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Back to the Barn


This story is a sequel to my previous "Education of a City Boy" which found 18 year old Bob watching Rebecca being tortured in many ways by her father. That story was posted in the Incest category.

I don't think it is necessary to read the other story first to enjoy this one, although you are certainly encouraged to do so. Please keep in mind the category the story has been posted in. This is not a pleasant tale.

The time is the summer of 1970, and the location is rural upstate New York.


1. Rebecca returns.

For the third evening in a row I looked down the road from my bedroom window, and for the third evening in a row I was not meeting the solitary figure coming toward our house as had been our custom before last Saturday.

I watched through field glasses at Rebecca shuffling up the dusty road, looking up in hopes of seeing me coming her way. I wanted to see her, that much was certain, but the memories of what had happened last weekend were too fresh in my mind.

Seeing Rebecca made me think of the way I had seen her that afternoon in the Brown's barn. Strung up from the rafters naked and being whipped by her father was her punishment for being caught by her sister with my dick in her hand, and I couldn't imagine how much worse it would have been had her sister arrived a few moments earlier when Rebecca was sucking my cock dry.

I had replayed in my mind the image of Rebecca dangling helplessly while her father slashed her with that stick, and I was confused and ashamed of my reaction to witnessing it. Even worse, I was still embarrassed about my reaction to what her father had done to Rebecca after undoing the ropes.

What was wrong with these people? Most importantly, what was wrong with me? I was an eighteen year old virgin who was desperately trying to get laid. The scene I had witnessed was way beyond what my mind could handle at that point, sort of like finding yourself in college after graduating sixth grade.

Rebecca was wearing that sleeveless denim shirt that she had worn the evening she had given me that incredible blowjob, and she looked so incredible in it that I felt myself getting aroused just watching her.

This evening was going to be different, or so it seemed, because instead of stopping at the usual spot where we used to meet, this evening Rebecca continued to walk up the road toward my house. I quickly got dressed and flew down the stairs, not wanting to have to introduce her to my parents. Not after all I had witnessed.

I was out the door in no time at all and ran across our lawn and met Rebecca, who smiled broadly when she saw me coming.

"Hey Bobby, been missin' ya!" Rebecca said as I reached her, giving me a big hug and kiss as those big breasts of hers pressed against me.

"Hi Rebecca, I didn't think you'd want to see me again after... what happened."

"Oh that? Heck, that was no big deal," Rebecca said as she took my hand and led me back toward that tree down by the creek.

"No big deal?" I said in disbelief.

"Oh yeah, my Mama said she caught you watching me in the barn," Rebecca said cautiously. "Uh, how much did you see anyway?"

"Ummm... after your father untied you I left," I lied, unable to admit that I had watched well beyond that point. Rebecca seemed pleased at that and squeezed my hand tight as we headed down the slope to the tree.

"Well then, that was no big deal," Rebecca laughed nervously. "Heck, don't you get punished when you get caught messin' up?"

"Sure, but not like... that," I said. Sure has hell NOT like that was what I was thinking. Not getting stripped naked and being strung up by my wrists. Not by getting whipped with a tree branch repeatedly. Not by having my father do to me what hers had done to her.

"Things are different out here in the sticks Bobby," Rebecca said as she backed up against the tree. "You sound like you're mad at me, or disgusted or something. Didn't you like watching me?"

"Like it?" I answered quickly. "It looked like you were getting killed."

"That didn't turn you on at all Bobby?" Rebecca said as she put her hands on my shoulders. "You didn't wish that you were the one doing the whipping?"

"No way!" I said defiantly.

"That's funny," Rebecca said as she nuzzled into my neck, kissing me and nibbling her way up to my ear before whispering huskily, "because Mama told me that the wall next to where you were standing was covered with spunk."

As she said that, Rebecca's hand snaked down and grabbed my crotch. My dick was rock hard and I let out a moan as Rebecca's hand found it and stroked it through my shorts.

"That's alright baby," Rebecca said as I squirmed under her grasp. "You got a boner just talking about it. It's okay with me. Fact is I would have have enjoyed it even more if I knew you were watching."

"Enjoyed it more?" I croaked.

"Of course I like it," Rebecca said softly. "Especially when it's not really a bad beating. That one was was easy. Does that surprise you, I mean with me liking it Bobby?"

"Well, yeah it does," I admitted meekly before adding, "but doesn't it hurt though?"

"It hurts, but it hurts really good, if you know what I mean," Rebecca said, and I guessed from the expression on my face she could tell that I didn't know. "I probably would have come an extra time if I knew you were outside with your thing in your hand."

"Did your mother tell your father that I was out there doing..."

"Heck no!" Rebecca said with a laugh. "If she had you wouldn't be out here talking with all your teeth like you are. I don't think he would have appreciated an audience. Mama and I have a really good relationship and we talk a lot."

I surmised that he certainly would not have wanted anybody to see the savage way he treated his daughter, not to mention what went on after the whipping, but I bit my tongue and remained silent.

"So you still didn't answer my question," Rebecca said as she moved backward and reached up to grab the low-hanging limb above her head.

"What question? I asked as I watched Rebecca hanging provocatively in front of me, much like the way she was suspended in her barn.

"I asked you whether you wished that you were the one whipping me," Rebecca said slyly as she watched for my reaction.

"Gee, I'd rather do other things, like maybe make love to you," I said hopefully.

"Not gonna happen Bobby," Rebecca said as she let go of the limb and looked around cautiously. "I gotta stay pure for my husband, whoever that might end up to be. Heck, it could even be you. Other stuff, now that's something else. You tell me you wouldn't like to string me up and wail away on me?"

Rebecca pulled the blouse out from under her jeans and pulled it off her creamy white shoulders, made even more pale looking by the deep farmer's tan she had from her biceps down. The corset-like bra strained to hold back those twin torpedoes as she reached up again to grab the limb.

Rebecca looked at me looking at her, and then glanced down and over to her side and smiled at where my attention had gone.

"Gee Bobby, you sure got a thing for the hair under my arms, don't you?" Rebecca said chuckling at what I assumed was my blushing reaction to her catching me staring at the abundant tufts of strawberry blonde hair that filled her armpits. "Just think, if you had me all tied up like this you could do whatever you wanted, couldn't you?"

I said nothing, and was even having trouble swallowing and breathing as I stared at Rebecca.

"What do you think baby, you want to do it to me Saturday morning? Want to punish me? Everybody goes to sell stuff at the Farmer's Market in the city and we'll be all alone," Rebecca said as I shifted my weight uncomfortably from foot to foot. She twisted around ever so slowly, which afforded me a glimpse of the faded welts that crossed her muscular back.

"Yes," I croaked almost inaudibly.

"I thought you would say that," Rebecca said. "Now drop your shorts and do yourself."


"Pull down your shorts and jerk yourself off like you did when you watched me last Saturday," Rebecca said. "Just thinking about you doing it turns me on, and I want to watch you do it in front of me. Besides, you know if you don't now you'll only do it later, right? I can see all around us from here, and nobody's around. Do it Bob."

As if under Rebecca's spell, I found myself pulling down my shorts and peeling my underwear down. My dick sprang up as it was released, and while I was initially self-conscious at it being so much smaller than Rebecca had experienced, it only took a few tugs to erase that thought from my mind.

"Oooooh, that's it" Rebecca said as she watched me take my dick in hand and begin to stroke it slowly. "Mmmmm... you got such a beautiful dick on you Bobby. I love the way it curls up toward your tummy when it's stiff. Remember last week when I sucked on your dick right here?"

"Yes," I grunted as I changed my grip and began pulling at my cock with more intensity.

"Your spunk tasted so good - so sweet. I can't wait to watch you shoot your load Bobby," Rebecca said in a voice that was almost as guttural as mine. "Jerk that cock Bobby. Tell me when you're going to shoot baby."

I moaned what was an attempt at a response, too wrapped up at the sight of Rebecca writhing in front of me. I fought back the urge to cum, enjoying watching Rebecca watching me and not wanting it to end.

"Oh that's it baby. I can see your cock starting to drool - it's so red and hard," Rebecca wailed. "Just like it was last weekend. Betcha went home and jerked off right after you got home, didn't you baby?"


"How many times Bobby?"

"Couple," I lied. "A lot... all weekend," I admitted almost immediately. I had indeed whacked off so many times since then my arm ached.

"Thinking about me? Thinking about me getting whipped?"

"Yes... thinking about you hanging there naked... wanted to... ohhhh!"

Rebecca moaned and twisted at my admission, and the combination of Rebecca's voice and the vision of her in what seemed like in the middle of having an orgasm herself was too much.

I was standing in front of her naked from the waist down, with my cock in my right fist and my balls in my left hand both working rapidly.

"Coming!" I grunted, and my knees buckled as I felt my orgasm rise up from the depths of me. Cum was flying out in front of me wildly as I heard Rebecca wail in ecstacy at the sight.

As my orgasm finally began to subside Rebecca dropped down off the limb and knelt in front of me. She quickly took my dick into her mouth and began to siphon out the last few dribbles as my cock continued to jerk helplessly.

I looked down at Rebecca who had her nose buried into the little tuft of hair above my dick, still sucking my deflating member slowly but forcefully as I ran my hands through her dirty blonde hair. Eventually Rebecca looked up at me and winked before getting up off her knees.

"That was nice, wasn't it Bobby?" Rebecca asked as she grabbed her blouse off the ground and shook the grass off it.

"Nice," I repeatedly mindlessly as I stood there spent, my shorts still down around my ankles.

"Saturday morning, around nine, okay Bobby?" Rebecca asked all the while knowing the answer without me saying it.

Rebecca gave me a kiss and a hug before skipping off across the field to her house. I shook my head to clear the fog which had enveloped me and managed to pull my shorts back up before heading toward home.

2. Saturday morning.

It was with a great deal of trepidation that I walked throught the field that separated Rebecca's house from ours. The half mile walk gave me plenty of time to think about what I was about to do, not that I hadn't spent most of the last couple days doing just that.

Even though it was only 9 in the morning, the heat of the morning promised yet another scorcher in what had been a brutal summer so far in upstate New York, and I had worked up a considerable sweat during the ten minute walk. Some of it was from nerves, as I was just as scared as I was excited.

The pickup truck was not in the driveway, so I felt fairly confident going up to the back porch and knocking. I thought I heard some moving around inside, and was startled when I heard Rebecca's voice from behind me.

"Here I am Bobby!" Rebecca called out, and I turned to see her in the doorway of the barn waving to me. I eagerly jumped over the porch railing and hustled over to meet Rebecca, who seemed excited to see me.

"Thought I heard you inside the house," I told Rebecca as she closed the door behind us, dropping the metal bar that secured the barrier.

"Probably the cat," Rebecca said as we embraced. "You ready Bobby?" she asked as she handed me a fairly thick tree branch and walked over to the middle of the barn. Rebecca had already thrown ropes over the support beam and stood between them waiting for me.

"Um, what do I do?" I asked her, totally unsure of what the procedure was that she wanted me to follow.

"Well Bobby, you're going to punish me. I've been bad. You're going to strip me naked and whip me until I can't take it anymore. You're going to do anything you want to do to me except putting your thing in my pussy. Anything else you want to do to me or say to me, go ahead. Be dirty Bobby. Be nasty. Squeeze... pinch... slap... whatever turns you on is alright."

"I don't want to hurt you," I said.

"Don't worry about that baby," Rebecca said smiling. "If you really do start to hurt me I'll call you Robert, okay? That will be a signal to you, but I don't think you can. I have a hunch that you're gonna wimp out on me."

"I'm not going to wimp out on you!" I snapped back in response.

"Talk is cheap Bobby," Rebecca reminded me.

I fumed silently and began unbuttoning her plaid short sleeved blouse. When I reached the last button I yanked the blouse open and pulled it off her shoulders roughly.

"Oooooh! Did I make my little Bobby mad?" Rebecca cooed happily.

"You'll find out soon enough!" I insisted as I went behind her and searched for the hooks of her brasierre.

"The hooks are in the front big boy," Rebecca said smartly as I came back around to face her.

I struggled with the clasps while my temper rose. If Rebecca was trying to get me pissed off, it was working, and it seemed like it took forever before I finally managed to undo the last clasp. The bra practically exploded off of Rebecca, the fabric flying out of my grasp as her massive breasts lurched out of their restraints.

"You like my big ones, don't ya Bobby? Something tells me you never saw any this big before have ya?"

I shook my head as I cupped the enormous globes in my palms, hefting the weighty masses as I felt the crimson nipples stiffen in response. I undid Rebecca's jeans and tugged them down her thighs, my face right next to her panty clad pussy. I could smell the rich musky scent and I leaned forward to inhale more deeply.

The white cotton panties were incapable of containing Rebecca's lush strawberry blonde bush which curled out from the sides of the leg openings. The hair grew well above the top elastic of her panties, and a thin trail led from the triangle and up to her navel. My hand slid up and down the front of her panties and I could feel the dampness seeping through.

"Your pussy is dripping wet," I said as I yanked them down her legs. As I pulled off the jeans and panties, I could feel the soft hair on her legs, so blonde it was almost invisible. My hand slid up and down her shapely legs, and realized as I did that the heat of the barn was getting oppressive. We were both covered with sweat already and we had only been in there for five minutes tops.

"Like my pussy hair, don't you Bobby?" Rebecca said as she inhaled sharply while my fingers raked through the amazingly dense forest that surrounded her womanhood. "Bet none of your city girlfriends got a bush on them as big as mine, do they?"

I grunted in response, actually having only seen a couple in person before in my life. Neither of which were anywhere near as hairy as Rebecca's, that was for sure, I admitted to myself as my touching released the musky scent that I found so intoxicating.

Rebecca had slipped her hands into the loops at the ends of the ropes, and instructed me on how to tighten them. She then had me adjust the other ends of the ropes that were tied around a post behind me.

Rebecca was stretched as far as possible, standing on her toes when I finally secured the ropes. Her leg muscles were clearly defined from the strain, and it was an incredibly arousing sight. That, as it turned out, was nothing.

"You got them tied down tight?" Rebecca asked me, and after I assured her that I had, she did something that was completely mindboggling. Rebecca did something to the position of her hands in the ropes and then as I stood in awe, pulled herself upward.

It was like she was on the rings in a gymnastic event, as she pulled herself upward until she was doing an iron cross move. Every muscle in her back and shoulders was bulging as she held the position for a couple of seconds before easing her body down. It was the most incredible atheltic move I had ever seen, and you could almost feel the sheer power of her marvelously well developed body while she was doing it.

"Used to be able to do it better and longer," Rebecca said almost apologizing as she shook some feeling back into her hands. "Must be getting soft since we got the new tractor."

I wasn't getting soft, that was for sure, as I felt my erection pulsating in my pants. I reached over to retrieve my stick, before Rebecca stopped me.

"You forgot the blindfold Bobby, over on the rail" Rebecca chided me as I grabbed the red kerchief. "Maybe if I'm not looking at you then you won't be afraid to really hit me"

I put the blindfold over her eyes and tied it tightly before stepping back and surveying the situation. Rebecca's arms were pulled straight up and she was standing on her toes. Her voluptous body was glistening with perspiration as she stood before me. I reached up and pulled on her nipples lightly, the pebbly pegs rigid as I held them firmly between my thumbs and index fingers.

"Geez, you gotta be kidding," Rebecca said in a mocking and sassy tone of voice. "I can hardly feel it, you wimp!"

My neck got red as I grabbed the pegs and yanked on them violently.

"Feel this, you slut?" I spat at her as I lost my mind for a second.

From out of Rebecca's mouth came only a wailing "aaahhhhh" as I twisted the thick pegs angrily before finally lightening up.

"That's more like it! Talk as dirty as you want," Rebecca said as I backed away. "You still got your clothes on?"

I quickly stripped down as I told her that it was none of her business what I was doing. "I suggest you shut up and take what I dish out," I added, proud of myself for getting the hang of this so quickly.

Walking around Rebecca, I slid my hands up and down Rebecca's slippery back which still bore the scars of last week's onslaught. My fingers traced the faint markings of the welts left by her father's beating, and my touch caused Rebecca's body to shiver.

"Doubt whether you can match that Bobby," Rebecca said defiantly. "That there was done by a real man."

Once again, Rebecca had managed to trip my trigger. Realizing the way to get to an insecure teenaged boy was to question his manhood, something he spent enough time questioning on his own, she stuck the needle in deep. And I fell for it.

I swung the stick at the small of her back, one of the few areas back there that had been unmarked, and took satisfaction at the tiny red mark it left in its wake. Rebecca barely flinched in response.

"Anytime you're ready back there," was her response.

I stepped back and the whistling sound of the branch howled in my ears before it smacked Rebecca square in the middle of her back, right around where the freckles stopped, leaving a bright red welt. My free hand went to my dick which was fully engorged, and I stroked myself lightly before resuming my task.

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