tagGroup SexAny Chance We Could Ch. 35

Any Chance We Could Ch. 35


This chapter is not meant to stand alone. Please begin at the first chapter to appreciate this tale.

Sunday, October 28

Veronica and I were the first in our bed to awaken. I cuddled her against me and suggested that she go in and give Max a wake up blow job. "I really want Dave or Emerson to be the first man other than you to be in my mouth or pussy," she replied. "It's important to me that they're the first males I cross the line with." While she continued to elaborate to me, Ashley got out of bed, awoke Max and got a jolt of protein.

"When I'm with another man I see it as a crossing of a very special line. I want it to be special and memorable occasion. Don't get me wrong, Max has a nice looking cock and I'm sure it gave the girls a lot of pleasure last night, and when the time comes I intend to enjoy it as much as I enjoyed his mouth, but for now he's down the line."

I now understand that she really has some affection for both Emerson and Dave. It'll be interesting to see whose cock is the first in her.

Veronica and I stayed in bed as Cheryl and Beth showered and as they were dressing, we showered and Veronica enjoyed a bit of ass play at her suggestion if that's what you want to call bending over and wiggling her ass at me while handing me a bottle of shampoo. I stopped with one finger all the way in and she seemed more relaxed about it that she'd been last night. After she came we embraced and I washed her hair. After we dried and she began to dry her hair, Beth wrapped her arms around me. She was still nude and told me how much she and her mother appreciated our hospitality last night. I fondled her ass and tits for more than a few minutes when we heard Cheryl call from downstairs that coffee was ready.

I put on a clean pair of boxers and Beth put on a thong that Veronica offered and stepped into her slides. After getting downstairs Beth retrieved her skirt from the deck and stepped into it. Cheryl was similarly attired in her short skirt and flats. Katrina and Ashley were in long tees and low heeled slides, Mary Claire and Cindy were similarly attired. I thought Max's eyes would bug out of their sockets when he walked into the kitchen to see his mother and Beth both topless. The love of my life shortly joined us in a g-string, sheer beige bra and mid-heel slides. As Mary Claire was putting some eggs and toast on the counter the kitchen phone rang and Cindy answered it, "Oh, Hi, ... yes he's right here." Handing me the phone she said, "Grace."

"Good morning Grace," I answered. "Oh, I'm so sorry, ... I hope his recovery is short. ... I understand, don't give it a second thought. ... Take care of your sister. ... Okay. ... Call me tomorrow with his prognosis. ... No, don't worry about the office, Cheryl's been covering and she can continue until you return. ... Be concerned about your sister and brother-in-law. ... Bye."

"Well, at the moment you're not covering too well," I remarked smiling at Cheryl. "Stay uncovered as long as you want. Her brother-in-law, Ron, I think she said, had a heart attack last night and she left at three to drive down to Cape to be with them."

"So, I guess that just leaves Jane and Sharon for this afternoon," smiled Veronica.

"Mary Claire, you and Cindy are both welcome to go with us this morning," Veronica said.

Cindy replied, "I don't do church, but thank you for inviting me."

"I'll stay home with Cindy if you don't mind," smiled Mary Claire.

On the way to church I replayed Veronica's need for coupling with a male lover to be something special. I can't imagine being captivated that way. Veronica, Ashley or Katrina hook a female, reel them in and I get to enjoy the catch. Mars and Venus I suspect, but there is no way I'll ever lose what I have now. Katrina and Ashley were wearing knee length skirts with long sleeved silk blouses, hose and pumps. Veronica dressed as stylishly as when I first met her was wearing a white ruffled blouse under a matching form hugging jacket and skirt, also in hose and wearing matching pumps. Her make-up was skillfully applied to highlight her kissable lips and her captivating eyes.

After entering the narthex and being welcomed by this morning's 'greeters' we took seats in the second row. As usual, this church filled from the back and arriving late it was the only row that would accommodate all four of us. When Evie entered with an associate and turned to address the congregation, I was captivated. She wasn't necessarily pretty, but awfully attractive, her eyes were alive with her passion, her smile was readily given as she spoke. With practiced ease she looked at every member of the congregation in a way that made each of us feel as if she was talking to just us and our small group as she delivered her sermon. It was as if she was carrying on a personal dialogue more than addressing a body of people. In her white robe all I could ascertain of her body was that she was wearing dark hose and heels. Both Ashley and Katrina seemed captivated as well and held hands during most of the service. As the offering plate passed down our pew I put a hundred dollar bill into it and Veronica leaned against my side saying in a low voice "She's something, isn't she." Also given the way Hazel had opened up, I had to agree.

During the service the congregation was reminded that there was a potluck after the service. Not being members we were going to leave but following the service Evie and another grey haired woman insisted we join them. Evie said she would join us for lunch. Hence, after the worship service we found ourselves in a central meeting room, their auditorium/gym I assumed, and sat at a long table waiting for her. While were we sitting several people came by to introduce themselves and welcome us to the church.

I was just getting ready to sit back down after the last introduction when Evie and two young ladies, about our girls' age, walked toward us. She was in a short suit jacket over a colorful blouse with a knee length gray skirt. Her hose and heels were both dark gray. She carried herself with a lot of confidence. As she approached us she would stop momentarily to make a comment to a member. Reaching our table she introduced herself to me with a firm handshake and an unwavering look in my eyes. I felt that she was looking into my soul, understanding it, and affirming me.

She introduced her two daughters, Abigail and Samantha. The four girls looked at each other as they were introduced with a 'I know you from somewhere' look. Veronica and Evie warmly shook hands as well. Evie remained standing as all the members in the gathering rose to hear the prayer and she then dispatched us to the serving line. Veronica, Evie and I were about halfway back in the line with the four girls several people in front of us and I heard Samantha say, "Softball, I knew you looked familiar. Both of you, but different teams, right?"

That seemed to set all four of them at ease and they amicably chatted throughout the meal. Evie continued the thread of the morning's sermon for awhile than began asking questions that called for more than a 'yes' or 'no' response. When the meal ended I felt that in the hour and a half conversation she'd gotten my entire life story. Pretty amazing woman. As we said our farewells and thanked the person responsible for this organizing potluck, she ended with, "Nine tomorrow, then."

As we were driving home Veronica asked, "Well, what did you think?"

"An amazing woman. I loved her smile, her eye contact as she spoke to me, her confident air. She has a friendly nature and she obviously touches people when she speaks to them. She's quite sensual in her mannerisms, quite alluring. Well dressed. A very pretty, confident package. I feel invigorated by her message. I feel affirmed. I feel challenged more than I have after listening to some high priced motivational speaker. I look forward to our time with her in the morning."

"She really turned you on, didn't she," laughed Veronica.

"Very much," I replied. "By the way I probably won't make it right at nine, I've got a couple of things to do as soon as I get in the office. Start without me, but I will be there."


A little after nine Max drove himself home. Beth and Cheryl shortly followed in Cheryl's car. "Mom," Beth began. "Did we do anything wrong last night? I feel so satisfied this morning. I didn't know sex could be that much fun. I really enjoyed Scott fucking me with the plug in my ass and I also liked sucking Max's dick and swallowing. I'd like to eat you and have you do the same to me. "

"Sweetheart, we crossed some very bright lines yesterday. I cheated on your father, you had oral sex with your brother, other than incest and infidelity, I guess that's it," replied Cheryl. "Oh, and we had sex with a member of the same sex, something many in our society view as sinful, at least that's what they publicly claim," replied Cheryl. "I've never viewed same gender sex to be wrong, I'm not concerned about such narrow minded people. They can fuck themselves as far as I'm concerned. But incest, I don't know what I think."

"Is it incest if I didn't have intercourse with him?" puzzled Beth.

"Probably ... technically no, but I know that you'd like to and quite frankly so would I." grinned Cheryl.

"Really!" exclaimed Beth quickly turning her head to look at her Mother.

"Yeah, really. I enjoyed being fucked by Scott and so did you. Since he's already taken by one of the most beautiful woman I've ever met, and since John is off fucking other women and doesn't seem to give a rat's ass about either of us anymore I don't think I'd be uncomfortable with keeping our newly liberated sexuality in the family. I assume that you were truthful yesterday when you told me that Max as well as you and your Father haven't had any sexual contact."

"I haven't, we haven't. Yesterday evening when Max and I kissed and he played with my tits was a first for either of us. I assume you and Max have had a normal mother/son relationship as well."

"Yep, but I'd like for that to change. I'd like to have that dick in all my holes to experience the dreamy looks that both Cindy and Mary Claire had this morning."

"So you'd be okay with it if I seduced him as well?" Beth asked.

"Just thinking about him fucking us has me dripping. Believe it or not, this morning imagining you watching me getting fucked and me watching you getting fucked has my heart pounding. I'm willing to cast caution to the wind right now. How about seeing where it could take us? When we get home, let's wear stockings and short skirts and kind of blatantly try to get his attention," remarked Cheryl who seemed to be getting out of breath.

"I'd like that, but as soon as I get in the door I'm going to get on the internet and order some butt plugs, interested? I know you have that one small vibrator, should we get more."

"How'd you know about that? And yes I'd like to try a plug myself, probably the closest I'll get to being double penetrated. You seemed to really enjoy last night when you were getting fucked with that thing in your ass," smiled Cheryl.

"I did. Scott has a magnificent cock but the combination was different and very erotic. Ashley likes the butt plug as well and told me that Scott has made her come several times with two fingers in her asshole after she's opened herself up a bit with the plug. Hey, maybe we could get Scott and Max to fuck us with one in our pussy and the other in our ass," panted Beth.

"Now that's an idea I could dream about." said Cheryl.

They heard the shower running as they got into the kitchen from the garage. Beth headed for the computer in her room and Cheryl for her own bedroom.

Beth found a store just across the river in Illinois and was on her way up to tell her mom as Max was coming down the stairs. "Sis, can we talk?" he asked with his hand on her shoulder.

"Of course, I really want to. Let me tell Mom something and I'll see you downstairs."

"Great," he said, as his finger tips moved lightly across her breast.

"Looks as if we may have the same subject in mind," she grinned.

"Mom I found a store in Sauget. Do you want to go with me?" Beth excitedly asked.

"I'm going to take a nap right now, I will later this afternoon. Is that okay, honey?"

Yeah, Max wants to talk to me, we're going to do it now."

"Play nice. If you fuck, try to be quiet about it," replied Cheryl with her eyelids fluttering shut as she nestled into her pillow.

A minute later Beth joined Max on the couch. They turned to face each other as Max asked, "Are you upset with me about last night?"

"I could and couldn't be," Beth replied simply. "I'm not upset at what we did, or what we could have done last night. I'd like to do it again and so, I think, would Mom. But, and this is a big 'but', whatever we did last night and what we do in the future, today, tomorrow whenever must be just between us. I'm willing to be your 'hot sister' and dress to please you and arouse you, but not for any of your friends. Do you understand?"

"You don't give me enough credit, Beth. I do understand the lines we'll be crossing when we become intimate and I have no intention of violating your trust. I'm assuming that the Appleton household is not off limits, is it?"

"No, certainly not. There wasn't a woman there who would kick you out of her bed. By the way how were Mary Claire and Cindy?"

"Well considering it was my first time, they were awesome. Very loving, very patient and I really learned a lot about how to please a woman as well as get pleasure for myself." He grinned.

"Most guys dream about having a threesome, but never come close to one. But not my brother, he had a threesome when he lost his virginity," she laughed. "What a stud."

"Yeah, you're right, I'm very lucky. How was the night for you?"

"You might have guessed, but it wasn't my first time but it was the best I've ever had. Scott was loving and totally focused on me, not like the other gropers that've tried to get into my pants, including what's his name who's going to be my ex as soon as I tell him. He's fucked me three times, I've never had an orgasm, but he did, usually after thirty seconds. Shit, I could have been a fur lined Mason jar and he would have gotten off as quickly," complained Beth.

"Sorry," said Max, "That's a bummer."

"Tell me Max, how can Mom and I dress to arouse you, and don't say 'just be naked'. What kind of women do you jack off to on the internet? "

"Well," he began rather red-faced, "I like women in stockings and high heels, fitted blouses and tops, with and without bras. I love g-strings. Skirts and heels with jeans. Teasing pictures. In your face spreads are a turn-off. I guess I never thought that either of you were wearing the kind of stockings that all of you were wearing last night. I always assumed pantyhose."

"Mom has worn garter stockings for probably fifteen years and I have since I was fourteen, got a lot of teasing about it from my girlfriends too. Didn't you hear Mom say last night 'think about it when I pass you in hose at home'. We both wear g-strings and thongs, and I suppose sheer bras aren't out of the question, are they?"

"So, you'll tease me, both of you, to what end?"

"To have you make love to us, and we to you and to each other, that is Mom and me." Beth responded. "In other words, I'm and I think Mom is too, are willing to become your sexual play toys and you ours. Do you want to run an errand with me?"

"Sure," he replied, "When."

"As soon as I get dressed and brush my hair."

"I'll be here, trying to get this erection down." Max smiled.

"Don't masturbate, save it for later," said Beth as she got up and left the room.

Beth looked in on Cheryl who was sound asleep. She then went into her room undressed, put on a fresh g-string, and grey garter belt, a grey demi-bra, nude stockings, tan pumps with a three inch heel, then a knit polo top and a loose knee length skirt. After brushing her hair, she put on lipstick and a spritz of perfume under her skirt and in her hair.

"Let's go Max," she said as she came into the family room. "I'll drive, but first this." She pulled him into her, kissed him, shared tongue and grabbed his ass.

Max squeezed hers as well and said "Wow!" as they broke the kiss.

"That's a down payment for later," she grinned as she reached for her purse.

On the way out to her car she touched up her lipstick and got into the driver's seat. The Mustang allowed them to sit closely and as they were backing out Max put his hand on her thigh on top of her skirt. "Where we going?" he asked.

"To a sex shop in Sauget that I saw on the net."

"You know there's one near St Ann, don't you?" he asked.

"No. Where? "

"North of 40 going to the airport on Lindbergh. They sell DVDs, books, clothing, toys, magazines and have private booths in the back."

"Eww to the booths, I'll bet the walls are covered with come and other stuff."

"You're probably right. We've got a whole house, who needs a scummy booth," Max replied.

"Move your hand to my knee. Now move it slowly under the skirt. That's nice, stay at my knee touch my leg through the hose. Yes, just like that. I'd like you to do that whenever both of us are together in the car. At night feel free to go as high as you want. I'll even lift my butt to let you push my skirt up. Since it's daylight let's just cool it a bit. And we have to be careful about our neighbors seeing anything that'll tell them that we're anything other than a normal brother and sister." As she said that she put her hand on Max's crotch and squeezed his erection, "Nice."

Twenty minutes later they entered the shop and browsed to the toy section, with Max pretty much concentrating on the floor. Beth found the area she was looking for and choose an 'Anal Plug Kit' with three different sizes of plugs. She also chose another pair of glass plugs that were advertised on the package as being able to be sterilized. She put a couple of small egg vibrators with remote controls in her basket and a foot long silicone device that was tapered beads with a ring on the large end. A couple of tubes of Astroglide and some flavored K-Y rounded out her purchases. For good measure and because of what she'd said to her Mom she put another anal kit in the basket.

As she walked by the lesbian DVDs, she paused and scanned the selection before taking three that caught her attention. She did the same when she walked over to the threesome section. As they walked to the front counter Max noticed a couple of magazines that on the cover emphasized nylon covered legs. After looking at her and getting a nod of assent, and though a little red faced, he put two of them in Beth's basket. Beth chose a couple of magazines for herself. The man behind the counter never left his perch on the stool as he rang the basket contents without comment and announced the total. As he bagged the items Beth took cash from her wallet and paid him and he punched a frequent purchaser card for the amount and pointed out that when it reached $500.00 she would get a 25% discount on all subsequent purchases. By the time they left Max had pretty well memorized the floor tile pattern.

"Wow, that was something else. I think I'll comparison shop on the web for anything else," remarked Beth as she started the car. "I hope Mom's up when we get home, I want her to see the goodies. How did you know about this place?"

"I've got some magazines and a few DVDs I'll show you when we get home. I got 'em here. What're you going to do with all that stuff," asked Max.

"Most of it I'll use in my ass, until yesterday I never knew how erotic it could feel. The vibrator goes in my pussy when you're late getting home or have a 'headache'," grinned Beth as she dragged her nails over Max's erection.

"And what're you gonna do with the magazines?" asked Beth. "Beat off when we're not home?"

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