tagNonHumanAnother World Ch. 03

Another World Ch. 03


Megan and Marianna continued to spend time together and they became very good friends. One thing they never mentioned was their sex lives. Megan was quite embarrassed to mention it to anyone. On an average day, she and her husband Leif would have sex four to five times. On weekends or if one of them was in the mood they could easily have sex all day long.

On one of those days, Megan woke up to a soft kiss between her thighs. When she opened her eyes Leif was nestled between her legs sucking and licking her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his neck and closed her eyes. She arched her back and came quickly. Leif flipped her over and thrust his cock inside her.

"I want to fuck all day baby."

Megan thrust back against him and they began to fuck so hard the bed was rocking. They spent the rest of the day and evening having sex. Megan was a blubbering mess by evening. She could barely move. Her inner thighs were sore. Her breasts were sore. She was lying on her back while Leif fucked her again. He had cum too many times to count and was still hard. Their whole bedroom smelled of sex and she was so aroused that practically every thrust made her orgasm. The moon was shining in from their bedroom window. Megan closed her eyes and passed out.

Leif continued to fuck Megan and as the sun rose he came for the final time. He fell asleep next to her, his hand on her tummy.

Later that evening, while Megan was asleep, Leif went over to the conference center for a meeting. The mahogany room was filled with all the men and they waited for Hans to begin.

"So all of the new wives are pregnant. We'll need to redo their memory switch since I don't think they will react well when they're told they will only be pregnant for three months. Hans why isn't Megan pregnant?"

"I don't know sir. She is fertile. We will try my next moon cycle."

"Fabian how is Marianna doing?"

"She's wonderful. I've already convinced her that we need to wait a bit to have children. By the time my moon cycle is here, she'll want children."

The meeting ended and the men walked back to their respective homes. Leif stripped naked and slipped into bed next to his wife. He fell asleep soundly.


"Security Breach. Security Breach." Megan's eyes opened as the loud voice boomed into her bedroom. It was like there were speakers everywhere and as her eyes got accustomed to the light she saw it was three in the morning. Leif was nowhere to be found. She got up and stumbled to get dressed. As she fully woke up, she remembered the procedures she had been told when she first arrived. She slid on panties, bra, jeans and a t-shirt. Her red hair was already in a ponytail and she found her running shoes and slipped them on. She tried to remember exactly what the directions were in this situation, but it had been over four years ago and all she remembered was to go to the conference center.

She exited her house and the loud blaring continued. There was no one around and she worried that it was too late. She began to run and stopped as she saw bright lights behind her. She heard a car engine and before she knew it she was dragged into the car. A voice spoke to her.

"Stay quiet or you'll die."

Megan crouched on the front seat of the car and felt the car lurch forward. She didn't dare look up. The car crashed into something and she realized it was the front gates of the community. Fifteen minutes later when all she heard was the engine of the car she sat up. She was face to face with Marianna.

"What the hell is happening?"

"It's a long story and it's best we stop somewhere so I can tell you." Marianna pulled the car over on the side of the road and turned to face Megan.

"Do you remember your life before you married Leif?"

"What kind of question is that?" Megan's voice was rising.

"Do you remember anything before you married Leif?" Marianna tucked her blonde hair behind her ear.

"Sort of. I mean when we were first married Leif and I would chat about me growing up and going to school and my family. Why?"

Marianna took a deep breath and began to speak.

"Your husband isn't who he says he is. Your memory was altered so that you wouldn't remember life before Falconcrest. You along with all the other women have literally been held hostage at Falconcrest for as long as you have been married."

"What? Why doesn't Leif want me to remember my life before him?"

"There was a security breach. The government was finally able to find Falconcrest and the men are in hiding. If you would have stayed there you would have become a guinea pig for them."

"So who are you then? How the hell do you know all this? How do I know you're not one of them, whatever they are?"

"My name is Marianna Jones and I'm an alien researcher."

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