tagMind ControlAnticipation



You were ready at the anointed time at the anointed place. You had been waiting for this moment to arrive and it had, finally if not excruciatingly, arrived so slowly. The feelings of anticipation had been welling up in you all day, especially whilst you were out shopping and trying on the expensive French satin and lace lingerie you had procured for this evening's meeting. The soft and cold nature of the new material against your nipples and buttocks made you feel so good; not to say how good the cool material felt against your smooth mound and lips. You had also brought with you your best black party dress, shoestring straps and low-cut at the front and back, with a split to highlight those curvaceous muscled legs; all clad in black, of course. No matter how much you tried to ignore it, the anticipation was building, but yet, you really had no idea what it was he has in mind.

Preparing yourself, you took a long hot bath, in the spa-equipped bath that the hotel room afforded you. Laying back you also took the opportunity to imbibe in an expensive bottle of French Champagne, as the room he had made available for you, was completely available to you. Sipping the cold bubbling liquid as the warm swirling aerating waters surrounded you gradually heightened your awareness of the sensual feeling that were building. By changing the position of your hips, you could allow the firm pulsating jets of air to pound rhythmically and invitingly into your sex. The feelings of the air combined with the heat of the scented water trying to split your tightly held lips apart had a deeply narcotic effect on you. Slipping quietly, submitting to the effects of the pulsations you allow your long fingers the joy of spreading your pussy lips apart for the pounding to continue against your fattened clitoris. You must have lain there for a good half-hour, just rising and falling with the throbbing motor of the spa and its effervescence eating away at the pure softness of your femininity.

The ringing phone startled you back into consciousness and you rise quickly and, without gathering your robe, you step out of the bath to answer the incessantly ringing phone. It was he, on the other end, inquiring as to your readiness for this evening's activities. Never giving anything away, you teasingly advise him that it is he who will have to wait to see and find out for himself. He liked that answer very much.

The allocated hour was upon you, and 7pm precisely, provided a knock on the door of your hotel room. You opened the door to find a uniformed man, replete with a long fake-skin coat and piece of black silk. You are beckoned into the coat and he led you by the arm out of the room and into the elevator. Proceeding to the basement, the elevator doors opened and the black car with darkened windows was waiting for you both. As you stepped through the doors, the black silk was wrapped immediately and firmly around your eyes and tied behind your head. Luck, not too much trouble and expense was afforded to your hair arrangements.

The car door was opened for you and you were seated in rear compartment and the seat belt fastened for you. The car started and whisked you away into the warm balmy evening.

The drive to your destination lasted, it seemed, for about 30 minutes, and when your journey concluded, upon the opening of the doors, you were enveloped by the unmistakable odour of salt and sand. The ocean and the sound of large waves pounding into the beach also wafted into your consciousness. There is just something relaxing about the sounds, smells and feel of the ocean. Where ever you were, he must have known this was going to have such an effect on you.

Again being led by the arm, and all you knew, was that you were being herded inside a house. Inside the house, the same salt and sand aromas were evident, as there was a warm sea breeze wafting around you. The coat was removed from your shoulders and the cooling breeze elicited Goosebumps all over your soft, pink delicate skin; your nipples erect under the silken material and the hairs on your arms and the small of your back standing on end with the increase in electricity from the whole scene.

"Welcome, and thank you for making your self available for this evenings delights" he, with his unmistakable voice and accent, announced to you.

You simply nodded as your response

Disoriented and becoming cautiously aroused, you were also aware that he was standing right behind you. A finger lightly traced along your naked shoulders, lingering at the shoestring strap to fondle the black material for a delicate moment, the finger continued it path towards your neck. The goose-bumps immediately returned and you shivered. From behind, he traced his finger slowly under your hairline then along the other shoulder and down your arm. Suddenly, he firmly grasped your wrist and gently tickled it with the manicured nails of his fingers and continued into the palm of your hand. You squeezed his fingers which, until now, you had only dreamed about feeling and touching. They were long, firm and, oddly delicate, more delicate than you had imagined.

Next, you were aware that these delicate finger were now tracing the outline of your dress, along the straps and down and around across your back. He stopped at your spine and traced it to the base of your neck, pinching the fleshy muscles on either side, and then back down and continued across to the other strap. Fingers now were on your shoulder then down your arm collection your other wrist. This time he grasped your wrist even more firmly and led you toward to source of the warm breeze. You could hear the ocean's rhythm more clearly here and when you stopped, you felt his lips brush across your neck. Goose-bumps.

Still with control of your wrist, you were pushed and falling backwards, you landed, on your behind, softly on what you believe to be a bed. Totally taken aback, he uses the moment to wrap a piece of soft cloth around your captured wrist and it is tied, firmly, above your head as you are forced to lie down. In quick succession, each of your free limbs is similarly restrained. You are his, legs slightly akimbo, arms outstretched above you. Now this is different.

You try to free your arms but they were, indeed, firmly restrained; legs similarly so. The warm ocean sounds drifts back into your consciousness as you begin to relax once more. It is oddly calming, notwithstanding the delicate state of your predicament. Trust, is the key in this regard, and you do trust him.

You feel a hand brush across your cheeks, and ears, gently rearranging your mussed hair. Finger tracing an imaginary line across the tops of your eyebrows, so gentle is the touch you feel your shoulders and hips relax into the accommodating mattress on which you lie. The air circulating across your exposed skin makes you patently aware of your near state of nakedness. Thinking along these lines, under the spell of his touch and gaze, increases your respiration rate and the depth of each breath increases in tune with your desires.

You turn your head to try to capture his fingers in your mouth, but he stands and is gone, silently escaping from the scene he has established. Your mind begins to wander and the anticipation increases even further. The thoughts of not knowing what it is he has in mind added to the tension, as pent up emotional and physical energies combine with the fear of the dark and uncharted territory into which you are being projected.

A smell, an aromatic deep and sensual smell begins to waft around you. Little things keep happening around you to disorient further your sense of time and space. The scent was lavender, combined with something oddly familiar but, at this time unnamed. Your remaining senses were now at their sharpest point since taking this sexually driven adventure and you heard his approach at a distance of around 10 feet. The heavy lavender smell also accompanied his re-appearance and when he was just at what seemed like an arms length away, you felt the warm drop or two of a thick and viscous liquid you immediately assume to be scented oil. The drops cooled immediately on contact with the cool skin of your now heaving chest. The angle of your chest forced the oil to run down between the valley of your breasts to be soaked up by the adsorbent material of your dress.

The next sound and feeling made your heart jump several rhythmic beats as the unmistakable sound of scissors snipping at the shoestrings protecting your chest from his admiring gaze. You were now naked from the waist up, as the freed material was delicately and slowly drawn over your breasts, erect nipples punctuating the atmosphere. An audible and appreciative rush of air was evident from him. Squirming and now uncomfortable, you felt compelled to say something, but quickly decided against it when he poured the warm molten oil onto the tip of each of your breasts. It ran freely over their ample proportions in all directions and with its latent heat the oil rapidly increased your skin temperature and you began to freely perspire as the ocean breeze, with its evaporative powers, was acting in total counter-balance.

The oil ran over your neck onto your shoulders and around the back of your neck before dropping on to the bed, on which you lay, restrained. The hard bones of your ribcage were not ignored and oil was delicately traced between your swollen breasts. Progressing down, your captor kept the oils dribbling onto your exposed skin until you felt it seep into the material of your dress. He stopped at that point and next you were aware of his cool, firm and large hands resting just below your breasts. Squeezing, he then began to massage the oil into your hungry skin. Firstly with soft circular actions, he enveloped each breast into the palm of his hands and when they completely filled by you, he stopped and just rested them there. Your stiffened, rock hard nipples pierced into his palms. Another appreciative gasp was heard. How did he know that you adore having your nipples pinched like this?

Next, the focus of his attention turned to your shoulders and neck as he again, slowly massaged the oil into your body. The desire in your loins spread downwards into your silken panties which, by now, were very, very sodden with your own creamy and oily juices.

Stopping, he moved away momentarily and returned with what you soon realise to be a very sharp bladed object. Picking up the edge of your dress that lay still on your chest, in one long silent stroke of his knife, the material was sliced to the hem, laying you completely bare, with the exception of your panties and stockings. The remnants were whipped away from under your body and he, again, was gone.

The cooling breeze on your nakedness tightened your already firm skin even more. The oil and his touch had combined in this atmosphere to ensure that you felt every waft of the breeze, every movement of his and each and every one of your very deeply heaved breaths. Where was he you were thinking? Since the time he had laid you bare you lost the sensation of exactly where he was waiting. Just at the point where you had become uncomfortably numb you felt a deep, hot and penetratingly electric sensation burn into you between the top of your panties and your belly button. Then another was felt at the top of your left thigh then your right. Hot burning sensation that, upon cooling, became very calming indeed. What could it be that caused this hot, cool then calm sensation?

As this was ticking over in your mind, the wonderment of it, it happened again. A pointed heat was burning into your skin like acid, only this time into your stomach. Drop by delicately timed drop he worked his way up your now squirming body. As the drops landed from a height onto the area just below your breasts, the intense pang of pleasure and pain made you lift your hips clear off the bed. As the heat spots cooled your, skin tightened. At this point you knew it was wax, candle wax that he was dripping onto you. The thought of where the next burning sensation was going to be felt increased you heart rate, twofold. A cold sweat had broken out all over you now with the breeze, the heat the cooling and the oil.

The feeling of the drips as they simultaneously exploded on your nipples was so delicious that every nerve in your body submitted to the wave of sensation as your spine arched under the electrified pulsations. Commencing with your shoulders every muscle in your body began to contract then relax as he played his concerto with your mind. The wave of pleasure and pain devoured you and slowly you became more aware of the tingling sensation that begins in the pit of your stomach and slowly sweeps down your back, into your legs and thighs. The muscles in your stomach were still electric and with one sensational contraction your entire pelvic area swamped you with a powerful ocean of pleasure. You gave in to the developing orgasm and announced its arrival with a deep and loud primal scream of pleasure, the likes of which you had only ever read about. Truly an experience for you is an orgasm untouched by human hand. Equally powerful was the fact that it developed and enacted to fulfillment within your powerful mind.

The first time anticipation felt so good.

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