

"No, Master ,please forgive your unworthy pet. I have no excuse for my failure."

"Tell me about your day, Anna!"

His words and expression didn't betray that what he really wanted to do was to pull her in his arms and forgive her transgressions whatever they may have been, but he knew that he would not act on that impulse. He was not only her loving Husband, he also was her Master and thus the one responsible to make sure that she clearly felt the consequences for having disobeyed his orders.

"I started work at seven and called it a day at three-thirty. When I came home, I took a shower and gave myself an enema as per your orders, Master. The soap solution I used must have been too strong. I had to repeat the cold water rinse-out twice which made me a bit late, but still I felt drained and tired and decided to lay down for a short nap. I set the kitchen chronometer to twenty minutes. But when I woke up I saw that almost two and a half hours had passed and I panicked.

"I knew that I had still most of my chores to do before your return and that the probability of that happening was very low thanks to the two hours I lost sleeping. I'm sorry, Master, please punish me."

"I will, my pet, in time, but first tell me, which of your chores did you do first after you had calmed down and tell me in detail what those chores were."

"I had to do the laundry, clean the master bathroom, dust the playroom and prepare dinner. I started with dinner to make sure that you would not go hungry, Master, then I cleaned the bathroom and dusted the playroom. I hoped that you would be late to also get the laundry done before your return, but that evidently did not work out. I'm sorry that you now have to punish me for my self-indulgence, negligence and disobedience."

"Anna, my pet, don't you think that as your Master it should be up to me to decide for what you will be punished and what that punishment should be?"

"Of course, Master. I did not want to presume. Do with me as you wish."

"I will, my pet. For starters I want to have a closer look at you. Turn around, bent down and pull your buttocks apart."

He switched the corridor lights on and waited for Anna to assume the position. Almost despite himself he admired her perfectly toned thighs, buttocks and calves, a perfection made even more evident by the high heels she was wearing according to his orders.

"Nice visual, pet. And now let's have a more hands-on approach," Robert stepped closer and put his hands on top of hers, pulling her butt cheeks even further apart.

"You can let go now, put your hands in your neck instead," Anna obeyed immediately. He let his hands roam over her buttocks and upper thighs up to her waist. He put his hands around her waist and encircled it completely. This result of months of rigorous corset training always made him smile. He pulled her back against his crotch, tempted to simply let his pants drop and fuck her right here in the corridor on the threshold to the laundry room, but for him exercising self-control was part and parcel of being a good Master. So he didn't, though his cock was fully engorged and straining against his trousers.

He changed his grip and held her with one hand only while his other hand slid down between her butt cheeks, though he was not interested in exploring or inspecting her rear opening. He massaged Anna's perineum and retraced her slit from the back to the front with his index finger. His touch had the lightness of a feather.

As always his touch made her wet even though she was about to be punished. She shuddered and he could tell that she had missed his touch. He pulled her upper body up against his chest, lifted her off the floor and carried her to the living room. Her blue-green eyes were dilated in arousal when he set her down in front of the couch.

"Now, my pet, let's get to with what I initially had planned this evening to start: a sound maintenance spanking. You would have had one today anyway ands you missed three while I was gone; we simply can not let that stand. To make up for that you will get daily maintenance. I count today as your regularly scheduled twice weekly maintenance. Saturday, Sunday and Monday will make up for the ones we missed and then we'll be back to your regular Tuesday and Friday sessions. Get over my lap, my pet."

Anna draped herself over her Master's muscular thighs. She only removed her hands from behind her neck to get in position and then replaced them there.

"Since you still have a punishment for negligence and one for disobedience coming I will go easy on you and use only my bare hand for your maintenance."

"Thank you, Master. You are very kind to this unworthy slave."

"Thank me when your punishments are over and you still think so, pet. Time to get started on your maintenance. Try to relax!" Robert ran his hands over her thighs and buttocks, caressing every square centimeter of her skin as if he needed to rediscover its texture. Instead of relaxing into the touch she broke out in goose pebbles and tensed up, another sign of her arousal. He continued with his ministration until she had really relaxed and then started the spanking without warning or further preamble.

Anna squeaked right after the first spank. It hit both of her cheeks hard enough to let her firm, well toned buttocks jiggle. He allowed her a short break between swats to let it sink in and smiled at her reaction. She moaned softly with each impact, but didn't tense up or kick out. She remained relaxed just as he had known she would. Robert knew her body's reaction to pain better than the back of his own hands. So, he also was not surprised when she started to spread her legs after about a score of swats. When his internal tally had reached thirty he paused the spanking and resumed his caresses.

"You know, my pet, as a conscientious Master I should now lecture you on your failings and tell you how disappointed I am about your negligence and disobedience and that I expect better from my precious, well trained pet. I should tell you that those transgression deserve especially hard punishments and a lot of other things, but you know that already. You know that you will be punished in a way I deem appropriate when I decide that the time for punishment has come. It's time for the next part of your maintenance session. Are you ready, my pet?"

Anna knew that it had only been a rhetorical question. She knew she would receive exactly the number of spanks he intended to give her, regardless if she was ready or not. She could stop the session by using her safe word but she knew that she would not need it. So, she nodded in answer to his rhetorical question and he resumed the spanking.

Anna's butt cheeks had already turned into an enticing shade of pink and now Master Robert worked on reddening them further and he changed tactics. The individual spanks became harder and he only aimed at one buttock at a time. He also reduced the intervals between the swats and he alternated sides after three spanks. Anna had no idea how many times his palm had landed on her increasingly hot flesh by the time he once again switched to caresses. The third set of spanks was even longer and harder than the second and she had long stopped trying to hold back her tears. Finally he said, "We're done with your maintenance for today, Anna, my pet. Get off my lap and on your knees you'll receive your punishment for disobedience in the playroom."

Anna slid off her Master's lap, tears still running down her face; she kissed his hands and started to stand up, Master Robert put a hand on her shoulder and held her down.

2. Punished for disobedience

"Oh no, young lady, as part of your punishment for negligence the only way you will move in this apartment is on your hands and knees, until I tell you otherwise."

"Yes, Master. Thank you, Master. I apologize for my actions and presumptions."

"Come, my pet."

Master Robert led the way to the back of the house and their play room, aka dungeon. It was hard for her to keep up with his long strides. The nipple clamps still bit her hard buds and the chain connecting them tingled softly. The play room had no windows and was equipped with overhead ´lights that could be dimmed. Robert ordered her to lie on her back in the middle of the room and she hurried to obey. She kept her feet shoulder wide apart and was about to stretch her hands over her head when her Master stopped her.

"No, my pet, stretch your arms to the side, at a 90° angle from your body. Close your eyes while I prepare you for your punishment."

She didn't even consider not to obey. He bent down and fastened two chains to the rings at her ankle cuffs. He then fastened a third and fourth chain to the rings on her wrist cuffs and then activated the wedge-shaped self-inflating mattress on which she was lying. When it was full her hips were at the approximate height of the seat of a chair while her head and shoulders still rested on the floor.

Even as tall a man as Master Robert was he had to stretch on his tiptoes to reach the keypad mounted high on the wall. The chains fastened to Anna's wrist cuffs retracted and stretched her arms to their full length, exerting constant, but not painful pressure on her joints. She knew from experience that this was only the first step in her preparation. The positioning of her legs was next on her Master's agenda. Robert walked closer to the door and started to enter numbers on another keypad much lower on the wall. The chains attached to her ankle cuffs began to pull at her legs. They simultaneously stretched them, raised them up and spread them, just past the point she still would have considered reasonably comfortable but not far enough to cause her real discomfort.

Robert walked over to the sink. She heard the water running but with her eyes closed she could only guess at what her Master was doing. About a minute or two later she knew it for a fact. He had wetted a washcloth and used it to clean her nether region. That done, he patted her dry with a fluffy towel.

"Open your eyes, my pet. I do not want you to miss out on even a small part of your punishment."

She obeyed and smiled up at her Master. Robert walked over to the wall facing the door; it held most of their disciplinarian implements. He removed a custom made flogger from its hook and returned to Anna. He loomed over her spread legs and raised the flogger he had selected. It had two to three dozen leather strands with tiny wooden beads woven into the tip of every strand and a riding crop without the leather loop at the end.

The crop added a memorable extra sting to every stroke. He let it fly and struck her right thigh, hard enough to leave a slight mark but not hard enough to bring her to tears; that was for later. He repeated the stroke twice and then changed sides and aimed at the left thigh, alo three times. The next three strokes hit her nether lips and clit.

Anna cried out and moaned. Master Robert knew his pet well enough to be aware that she was hovering on the threshold between pleasure and pain. He would tip the scales first to pain and then lead her back to pleasure, not all the way over the edge, but close enough to drive her to distraction; after all this was supposed to be a punishment. He steadily increased the strength of his lashes and by the end of the third set of nine lashes each Anna was openly crying and writhing under the flogger as far as her restraints allowed.

Robert knew that she no longer felt the individual strokes, Her legs, thighs and sex were uniformly screaming with pain and her earlier arousal was gone completely but she was equally far away from slipping into subspace, The next set of nine lashes was less hard than his first stroke had been. He knew she longed to speak up.

"Can it, my pet. We're not done yet, far from it. I know you hurt, but you deserve the punishment, right, sweetie?"

"Yes, Master, I deserve to be punished as you deem fit," Anna answered between sobs and with tears running down her face.

"Tell me if you need me to stop for a while. Use your guard word if you have to."

"I deserve the punishment, Master. I will take what I have coming," Anna was still crying but as often before her attitude did not fail to impress him.

"You're very brave, my pet, but to see your punishment for disobedience through you'll have to take two more sets. The first will be the hardest so far, compared to which the last one will feel like love taps only, I decided to show you some leniencym despite everything. Are you ready, my pet?"

"As ready as I'll ever be, Master."

"Then lets get this over with," He raised the flogger again and the sound it made when it sliced through the air let her know that he had not exaggerated when he had told her that the next nine strokes would be the hardest yet. She promised herself that she would be brave and not cry out, but the pain was too much to take it silently.

Anna cried out, fresh tears filled her eyes. She desperately wanted to use the guard word. She knew it would stop the punishment at least for a while. Her Master would graciously give her the time she needed to calm down and would care for the welts and bruises, but then he would see the rest of it through without easing her into it first. Ultimately, taking a respite would only make it harder to take in the end.

So, Anna held her tongue except for crying out in pain. After the ninth stroke the took the flogger in his right hand, bent down and started to caress the inside of her thighs with his left. His touch was extremely gentle. He suppressed a smile when he felt his pet relax slowly. Her eyes were wide open and filled with tears, but he doubted that she saw much beyond the tip of her nose. His ministrations were not limited to the insides of her thighs.

Master Robert let his fingertips also slide over the back of her thighs, up to her knees. He patted her sex and the lower part of her buttocks he had thoroughly reddened during the maintenance spanking earlier. He also let his hand roam along her slim waist but did not come close to her clitoris. He knew her thighs and buttocks and sex were burning in pain, but her despite that slowly rising arousal told him that his plan was working exactly as he had planned. He would bring her to the edge of orgasm and then deny her release.

And after having already been denied the whole time of his absence it would not take more than his simple teasing caresses to get her to that point. She tried to push herself towards his touch; he saw the wetness slowly dripping from her center. Robert smiled and stopped his ministrations. She was exactly where he wanted her to be. She was ready.

"Now, my pet. It's time for the last set of your punishment. I just told you that I would take it easy on you with that last set, but I changed my mind, as is my prerogative as your Master. The strokes to your thighs will still be relatively light, The strokes on your labia and clit, however, I will make count. You will feel them for a few days. Everything else would be a waste. And we can't have that, can we, my pet?"

"No, Master, I deserve it. Maybe you should make the strokes to my thighs extra hard as well. It would only be fair, Master."

"Yes, my pet, it would. Though some people might say that your failure to do your chores and wait for me in your spot was only a minor transgression. Do you agree, Anna?"

"No, Master I do not agree with those people. We both know better. The mere fact that I fell asleep for almost two hours longer than I had planned is not a slight oversight or a minor transgression. It was a symptom of the sad truth that my mind was not where it should have been, on my chores and my duty to you, to my Master. If I had been focused solely on that, I would not have overslept. My subconscious would have kept me centered on what really counts; my service to you, Master. It was a failure to serve you and as such it was more than fair, Master."

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