Aphrodisia Ch. 02


"Oh baby you sure know how to suck cock." He said. She moaned at his words and he felt the vibrations from her throat flow through his shaft right down into his toes. After the long lusty moan she started to let out soft little whines of pleasure and her hips instinctively started to bounce back and forth on the bed. Her back arched beautifully and he felt her fingers dig into the flesh of his thigh.

Her head raised up from his dick and she screamed as she came. "Oh fuck! Oh fuck! That's just too damn good to be true!" She groaned before looking up at him and smiling in surprise. Then the horny female leaned back down and licked up the drop of his precum that had leaked from his cock all the way from the base to the tip of his shaft. Moaning he saw her hand starting to move in her shorts again as she took him back inside of her mouth. The taste of his cum could make her achieve orgasm? Well that sure as hell was a neat trick.

Then he thought of Allison and what she'd said in that dream. She'd had to 'fix' him after she'd passed through him when she came out of the bottle right? Well if she could fix him then she might have been able to make some improvements mightn't she? No, surely not. That had to be just a dream. Before Jamie could think about it too much though Sonya's hand cupped his balls and started gently squeezing and teasing the heavy globes in an effort to make them squirt their jism out for her to drink. Even Jamie had seriously put some effort into holding back his climax right then.

For a long time he let Sonya pleasure him with her mouth and enjoy herself. Then he finally felt it was time to give her a bigger drink.

"Sonya, baby I'm about to cum. If...if you don't want it in your mouth now would be the time to..." Jamie stopped when Sonya renewed her intense cocksucking in anticipation of a load of his jism pouring down her throat.

Jamie smiled and then closed his eyes to let her pull him over the edge. The intense pleasure of his climax wracked his body and he shook with the ecstasy of it as he felt the first spurts of his cum shooting into her mouth. She started drinking the hot sticky cream and as she did her hand started furiously rubbing her pussy. Eyes clenched tight in pleasure as he felt her teeth once again scraping lightly along the skin of his cock. After three big gulps of his cum she raised her head to release his cock from her mouth with a lewd 'pop'. Two more thick spurts shot out of the tip. One sailed up through the air to land with a juicy splat on her right ass cheek whilst the other caught her when his cock bounced back to point at her face. Her face was sprayed along her cheek and down to her chin with the thick white cum.

The woman herself screamed out on the high of her own climax. The flood of his cum inside her belly and on her skin was making her pussy sizzle with her own hot fuck juices. Two, three, four...she lost count after the forth orgasm when she scooped the cum on her cheek into her mouth with her finger. Her body writhed and squirmed with pleasure.

Jamie for his part had regained enough of his senses to watch the obscene display. When she settled to lie down on her side making a soft little contented mewling noise he reached out to her. Pulling the woman up to cuddle against his side he watched as one of her arms and one of her long slender legs wrapped around him. Allowing his cock to take a rest for the time being it slowly sank back down between his thighs. Well ok it turned out that maybe he might have had superpowers when it came to sex. Still if Allison had given him some of her godly powers to get him to help people fall in love then how the hell was he supposed to do it by just fucking them?

He was pretty sure she hadn't meant for him to just go make a harem for himself. It was an interesting thought though he had to admit. She wanted him to make other people fall in love with each other too. That was going to be a little difficult unless...

Maybe he had other abilities too?

"We should probably get dressed." Sonya said, interrupting his train of thought.

"Probably." Jamie confirmed. He didn't move to get up though and neither did she.

"We can't stay here all day." She said as if trying to convince herself more than him.

"Nope" He smiled and planted a kiss amidst her dirty blonde hair.

"We'll need new sheets. Gotta get outta bed for new sheets." Jamie felt her give him a squeeze with her arm as she spoke.

"Fine, fine. Lets get up and go see if they've dug up anything interesting at the dig site. When we get back though I'm going to bend you over this bed so fast..." The boy smiled and returned the squeeze with his arm. Those small bare breasts of hers pushed up against his chest. He'd noticed that her right one still had the little blemish near her nipple where he'd given her a love bite early that morning.

"Yeah. I need a shower too otherwise I'll get mobbed by sex crazed women who've smelled your cum on me." Sonya said as she wiped her finger on her cheek again where he'd splattered her and licked it shortly after. It must have still tasted of him since she gave a pleased little shudder.

"Sounds like my idea of a good time." Jamie replied as he started to sit up and stood beside the bed to walk toward the bathroom. Sonya gave a little laugh before peeling off her shorts and throwing them over at him. They slapped against his muscular behind before falling to the ground. "Hey!" Jamie shouted, smiling before reaching down to pick up the little shorts. "These things are soaked."

She flushed with colour. "What can I say? I don't know what the hell you eat mister but what comes out of that cock of yours could be bottled and sold as 'orgasm juice'." She gave a pleasant giggle. Jamie dropped the shorts back on the bed.

"Orgasm juice huh? Nah, I think I'll save it all for you for the time being." As he said that he noticed Sonya's hand unconsciously slide down to her bare little slit. Looking to the bathroom and then back to her he wiggled his eyebrows before speaking again. "I need to clean up. Want to come help?"

It was two hours later when they pulled up beside the road to walk to the dig site. The boy and the woman had spent over an hour screwing under the hot water of the shower. They had taken longer than they had meant to largely due to the fact that Sonya's incredible body looked especially inviting when wet. Therefore three times he'd stepped out of the cubicle and glanced back only to find she was wiggling her wet gleaming ass at him. The first time it wasn't intentional, she had simply re-started her humming and bouncing to the music in her head. Of course the second and third times were very much her fault as she teased him into pounding her wet ass with his hips as his cock pleasured her eager and willing pussy.

Yet they'd eventually un-coupled and with Jamie in the passengers seat they'd driven down to get to work. As they showed up they got more than a few odd looks since they'd been moaning, groaning and in her case screaming the night away. It turned out the walls of their room must have been paper thin. Some of the students snickered whilst others admired how much better their tutor looked.

The changes had been so minute and occurred so slowly that Jamie hadn't noticed. Sonya's eyes were now a lot brighter and her hair had a natural bounce and fullness to it now that it hadn't before. She'd also forgotten to wear her glasses and in their rush to get out had only thrown on some pants and a t-shirt as well as her hiking boots. Therefore the change in her was immediately apparent. Even her skin had a healthier sun kissed glow to it. She was positively radiant as she walked beside Jamie to where he'd been digging the previous day. No one said anything to the pair, though more than a few gawped.

"I think we had an audience last night." Sonya leaned in to whisper in Jamie's ear. Since there was no point in pretending they hadn't spent the night trying pounding each others crotches through the bed Jamie slipped his hand into hers. Their fingers interlaced and they both realised they were happy everyone knew about them, they were a couple and that suited both of them just fine.

"From the way we were going at it I'd be surprised if the entire village didn't know we were an item." He replied as he hopped down into the ditch then reached up to grasp her waist and help her down to stand beside him.

"Oooh such a gentleman!" She said with a grin. "We'll have to send my kids a good few miles away when you sleep over." Her words slowed a little as she realised what she was saying. "Oh no!" She thought to herself. "I've mentioned the kids! So soon too! Now he's probably going to make some excuse and get out of here."

Jamie seemed a little freaked out to be sure. Though it was largely because he'd heard her think he was about to freak out rather than a fear of children. Because of this there was a long silence between them that Sonya felt she needed to fill.

"Hey, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have mentioned my kids this soon. I don't know what I was thinking...you probably don't want to come over anyway. I just..." Sonya's words were halted by his mouth meshing against her own. The kiss was surprising and no less mind blowing because of it. It didn't last very long but she felt his tongue gently caress her upper lip before their lips parted altogether.

"Don't be silly." He chided. "I'd love to sleep over. I'd also like to meet your kids too but you're right, you should send them to a babysitter or something if I come over for the night. I imagine having your mother screaming a man's name you don't know; then having her headboard sound like it's trying to break through the wall into your room would be slightly traumatising. Kids these days have enough to deal with." Smirking at her he turned back to sort through his tools.

Sonya bit her lip to try to stifle her own smile. It didn't work. "Well I'm sure you'll get along fine. All they do is play video games and watch TV at the moment."

"Really? Well then we have two common interests already." Jamie said, looking over his shoulder and smirking. He then handed her a chisel so she could start to chip away at a layer of dirt that was covering a partly unearthed stone. The stone could have been nothing at all, it was too early to tell. Since he'd found Allison's little glass vial here though he was a little more hopeful. Who knows? He might be able to find out more about his new friend.

"Miss Vickers." A disapproving voice emanated from above their heads. "A word if you please."


Standing above them in his yellow raincoat and wellington boots was Jamie's archaeology professor, Clarence Brown. He was a man in his late fifties with a stubbly beard who was slightly overweight. His big cheeks were red from the biting cold that neither Sonya nor Jamie had noticed today. It took Jamie a moment to realise that the word 'slut' had popped into his head because of the professor. Apparently he wasn't pleased by his assistants bedroom dalliances.

"Certainly professor." Sonya replied with a slightly guilty tone. Then she climbed out of the ditch to speak with the man.

Jamie was concerned for her. He wouldn't have wanted her to get fired or punished for being with him. Watching the two walk into the distance and start talking he poked his head up out of the ditch to watch. Straining his ears to overhear what was being said he suddenly started hearing the pair of them. The words were not however matching what their lips were saying. Instead he heard what they were thinking.

"...Stupid slut trying to get us both fired! You don't fuck students. No matter how much you might want to..." "...hope he doesn't fire me. This job keeps me sane and now with Jamie too. God I might never see him again. He might not want to see me if I can' help him out with his work..." "...She looks so pathetic. After sounding like such a whore last night I'm not surprised. Still who would have thought that behind those glasses little Sally McNo-Tits would be such a looker?..." "...Oh god what if he tells everyone? What if he tells my mother? I only got this job because she put in a good word with him..." "...Yes that's right you little bitch. I own you. I could ruin you too. Still there's no point in letting such a nice piece of ass get away without sampling it first..." "...He wants me to what!? Oh no this is so horrible. How could he ask me to..." "...Yes, yes, yes! Now I've got her. I think I'll get her to suck my dick tonight whilst I read my book. Yeah and then I'll..." "...This is all going so wrong. Jamie's going to get kicked off his course and if I don't...wait what the hell is he doing!?"

What Jamie was doing as it turned out was breaking his professor's jawbone into two pieces. Sonya actually heard the bone snap as her lover's fist met with her bosses chin. Hearing what the scumbag was planning to do to Sonya was more than enough motive for the young man.

"J-Jamie!? What are you..." Sonya spluttered. She was clearly shocked by the display.

"Ugh! Uew oohid asgad!" The professor screamed from where he'd landed in the dirt. His hand was holding his jaw as he let out a sickening scream from the pain that followed.

Jamie grabbed the man by the collar of his raincoat and pulled him close. Sonya saw the man's eyes widen in absolute terror at whatever Jamie mumbled to him. After dumping the man unceremoniously back in the dirt Jamie walked over to take her hand in his and led past the stunned onlookers. She found herself being pulled along but was too surprised and partly relieved that whatever had happened was done. It might not have ended well but at least it was over and she wouldn't have to...oh god what she might have had to do to keep her job!

Then the more serious matter of her lover...no not just her lover, her love. She'd completely fallen head over heels for Jamie in a day. The shock of it hit her like a brick in her gut. As if realising you were very much in love with one of your students wasn't trouble enough, that student was now probably going to jail for assaulting a man! As they approached her car she pulled her hand out of his. Tears glistening in her eyes before one escaped to trickle down her cheek. Jamie hadn't noticed how upset she was since for the past minute or so his world had been tinted crimson with pure fury. Upon seeing that she was crying however his expression softened for a moment but remained very serious. Reaching out to place his hands on her shoulders he spoke up.

"Look I heard what he said to you. No one does that to you and gets away with it. Not whilst I have anything to say about it. We're going now. Back to London."

"B-but I need to check he's alright." She protested, wanting desperately to smooth things over and make everything alright again.

"Sonya believe me he's fine. He won't be able to teach classes for a while though and I made sure he won't be seeing you ever again." Jamie said. Reaching out he pulled her against him. She let out a sob against his chest. "I'm sorry I did that though. I could have handled it better but I couldn't just stand there and let you take that from him. Truth be told I didn't actually think I could break a guys jaw." Apparently those new muscles of his weren't just for show. "Served him right though didn't it?"

She couldn't help but let out an indecipherable murmur in the affirmative.

"Now we can go into York tonight and find a hotel, away from the drama of the rest of the students. Then tomorrow we can go back home and you'll probably be teaching a few of our classes now. At least until that jackass can speak again. Everything will be fine baby. I Promise." His words were comforting and his presence had an odd way of calming her down.

After wiping the tears from her eyes and letting out one final sniffle she spoke up again. "Jamie you just hit a man. We have to go to the police and tell them what happened." Her voice was still riddled with worry. "You might not go to jail if we tell them why...I-I don't want you to go to jail."

Jamie hugged Sonya a little tighter against him. "I'm not going to jail. Trust me. The professor has been smuggling university finds to foreign museums illegally now for about three years. Believe me if I told the police what I know he'd go to jail for a lot longer than a broken jaw is worth."

"What!?" She exclaimed. "How did you find that out?" Her shock at hearing this news stifled her worry for a while. Then when it dawned on her what it meant she seemed a little conflicted. After all she was a very honest person and didn't like the idea of letting the professor steal from the university one bit.

"I'm a super sleuth." Jamie replied somewhat enigmatically. In fact he'd been able to read enough of the professor's thoughts to know pretty much every dirty little secret he had. "Look, don't you worry about it right now love. If you don't want to come with me then that's fine, I'll see you when you get back to London. Either way I'm..."

"No, I'm coming with you." She interrupted firmly. "I want to come with you." Her voice was a little more softly spoken this time.

"Good. Let's get out of here then." Jamie said and finally let her go. She walked around her car to slide in the driver's side and he opened the passenger door before looking back at the dig site. It seemed he'd have to wait a while before finding out if there was anything more about the nature of Allison was hidden there.

They stopped back at the village and went to pick up their things. Jamie stuffed the clothes and his toilet bag into his backpack and then headed back down to the bar to wait for Sonya. Allison was nowhere to be seen and curiosity got the better of him whilst he waited for his new leggy girlfriend to join him. Stepping up to the bar he came face to face with a woman in her early fifties with short greying hair and a serious weight problem. Despite that though she had a good natured face and wasn't so jaded by bar work that she couldn't muster up a smile when she spoke to him.

"What'll it be?" She asked cheerfully.

"Half a lager please." Jamie replied.

"Any ID on you?" The woman inquired whilst keeping her expression and tone polite.

"Yeah." Jamie fished around in his wallet for his drivers licence and it to her.

After scrutinizing the picture and working out from his birth date that he was nineteen and above legal drinking age she gave another cheerful grin.

"Sorry about that dear, we've got to ask if you look under twenty five these days. By the time I'm sixty I bet I'll be getting bloody checked." She said with a good natured chortle.

Jamie decided he liked the woman and laughed at the poor joke to be friendly whilst she poured out his drink.

"I'm not a stalker or anything but I was wondering where your bar-maid from last night had gotten to?" Jamie asked as innocently as he could manage.

"Bar maid?" The woman looked at him as if he'd just asked her to tell him where to find a unicorn. "Sorry chuck. Only barmaid here is the one you're looking at."

Jamie looked at the woman's sweaty brow and large double chin, he'd previously noted the large sagging breasts too though he wished he hadn't. This was definitely no Allison.

"Well there was a woman here last night cleaning tables is all...we talked and she cheered me up after a very long day. I just wanted to say goodbye." That was a reasonable excuse he thought. At any rate it worked a lot better than: 'She started giving me a great handjob in a dream I had last night and now I'm trying to find her so she can finish me off.'

The woman's mind was genuinely puzzled for a moment before she seemed to realise something. "Oh so that's why the tables and glasses were cleaned when I got up this morning!" The woman still seemed a little confused however. "I never saw her if she was here. We don't have anyone staying here apart from your student lot at the moment either. If you see her again though then thank her for me. Saved me an hours work this morning, not having to do that lot."

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