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Artic Warmth


Last week a blizzard. This week we have negative temperatures. A good night to stay in and do what we want to do. I do not care what we do.

After our showers, we snuggle on the couch. We share a blanket to help keep us warm. I slowly run my fingers over your shirt, teasing your breast. Your nipple tries to strain through the material. I start to tease it more and more, making it harder and harder. Your breathing quickens and deepens. Sliding my hand under your shirt, your rock hard nipple feels so good. You start to squirm and moan. You move to try and get a little more comfortable. Your legs start to move, as you stimulate your clit by your movements. You sneak your hand down to tease your hot wet pussy. Watching you please yourself totally turns me on!

A few minute passes. You stand and remove your shirt. Your ass looks wonderful. Turning around I have a glorious view of your nakedness. Then you start to help take mine off. You lay down on the couch, and ask me to rub your back. You get comfortable as I start to rub your neck, slowly making my way down to your sexy ass. Then down to the top of your thighs. You let out a loud pleasurable moan. I know you are enjoying how I am worshiping your body. I work my way up your back, and I see your left palm straight up. So, I bend down just enough to tease your palm with the tip of my cock. You lightly tease them, while my hands work up to your neck. I lean over, replacing my hands with my lips. I kiss your neck, back, and down to that sexy ass. My tongue teases the small of your back just on the tip of your ass's crack. Slowly I move down to the inside of your thighs. Your pussy lips are glistening and look so inviting. I fight the temptation to touch them.

I move back a bit as you start to get up. You lay the candles on the coffee table on the floor. You straddle it and lay down. You look at me and demand, "I want you to do as I say." You look at me with a devilish smile. Oh this quickly turns me on because you don't do this often.

"Yes ma'am.", I replied. I admire your sexy nakedness. All these years, and all we been through. You are sexier than ever.

You order me to go down on you. I slide you a bit further down on the table, as I kiss the inside of your thighs. I make my way to your lips as my tongue parts your warm wet lips. You gasp at first and you moan lightly. I lick and suck your pussy, like a greedy old man. Your hands rest on my head as you guide me for better positioning. The taste of your juices drip down my face with each teasing motion my tongue makes on your clit. A few minutes later you start to shake and cum. You order me to stop. Then you order me to let you suck me as you lay there. Your hand goes down to touch yourself, while you tease my hard cocks tip with your mouth. I want to turnaround so I can watch you. I quickly turnaround so you have me in your mouth, as I watch you satisfy yourself. I bend over and place my hands on the table, as I am inches away watching you tease that wonderful pussy. I taste your juices as I lick my lips. You suck harder and harder. My cock is so hard in your mouth, as I watch the erotic nature of you satisfying yourself.

The feelings you are sending through me increases my arousal of wanting to plunge my cock deep inside your eager pussy. My hips start slowly thrusting my cock in your mouth. You let go and sit up on the table, as you grab me into your hand. You stroke me a couple times. You tell me you want my cum so let it go. And you quickly stick my hardness in your mouth again. As I am thrusting into your mouth, I watch your mouth take me. My hands on your shoulders, I help brace you for my thrusting. It doesn't take long and I blow my hot salty cum inside your mouth. It feels so wonderful, and you make me feel so wonderful. After your suck the last drop out of me, and I lay you back down on the table and you said, "No, I didn't tell you to do this!"

Not caring what you just said, I slide inside you. My rhythm quickens as I watch your body take each thrust. Your body is so hot, taking each thrust. My hands play with each nipple. Thrusting I can feel you tighten around me. You start to loudly moan and cum. As my growing urge to cum again goes through my body, I bend down and kiss you. Helping you up, I pull you onto my lap and throw the blanket on you. Your neatly trimmed pussy touches my hard cock. We kiss each other passionately. My hands grab your sexy hard ass, as I guide my fingers to your cum drenched lips as I play with you.

You stand up over me. My view of your neatly trimmed pussy inches from my face, oozing our cum out of her lips in a glorious sight. I reach up too take off a drop of cum from your lip and I massage into your pussy. Teasing you with my fingertips I hear your moan ever so lightly with pleasure. You are still buzzing from our quick little escapade. So I pull you too me.

We cuddle naked for hours, periodically teasing each other. So far a wonderful way of spending a cold and snowy night....

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