tagExhibitionist & VoyeurAnnie's First Seps

Annie's First Seps


I watched Annie climbing up the long, steep stairs to the park, following her at a slight distance. She held on to the handrail tightly. It was taking her a while to get use to the high heels. The heels were relatively low but they still did a nice job of accenting her buttocks and gave her a sexy, sophisticated walk. A distinguished, well dressed, white haired man carrying a briefcase was between us. Her new skirt was short... for Annie at least. It had taken some convincing but she had finally agreed to try out a lovely green silk one that was just below knee length- modest but still alluring. As she climbed the stairs, a gust of wind blew the flowing, filmy skirt up almost to her waist, exposing a white nylon half-slip. Annie tried to hold the hem down but the wind was insistent. Another gust took the slip to give me and the businessman a view of her shapely legs to the stocking tops of her thigh-high black nylons. He stopped momentarily to enjoy the sight. My heart pounded in my chest and my cock felt like a pole in my pants. I had waited a long time for this day- Annie's first real venture into public exhibitionism.

At the top of the stairs, she followed the path over to the artists' area bordering the park, a maze of booths and tables with narrow aisles between them displaying paintings, prints and crafts for sale. I took a short cut and came in from the other side. Annie was wearing one of my favorite blouses, a blue satin, sleeveless top that she had, with some prompting, tucked in tight for a body hugging fit. The scoop neckline was loose and low-cut. You could make out the beginning of her cleavage and the swelling upper slopes of her breasts. The brisk wind off the river kept her nipples erect and they pressed against the shimmering fabric, showing through it like hard little nubs. As she walked down an aisle between the booths, shoulders drawn back, her big breasts bounced and swayed beneath her blouse, straining the taut satin, drawing considerable attention. Men couldn't help but glance her way and stare at those jiggling tits and obvious nipples. And they did.

She stopped at a booth to look at some prints. Not seeing what she liked, she leaned over to examine some loose prints in a box lying on the ground. The top of her blouse fell away, giving a view of dangling breasts barely held in by a black Victoria's Secret bra.

A man at the next stall lowered the print he was holding and looked appreciatively down Annie's blouse. I loved the thrill of another man having a secret peek at my wife's tits. She had bent down so low that her entire bra was exposed. The satin cups didn't cover her nipples completely and allowed a hint of the deep pink of her aureoles. The man tried to be discreet but there was no way he could keep his eyes off of Annie's big tits bulging out of the skimpy bra.

Annie, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she was showing off her breasts to total strangers, stood up and kept on pawing through the boxes of prints on the shelves. Other men in the artist's area kept gazing Annie's way, feasting on the sight of her nipples protruding through the clinging satin. It seemed as if she was proudly offering every man the privilege to enjoy her luscious tits. If they were like me they had a hard cock and an overwhelming desire to reach out and fondle them. Annie was fueling the material for many a fantasy that day. I had never seen her look and act so sexy- the sexuality heightened by the fact that it was so natural and unassuming.

I kept a careful distance from Annie- close enough to enjoy the sights but far enough away so that it appeared as if we didn't know one another. She spent a good fifteen minutes looking at old prints, some of it leaning over, giving men around her some good down-blouse views. One of the artists watched Annie intently as she bent over a series of impressionist paintings at his stall. I caught him staring wide eyed down the open front of her blouse. As she examined the paintings closer the neckline dropped lower. Her entire bra became visible, almost spilling out of the top of her blouse. The artist reached down behind the counter to his pants, presumably to rearrange his cock, now hard after Annie's little voyeuristic gift.

Finally she stood up and sauntered off. Two young, college age men standing next to me ogled her walking away. "Man, did you see the tits on that hot babe?", one whispered to his friend. "When she bent over you could see her boobs just about falling out of her blouse. Really sweet. I could spend an afternoon just feeling up that little cutie."

"Yea," his friend replied, "she's really built. And you got to love the way those stiff nips showed through that sexy blouse. They're just begging to be kissed and sucked. Man, she gave me a massive woody!"

By prior agreement Annie walked over to the park on the other side of the exhibit area. She sat on the grass, her back against a tree, about ten feet from the paved footpath. She took a book from her purse and proceeded to read it. I sat on a bench facing her and pretended to look at a local newspaper I had picked up. For all practical purposes, Annie looked like a woman innocently enjoying a summer's day, unaware of the show she was presenting to the world. She slowly drew her legs up, bending her knees, giving a tantalizing glimpse of slip and nylons. I nodded to her encouragingly. Annie shook her head. She was too embarrassed.

After a while she became engrossed in her book. Without thinking she moved her legs up closer to her body to get more comfortable. Her skirt, draped over her knees, formed a tent of green silk. Looking up her skirt, I had a lovely view of the white nylon half slip framing her inner thighs up to her stocking tops.

Annie looked at me with a big smile. She was becoming less timid, really getting into the spirit of the adventure. She went back to reading her book and parted her legs more until the triangle of her black nylon panties came into view. I was proud of her... finally indulging her exhibitionist fantasies and feeling comfortable enough to display herself and her beauty to strangers.

There was a lot of foot traffic in the park and as men walked by where Annie was sitting, I noticed their pace slowing and heads turning to look up Annie's skirt and get a glimpse of her panties. The black satin was tightly stretched, showing the outline of her cunt as a damp vertical crease. She was now dripping with arousal. She was as horny as I was. And I knew that every stranger walking by was looking at my wife's cunt and spinning lusty fantasies in his head... dreaming as I was of spreading those lovely legs even further, pushing that silk skirt to her waist, pulling those black satin panties aside and plunging a hard cock deep inside of her- fucking her until a river of hot semen was flowing out of her.

During a lull in the traffic Annie made herself more comfortable again and repositioned her legs, drawing her knees closer to her chest in order to easier read her book. The hem of her skirt slid down her thighs another inch or two. She was showing more than she suspected. Her cute satin covered ass was nestled in the folds of the white nylon slip. I put my paper down and closed my eyes momentarily, feeling almost faint from excitement and arousal.

I awoke out of my reverie when I felt someone sit down on the bench next to me. It was the distinguished looking, older gentleman that had been on the stairs with us. He reached into his briefcase and brought out a copy of the Wall Street Journal. He unfolded it and started to read the front page. I knew his mind was not on stocks and bonds. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him peering over the top of his paper at Annie.

Annie, very involved in her book, had let her skirt slide even further down her legs to mid-thigh. Without realizing it she had parted her legs until she was totally exposed. Her white slip shimmered in the strong sunlight, contrasting nicely with the black nylon of her stockings. Her panties were now fully visible to her waist. I couldn't believe, knowing Annie's usual prudery, that she was aware of how much she was showing. It was as if she had lifted her skirt like a cancan dancer to let the men of the world see her charms.

My silent partner on the bench took in the scene too. The two of us sat there, papers up, a couple of voyeurs, gazing in rapt attention at my wife less than fifteen feet away. She looked innocent and wanton at the same time- a incredibly erotic combination of prim maiden and whore. It was a delicious thrill for me- knowing that a total stranger was staring at my wife's dripping cunt through a thin layer of gleaming black satin. My cock bulged in my pants.

Annie looked up from her book and noticed the two of us. She arranged herself in a more demure position. Her panties disappeared in a flourish of white nylon and green silk as she drew her skirt up. The show was over for the time being.

The businessman left shortly. Annie came over and sat down on my bench facing me, legs drawn up, making sure that I had a good view up her skirt to her satin covered cunt. She dangled a high heel provocatively. A wet patch on her panties advertised her arousal. "Sweetie," she said in a low voice, "I'm horny, very horny. I want to go back to the hotel room and fuck." I was not a little surprised by her forthright language. She normally talked about sex and body parts as if reading from a junior high health textbook.

"You do, do you?" I teased.

Checking first to make sure that no one was around, I ran my hand up her leg over her nylons to her panties and stroked her briefly.

Annie shuddered and closed her eyes as if I had shocked her. "Oh, don't do that!" she squealed. "C'mon honey. Let's go back. I want to suck your cock and have you fuck me. I'm so horny I'm going to explode."

I took her hand and we started to head back to our room at the Chateau. "Did you have fun?" I asked.

Annie reflected for a while. "It took me a while to get into it I guess and most of the time I wasn't even aware of what I was doing. Although at first I did feel sort of self conscious... wondering what people were thinking. It felt a little humiliating but, after a while, when I started to feel more confident it was like back when I was a teen-ager, dressing up and having the boys stare at me. Then I just sort of forgot of how I was dressed and acted naturally. Was anyone looking at me?"

"I think so," I said with a straight face.

Annie smiled. "You liar. I saw that nice man sitting on the bench with you. Was he looking at me?"

"If he didn't he was crazy, gay or just plain dead," I replied. "In fact you probably gave him more real joy than he has had for a long time. You made his day. A chance to look up the skirt of a lovely woman just sitting on the grass innocently reading a book. That, my dear, is true heaven."

"And how about at the artist's mall? I caught men glancing at me."

"Well, honey, I'll venture to guess those men were looking at your hard nipples. I love the way that blouse shows them off."

"Now I am embarrassed. I didn't realize my nipples were that obvious. You mean all those men were staring at me, looking at my breasts?"

"And I got to tell you dear, when you bent over you gave them a beautiful view of your lovely tits. It was tasteful and sexy."

Annie reflected some more. "I don't know. If I knew that I was giving everyone that kind of show I don't know if I would have done it. My heart was pounding the entire time. It felt so risque."

"Really. I'll bet on some level you got off on it. It's fun to be naughty."

"Well, I was getting excited. And I got to admit I did enjoy showing you and that nice older man my panties. That got me all wet Sweetie."

We walked through the lobby of the hotel and entered the elevator. I had just pushed the button to our floor when Annie threw an arm around me and drew me in for a sloppy French kiss. Her other hand stroked my cock through my pants. She thrust her body against me, grinding herself against my hip. I reached under her skirt and stroked her panties through her slip. Annie responded with little whimpers, "Sweetie, I want your cock. I need you. I really need to get fucked."

The elevator stopped at our floor. Lucky for us no one was in the hall. We disengaged- both of us breathing heavily. Annie turned around and started to get out but I pulled her back against my chest and ran my hands over her blouse, luxuriating in the feel of the sleek, sensuous satin. When I got to her breasts I cupped them and felt her up like we were on a first date. She twitched and moaned when I tweaked her nipples.

Annie took my hand again and led me to our room like a woman on a mission. She seemed to take forever with the key. Once inside she locked the door and then got to work on my pants. I was naked from the waist down in seconds. She pushed me back onto the bed and knelt between my legs and looked up at me with a sly smile. "Sweetie, I'm going to suck your cock and lick your balls."

Annie's mouth closed over my cock. Her tongue danced over the head, swirling all around the sensitive tip like a cat going after the cream. I luxuriated in the warmth and moistness of her talented mouth and let the pleasure roll over me. I had been horny for hours. "Annie, dear," I said, breathing heavy, "I'm just about ready to cum".

She stopped her sucking and let my cock slowly slip from her mouth, making sure it glided over her still active tongue. "You like what your little blow job baby is doing to you? Hmmmm. How about if I lick your balls?" She moved lower and I felt her tongue on my heavy, sperm swollen sacs. She drew one into her mouth, sucked on it, and then the other. I was ready to go over the edge. Annie stopped and looked at me seductively. "Does you like your little cock-sucker licking your balls?" she said in a coquettish voice. "They feel so good in my mouth."

"Oh, yeah!" I replied dumbly.

"Then how about you give her a good fucking, give your little cock-sucker a cuntful of cum?" She stood up and then lay on the bed next to me- pulling her skirt and then her slip up in a seductive striptease. The sound of silk sliding over nylon seemed to fill the room. I rolled over and ran my hand between her outstretched legs, over her nylons up to her inner thighs. Her breasts were heaving. I played with them through her blouse and then pushed it up, pulled her bra down, leaned over, and sucked on a nipple. Annie's body spasmed and she rolled back and forth. Her nipple felt wonderful in my mouth. I teased it with my tongue and gently nibbled on the tip. "Don't do that! Please, honey, fuck me! Now!" she demanded. "I want some cock!"

I pulled her panties aside and slipped a finger and then two into her dripping cunt. I easily put four fingers up inside her and stroked the warm, wet inner walls. I had never seen her so big. When my traveling thumb found her clit she squirmed and yelled in in lust and frustration. "Fuck me honey, fuck me!" she growled. "Fuck me! Fuck me!"

I positioned myself between Annie's legs and slid into her sweet, slippery cunt. She was in no mood for any more foreplay. She grabbed my hips and slammed my body into hers, molding her pelvis against mine.... trying to get as much of my cock into her as she could. The two of us fucked like young animals, concentrating on our satisfaction. I pounded into my sweet wife's sopping wet cunt. We went at it in what seemed like just mere minutes when Annie's head rolled back and forth. She grunted and groaned as her orgasm overtook her. Her face contorted in a mixture of intense pleasure and pain. She let out loud, groaning, mewing sounds and kept on thrusting against me, stopping for a while and then starting over again, trying to squeeze out every second of pleasure- as if she wasn't able to stop cumming. Finally, after a few last, impassioned grunts, she collapsed back on the bed- almost in a faint.

After a while Annie came back to consciousness and looked up at me. "Your turn, Sweetie. Do you want to cum in my cunt?" She licked her lips and flicked out her tongue suggestively. "Or, do you want to empty your balls in your little cock-sucker's mouth?" She reached down between my legs and groped me.

It didn't take long for me to make up my mind. I let my aching cock slip out of her cunt and straddled her chest. I stroked it, directing it towards her face, as she whispered a sexual mantra: "Cum in my mouth, sweetie. Cum in my mouth. I want a big load of cum in my mouth to swallow. I'm your little cock-sucking cum-drinker. I'm your little cum-whore." She opened her mouth wide and beckoned me with her tongue. With a free hand she squeezed my balls.

I didn't last long. Annie's erotic urgings pushed me over the edge. My legs stiffened and I threw my head back in ecstasy. Unable to hold back any more, I took aim at her open mouth and let my orgasm flow. Spurt after spurt of cum exploded out of my cock-head, splashing over her outstretched tongue. I had never cum so much in my life. Her mouth filled with my sperm until it overflowed her lower lip, trickling down her chin and onto her blouse and over her tits.

When I was done, Annie smiled wantonly and lay her head back on the pillow to enjoy her liquid treasure. She opened her mouth slowly, proudly showing me the pool of salty semen I had just given her. Playfully, she stuck out her cum slick tongue. Cum hung off the tip in little milky strands. "Hmmm", she purred lustfully, looking me in the eyes. As a game, she closed her mouth and forced a little stream through lips- only to suck it back in. She did this a few times until her lips glistened and large drops of cum, like pearls, hung from her chin. Finally she swallowed my entire load with a satisfied gulp. "Yummy," she said. "Very nice. I love the taste, Sweetie. You gave your little cock-sucker a real big mouthful of cum to drink. It felt so good, like your love was a warm liquid lying on my tongue."

I put my arms around her and we cuddled in the warm, lambent afternoon light.

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