"I have a surprise for you, Ellie. Leave the blindfold alone."

Ellie Langston started to protest then rested her hand in her step-brother's, allowing Derek to lead her through the empty house. Her green eyes were pressed against the black fabric that tied behind her head, to block out all vision, though she knew the layout of the house perfectly. It was the one she'd grown up in then moved back home to a few months earlier, following her graduation from community college.

At barely twenty one, she was five-foot-seven with a curvy figure topped by 36 C breasts that were currently straining against the tiny pink and black corset she'd squeezed into in anticipation of a night spent clubbing. Her dark blonde hair had been curled and hair sprayed to fall in a wave to her chest where it brushed against the exposed swell of her breasts. A black miniskirt barely skimmed her upper thighs, though she knew a single bend over would display her pink thong and garter belt to anyone looking. Finally, a pair of pink, skinny heels completed the outfit and drew attention to her long, tanned legs up to the skirts hem.

"What are we doing?" she asked, frowning at the sudden draft of cool air as a door opened.

Derek's hand held tighter to hers. "I just have a surprise for you," he said, one hand moving to rest on her back. His warm palm brushed the skin left bare between the corset and miniskirt, though she thought his fingers skimmed her ass a little longer than necessary. "Do you remember when I walked in on you reading my newest book last week?"

Her cheeks flamed at the reminder, her steps faltering, though his hand caught her arm to steady her. She was glad he'd left out the part where she'd been pleasuring herself to the images of a female character being ruthlessly fucked by a huge demon's cock while chained in a dungeon, fresh welts on her back from a recent whipping, the creature's teeth imbedded in one breast. Derek had knocked on the door seconds after her climax, a smug smirk covering his lips.

"You said we wouldn't mention that again," she mumbled before stepping down the stairs with his aide. His hand returned to her back and led her further down, the air getting cooler. "I just . . ."

The words trailed off as his hand slid further down, fingertips brushing the backs of her thighs.

"No, I said to forget about it, but I never promised not to mention it again. Do you know where my ideas come from, Ellie?" His lips brushed her ear while he walked her further into the drafty room. A graze of his teeth on the lobe drew an involuntary shutter from her as his hand slid across her stomach in a caress. "How I can create such vivid images of torment and pleasure? How my demons can seem so human-like despite the mindless power they wield? How I know just the way to write each woman's response, the arch of her back, the terrified screams that turn to moans of pleasure?"

Ellie was flushed from his initial question and felt warmth pooling between her thighs, though he'd never stopped walking. While he continued to describe the sex scenes drawn directly from his books, she felt his hands moving hers into position above her head then something cool wrapping around them. A brush with her fingers encountered metal in linked form.

"Derek, what are you---" Her words stopped as a hand trailed down her chest around to her ribs and his breathe tickled her bare shoulder. His teeth nipped the spot a moment later, his nails curling into her hip as he whispered, "Do you want to see the inspiration for my work?"

She nodded mutely, distracted by the rough nips being trailed up her throat. Without realizing it, she leaned her head back and felt cold stone press against her bare skin while he sucked harder on her skin. His lips reached hers with agonizing slowness and his tongue flicked over her lips, feeling almost rough before the blindfold was torn from her in one jerk.

Green eyes blinked against the dim lighting of the room before Derek's face swam into view; however, the handsome Derek who'd always teased her was gone aside from his bright blue eyes and shoulder-length black hair. Rather than his usual tan, his skin was mottled a blue and black color that shifted before her eyes, a pair of thick horns spouted from his forehead. His shirt was gone to reveal a scarred chest with the same mottled colors that ended at the waist band of his jeans. A flick of his tongue against his lips revealed sharpened teeth and a forked tip that made her gasp, a glance upwards spotting the metal chains encircling her wrist.

"It's easy to write what you are," he informed her, his voice a rough hiss. One hand, now tipped with black claws, trailed over the swell of her breast before he moved to a table on the opposite side of the room. "Every time I'm ready to write a new book, I find a woman to bring here and force her to endure everything my character does. It adds so much more to the story to watch it play out before my eyes, though they always look the same . . . a beautiful blonde, usually with green eyes." A wicked smirk was thrown her way over his shoulder. "I've waited for this story since I started writing four years ago, Ellie, since that first night you moved in with your mother after my father married her. I thought of fucking you as I watched you swim in the pool, of sneaking into your room to hold you down and sate my desires, or even lifting you onto the dining room table to eat you into orgasm during family dinners. My father wouldn't have been too concerned since he understands the demonic urges, but your mother would have been a different story. Now, I'm going to finish the last book with the woman I've imagined fucking a thousand times."

He turned to face her and made a motion with his hand as a loud crack filled the air. The sound made her jump and jerk against the chains, though it merely drew a smile from him while he carried the whip to her.

Ellie's eyes widened in shock as she stared at the whip caressing her shoulder then sliding down between her breasts. One hand palmed her ass while the other trailed the whip along her inner thigh and his teeth clamped on her shoulder in a vicious bite. A sudden jerk of the whip hand drew it back before it slashed into her leg, eliciting a scream of pain from her.

"Which part got you wetter, Ellie, the whip or the knife?" His voice rumbled against her skin as he lapped at her shoulder, not catching all the blood dribbling down her shoulder. "Answer honestly."

She whimpered with her eyes glued to the dribbling blood, shocked at his crude demand. Her lack of answer turned into another whimper as she found herself roughly turned to face the wall, arms beginning to strain against the chains when the whip hit her back again. A scream tore from her, followed by another as the whip made two more journeys onto her back, tearing into the thin corset to slash her back. His last slash wrapped around her ribs and straight across her breast so that she screamed, arching away into the cold of the stone wall.

A hand suddenly grasped her hair and jerked her head back, his voice hissing in her ear, "The whip or the knife?"

"Knife," she whispered before courage could desert her.

Her head was abruptly released and fell forward against the cold stone as he walked away. His steps were silent which heightened her fear since his last silence had brought the whip. Struggling against the chains, she managed to turn to face him and felt her heart slam into her throat upon spotting the knife in his hand. Its blade was curved with a hand-chiseled grip the color of bone and a red diamond embedded into the middle of the stark color.

Derek moved back to her and laid the blade against her throat. "It's carved from human bone," he informed her, pressing the blade against her skin. A sharp sting followed as he slid the knife down to hook it in the front of the corset. "The woman from the first book didn't survive so she became the knife . . . I've gotten better about choosing lovers since then, Ellie. I only pick those strong enough to endure the entire process."

His wrist jerked down, tearing through the corset like warm butter. The pieces fell aside as her breasts spilled out before his gaze, her skirt following a moment later, which left her in only the tiny thong and garter belt with heels. Her nipples stood at attention against the cold chill of the dank room as goosebumps shot along her bare torso.

"Derek, this isn't funny," she began then sucked in a sharp breathe as his lip closed around one hard tip. His forked tongue swirled around the nipple, pulling a groan from her so she arched toward him. A moment later, his teeth sank into her flesh so the groan turned into a scream. "That hurts . . ."

His chuckle was dark against her skin as a sudden coolness touched her other breast. Struggling against the pleasure threatening to overwhelm her, she looked down to find the knife pressed against her other breast. Its blade rested against her nipple while he blew his warm breath across the bud closest to his mouth, forcing it to tighten further.

"I've barely begun." His voice whispered across her skin before the knife jerked downward, tearing through her breast as she screamed and arched, involuntarily. Switching his attention to that breast, he sucked the swollen nipple, tinted red with her blood, into his mouth and began to tease it with his tongue.

At the same moment, Ellie felt the knife sliding down her stomach in a cool motion that stung while the knife cut a thin line into her skin. She whimpered as his teeth clamped on the nipple and pulled, roughly at the same moment the knife's blade slid over her barely covered mound. The sensation of cool blade against her folds stirred her sex which began to moisten further, the evidence clearly visible on the damp triangle covering her.

The seesaw motion the knife made between her thighs, following the path of the tiny string, had her jerking upwards on the heels, arms straining against the chains. His dark chuckle brushed her skin before he slashed the knife down her leg to elicit a fresh scream from her; however, he barely gave her time to recover before slashing three quick lines onto her skin. Tears welled up in her eyes at the pain shooting through her.

"Please, Derek," she whispered as he stepped back from her body. "Please, stop . . ."

Her plea went ignored while he brought the knife back to her breast, caressing the nipple with its cold blade. Locking his eyes with hers, he pressed the blade's tip to the swell over her breast and began to carve with the knife, pressing deeper than his previous times as she screamed and thrashed against the chains binding her in place. His carving continued, though he'd pause occasionally to lap at the blood dripping from her breast before replacing his tongue with the blade.

Despite the pain and the tears sliding down her cheeks, she felt herself growing wetter with each stroke of the knife then his tongue.

Whimpering, Ellie glanced down at her chest and saw the pentagram taking shape with a name in the center, though it wasn't Derek. Azreal, the name of the demon from his books, glistened from the center as he finished carving then bent and blew his warm breathe across the blood carving. A burning sensation started in her chest before the bloody lines changed to black ink before her eyes, heat shooting down her stomach to her core.

Without warning, two fingers slid beneath the thong and into her, sliding in and out in rapid succession. His thumb brushed her clit. He'd barely made three rough thrusts in before she came with a scream of pleasure that arched her hips into the air only to have the chains pull her back into position.

A triumphant look gleamed in his eyes as he slid his fingers free of her body with a squelching sound. His fingers hooked in the barley there sides of her thong as he asked, "Do you know why I carved my name onto you, Ellie? None of the others in the books have my name."

Her head shook, slowly from side to side while she struggled to draw breathe in the aftermath of her orgasm. Drawing in a breathe, she tried not to notice how the tattoo rippled as her chest heaved, arms straining against the chains while he pulled her thong down to her knees. His knife was set aside on the floor, though a single jerk of his hand tore the skimpy panties away to fling them aside.

"A demon's name carved into a lover makes her his property," he said, conversationally while lowering himself onto his knees. His hands slid up her thighs and to her folds, parting them to flick his tongue against her swollen clit; his forked tongue slid perfectly to lash the nub as she gasped. "Any other man or demon who touches you will feel insufferable pain. However . . . what they feel will be nothing compared to the pain you'll feel for allowing another man to touch my property."

On the cusp of his words, he plunged his tongue into her tight channel and slid his hands around to cup her thighs. A gasp of pain escaped as his claws dug into the slashes on her legs, lifting her legs onto his shoulders which relieved the smallest amount of pressure on her arms. His tongue continued to tease her with quick thrusts before sliding back to flick her clit in a motion that made her whimper. The fork split to encircle the nub and suckle with enough pressure to leave her gasping.

Ellie sucked in a breath as his tongue continued flicking then tensed at a solid object pressing into her sheath. Her eyes slid down to confirm what the pressure building inside of her had, his lips and tongue still teasing her clit. The foreign object pushed deeper as she arched against him so that her head tipped back against the wall, giving a deep moan before an image of his knife flashed through her mind.

His dark chuckle rumbled against her clit, sending a shockwave through her as the knife plunged deeper than withdrew before pushing back into her.

"Another first for me," he said before resuming his attention to her clit.

She moaned as the knife's handle began sliding deeper into her then withdrawing only to slide back in. His tongue continued to stroke her clit and suckle her, driving her closer and closer to the brink of climax with the knowledge a knife made of human bone was penetrating her along with a demon's forked tongue. Her next moan turned into a scream of pleasured release as his teeth clamped onto the swollen bud of her clit and the knife forced itself in so deep his fingertips met wetness. Against her will, she felt her body squeezing onto the knife handle, refusing to allow him to pull it out while he flicked her clit once more.

Amazingly, she felt another orgasm building from the rapid flicks delivered to her clit, the knife still buried inside her. Her body shuddered through another release as he twisted the knife inside her so the ridges scraped against her slick walls. His smirk was felt against her clit before he jerked the knife out, the rough scrape making her cry out even as pressure built inside her; however, he released her legs and slid up her body before she had chance to experience another climax.

Derek rose from the floor in a fluid motion as his jeans disintegrated before her eyes, leaving behind an impressive ten inch cock with at least a six inch circumference. It began to thicken as she watched, though he left her hanging there, breasts heaving with exertion and her juices flowing down her legs, to approach the table once more. His knife was laid aside before he heard her gasp in shock.

"W-What . . . is that?" Her voice came out in a shocked whisper.

"That would be my tail, lovely Ellie," he informed her before turning back to her.

Ellie's eyes never left the long, barbed appendage that swung back and forth behind him. With the jeans on, she'd seen no hint of it yet the appendage's tip was every bit as thick as his cock at its end. A whimper of fear escaped while she stared at it, recalling how the creatures from his story often used their tails in sexual acts. She'd gotten herself off to those scenes more than once, imagining beginning filled so deeply the appendages rubbed against one another.

"I know all your dirty little secrets, Ellie." Derek's voice whispered over her skin as he stalked toward her, hands grasping her hips to jerk her body flush against his. His thick shaft rubbed against her swollen folds while his tongue flicked her lips, claws digging into the flesh of her hips to the point it broke skin. "I slept next door to you for years, hearing those whispered moans of Azrael's name as you stroked yourself to release. The boys you brought over who never made you scream quite so loud as my novels . . . were they not big enough, Ellie? Not rough enough? Or just too human?"

A flush of heat stole up her throat to her face which only made him laugh.

"Admit it. Admit how you want this," he challenged as his lips trailed down her throat, pausing for rough bites. His jagged teeth scraped along her skin yet she felt no skin broken, only the gentle suckle of his tongue and lips on her throat. "Admit it, and I'll fuck you, Ellie. I'll fulfill all those perverted little dreams you feel guilty about . . . each and every one."

Heat and wetness pooled between her thighs while he rubbed himself against her, continuing his bites down to her breasts. His claws digging into the slashes on her legs were exactly as she'd imagined, though only two elements were missing from her fantasy. One of them was rubbing itself between her dripping folds while the other wove back and forth over his shoulder, its barbed tip glistening with sweat.

Taking a deep breathe, Ellie locked her eyes with his and whispered, "They weren't you."

A dark chuckle escaped him before her legs were lifted and spread, his cock entering her in a fluid motion that forced half his length into her. Her folds separated with the sudden onslaught yet she still wasn't wide enough to take him in the first thrust.

She gasped at the sudden girth and gripped onto the chains above her head as he began to thrust more and more of his length into her, pulling back only to slam in with enough force to push her back against the stone wall. The sensation of cool stone against her recently lashed back made her whimper before pleasure spiraled in with his rough thrusts.

Derek's hand slid around to part her folds as a sudden thrust forward buried his entire length in her, eliciting a drawn out moan from her. His balls slapped against her folds with each thrust, withdrawing a few inches of his cock from her before pushing back in with a rough thrust.

"Fuck, that's good," she whimpered as she undulated her hips against the thick cock swelling inside her. Her hips melded with his thrusts sliding her up and down his shaft, obeying the movement his claws digging into her skin forced on her. "Harder, please, Derek . . ."

His hand suddenly fisted in her hair and jerked it back while his eyes blazed, his hips stopped all motion despite his cock remaining stiff inside her.

"Derek isn't here. If you have a request, you'll have to direct it to Azrael." His words came out on a hiss punctuated by a flick of his tongue. He leaned closer and licked the salty tears spilling down her cheeks at the rough pull then ordered, "Beg me to finish fucking you, bitch."

Ellie whimpered and shifted to wrap her legs around his waist. "Please, fuck me."

"Who?" he demanded, claws digging in deeper. "Who do you want to fuck you?"

"Azrael. I want Azrael to fuck me," she moaned out then gasped as his thrusts resumed, faster and rougher than before. Each thrust rubbed against her sweet spot while her walls clenched around his shaft, feeling it press against her cervix before withdrawing to plunge in again. "Oh, yes . . ."

A sudden pressure against her backside made her stiffen yet only pushed his cock deeper inside her. Even as she felt her body clenching against the invasion, his hands slid up, tearing new gashes in her skin before forcing her cheeks to spread. The pointed tip pressed deeper despite her cries of pain and whimpers that were buried against his mouth suddenly covering hers as his forked tongue slid between her swollen lips.

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