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Back Yard Flexx


I was just about to sleep when I heard a banging sound over my neighbor's back yard. When I peeked through my window, I was startled to see my neighbor, Brian, standing up right pummeling his waist down onto my "so-called" friend Sandra, who was bending over with her skirt basically over her head and her batty jaws were jiggling...

Thank you pupa Jesus that rain did a tear and breeze did a blow cause when I did done laugh the whole neighborhood would swear I was dying.

As I stood at my window and absorbed the view of him jamming his long cock in her pussy, I became totally hooked and stank of horniness. He looked so tense yet relaxed and still yearning. And it looked as if he was looking over here but I couldn't tell but I knew he couldn't see me but the thought got my nipples got harder in my huge t-shirt and my pussy started to jump in my little blue g-string. I sighed and wished I could be getting what she was taking. I tortured myself a bit longer by watching what I could easily obtain, then went to my lonely bed in a wrecked state of "hornynitis."

I woke up later that night in a soaked in sweat screaming... in pleasure of what Brian was doing to my body. I looked around half expecting Brian to pop out from behind my door or under my bed or out of my closet but after a while I accepted that I was an incredible dream that I wanted to be real. I hadn't fucked in over a year... not that I wasn't attractive or anything like that, I mean I had my curves and all but I just wasn't ready to have sex with any random guy... and I just didn't go fucking every guy I knew either. I wasn't going to be my neighborhood's boy's welcoming mattress, HELL NO!

I did know Brian, we basically changed each others diapers and he wasn't just any random guy. He was my best friend, the greatest friend I ever had, but I NEVER pictured him like that! Eww... but why did the thought of having sex with him, still turn me on?

I hissed my teeth and got off the wet bed and went to open my window. The cool air came in and tickles my nipples with no trouble (thank god I didn't have to wear a bra all the time.) I looked out and saw that his bedroom was dimly lit by his television. I got the sudden urge to go to him. So I climbed out the window crept through our little secret passage in the partition of the houses, and walked over to his window and knocked and called him." Bry... Bry..." there was some shuffling and moaning and then he appeared at the window peeking out. He looked tired and flushed and I was about to leave when he said "Yea Ty?"

"Nothing, go back to sleep sorry I woke you..." I started to walk of and stopped when I heard stones crunching behind me. "I told you to go back to yuh bed little boy." Sounding quite like his big sister as usual. But at that moment when I looked at him, he looked so different, like my 'friend' Brian wasn't there but a new Brian was.

"Why you staring at me like that Ty? What's wrong?" he rushed over to me and held my hand in mid reach to hug me I replied, "Nothing man, it's all good," and removed my hand from his too quickly.

A pang of jealousy shot through me because of what I saw early. And I got instantly upset, hissing my teeth.

"Wah happen Ty? Why you not talking? Is what I do now? Is it cause I never come see you today?" he gave me a pout as if he was sorry and he did look sweet but that pout that he always gave me was never cute much less sweet...

"Nothing wrong just go back to bed... talk to you in the morning..."

"Brian, what you doing out here?" made Brian and I turn to his window and it was all I needed to hear from Sandra's dirty mouth.

What the hell? Since when do I care about which girl him sleep with? Backside...

"Sandra? Is what you doing over here?" I looked at her dirty and she knew I could get her in a lot of problems because it was obvious why she was there with a towel wrapped around her.

"I was just showing Brian a thing..." she did a U turn instantly, and I'm sure that she was getting dressed. Brian turned to look at where she disappeared from. He looked like he wasn't through with her. He had longing in his eyes that were dying to be quenched. But when he turned back to me he had a straight face of blankness.

It was just a mistake of me wanting sex, to think for a second, that I could or would actually "like" Brian.

"So she was showing you a 'thing...?'Ha... Watch yourself Bry..."I started for our secret passage again when he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him.

"You better tell me what you called me for Ty or your not going to like the consequences..." at that moment we were braced against each other and my nipples were already hard and the contact to his hard naked chest made them feel tighter.

"Consequences, ha... you can't do shit" I was pushing him of then he suddenly let me go and glanced me over. I started to blush because I knew my nipples where very obvious and I basically didn't have on any clothes and I was right in front of him. I still had on my big t-shirt, no bra and a g-string. How smart?

"What you doing out here in that? Is which man you out here with in that? Child, go put on some clothes. You lucky I'm not your father enuh, I would buss your ass." And I suddenly saw a different excitement glint in his eyes. His eyes never left my body until...

"Bry! Stop staring at me like that, I'm not a piece of meat..." he came back to earth and apologized.

"I'm sorry Ty... I just haven't... seen you like this in a while and... I just haven't had a great sexual combustion in a while." I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms over my chest which made my breasts rise and my t-shirt shorter, revealing my bottom by an inch.

"After that with Sandra today in the rain?" I covered my mouth and tried to run off but he caught up with me too quickly and shouted "You saw that? You watched me?" he looked very off guard and embarrassed.

"I didn't mean to! She was there making a lot of banging sounds when I was going to take my nap. And I just peeked through the window. I didn't tell you to explore outside with your sexual desires!" I got angry just thinking about it and I knew he could tell because his eye brow arched and he asked "So why are you upset?"

"I'm not upset, why would I be? It's not like I care or anything, I don't care who you fuck..."I stopped looking at him and I was going to turn when he held me back.

"I care about who you fuck even if you don't care bout me fucking Sandra or any other girl. And I don't think I can hold this back anymore Ty..." he sighed and paused.

"Hold what back?" My eye brow was arched to the sky wondering what the hell he was going to come up with now. But to my surprise he said the most shocking thing I ever heard.

"I don't think you realize that I have had my eyes on you since you were in diapers... I mean that sound so perverted but you know..."


"You know..?" he looked puzzled as if I was back in diapers.

I was confused but the rass cold wind blew around me and my shirt lifted up a bit making me hornier than I was when I came over and he moved closer to me, holding me at my lower back. I knew what he was going to do and I didn't want to resist him because I always loved his lips because I always told him but never thought of kissing him. But now I desired it more than a breath of air and before he took an eternity I grabbed him and took exactly what I wanted from him. He moaned in my mouth as our lips and tongues intertwined and made an impulse of sexual urges that "finally" made a connection.

He lifted me off of the ground and I locked my legs around his waist. He backed me against a tree and broke our kiss.

Panting hard like he just did a marathon, "May I have you Ty?"

I moaned "Yes" even though I knew I should have said no.

He kissed temple then my neck and my lips and said "Thank you Ty!" in exuberance.

"Why are you thanking me?" I moaned.

"Because I have longed for this moment for so long and I thought you would never want me this way."

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