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Anniversary Fantasy


Sherry and Pete had been married for almost ten years. Thier sex life had been pretty good over the years, but Pete was becoming bored. Sherry planned to change that on thier anniversary vacation. She had new things planned for every night of thier five day vacation.

They arrived at Miami Beach around eight in the morning. They checked into thier hotel and got settled before taking a short nap. Both stripped naked before getting into bed. It was one rule in thier marraige, no clothes in bed.

When they awoke shortly after eleven, they headed for the nude beach closest to thier hotel. So many half naked and naked women had Pete's cock half erect. He would certainly be up for thier fun tonight.

Later in the afternoon, Pete noticed Sherry was talking to a few naked girls down by the water. They were all smiling and giggling, some were even glancing in his direction.

Pete being the man he was strutted around poking his penis out to make it look huge. He wasn't small at all, his penis was actually around nine inches long.

After showers at the hotel and dinner at a beach front restaurant, Sherry anounced she had a surprise for Pete. They headed for the hotel, but outside the door she made him put on a blindfold.

She led him into the room. She then instructed someone to undress him. He felt soft hands tugging at his clothing.

Within seconds they had him completely naked. He was then led over to the bed and forced down onto it.

He felt two sets of lips on his cock. That perked him up right away. He also felt a third pair of hands hooked metal handcuffs around his wrists.

He couldn't move from his position, but with the attention his cock was getting he didn't want to move.

His wife was aware he would do anything, so he had no worrys. She sure went through alot of trouble to get him like this. Least he could do is enjoy it. He spread his legs and enjoyed being sucked.

Sherry liked watching Pete get pleasured. She was getting her own pleasure too. She had the long, thick strap on secured around her waist.

She was going to fuck her husbands ass tonight. He'd begged her to, but she never had. That is until now.

Sherry's new friends (the girls from the beach) were part of this fantasy too. She helped Jasmine climb onto Pete's cock. He gasped as he realized the pussy riding his cock was not his wife.

Jeannie unhooked one handcuff and helped Pete find her clit. She suckled Jasmine's nipples while Pete played with her pussy.

Sherry knelt between Pete's legs. She slowly opened him revealing his puckered asshole. She wet him with the lube then had Jasmine reach back and lube up the dildo for her.

As she poked the rubber cock into her husband's asshole, he moaned loudly. Jeannie took that as her clue to lock her lips with Petes. His fingers picked up speed on her clit while Jasmine bounced on his cock.

Soon he was filled with the rubber dick up his ass. He could feel his orgasm rising into his balls. He was going to cum inside of whoever was riding him.

Before he could warn her, the girl who had been kissing him was rubbing her pussy against his mouth. He opened his mouth and clamped onto her cunt.

They were all rocking with such force. It wasn't long before Pete's cock exploded inside Jasmine and Jeannie was cumming on his face.

When they all pulled apart, Pete went to work taking care of his wife.

He had the girls force her onto the bed, cuffing her like he had been. He left the fake cock on her. He wanted to see one of the girls ride his wife.

Jeannie hadn't been fucked yet so she climbed on. She began to slowly ride Sherry and play with her tits.

Soon Jasmine was on the floor in front of Pete getting him hard again. Which wasn't very hard considering his wife was making out with a sexy woman. Plus the girl sucking his cock was sexy too.

When he opened his eyes to check on Sherry, Jeannie had put on the strap on and was now between Sherry's legs.

Another fantasy of his was to have his wife ride his cock with another cock in her ass. He instructed Jasmine to uncuff her.

When she was free, he lay on the bed and pulled her on his cock. When she was on him and rocking herself, he instructed Jeannie to fuck her in the ass with it.

Jeannie was happy to help, she climbed behind Sherry, spreading her ass. She slipped the fake cock into Sherry's asshole.

When she began pumping, Sherry moaned. Jasmine took that moment to cup her tits and suckle her nipples.

That made Pete ready to cum. As Sherry came on both his cock and the rubber one, he released his load into her.

Once they were all dressed, Jasmine and Jeannie kissed them both. As they left, they slipped a piece of paper into Sherry's hand. It read, Need anything else, call us!

The next night, Sherry dressed in her hottest outfit. Something too small and too tight. It revealed alot of skin.

Pete was a bit angry that she was dressing like such a slut. He went along with it because he wanted to make Sherry happy. He knew if she was happy, he would be happy too.

They walked into a bar at the end of the strip. Sherry immediately headed over to an empty pool table in the corner. As she bent over to rack the balls, Pete and the entire bar could see she wasn't wearing panties.

After they played thier first game, a man approached. He introduced himself as Ricardo. He was tall and beefy. With his seductive smile and contagious laughter, Sherry was having fun.

After a few rounds of drinks and sloppy pool skills, Sherry challenged him to a game of pool. Ricardo laughed, "What do I win when I beat you?"

She smiled, "Well you win me of course!"

Ricardo couldn't refuse! They made the bet, if Sherry won, Ricardo would be in thier room. If he won, Sherry was his for the night.

Little did Ricardo know, Sherry was actually an excellent pool player. She quickly sank all her balls and then with a fancy shot, she sank the eight ball.

After another drink, she grabbed both men by the hand and pulled them out of the bar. She hooked her arms in thiers and led them to the room.

Within moments, both men were naked. They turned on sexy music and Sherry began stripping for them.

Soon she was naked. Her nipples were hard and her cunt was sopping wet. She knew she was getting the pounding of her life tonight.

As she finished her hip grinding dance, both men stroked thier hardness. Pete was the first to touch her. He spread her legs revealing her clit, he offered her to Ricardo who slipped his tongue into her wetness.

When Ricardo had made her cum, she was ready for the pounding. She let Pete lick her asshole. Preparing her for his cock.

He lay back on the bed and she straddled him backward. Slipping his dick up her ass, she leaned back to him. He began pinching her nipples while Ricardo went to her clit again.

Within moments, she was cumming again. Pete grunted and she rocked his cock in her ass. Soon Ricardo was slipping his cock into her pussy.

She was double stuffed. Both men were pressing deeper and deeper into her. She was sure she couldn't take much more.

She heard Pete moan, "Sher, I don't think I can last much longer."

Ricardo was next, "I can feel his cock against mine, it's more than I can take."

Before she knew it, she was cumming and both men were filling her with thier semen. This week was getting better by the day.

When they awoke on the morning of day three, Pete was in a great mood. "What do you have planned for today dear?"

She laughed, "If I tell you, you won't be surprised." She slipped a pretty flowing sundress on over her tiny bikini and stepped into heeled sandals.

Pete wore his speedo and threw a towel over his shoulder. They were headed to the beach for the afternoon.

Sherry found them a spot, in a remote area surrounded by adults. Halfway down the beach were the familys and they kept thier children away from the couples.

Halfway through the day, Sherry straddled Pete's lap. He smiled, he knew just what she was up to.

Pete had always loved public sex, anywhere they could have sex around other people without anyone noticing.

When she slipped his cock out of his speedo, she could feel the heat from it. He was surprised to find her bikini bottoms missing.

He slipped inside her, pumping in and out. She rocked herself, rubbing the nub of her clit against him. She leaned over and whispered into his ear, "I wish you could taste me right now."

This sent him to the edge, he was pressing deeper into her. Suddenly, a man stood over them. He smiled, "Have you two seen an older lady in a blue bikini? I seem to have lost her."

Pete grinned, "Sorry we've been too caught up in each other to notice anyone. Hope you find her." As the last word left his lips, his load was released. He moaned and pressed as deep as he could into his wife.

After the session at the beach, they'd taken the rest of the night off to relax in thier hotel room.

A full day of activity the next day kept Pete's mind off of his wife's ideas for day four.

After a late dinner, Sherry and Pete went to a night club on the beach. They danced and grinded. Sherry looked hot in her tiny top and short skirt. Her legs went on for days in her heels.

Pete couldn't conceal his erection very well so he stayed at the table, watching his wife. After they called for last drink orders, Sherry led Pete toward the entrance.

Before Pete could say a word, she pulled him inside the stage door and found an empty storage room.

When they heard the last of the employees lock up, Sherry pulled Pete back out into the club. She went to the bar and poured them drinks.

Soon she was on the bar in front of Pete with her legs wide open. He flicked his tongue across her bare flesh. She shuddered.

Goosebumps covered her flesh and her nipples hardened. He lowered his mouth to her wetness and lapped it up. He loved the taste of her.

He used his fingers on her, soaking the counter beneath her ass. He couldn't believe they were having sex in a night club. He couldn't believe she'd hidden them until no one was there so they could.

When he was finished making her cum, she led him to a booth where she slipped over his erection. She bounced on his cock, he played with her tits.

Before they knew what was happening, two beefy security guards were in the bar. They didn't notice the naked couple in the corner.

The two men poured drinks for three. Pete watched them, he knew they were in on his wife's plan.

When they approached the table, Sherry stood. Her husband was naked, and both security guards were naked from the waist down. They grabbed Sherry and led her to the stripper pole in the center of the room. One grabbed her by the neck and pressed her back to the cold pole.

The other cuffed her hands around the pole and forced her to her knees. Her tits bounced and her ass glistened. She was aroused by this.

The men came back over to the table and sat with Pete. They finished the drinks quickly and then the men informed Pete that it was time to teach this whore a lesson.

The men went before Sherry, sandwiching Pete in the middle. She began sucking each man's cock. One after the other, she licked and sucked. When they were not slipping thier member into her warm mouth, they were twisting her nipples, smacking her ass or jerking thier member in her face.

Before long, all three men were pounding thier erections. They all came across Sherry's waiting face and chest. She waited with her tongue hanging out, trying to catch as much of thier juices as possible.

On thier last day in Miami, Sherry had a great day planned. They left the hotel in a limo.

After a long day of sightseeing and one last meal on the beach, her final surprise was ready. The limo driver headed for the busiest part of town.

Sherry and Pete got naked and opened the bar. They began tossing back drinks and fondling each other. Pete opened the skyroof, he raised himself out and watched the traffic around them. Sherry took this opportunity to suck Pete's dick.

To his surprise he was getting the best blow job of his life while driving through traffic. Just before he came, he slipped back inside.

Sherry took to the view while Pete slipped his tongue into her. She was dripping wet, people in other cars were honking at her bouncing tits.

As she orgasmed, Pete pulled her inside. They touched and pleased each other the rest of the way to thier final stop.

When they arrived at the lookout point, Sherry paid the driver and he walked to the end of the road. Leaving them with a little privacy to finish thier final night.

Sherry climbed onto the hood, she spread her legs and began touching herself. Pete lifted her off the car and carried her over to the forest. He pressed her against the tree.

With a swift movement, he was inside her and she was gliding over his hardness. Soon he was over the edge, cumming inside her.

She hadn't cum yet and knew his biggest fantasy was about to come true. The limo driver was back, he had changed into different clothes.

His ripped body in the tiny thong had Sherry ready for more. She demanded her husband clean her pussy.

When he hesitated, she instructed her Master to force him to. Master (the limo driver) took a paddle from behind his back and smacked Pete's ass.

Before Pete knew what was happening, his Master was in front of him. Sherry moved behind the Master and slid his thong down. His erection sprung out into Pete's face.

"Suck it" he demanded. Pete didn't move, Master cracked his ass with the paddle again.

"I said suck it. Now!"

Pete opened his lips and wrapped them around the cock that was in front of his face. He bobbed his head the way he'd seen Sherry do to him many times.

Suddenly, Master grabbed him by the neck and pulled him up. "What are you? Some kind of queer?"

Pete didn't look up, instead he hung his head. Sherry snapped a collar around his neck and pulled him by a leash to the limo.

She forced him inside before Master slipped his fingers into her. She allowed him to touch her while Pete watched. Pete's reaction was shock.

As Sherry and Master got into the limo, Sherry tugged his leash pushing him toward Masters erect cock.

Pete's warm mouth swallowed all of Master's cock. Sherry slipped behind Pete. She was wearing a large black strap on.

While Pete drained Master's cock, Sherry slipped the fake dick between his ass cheeks. She spread his hole open and pressed the tip of the rubber dong against his hole.

She heard him gasp. He'd shown interest in being dominated by men, but they'd never tried anything like this before. With one swift motion, Sherry was fucking his ass.

She pressed deeper into him as he struggled to hold all of Masters cock. Sherry continued pounding until she heard Pete choke. She looked up to see him taking a thick load of cum on his face.

Master left the limo to change back to being a limo driver. Pete's cock was now completely hard again. Sherry took this as a sign, he wasn't bored and neither was she!

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