August 2000 Ch. 03


My sleep was interrupted by a succession of vivid dreams. In one dream, I was fucking my girlfriend by the pool, just as we had fucked the night before. I was sitting back on a chair, and Mary straddled me, rhythmically moving her pussy up and down on my cock. In another dream, as she fucked me, a guy stepped towards us, naked, and slipped his hard cock in Mary's ass as I fucked her pussy. In another dream, the same guy appeared, this time with a huge cock, which I couldn't take my eyes off as he walked towards us. Rather than fuck Mary's ass, he put his cock in my face and told me to suck it. But it was too big for me to take in my mouth. Mary told me, "It doesn't matter, you can suck my cock," and she took my hand and guided it to the hard cock between her legs. In yet another dream, I wasn't fucking Mary, but Mark, her brother, and it was Mary who stepped towards us. She leaned towards me and whispered to me, "I want you to fuck me like you're fucking him."

I woke up with the sheets wet with my perspiration and my cock so hard it ached. I kicked off the covers and lay on my back, rays of sun slanting across my body. The black thong bikini panties that Mary had worn as we fucked last night were on the bed next to me. She had handed me the panties as I kissed her goodnight, telling me to savor the scent of her pussy as I fell asleep so that I would dream about her. Also on the bed were the black panties that her brother had been wearing when I went into his bedroom after saying goodnight to Mary. I had pulled back the sheet covering his body, and slipped down his panties, and masturbated him, kissing him as he quickly came in my hand. His panties were covered in his cum, and I took them with me and left the house.

I lay back on my bed remembering what had happened before Mary and I had fucked by the pool. I had been tutoring Mark while Mary was attending a class at the local college. Our lesson over, Mark had left the room. He returned dressed in his sister's black miniskirt and silk blouse, wearing her makeup, and with his long blond hair tucked behind his ears, just as Mary wears her hair. "If I were Mary, what would you do?" he had asked, smiling the bewitching smile that Mary has.

I didn't hesitate. I kissed him, and told him to undress for me. He unbuttoned the blouse, and slipped it from his slim shoulders, and unclasped Mary's skirt. He turned away from me as he undressed, just as his sister did, so I could see his cute ass as the skirt dropped to the floor. He was wearing his sister's black thong bikini panties that were now on the bed next to me. I lead him to the couch, and kneeled between his legs and sucked his cock, tasting his cum in my mouth. I then stroked my cock. Mark's hands rubbed my balls as I masturbated, and he fucked my ass with his finger, just as Mary did when we made love.

I rushed to meet Mary at the college, and we returned to her house. Her parents are away visiting relatives, and, for the first time, we made love by the pool. She was wearing only the black thong panties. As we fucked, she told me how she would come outside after her parents were asleep and would masturbate in the dark, imagining that she was being watched. "Perhaps there's someone watching now," I said. I described how he was walking towards us, his eyes on her beautiful ass as it moved up and down on me, and how his hard cock was going to fuck her ass. We both came imagining Mary's ass being fucked by this stranger's cock.

I lifted Mary's panties to my face and smelled the scent of our sex last night. I held Mark's panties to my face, and my tongue licked the cum that had spilled over my fingers onto his panties. My hand rubbed my cock as I thought of Mary, then Mark, undressing in front of me, each of them turning away from me and slowly revealing their ass, dressed only in the black thong.

My phone rang. I looked at the number on the screen. It was Mary calling from work.

"Hi babe," I said as I answered it.

"Hi sweetie," she replied. "Are you still in bed."

"Yes. Thinking of you."

"What are you thinking," Mary asked.

"About last night. About fucking you by the pool. About your fantasy."

"Sounds nice. So what are you doing about it?"

"I have your panties by my face, and I'm stroking my cock."

"Mmmm. Tell me all about it tonight. I just called to say hi. Must run now. Bye sweetie."


"Oh," she said, "Mark told me to have you call him when you woke up. He wants to reschedule your next math session."

"Ok," I said. "See you tonight."

My hand left my cock. I lay back thinking what I should do Before yesterday I had never thought about touching another cock -- in fact I had never before even seen anyone else's hard cock in real life -- but now, my thoughts about making love to Mark were as intense as my desire for his sister. I told myself that when I first made love to him last night, I was overcome by his resemblance to Mary. However, I thought, the second time I was driven by the need to feel his cock and kiss his lips. And here I am with his cum-soaked panties on my face, imaging him undressing for me. If I call him now, and go see him again, how will this end? Mary will inevitably find out. I can find an excuse not to be alone with him again this summer, and maybe I can forget about what happened yesterday. I got out of bed and took a shower. I put on some my running shoes and shorts, and drove the short distance to the beach. I ran along the beach for a few miles, enjoying the cool of the morning. I ran hard, my exertion forcing all thoughts out of my head. I finished running, and took off my shoes and walked into the ocean. As I stood with the waves rolling over me, I remembered how I had given the black thong bikini to Mary earlier in the summer. We had been on the beach. She had looked at the bikini and had stood up. She had taken off the bikini she was wearing, and put on the bikini I had given her. I thought of how all the people on the beach could have seen her ass, her pussy, and her tiny breasts as she undressed, and I thought again about her fantasy of someone watching her from the shadows as she masturbated. Standing there thinking about Mary, my cock began to grow again. I walked back to my car, and drove home, happy to be thinking about Mary and not her brother. I got back home and stripped off my running shorts. I picked up Mary's panties, and held them against my cock, and masturbated, imagining Mary's cute ass in those panties, imagining her mouth on my cock as her finger fucked my ass. I came over her panties, and held them to my lips, tasting my cum and smelling her scent.

I lay back on the bed. I began to drift back to sleep, my hand still holding my cock as it softened. That was when the thought struck me. Actually, it was a series of thoughts. I thought first of the effect it had on me to see Mark wearing Mary's thong. That thought lead me to picture him turning away from me -- just as Mary did so often -- so I could see his ass as he unclasped his skirt and dropped it to the floor. What made him make just that movement? And I remembered that he was wearing Mary's little white socks -- the socks I loved her to wear when she was otherwise naked for me. And I thought of his finger searching for my ass as I masturbated in front of him, then fucking my ass with it, just as Mary finger-fucked my ass when she sucked my cock. And I also remembered Mary saying when we returned to the house that Mark was out, but Mark told me he had been there all along, watching Mary and I make love by the pool. Was this just a series of coincidences: wearing just those panties and those socks, undressing in just that way, finger fucking my ass just like Mary did, and being there to watch me and Mary fuck as she told me about her fantasy of someone watching her while she masturbated?

But how could all this have been coincidence? The alternative explanation seemed inevitable: that Mary had told Mark which of her clothes turned me on; how I loved it when she turned away from me as she undressed, so I could see her ass; how I moaned with pleasure as she fingered my ass; and that he could watch us fuck by the pool. But why would she tell him any of those things? I laid there for an hour trying to imagine Mary telling Mark what exited me most. How could I find out if she had told him? I couldn't ask her without telling her what I had done to Mark last night. But I could ask Mark.

I called his house. He answered.

"Hi. It's me," I said. "Can I come over?"

"Yes," he answered.

"I'll be right there," I said.

I dressed quickly, and drove to the house. The front door was ajar. I walked in and closed the door behind me. "Hi," I called out. "Hi," Mark replied. I followed the sound of his voice to Mary's bedroom. I pushed open the door to her room. The shades were drawn, but in the dark I could see Mark stretched out on Mary's bed. I stood beside the bed. As my eyes got accustomed to the darkness, I saw Mark's blond hair tucked behind his ears, like Mary's, and her make up on his face. He had on Mary's short white diaphanous nightdress which reached just to the top of his thighs. His long slim legs stretched out below the nightdress. I sat on the edge of the bed, looking at his body, and I felt a wave of desire flood over me, just like it had the night before when he stood before me wearing his sister's skirt and blouse and thong panties. I had come here to find out if Mary had told him about our love-making and what she did to excite me. An hour ago, it had seemed important that I find out what she had told him. Now, sitting next to Mark, with him wearing Mary's sheer nightdress, with his hair worn as Mary wears her hair and wearing her make up, the truth struck me clearly: it didn't matter at all what she had told him. All that mattered to me, there and then, was that I could reach out and touch Mark's body, kiss him undress him, and make love to him here in the bed where Mary and I had make love so many times that summer.

My hand reached out and lifted up the hem of Mary's nightdress over Mark's thighs and hips. He was wearing Mary's white silk panties. The narrow white triangle barely covered his cock. I ran my hand up under the nightdress to his smooth chest. Mark's eyes closed and he let out soft sigh as I touched his nipples. I leaned over and kissed him lightly on his lips, smelling Mary's scent on him. His mouth opened, and our tongues touched. We kissed deeply, for a long time. I stood up and pulled my t-shirt over my head. As Mark watched I slipped off my shorts. Mark's hand reached out for my cock, already hard; he gripped it tightly, and I gasped with the pleasure. He leaned towards me, and took my cock between his lips, and licked me gently with his tongue. His hands slid between my legs, his finger searching for my ass. I opened my legs wider, inviting him to slip his finger into my ass. As he fucked me with his finger, I started to gently fuck his mouth with my cock, the movements of my hips matching those of his finger. I could feel my orgasm building, slowly, slowly, as Mark sucked my cock and fucked my ass with his finger. Ten seconds more and I would have shot my cum in his mouth, but that was not what I wanted today.

I took my cock from Mark's mouth, and reached for his nightdress. I pulled it over his head. He lay back on the bed, and smiled up at me. I kissed his lips, and ran my tongue down his neck, over his nipples, across his stomach, to the top of his white silk panties. "Kneel on the bed," I said. Mark turned over and kneeled. I saw his round ass in Mary's white panties and I gasped with excitement. My hands touched his firm ass, feeling it through his panties. My hand slipped into his panties and between his legs to his balls. He sighed deeply. My other hand followed, these fingers exploring his ass. I kneeled behind him, and my tongue licked his ass through his panties as my hand fondled his balls. My desire for his body, for his beautiful ass, was uncontrollable. I stood up and stepped towards Mary's closet. I opened the closet door so that the mirror on the door pointed at Mary's bed. I went to Mary's bedside table and took the bottle of hand lotion from the drawer.

I squeezed some lotion from the bottle, and rubbed it on my cock. I stood behind Mark and pulled his panties down to reveal his ass. I guided my hard cock toward his ass, and pushed slowly into him. As the head of my cock disappeared into his ass, I started gently fucking him softly, pushing my cock into him, then pulling it almost out. His breathing became harder, until it became a continuous soft moan. I saw our bodies in the mirror, my cock slipping into his ass, his panties around his thighs. I saw his face, his eyes closed and his mouth open as he moaned, just as I had so often seen Mary in that mirror in the same position on the same bed. My orgasm built again, and I began to fuck him faster and deeper. His moans became louder as more and more of my cock slipped into his ass. His eyes opened as he sensed I was about to cum, and he watched me in the mirror as my body tensed and I came, each thrust of my cock shooting more and more cum into his ass.

After what seemed like minutes, my orgasm subsided, and my body began to relax. I stood there behind Mark, with my cock still deep in his ass. I looked at us in the mirror, united in our passion. I caught Mark's eye and smiled back at him. Neither of us spoke. My hand moved to his cock, and I masturbated him as I gently fucked him. The reflection in the mirror showed my hand on his cock. Mark's back leaned against my chest, and I kissed the side of his neck. He came in my hand. I lifted my fingers to his mouth, and he licked his cum. He twisted his face back towards mine, and kissed me to share his cum with me.

We stood up. I lead Mark to the shower. We stood under the water, our bodies intertwined. I dried him with the towel. "Put Mary's nightdress and panties back on, and get into bed," I said. I dried myself, and went back to Mary's bedroom. Mark was under the sheet. I got into next to him. I put one arm around him and drew him to me. His head rested on my shoulder and his body pressed close to mine. My other arm reached down so that my fingers reached into his panties and held his cock. We lay together for a long time. I felt complete serenity holding his body next to me, naked except for Mary's nightdress and panties, with his cock growing again as I gently rubbed it.


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