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Back to the X-Files Ch. 2


Oct 28,1985


Washington DC (Mulder and Scully's office)

Mulder and Scully sitting at Mulder's desk

Mulder is sitting there quietly.

Mulder are you all right?

No reply.


Did you say something Scully?

Yes, I asked if you were all right.

Fine, why do you ask?

Because you got here at 8:30 this morning and all you've said is hello Since you've got here.

Sorry about that Scully, but I've been thinking allot this past week.

About what?

About what the Doc could have wanted.

Mulder, I'm sure if it was important the Doc would have came and saw us That day and not waited a week, besides today is a week, I'm sure he be here a little later.

You’re right Scully.

Of course I am, it's almost noon why don't we go get some lunch.

O.k. Scully, but only if you let me pay.

Sounds good to me Mulder.

1:05 PM

Mulder and Scully return from lunch.

That was a good lunch, Thanks for paying for it Mulder.

Anytime, Scully Just then the phone rings and Scully picks it up.



Oh we've been waiting for him, send him right down.

Scully hangs up the phone.

Mulder that was the guard in the lobby he said that the Doc was up there and he would send him down.

That's great now we can find out what he wanted to tell us.

Five minutes later.

There's a knock on the door.

Come in Mulder says.

The door opens and in walks the Doc.

Good after noon you two, I would have been here earlier but I had to find a safe place to park the time machine.

That's ok Doc, it's nice to see you again, how was your trip to the future, Scully asks.

It was nice, I had some work done on the Delorean to make it more easy to find fuel for it, and some other things I think will surprise you, in all it took about four weeks, three weeks in the future. Then it took me a week back here to put the finishing touches on it.

Like what?

Oh, you will see.

Doc, what did you need to see us about, Mulder asks.

Is it safe to talk here, I mean no one will here us.

No one will hear us Doc Scully replies.

Yea, the only ones down here is rats and us, Mulder adds.

O.k., well you see I went to 2015 and then found out that you were president Mulder.

Mulder president, Scully laughs.

What's so funny Scully, I would make a good president.

Yea and I would make a good vice president.

Mulder just looks at her remembering that she doesn't want to know her future, and then looks at the Doc and says continue.

Well then I decided to go ahead to Nov 6, 2017 to see if you got reelected for your second term, and you did.

So I thought way not go ahead a little more to see your final state of the union and to my surprise it was the vice president giving it.

I went right to the library to find out what happened.

And what did happen.

You might want to sit down for this you two.


It's bad news, really bad news.

Mulder says, what it isn't like someone is going to kill me.

Doc doesn't say anything.

Doc you aren't saying anything, that's it isn't it.

Yes, I was going to stop it myself but then I thought if I failed I would get arrested and sent to jail because they would think I'm the one who did it. Then government would find out about the time machine, and who knows what damage would be done if that happened.

Mulder falls back in his chair with a shocked look on his face.

Go on Doc I need to know everything, Mulder says.

It happens May 9,2018 2:05pm at the cafe 80's in Hillvalley while you visiting Marty.

What happens is Marty and you go to the cafe 80's to have some lunch and talk and someone stabs you in the back.


I don't know.

They never caught the guy.

He was too fast.

Doc, so what you are telling me, I'm going to die on May 9,2018.

No, What I'm saying you could be killed.

What do you mean could be killed, you just said he did get killed, Scully says.

Mulder stands up with a big smile on his face, no Scully, I know what the Doc is getting at we got to the future and prevent the killing from ever happening.

That's right Mulder, you got it, Doc yells.

What I have planed is we get there a little earlier, and between the three of us we will be able to spot the killer hopefully.

And what if we can't Doc, Scully remarks.

If we don't, there will be three of us there and for sure we will be able to stop him before he makes it to Mulder.

Just then A.D. Skinner comes around the corner.

All right, what's this all about?

Sir, Mulder and Scully exclaim.

I've been standing outside for the last 10 minutes, and I've heard some pretty strange stuff, even coming from this office, it sounds strange, and who is this man.

Mulder stands up and walks over to A.D. Skinner, Sir you might want to sit down for this.

No, Agent Mulder I will stand.

All right sir, if that's the way you want to hear what I'm about to say, and you can't tell anyone what I’m about to say.

I'll decide that Agent Mulder.

Mulder goes and sits on the edge of his desk.

Do you remember how last week you assigned Agent Scully and me to find a case of missing plutonium?


Well, we found it and a lot more.

What do you mean?

We got sent back in time, by a time machine this man invited.

And who is this man, Mulder.

Doctor Emmett L. Brown, Sir.

You mean this is the man that the terrorists.

Yes, sir.

Go on.

Mulder tells him the whole story and everything that happened to Agent Scully and him.

Skinner looks at Scully and asks, is this true.

Yes sir, every word of it.

So your telling me that this man here took a car turned it into a time machine, that runs on plutonium and you two spent a week back in 1955.

Yes sir.

Then just explain one thing, if he used the plutonium in this time machine, how did the research center get a whole case back.

The Doc speaks up and says I can explain that.

You see I went to the year 2015 and found a machine that could copy anything so I copied enough plutonium to replace what I used and dropped it at the gate.

So how dose you time machine run with out fuel.

In the year 2015,i changed it over to a fusion system called Mr.fusion and it runs on common household garbage now.

You three expect me to believe that story.

Sir it's the truth they all reply.

O.k., then where is this time machine now, I want to see it myself.

I don't see why you can't, you know about it, why not let you see it the Doc tells him.

The Doc says let me go and get it, and I'll land on roof tonight after it gets dark, meet me there at 8:00pm and stands up and walks out the door.

Agent Mulder, Agent Scully, I think you two need a vacation, and as for that old man I think he's insane and in need of treatment, Skinner says.

Sir just be on the roof tonight at 8:00pm and you will see that he's not crazy, that he just might be one of the smartest men ever to live, Mulder tells Skinner.

I'll be up there, then turns and walks out the door.

Mulder, what if the Doc doesn't show up, we'll look nuts and most likely loose our jobs and get put in some institution.

Scully don't worry he'll be there.


Roof of the f.b.i building

Agent Mulder, I was thinking after I left your office how is he going to get that car up here, what dose it fly too, and with that Skinner looks down at his watch.

8:07 Mulder and still no Dr. Brown or time machine.

Just then there were lights over head, and A.d. Skinner looks up.

Mulder is that what I think it is.

Yes sir, a flying Delorean.

But it can't be Deloreans don't fly, they can't, no car can.

Scully looks at Skinner, well this one can.

Mulder, Skinner, and Scully step back and the Delorean lands.

Skinner stand there with a shocked looked on his face, and the Doc opens the door on the Delorean and Steps out.

Sorry, I'm late but it's awful flying weather, there's a storm coming in off the ocean and it has very strong winds, it was knocking the Delorean all around.

That’s o.k. Doc, Mulder says.

The Delorean looks different Doc, Scully tells him.

Oh, it is I made many changes, Come over here and I will show you them.

Mulder and Scully walks over to the Delorean, and then looks back at Skinner.

Sir, are you coming over to see it? Mulder yells.

Still in Shock over what he just saw Skinner walks over to the Delorean.

Mulder, Scully, and Skinner bends down to look into the Delorean.

The Doc sitting in the Driver's seat starts to Speak.

As I've all ready told you I put a new fuel system in for the flux and the time circuits, and you saw the hover conversion that make the car fly, I'll tell you about some of the other new features I added, This new display over your destination time is your destination location, it tells you where in the universe you are going, you type it in over on that new key pad over there. Let's say you want to see the first time travel you would type in on the time key pad 10 21 1985 1:20am then over on the location keypad you would type Hillvalley, California, and that's all there is to it, let me tell you it saves like hell on gas.

Another new feature is I've added a full back seat, now it can hold five people.

That was the hardest thing to put in, two weeks work in 2015,reshaping the body and moving things around on the inside, then I had to come back here to get the leather seat because they don't have leather in the future, leather has been outlawed.

Agent Mulder, Agent Scully may I talk to you for a second in private, Skinner asks.

Yes sir, Mulder and Scully replies, and then looks at the Doc, please excuse us Doc.

Mulder, Scully, and Skinner walk over to the door.

Mulder, Scully we have to get this to the defense department right away, do you know how valuable this could be to the us government.

Sir, Mulder says, it could be dangerous if used wrong, and the military doesn’t have a good record of using stuff like this responsibly, Scully and I have seen how dangerous the time machine can be if not used Right.

We told you what almost happened to that kid, and that was just a small accident, do you know what could happen if a big accident happened with it.

I agree with Mulder, sir, besides the Doc doesn't want anyone to know about it, and we should respect his wishes.

You two are right, I'll keep this a secret.

Good Mulder says, and they all walk back over to the Doc and The Delorean.

What was all that about, Doc asks.

Nothing A.d. Skinner just had an idea, and realized it was a bad one, So how was your trip to the future Doc, Scully says.

The first time when I was alone it was good, but I had to come back and get Marty and Jennifer things could have gone better.

What do you mean Doc, Mulder asks.

Well, Marty bought a Sports book, Doesn't sound that bad Doc, Mulder replies.

It would have been but it had the out come of every sporting event from 1955-2000 and he was going to use it for gambling.

Then he was going to gamble, he was going to exchange his money for more money, because it isn't gambling if you know aren't going to loose, Mulder says.

It doesn't matter it was still wrong, so I made him throw it away.

Old Biff must have heard us talking and followed us when we went to pick up Jennifer at her future house were the cops had dropped her off after finding her asleep in an alley, and he was going to steal the time machine, Lucky he didn't get near it.

He didn't cross at a crosswalk and.

Scully interrupts, do you mean he got ran over.

No, Scully he didn't get ran over, he got arrested and sentenced to jail for the rest of his life.

Skinner speaks up, people get sent to jail for life for j walking, what do they get put to death for littering.

No, the death penalty has been ban since 2011,because there hasn't been a single violent crime since 2010.

NO VIOLENT CRIME! Mulder exclaims.

I get killed in the year 2018,and that isn't a violent crime, what is it like parking a car wrong.

Of course it's a violent crime, but what I met up in till that event there wasn't a violent crime since 2010,and there won't be one then because we're going to stop it.

Just a minute, Skinner says, How are we going to stop it?

When you said yourself no one knows who the killer is.

I was thinking that we get there a little earlier, and look for people Who might be the killer, and if we can find him, we can stop him as he goes after Mulder, between Mulder, Scully, and myself I think we will be able to stop this from happening.

And Me, Skinner says if one of my best friends, best Agents, and the president is going to be killed I’m going to help stop it.

All right then, you can come too, just be careful. Now everyone get in the car, we have a friend/president to save, Doc says.

Mulder and Skinner sit in back, and Scully and the Doc sit in front, and closes the door.

Everyone buckle up, the wind getting worse and it going to get awfully bumpy.

Everyone buckles up, and the Doc types in the destination, May 9,2018 12:05pm Hillvalley, California.

Ok I set it for 2 hours before the killing.

It should give us enough time to land, get to the cafe and stop Mulder from getting killed.

Is everyone buckled up? Doc asks.

Yes everyone replies.

The Doc starts the Delorean and flips a few switches, and the Delorean starts to lift off.

The Delorean is getting tossed around like a rag doll by the wind.

Ok prepare for temporal displacement, The Doc yells.


Then there's three load bangs, jars a little, and then levels out and flies smooth.

Skinner looks at Mulder.

What just happened agent Mulder?

Sir lets just say welcome to the future.

Dam, the Doc says.

What's wrong Doc, Scully asks.

Oh I'm behind a slow driver, Could you reach over sun visor and hand me my rearview glasses.

Maybe I can pass him.

Scully hands the Doc his glasses, and Looks back and sees Mulder in awe and then looks at Skinner and he too is in awe, amassing isn't it sir, and you said cars can't fly.

I take it back Agent Scully, I take back everything I said.

So doc this is the future, Skinner says.

Yes, May 9,2018.

So this what dose my future?

I can't say Mr.Skinner.


Because no one should know too much about his or her own future, I'm sure Mulder and Scully told you what happened to Marty in 1955.

Yes, and now I see your point, it could hurt me if I knew too much about my own future.


O.k. here's where we get off the skyway, hold on everyone.

Doc turns the Delorean sharply, and flies over an alley and lands.

Doc presses a button on his watch and says open garage door, and the side of the wall of the building to the right opens up.

The Doc drives in, parks and the wall closes up.

All right everyone let go and save Mulder the Doc remarks.

Scully and the Doc open the doors and get out followed by Mulder and Skinner who closes the doors.

The Doc presses the button again on his watch and says open walkway door.

A door opens in the wall and they all walk out.

Wait a second Doc says.

They all stop.

The Doc presses the button again, close and lock everything the Doc says.

The door vanishes.

What was all they about Doc, Mulder asks.

Well after Old Biff tried to steal the time machine I thought it was unsafe to leave it on the street.

So I rented a security garage, No let's get a move on we got to save you Mulder.

They all walk onto the street and Mulder looks to the left.

Mulder exclaims everyone look over here.

They all look.

There was a sign it reads HOLOTHEATERS JAMES BOND: THE GOLDEN RESTHOME Oh they're still playing that the Doc replies.

The out of the sign a hologram of and old man appears and starts to walk down the street with a walker, the he pushes a button on the walker and goes shoot off into the air and disappears.

Wow Mulder, Scully and Skinner say shocked.

Doc says I went and saw it the last one was better James Bond: the hip replacement, come on let's get to the cafe we have less then two hours.

They all enter the cafe and take a seat in the back so they can have a good view of the whole place.

A screen comes over with a waiter on it that looks like Rambo.

Yo, what do you want?

Doc says order what ever you want I'm paying.

Mulder, Scully and Skinner orders a Pepsi and a cheeseburger and the Doc order the special and a Pepsi.

The food appears in front of them instantly and on the screen is the bill one thousand dollars and the Doc puts a dollar thousand bill down on the plate in front of the waiter and the waiter leaves.

A thousand dollars Doc for three cheeseburgers, one special, and four Pepsies, a little expensive don't you think Skinner says.

No, it's cheep for today prices.

Skinner just shakes his head and eats.

1:40pm Doc we have less then a half and hour and no one is in here but us, Mulder says.

Doc takes the newspaper out of his coat.

Doc's face drops.

What is it Doc? Scully asks.

Doc hands her the paper it now reads, A WOMAN KILLED IN THE CAFE 80'S.

Scully reads it.

It says that I get killed now, and it happens at 1:55pm.

Doc looks at them all and says we got to get out of here now or we're going to have a major paradox.

Just as he says that the door opens and someone walks in and takes a seat at the counter.

Well look what just walked in the door, I think we have our killer, Skinner says.

Everyone looks.

Alex Krychek, Mulder exclaims.

A friend of yours, Doc asks.

No, Mulder says, he killed my father and many other people and all kinds of other stuff too, he's a real piece of slime.

I think your right Mr.Skinner, Doc says.

They all get up and walk over to Krychek.

Krychek, Mulder yells.

Krychek turns looks at them all.

Who the hell are all of you and how do you know my name?

Doc says who we are isn't important, but what we know is.

What do you know?

Scully says we know that you’re going to try to kill the president, but we aren't going to let you.

Krychek takes a gun out of his pocket and points it at Scully.

Just how are you going to stop me, I think that we all are going sit at the booth over there and when the president comes in I'm going to kill him, because if that doesn't happen the lady here will die.

They all walk over to the booth and sit.

Krychek makes Scully sit next to him.

The waiter screen comes over to them, this time it's a guy that looks like Bill Murray.

What would you like? It asks.

Four coffees, Krychek says.

Four coffees appear in front of them and Krychek puts his thumb on a plate on the waiter screen and the waiter leaves.

Krychek looks at them all again.

Just a minute I know who three of you are, but it can't be your young, I mean your old now, I mean, you know what I mean, now someone better start explaining things to me or Scully gets it.

Doc starts rambling on and on about nothing, and as he dose that Scully pushes her hot cup of coffee close to the edge of the table next where Krychek is holding the gun.

Krychek yells, dam it old man, you better start to make scene or I will kill her, and he slams his free hand down on the table, and hot coffee spills all over his hand and he drops the gun and screams in pain.

Mulder quickly gets the gun and points it at Krychek.

All right Krychek let her go, Mulder says.

Krychek pulls a knife out of his pocket and holds it to Scully's throat.

I'm leaving here and she's coming with me or I'll slit her throat.

Doc looks at his watch, The time was 1:53pm.

Doc says let him leave.

Mulder lowers the gun.

Now that's better Krychek says.

Old man do you have a car.

Yes, The Doc answers.

Give me the keys.

Doc hands him the keys to the Delorean.

As he dose that Krychek notices his watch.

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