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At the Movies

byArt Martin©

I had just returned from an overseas assignment that had stretched from six months to over ten months and I was living in a hotel a block from our corporate offices. Prior to going overseas I worked in a regional office and as such I wasn't familiar in the least with anything in my new hometown. I hadn't even checked in with the office yet, as I was suffering from jet lag and my biological clock was so messed up that it took me a few days to adjust. I was finally feeling okay and was due to report to my new assignment in the morning. I didn't feel much like just hanging around the hotel all evening so I decided to go see a racy flick that had good reviews.

I got my tub of popcorn and a large drink and found a seat in the theater. It was one of those multiplex theaters with stadium seating. It was a Wednesday and it wasn't too crowded. There was no one around me, front or back or to the sides. The lights went down and the movie began. Early on there was one of those scenes shot in dark. The theater was as dark as a coal miner's ass on a biblically cloudy day. A girl kissed me on the cheek and sat next to me. She put something in my hand and helped herself to my popcorn and drink. It was made of a silky material and very small. As I played with it I realized that she had given me a pair of panties. Shit! I decided not to say anything and just see where things went.

She consumed all of my popcorn and put the bucket on the floor. After a while there came a protracted scene in which the hero was making love to his girlfriend, a scene that left little to the imagination. Her hand went to my crotch. Blood rushed to my cock as she gently rubbed and stroked it through my jeans. She stared ahead watching the movie. By the light of the projector, I could see that she was a blonde with a gorgeous face and nice tits. Once hard, she began squeezing me. I decided to be a gentleman and return the favor by sliding my hand up her skirt. Just as I thought, she was panty-less. My hand brushed her cleanly shaven vulva. I rubbed her inner thighs and vulva for quite sometime as her slit became very wet.

Staring straight ahead, she unbuckled my belt and unbuttoned my jeans. I felt the zipper go down on the underside of my hard prick. Her cool hand slipped into my boxers. I nearly jumped out of my seat at the first contact of her hand on my bare dick. She massaged me for several minutes until precum was streaming out of my cock. She used her thumb to massage the lubricant into my hot spongy head.

My fingers slipped between her now hot and swollen labia. She was some juicy chick! I just ran my finger up and down her slippery trench. She was squirming slightly and appeared to be enjoying my attentions as much as I enjoyed her attentions. Her thumb kept flicking over my glans, making me jerk with every pass. I started massaging around her clit with my thumb while my middle finger sank deep in her vagina in search of her G-spot. I found the spongy little patch right where it was supposed to be, and I massaged it with the pad on my finger. Her squirming became more pronounced. She raised her free hand to her mouth to stifle a cry as I felt her contractions beginning. She whimpered and squeezed my dick tight. After a minute or so, I felt her body relax. I stopped fingering her for a few moments, as I knew she was now supersensitive.

During that pause she began working anew on the head of my dick. She put her hand around it so that she could grip the stalk while she squeezed the head with her thumb and forefinger. I closed my eyes and just let it come, ejaculating in her hand. She continued teasing the head after I had stopped cumming, causing my entire body to jerk.

She stopped and raised her fist to her lips, licking my cum off her hand, then returning for more. I felt it only fair to reciprocate and brought my fingers wet with her pussy juices to my mouth. She tasted absolutely divine. I returned for more.

The movie lasted for well over another hour and we mutually pleasured each other the entire time. I lost track of how many times she came, but it had to be at least six more times. My hand continually made the journey from her pussy to my mouth. I came one more time and she relished every drop. I was working on cumming a third time when the credits began to roll and the lights went up.

She turned to me dreamy eyed, ready to give me a kiss. Her eyes got wide and her succulent lips went oval. "Oh, my god!" she cried and jumped up.

I zipped my pants up and headed after her to introduce myself. I found her in the lobby, bewildered, desperately searching for something. "Excuse me Miss, I'm Jack and can I have your phone number?"

She looked at me with an expression of pure panic. "I don't know you!"

I could have said 'Yes you do, you've been eating my cum for over an hour,' but I didn't.

"Oh, god! There's my husband!" She rushed off to meet him.

Seeing her, he threw up his hands and shouted, "Where have you been?" He rolled his eyes in exasperation as she tried to explain that she had gotten lost and couldn't find him. He didn't look very happy.

As they left the theater she turned and gave me a sly wave with her fingers. Then she was gone, leaving me with only a great memory and her red silk panties.

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