tagIncest/TabooAuntie Em Ch. 08

Auntie Em Ch. 08


It was a night to remember. It was for me, anyways. Auntie Em and Mrs. Medford will have to speak for themselves. Can't right now, though. They're sleeping like little babies. I would be, too, but I woke up with this incredible urge to piss.

I was still luxuriating in the warm afterglow of our long, continuous session of lovemaking. Didn't want to disentangle myself from the arms of those two luscious looking women for nothing in the world. But a full bladder has a one track mind.

Reluctantly, I crawled out of bed and went into the bathroom, stood before the toilet and pissed for a solid year. The more I pissed the more relieved I felt. Left the bathroom thinking to myself, "Always gladder when the bladder is flatter." One of the truest statements ever made. It was around four in the morning.

I didn't want to risk the chance of waking either of them by climbing back into bed so I padded into the kitchen, turned the light on, poured me a large glass of OJ and put a couple slices of bread into the toaster. Buttered up the toast and sat down at the table. Took my first sip of orange juice and began to think on the events of the night before.........

Once inside the bedroom, Auntie Em released her hold on my steel rod, moved over to Linda and practically leapt into her embrace. They kissed, their cheeks hollowed with desire as one sucked on the other's tongue.

Auntie Em's hand moved haltingly up Linda's stomach until it touched her breast. The kissing ceased as Auntie Em broke away and began to undress Mrs. Medford.

Auntie Em pulled the zipper down and pulled the dress off Linda's shoulders. Linda shrugged as she grabbed her dress at the waist and pulled, all the while twisting her torso back and forth.

With the dress bunched at Linda's waist, Auntie Em helped her to get it off her hips. I watched it fall to the floor in a heap.

Mrs. Medford was wearing a pink bra. Rose patterned lace adorned the top of each cup. My eyes traveled down to her stomach.

A bright green thong that did little to hide her sex was quickly pulled down to Linda's knees and on down to her feet. Linda stepped deftly away from the dress and the panties and waited while Auntie Em kicked them away revealing Linda's pubic hairs. What's left of them, anyways.

Her bush was well trimmed. A rectangular strip of close cut bright red hair lay smack dab in the middle of Linda's mound. Mrs. Medford's drapes definitely didn't match her carpet. Who'd a thought it?

They came back together in a hug. Auntie Em took Mrs. Medford's face in her hands and tilted it up a bit until they were gazing into each other's eyes. My mother's sister lowered her lips to Linda's.

Mouths open, Auntie Em backed away an inch or two. Linda pushed her tongue out of her mouth at the same time as Auntie Em. Their tongues met in the open air and began battling back and forth. Finally, Linda Medford's tongue retreated back inside her mouth. Auntie Em's followed close behind.

I could tell that these two fantastically beautiful examples of the female form were far from finished with each other so I retreated to the comfort of the soft-cushioned chair that sat in front of my auntie's vanity table.

Auntie Em was slow and deliberate as she grabbed a butt cheek in each hand and pulled Linda even closer. My auntie groaned as Linda gripped hers in return. They ground their quivering mounds together as they broke their kiss and began panting loudly.

Auntie Em hesitantly slid her hand up along Linda's arm and latched onto her breast. She mauled that bountiful orb for the longest time before letting her hand drop to her side. She bent at the knees and moved her mouth towards Linda's nipple.

Auntie Em hovered over that brown protrusion, blowing short, hot bursts of air against it. She moved closer and began to tease Linda's nipple with the tip of her tongue.

Linda groaned rather loudly. "Yessss," she hissed through clenched teeth. "It's been soooo long." She pressed her hand on the back of Auntie Em's head and pulled her in closer until I feared my auntie would suffocate.

For a long while they both seemed content to stand there in the middle of the floor, Auntie Em's face pressed against Mrs. Medford's big ole milker while Linda continued to caress the back of Auntie Em's head.

When they broke contact, Linda told Auntie Em, "Let's get to the bed while I can still walk."

They all but fell onto that great big king sized bed, coming together as lust stoked their fires of passion to a fever pitch.

Linda groaned and arched her back when Auntie Em continued lavishing her attention on her left breast. Auntie's left hand was on Mrs. Medford's right breast, holding it, caressing it and gently rubbing the tip of Linda's nipple with her palm.

Me? I remained seated, enjoying the view. For the moment, I was quite content to continue being an observer to the hot, sexy scene that was unfolding before me and continue stroking my cock.

Linda bent her leg and began moving her knee back and forth against Auntie Em's mound. I'm quite sure she was making contact with my auntie's clit because Auntie Em began to shudder all over. She ceased playing with Linda's tits, her body slowly wilting like a balloon with a slow leak. They lay there, Linda panting heavily with Auntie Em on top of her, twitching and shuddering as though she were as cold as hell.

This time, Mrs. Medford was the aggressor. She pushed my Auntie Em onto her back and joined her sensuous frame to Auntie's. She then pressed her lips against my auntie's, shoved her hands between their upper bodies and began to attack Auntie Em's tits.

Auntie Em squirmed beneath Linda, wrapped her legs around her waist, raised her hips off the sheet and joined her mound to Linda's. Pelvis against pelvis, mound against mound, they moved in unison.

I scooted the chair closer to the bed, intent upon getting a better view of these two women. It was difficult to fathom, this idea of church going ladies squirming against each other, their luscious bodies locked together in such a lewd embrace. Put clothes on them and let them walk around in public and you would never imagine them doing such sinful things. You would think they sang in the choir or something.

Despite Linda having twice drained the sap out of me not too many minutes ago, my pussy pleaser had stayed stiff. Once again my brain was sending signals throughout my body asking for relief. I could tell that it wouldn't be very long before it would be begging and pleading for some attention.

Their legs were open and spread wide, revealing two pussies, their lips in almost perfect vertical alignment, weeping profuse amounts of liquid desire.

Mrs. Medford moved down until her mouth was hovering over Auntie Em's right tit like a soaring vulture going in for the kill. She attacked my auntie's milk bag with her mouth, her lips and her tongue.

I watched as Linda's tongue swirled around the outside of Auntie Em's dark brown areola, leaving a trail of warm saliva in its wake. Then, without warning Linda pursed her lips and wrapped them around the nipple. I could see Mrs. Medford's facial muscles contract and then relax each time she sucked that elongated rubber looking pap into her mouth.

Auntie Em was squirming like a little kid with a full bladder waiting to get the teacher's attention so she could go to the bathroom, spreading her legs wide and then bringing them back together again. "Oh, oh, oh," she kept repeating in a low murmuring moan. Every once in a while Auntie Em would inject a high pitched "Shit" or "fuck" into her murmurings.

Linda turned her attention to Auntie Em's other breast, licking and sucking like the world was going to end before she and Auntie Em could satisfy each other's needs. She began slowly kissing and licking her way down Auntie Em's body, soliciting more cries of passion when she poked her tongue into my auntie's navel.

Finally Linda's face was directly over Auntie Em's beautifully full black bush. She spread Auntie's lips apart and buried her nose as far inside Auntie Em's hot, weeping canal as it would go. Auntie Em was trembling as she latched onto Mrs. Medford's hair and gently pulled.

"No," she grunted. "No."

I was puzzled. Why would Auntie Em not want Linda to lick her kitty? Evidently, Mrs. Medford was also puzzled. She lifted her face from my mother's sister and looked up at her.

"Whatsamatter, hon? Did I hurt you?"

Auntie Em had fallen so far into the throes of passion that all she could do was shake her head. She extended her forefinger, pointed it down towards her body and made a circular motion, asking Linda to turn around.

It took a few heady moments for Mrs. Medford to understand what Auntie Em was trying to say. When it finally entered her mind what my auntie was wanting her to do, she spun around and quickly settled her face over the entrance to Auntie Em's cavern of passion.

Auntie Em wrapped her arms around Linda's hips and pulled Mrs. Medford's pussy down to meet her expectant lips. Linda screamed in ecstasy when the tip of Auntie's tongue first made contact with her clit. She hunched her hips and jammed her gate of life hard against my auntie's face just before she returned to licking Auntie Em's pussy.

With an occasional sojourn along Auntie Em's skid plate, Linda's wide tongue lazily licked its way from one end of her slit to the other. Almost uncontrollably, they twisted and squirmed against each other. I could feel the torturous expectations emanating from these two horny women as one tried to scratch the other's itch.

That was it! I'd had enough. I had to slide my cock into something. It would be a shame if I jerked off into my hand while these two willing, older women were lying on the bed in front of me. But the way they were going after each other, I was hesitant to start anything.

While I was making up my mind, the two of them rolled over in bed. Now Auntie Em was on top, her face still buried in Mrs. Medford's cunt. It was a wonder they were alive and breathing. I don't remember either of them coming up for air. Not once.

Suddenly Mrs. Medford lifted her face, jammed her pussy onto Auntie Em's mouth and screamed. "I'm doing it! I'm filling your mouth with my juices! Can you feel......"

Linda's body shook violently. Suddenly it went stiff and unyielding. "Unh, unh," she said repeatedly, her voice sounding low and gravely.

Linda resumed her ministrations. She swiped her tongue erratically on, in and around Auntie's love box. My mother's sister, apparently frustrated at Mrs. Medford's sudden inability to satisfy her, squeezed her hips and hunched her mound upwards.

"My clit," she said piercingly, her breath coming from her lungs in uneven bursts of air. "Lick my fucking clit."

Linda had already slid off Auntie Em and was lying next to her. That's when I sprang into action. I stood by the bed as I repositioned my auntie until her hips were on the edge and her feet were on the floor.

Her legs were opened wide, revealing a yawning, gaping hole in the very center of her being. Her body twitching to a beat only she could hear, Auntie Em was panting loudly.

I knelt between her legs and inched my way forward. I blew lightly on her exposed clit and watched in absolute awe as her hips lifted high off the bed. "Yes!" she yelled. "Put your mouth back on my kitty. Please!"

Auntie Em was so far gone that she didn't even know who was licking her pea sized little nubbin and whipping her into such a frenzy. She just wanted some relief, that's all. Just wanted some relief.

I closed in on my prize, captured that over sensitive bump of hers between my lips and drug my tongue from side to side across it.

I could tell that Auntie Em was getting ready to pop. Judging by the way her pelvis was jerking against my face, she was going to blow any time now.

I continued to lick her clit as I inserted two of my fingers into her cunt and searched for her g-spot. I found it without a whole lot of difficulty and began to slowly massage it. Just a few strokes and Auntie Em was over the edge.

I wasn't prepared for the massive amount of juice that spurted into my mouth. Spurt after spurt of that not warm fluid coated my tonsils as I tried desperately to swallow it all. There was just too much of it.

I had to back away. I was choking on Auntie Em's more than generous love offering. One last squirt hit me full in my face.

Linda, who had by now fairly well recovered from her ordeal, looked at me. "That was so fucking sexy," she told me as she walked around the bed to where I was kneeling at the entrance to my auntie's sex.

I stood up and we kissed, a spit swapping session of epic proportions. My hands had minds of their own as they roamed her body. My cock was rubbing against her "landing strip." I was getting dangerously close to launching my seed all over her belly.

Linda reached down and squeezed my prick until the overwhelming urge to cum subsided. She sat down on the bed next to my still unresponsive auntie.

I licked at her clit and used the first two fingers of my right hand to rub between her ass hole and her vagina. "Oh, that feels good," she moaned.

I stuck my first two fingers in her love hole and gathered up all of her juices I could and spread them on and around her anus. Did the same thing a couple of more times and then stuck my forefinger inside her shitter, wiggled it around some and then pushed my middle finger in alongside it. That's when she really moaned.

"Aaron. Oh Aaron. I've never had some one do that to me before."

"Not even your husband?"

"That sorry shit won't come near my asshole. Says it's nasty and dirty."

"You like it?" I asked.

"Oh, yessssss," Linda hummed. "Oh, yes!"

I continued to saw my fingers in and out of her bunghole while I licked her clit. Had her twisting and jumping in almost no time at all.

"I guess that means he's never fucked you there either."

"Oh no," she hissed. "He won't hardly even fuck my pussy anymore."

"Want to try it?" I asked her. "Want me to plant my boner in your ass and fuck it silly?"

Linda hesitated for a few seconds as if she were seriously considering the possibility of me fucking her in her ass, then said, "I want to, but not right now. I'm still a bit scared."

"Okay," I told her. "I'll be here when you're ready."

I pulled my fingers from her ass and climbed onto the bed and straddled her stomach. "Auntie Em's got some baby oil in that bedside stand," I told her. "Can you reach it?"

Linda opened the drawer and rummaged around inside it for a few seconds before she found it. "Here it is," she announced as she handed it to me.

I poured a generous amount into my hand, closed the lid and tossed it to the other end of the bed. I began massaging her milkers until they were shining like new money, moved forward and placed my well used cock between those two orbs of pure delight.

Mrs. Medford looked at me with desire written all over her face, but made no move to assist me. "Never had your titties fucked either?" I asked her. She shook her head slowly from side to side.

"What do you and your husband do in bed?"

"Not much of anything these days," she told me. "Bastard hardly ever touches me anymore."

It suddenly occurred to me that, in a real sense, I had graduated. Instead of being the ignorant, wide eyed student I had once been, I was now the teacher!

"Push your boobs together," I said.

She pushed her tits together until they had formed a perfect tunnel for my raging cock. I began pushing in and out of the passageway she had created. Slowly, I pushed. When I could push it no further, I held it in place while Linda licked the head of my aching cock. Then I would pull back and push it through again.

Mrs. Medford removed her hands from her tits and I moved forward, slamming my rod into her mouth. I could feel her throat muscles squeezing the head when she swallowed. She pushed her hands along the side of my legs. Her touch was like silk as she caressed along my thighs and on to her stomach.

I can only assume that Linda was fingering herself. What else would she be doing? I certainly didn't feel her trying to put her fingers up my ass.

I backed off a bit to let her catch her breath. She swirled her tongue around the head and crown of my dick slowly as she continued to finger herself.

Then, she stopped her sucking and licking, let her hands fall to her sides and screamed around my cock. "Goddamn!" she cried. Lick my pussy! Lick it until I fucking die!"

That's when I became aware of Auntie Em being behind me. Her hair softly caressed my backside as she continued to satisfy Mrs. Medford, who, by now, had lost all interest in giving me a proper blowjob.

Then I felt my auntie's hands on my ass spreading my cheeks apart. I felt the thrill and tingle of desire welling up within me once again. I was pretty damned sure what she was going to do next.

I hunched forward a bit, my cock still in Mrs. Medford's mouth in preparation for Auntie Em's digital invasion. It wasn't long in coming.

Using Linda's creamy sauce as lubricant, Auntie Em shoved her finger up my ass and began massaging my prostate. "Umh," I moaned. "Yessss! Do it to me, Emma. Make me cum like you did the last time." I was real close to going over the edge. And then it struck.

A volcanic like eruption poured from my balls and sped up my urethra and into Linda's mouth. Linda swallowed each of my seven spurts. Auntie Em pulled her fingers out of my ass.

The three of us, maneuvered around in bed until I was lying in the middle while Linda and Auntie Em lay beside me, their heads on my shoulders and me caressing their tits.

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