tagLesbian SexApartment for Rent

Apartment for Rent

byAlex the Cat©

Disclaimers: This story depicts two women we know and love. There is definitely graphic sex and foul language in this piece. If you're under age, please go read something else. Everyone else, enjoy. I would appreciate constructive criticism and feedback.


The blustering wind blew early on this cold Chicago spring morning. The brown bare trees struggled with trying to reign in the new season as their branches shook along the dull gray streets. Old apartment buildings lined the east and west side of the asphalt. The kind of buildings that are called flats in this part of town, convenient structures which allowed two or three families per building the needed space to live and become a part of the community. Entrepreneurs were quickly purchasing these in order to turn them into condos to make a quick buck.

Inside the red brick three flats on the corner of Fletcher Avenue and Nelson Street, a lone figure stood by the window looking out at nothing in particular. She leaned against the window frame hugging herself as she contemplated what would happen if the money to pay the taxes didn't come from somewhere soon.

Behind her, at the kitchen table, Max jumped up and laid himself across the litter of bills. He stretched out to his full length and meowed for some attention from his mamma.

"What are you doing, my little Mo-mo? Are you being silly so I'll pet you?" She reached over to scratch his furry belly.

He began to lightly purr.

She sat down and took him in her arms. Brushing his soft downy gray and white fur, she said, "We need some money Maxi. I hope someone will come calling for that apartment downstairs."

Suddenly the doorbell chimed.

The young blonde kissed her cute companion then let him go, so she could answer the door. She looked out the front living room window to see a tall figure with jet-black hair and a black leather bomber jacket. She quickly walked over to the intercom, and pressing the button, said, "Can I help you?"

The tall woman looked to her left at the small beige plastic box attached to the doorframe. She pressed the button to respond. "Hello. I'm here about the apartment for rent."

The low contralto voice was sexy to the ears of the building's owner. "I'll be down in a sec." With a huge grin on her face, she sprinted down the stairs. Opening the door she said, "Please, come inside."

"Thanks." The taller woman commented as intense ocean blue eyes met with a pair of sea green for the first time.

They walked up the stairs in silence.

"Please have a seat, Ms... um." The young blonde started.

"It's Lerios, but please call me Mike." She sat her long body on the wooden chair.

"Okay, Mike. I'm Samantha Deneb. So, you're interested in renting?"

"Yes, I am. Are your origins Greek?" the dark woman asked.

Samantha smiled, but wasn't sure why. There was something about this stranger that made her comfortable. "My father was Greek and my mother Irish. And thus I came about." She chuckled at her own answer. "And what about you? I presume with the name like Lerios, there must be some Greek in you."

Mike leaned forward with her forearms on the now cleared off tabletop. "Both of my parents are from the Greek islands."

Both women looked at each other a moment to take in what they currently could of the other.

Finally, Mike broke the silence. "May I see the apartment?"

Samantha snapped out of her daydream. "Oh, yes, of course. Sorry about that." She got up to fetch the keys from off a hook inside the broom closet. "It's downstairs. I just finished remodeling it a week ago. Follow me."

They went out the kitchen door and down the enclosed back porch stairs.

"The laundry room is part of the first floor porch. The door on the right leads into the apartment. But this is the laundry area." She opened the door to expose a small insulated and very clean room with two washers and two dryers. In the corner, there was a long folding table and two folding chairs. The opposite corner held a portable clothes rack for hanging garments and there was a brownish beige recliner.

She then directed Mike into the apartment. The kitchen itself was quaintly decorated in mauve with all the frames and crown molding in maroon. There wasn't any room for a table and chairs but the L shaped counter made up for it. Mike knew that a couple of bar stools would be perfect for the area. The large stove was a glossy black that complimented the dark wood cabinets and the black, brown, and maroon speckled marble counter. A black and chrome dishwasher was nestled into the corner where the counter connected from the stove to the sink.

Off to the right was the first bedroom that was all maroon with mauve on the window and doorframe. Down the hallway and to the left was the fair sized bathroom not in the typical white color. Instead it was all gunmetal gray with the walls in a much lighter shade. The end of the hall lead into the dining room area and the second bedroom off to the right. Both the dining area and the living room were in the color of veiled light with a soft spring green for the moldings. The bedroom was a light purple but not lavender. The smells of fresh paint still lingered. There was a bay window in the front of the living room, complete with a window seat.

"The ad says the rent is $750," Mike stated.

"Yes, that's right. The rent includes heat, water and the use of the laundry room because it's not coin operated. If you've noticed, the windows have bars attached just as a precaution, though in all of my years living here, there's never been a problem in the neighborhood."

Mike turned around to face the shorter woman. "I'll take it." She pulled out her checkbook and began writing.

"Really? You want the apartment?"

A dark eyebrow rose. "Yeah. Is that alright?"

"Of course, I'm just... I'm so happy. I've had that ad running for some time and I wasn't having any luck."

"I see. Well, I'd like to discuss the lease for the place," Mike countered softly.

"Sure, let's go back upstairs. We can talk over tea or coffee," Samantha offered.

They sat down once again at the table. Mike read over the lease just to be sure it was standard, and then signed it. "I appreciate this being a yearly lease."

"Oh? What do you want to do in the future?" the blonde asked.

"I just don't know that I want to stay in Chicago. I really don't have any reason to be here," Mike shrugged, ducking her head, slightly.

Samantha handed her a cup of Earl Grey tea. "What kind of work do you do? If you don't mind me asking."

"I work part-time as a chef. But don't worry. I have the money to pay rent on time every month. I'm just using the chef job as a sort of break from the hum drum of my previous career." Mike finished writing the check, tore it off and handed it to Samantha.

She looked at the amount and her jaw dropped.

"Is there something wrong? Did I write the wrong amount? First and last month's rent plus the security deposit which is one and a half the rent amount equals $2,625, right?" She stared at the woman and noticed how cute she looked with her mouth hanging open. Resisting the urge to gently reach out and close her mouth, she called Samantha's name once again.

"I'm sorry, it's just been a long time since someone has just so willingly paid it all right up front. In the past years I've dealt with people who beg me to accept the first month or just the security deposit because it's all they can afford, and then sometime throughout the year they pay me the rest a little at a time or... sometimes never." Samantha looked into sapphire eyes and shivered for a split second. "Thank you, and welcome to the neighborhood." She offered her small hand for a shake.

Grasping the warm hand, Mike smiled. "Well, I better get going. I have a lot of moving to do. Oh, feel free to call the bank to make sure the check is good. I don't mind."

"It's okay. I have a feeling... I can trust you," the blonde returned the smile.


A week had gone by and the weather was finally showing signs of the visiting Spring season upon the city.

Mike settled into the place quite smoothly and she was very pleased. She began stuffing her wet clothes into the dryer when she heard someone grunting and swearing out on the porch. Peeking out from the doorway, she saw Samantha struggling with two large boxes she was trying to pull up the stairs on a two-wheeled dolly.

"Hey there, let me help you with that." Mike offered as she grabbed onto the bottom end of the dolly.

"No, it's okay. I've got it," Samantha huffed.

"Please, it's no bother," the brunette urged further.

Samantha finally conceded, and up they went.

At the second floor, the small blonde said, "Um... this needs to go to the third floor apartment."

"By the gods on Olympus, what the hell is in these boxes?" Mike asked, panting a bit from her exertions.

"Floor tiles, wall tiles, and grout," the smaller woman confessed, blushing slightly.

They finally reached the back door and Samantha pushed it open with her rear end.

"We can just leave it here in the kitchen," she offered.

Mike looked around as she dusted off her hands. "Are you going to be running an ad for this apartment also?" The place was only half finished. The floors definitely needed to be worked on, and she wondered what else was she not seeing that needed work.

"Yeah, I do plan on renting this out. It's just going to take me some time to finish it. It's not easy to do the work myself but I can't afford to hire someone so it takes me longer," Samantha explained.

"Did you do the first floor by yourself?" Mike inquired, her low, contralto voice filled with admiration.

"Yep, but I got sort of lucky because all of the material was already inside that apartment. Now with all these things to drag up here, I didn't anticipate it being a pain in the ass," the small blonde admitted, her face coloring, again, slightly with embarrassment.

Mike looked into emerald green eyes and felt her heart flip. "You did a great job downstairs. Very professional." She broke the gaze then said, "I think I may have someone interested in the apartment. A very good friend of mine is looking to move."

"Really? Damn, but I can't get all this done now. It'll take me a few weeks," Samantha began to panic.

"I'm sure she won't mind waiting. I'll give her a call. She may be a great benefit to you. She's a certified plumber and electrician," the brunette said, waggling her dark eyebrows.

"Damn, that's awesome. I'll get to work right away on the apartment," Samantha was practically jumping up and down with excitement.

"I'd like to help you," Mike added, quietly.

"No, that's okay. You've helped plenty already. But I appreciate it." Samantha stuck her hands in her pockets to prevent any fidgeting.

Mike took notice of Sam's body language. Hmm, Sam. It suits her nicely. She thought to herself. "I really would like to help you. I used to be a carpenter, and I have the free time. Plus, that way the apartment will be ready sooner."

Samantha could not believe the kindness of this tall woman. Gods, a tenant who is financially secure, clean, and wants to help me finish this place. And she is stunningly beautiful. Wait a minute where did that come from? She asked herself, puzzled by her physical response to the tall brunette. "Okay, then. Thank you very much. But I'm knocking off one month's rent."

"Oh no. No deal. I keep paying the rent on time every month," Mike shook her head adamantly. Suddenly an idea occurred to her, "But how about you make me dinner one evening?"

The short blonde chuckled. "You don't want me cooking. That is not my forte. I normally eat take-out or ready-made type meals. So, I'll just take you to dinner."

"Okay, deal." the brunette extended her large hand for a shake.


A week and a half went by with both women working on the apartment. The floor was complete and the walls had a fresh coat of paint.

Mike was working on the new front door and new locks when Sam walked in, just having mopped the kitchen floor.

The blonde stood there for a minute in silence and watched the play of muscles on Mike's shoulders and arms through the white tank top as she worked on the hinges. Her eyes traveled down the solid looking back past the round firm ass tucked nicely in a pair of old cut off jeans shorts. She stared at the flexing of the calf muscles above the edge of the black leather work boots when Mike reached up to the top hinge. Green eyes moved back up to the tight ass and just lingered.

Feeling a presence behind her, Mike turned around. A dark eyebrow arched its way up her forehead when she noticed the way she was being stared at. I didn't think she was family. She thought, as she cleared her throat and crossed her arms.

Sam was pulled out of her reverie and quickly turned three shades of scarlet at being caught gawking.

"Did you want something?" Mike asked in more ways than one.

The blonde woman mentally kicked herself. "I... uh... I was... just seeing how things were going with the door."

Suddenly a cell phone sang out its tune.

Mike unclipped it from her belt and flipped it open. "Hey."

Sam turned around to chastise herself further. What is wrong with you Samantha? You just don't stare at someone like that. And you got caught. That makes it worse. What is going on with you? I didn't think I was like that. But gods, ever since we met Mike has sure stirred desires in me that I didn't know existed.

"That was Danny to see the apartment. She said she's just around the corner," the object of Sam's thoughts explained, clicking her cell phone closed.

"Oh, okay," the small, still blushing blonde, shrugged, making a clear effort to try and be nonchalant.

The three women walked through the place with Samantha leading the tour. She couldn't believe the Amazon size of Mike's friend. She was just as tall as the brunette, but had wider shoulders and more of a man's build to her body. Also she had a crew cut type hairstyle which sported very little of her auburn hair --- whereas Mike's hair came down to the top of her shoulders. Her eyes were a soft brown unlike Mike's intense blue eyes, and she seemed genuinely pleased with the apartment.

"This place is awesome. It's like paradise compared to the dump I'm in now. I'd like to move in right away," The Amazon eyed both women as she took out her checkbook from the back pocket of her jeans.

"I can't believe this is happening. A month ago, I thought I'd never get these two apartments finished, let alone rented. Thank you so much Mike. And, I do owe you a dinner," Samantha grinned like a child on Christmas morning.

Mike smiled shyly then caught, from the corner of her eye, the big smirk on Danny's face. She smacked her best friend in the arm.

Sam saw the interaction and wondered what that was about. She took the offered check and was practically beside herself with the amount written on it. Now, she could pay all the bills in full, and even have something extra left over to treat herself for her upcoming birthday. Bright green eyes looked up with a smile. "Thank you, and welcome to the neighborhood. Oh wait, the lease needs to be signed. I'll go get it."

Danny looked at her long time friend, as soon as Samantha left; grinned evilly, and asked, "So, Slick wassup with you and our hot little landlord?"

Mike gave her the infamous "look", and replied, "Nothing Weasel, so get your mind out of the gutter."

"Oh, but I like it there. It's more fun. So are ya gonna put the moves on her?" Danny continued, both brown eyebrows waggling.

Mike rolled her sapphire eyes in surprise. "No!" Then it was Danny's turn to roll her eyes. Mike sighed, "I don't know. She's my landlord."

"So what," Danny shrugged. "I used to be Laura's plumber, and it didn't stop me from getting some action. Come on, I see the way you look at her. You can't hide it forever."

Samantha returned, lease in hand. "Okay here it is." The sudden silence caught her attention. "Is everything okay? You still want the apartment right?"

Danny gave her a toothy grin. "Of course." She signed her name and returned the document.

"Don't you want to read it over?" The short blonde queried.

"Nope. Mike's already informed me everything I need to know. I'm going to get my shit. Thank you very much. I look forward to living here." She gave her friend a nod and then said to the both of them, "See ya later."


The weeks passed and soon it was Samantha's birthday. She spent the lazy day playing with Max and reading a book about sexuality. Ever since she began to experience strange feelings about a certain dark-haired beauty, she hadn't stopped questioning her sexuality or trying to sort out what she wanted.

She knew she had not dated since college and even then dates were rare. Boys just didn't interest her. They made good friends and sometimes really fun companions, but she never wanted to spend the rest of her life with one. And sex with them, well...she had yet to experience satisfaction with one. She always felt short changed when they orgasmed, rolled over, and fell asleep. She soon discovered that she was her own best lover, and many nights, weeks, and years had been spent exploring her likes and dislikes with herself.

But there was something more that she sought in a lifelong companion than great sex. She wanted a spiritual connection, an understanding, and to feel completely secure and confident with that person. All in all, there was something about Mike that she couldn't shake ---- like maybe they were companions in a past life.

Mike put on her chef's hat then washed her hands thoroughly. At the counter, she began cutting the onions, tomatoes, and green peppers for the beef kabobs. She let her mind wander to a certain short golden-haired, green-eyed hottie that she so badly wanted to kiss from day one. She remembered the look she saw on Sam's face the day that Danny took the apartment. She was so surprised by the evident lust and withheld passion in those emerald green eyes. Had her cell phone not interrupted them, she was sure she would have taken Sam right there on the floor.

Samantha closed her apartment door. From the bottom of the stairwell she heard a whistle. Turning in that direction she saw Danny coming up the stairs and smiled.

"Woo-wee, if you don't mind me saying Samantha, you sure are looking incredibly hot tonight. There are many hearts which will break when you pass by." Danny stood there slowly shaking her head. She couldn't believe this short blonde was all femmed up and looking more gorgeous than ever.

Samantha's cheeks turned a crimson color. "Thank you Danny. I'm just going out to dinner for my birthday."

"Well happy birthday to you. I sure hope your date doesn't pass out at the sight of your stunning beauty," Danny added, grinning from ear to ear.

"Oh, no, there's no date. It's just me," Samantha shrugged.

"You've got to be kidding? Who wouldn't want to be with you?" Danny asked, truly amazed that the little blonde was without companionship.

"Well, I guess... I'm picky," Sam sighed. "I haven't found my type."

"And what's your type?" Danny continued fishing.

"Um... tall, dark hair, eyes that pierce my soul ----- someone who grips my heart, someone sensitive and soft yet strong," Sam suddenly stopped talking, not wanting to give herself away because she knew she was describing Mike to a tee.

Danny eyed her suspiciously, "Well, do you have a restaurant picked out? Cause I know a great place."

"Oh, where?" Samantha's interest was clearly piqued.

"It's down on Clark Street. It's called Apostoli ---- a Mediterranean restaurant. The food is divine and the service is excellent ---- not really expensive. Tell the host I sent you," the larger woman offered.

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