Bad Heather

byTx Tall Tales©

At first Harold just caressed the gorgeous flesh laid out before him. Then he reached for her crotch and slid two fingers deep into his daughter's quim. His other hand had found her chest and a nipple was in his firm grasp. As he slid his fingers in and out of Heather, she matched his motions with her own, stroking his aching cock through his shorts.

"You must miss Mom a lot," Heather gasped between strokes.

"Of course I do. Why?" Harold asked slowing down, wiggling his fingers inside of her.

"Since she's left you seem to be hard all of the time. I've read a man has needs, but I didn't really understand." Heather told him, her hand clutching his erection.

Harold fondled her full tits. "I guess that's true."

Heather stopped her stroking. "If you'd like, Daddy, I could help you with that." Before he could answer, she slid her hand inside his waistband and felt his fleshy hardness for the first time.

"Oh baby. It feels wonderful, but we really shouldn't. It's wrong." Harold argued.

"Any worse than what you're doing to me, right now?" Heather asked as she hunched her hips into his hand.

"That's different. It's too teach a lesson, not just for our pleasure."

"I want you to teach me a lesson now, Daddy. Teach me what to do with one of these. Someday, somewhere, I'll have to know. Can't you show me?" Heather asked, her hand still caressing him.

Against what was left of his better judgement, Harold eased himself out from under his 18 year old daughter, and dropped his shorts and underwear. His meat was standing at attention, ready to be the center of instruction.

The lesson only lasted a few minutes and Heather was able to see him up close, and the strokes of her hand had him shooting soon thereafter. She giggled as his essence boiled over. "That should help a little," Heather whispered. "If you need more help, you know where to find me."

* * *

In the room alone, Heather cleaned up, then gingerly sat down at her computer. The camera had worked fine. She thought Lynn would get a kick out of the show.

* * *


Harold looked up to see both Lynn and his daughter standing in front of him. Lynn's newest bathing suit gave Heather's a run for it's money.

"What's up, Angel?"

"There was an accident at the pool." Heather said, and Lynn nodded her head in agreement.

"What kind of accident?" Harold asked.

"I think we broke the vacuum," Lynn answered in a whisper.

Harold stood up and walked out to the pool with the two girls. The in-pool vacuum was laying on its side on the bottom of the pool. The hose connector was hanging loose in the pool. While the girls watched he reeled in the hose, and saw the tear where it attached to the cleaner.

"How'd it happen?" He asked calmly.

"We were just playing around," Heather started.

"No we weren't," Lynn interrupted, "I pulled on it to block her in Marco Polo, and I pulled too hard. When she hit the hose it came apart."

"Heather, I think maybe you should take Lynn home now. You and I can deal with this once you get back. Lynn, I'll call your father and let him know you're on your way," Harold said.

"Please don't call my Dad, Mr. Payne. Please. Can't you just punish me now?" Lynn asked.

As tempting as that sounded, Harold couldn't see anyway for things to work out for the better after spanking Lynn's ass.

"Lynn, I'm not going to punish you, and don't worry, I won't tell your father what happened," Harold assured her.

"Damn it! Heather didn't do anything. If you're going to punish anyone it should be me!"

"Lynn, leave it alone," Heather said. "It's my pool, you're my friend, and I'm responsible."

Lynn stomped her foot. "Mr. Payne, I'm going inside. I demand you give me my punishment."

Harold and Heather just looked at her, as she turned and walked inside.

"What have you told her?" Harold asked his daughter, nervous to hear the answer.

"Just that when we have problems we deal with them immediately, and in proportion to the problem. She knows that you've been spanking me, but just that. Just as I know that Jeff spanks her." Heather told her father.

Entering the house, they called out for Lynn, and finally found her waiting in Heather's room.

"What are you doing in here?" Harold asked.

"Jeff always spanks me in my room." Lynn answered.

Harold was all set to send her home, when Heather put her hands on his shoulders and encouraged him to sit down on the edge of the bed.

As soon as he was seated, Lynn went to stand beside his leg. She reached to her sides and slid her bikini bottoms down her legs, to about mid-thigh, before bending over his lap.

"Lynn," Harold gasped, "why did you pull your bottoms down?"

"Jeff always insists I get punished on my bare butt." Lynn explained as if it was obvious.

Harold looked down at the pretty girl with the tempting bare butt. He reached out and spanked her far cheek, with a nice easy slap.

"Daddy, she's used to being spanked a little harder than me," Heather whispered.

With the encouragement, Harold slapped her friend's ass harder, leaving a handprint impression.

"You're right Lynn," Harold explained, smacking her in smooth rhythmic blows. "You're a good girl." -smack- "But even good girls" -smack- "do bad things" -smack- "sometimes."

"Yes, Mr. Payne," she gasped.

"Breaking the vacuum was a very" -SMACK- "bad" -SMACK- "thing!" -SMACK-

"Ow, Ow, I'm sorry, Mr. Payne," Lynn cried after the painful blows landed.

Harold's hand was now caressing her bright red cheeks, giving them a small squeeze. He started in again, now playfully. Once again he alternated moderately firm blows with caresses and gentle pats. And, as with his daughter, he allowed his hand to target the area between her legs, where Lynn responded similarly to his daughter. If anything, maybe even more enthusiastically.

"Thank you," Lynn moaned as her pussy responded to the attention and it wasn't long before the tiny girl came for him.

Moments after she was climbing off of his lap, Heather was taking her place. She had dropped her bikini bottoms as well.

Harold didn't try to argue the point, he just lit into his daughter's bare bottom, wrenching moans and cries out of her in a series of hard and soft slaps that could be clearly heard across the house.

"Not too hard, Mr. Payne," Lynn said softly, now clinging to his side and watching her best friend's ass get blistered.

He worked at it, brazenly making his daughter come from his ministrations, his fingers buried deep within her pussy, while Lynn took it all in, giving advice now and then.

"Harder now, Mr. Payne, shove it in her harder," Lynn gasped while her hands ran over his body.

When Heather came, screaming, Lynn leaned over and slapped her ass hard, leaving a bright white, then red handprint.

Heather finally slid off of his lap, gasping and moaning. "Jesus Daddy! That was hard."

Lynn stretched out on his lap again, "Just a bit more, Mr. Payne. To make sure I understand?" This time her suit bottoms were completely gone.

Harold reached out and caressed her ass, squeezing her bare cheek. With an easy smack, he admitted that it was what he wanted too.

Heather slid behind him and then reached around and fished his hard cock out of his shorts. She stroked his cock while he spanked her best friend.

"Oh God," Lynn moaned, looking back at what they were doing. "That's so hot."

Harold spanked little Lynn firmly, but still spent half his time fondling her privates, penetrating her with his fingers, working to wring another orgasm out of her.

Heather encouraged him shamelessly. She whispered in his ear, while she stroked his hard cock. "Spank the little tramp, Daddy, spank her slutty little butt. Abuse her filthy little pussy, Daddy. Do it. Finger her hard, just like that. God look at the little slut squirm. Spank her some more, Daddy. Spank her hard. I want you to come on her. Come on her for me, Daddy. Squirt your nasty hot cum all over her."

His daughter's stroking hand and nasty words, the incredible view in front of him, and the act of punishing the naughty Lynn pushed him over the edge. He shoved his finger's deep and hard into the friend, while his cock finally unloaded, shooting a load of thick white cream all over Lynn's bare back.

"FUCK!" Lynn cried out, coming hard as his cum burned into her skin.

* * *

Heather looked over the videos she had. It was all coming together. Mom was supposed to be home within the week. She'd have to step up the time table.

* * *

"Daddy! Look! I got into 'State!" Heather cried out waving the admissions letter.

"That's great, honey," Harold started, then lost his train of thought when his hot little daughter leaped into his arms.

He hugged her. "Let's celebrate tonight. Put on something nice, and we'll go out to dinner."

Lynn squealed and disappeared into her room, not to appear for nearly an hour. When she walked out she looked devastating.

The couple had a pleasant dinner, and when they got back, Heather begged for permission to have some wine, which they shared. With half the bottle gone, Heather went to the back of the house.

"Daddy? Can you help me?" she yelled out.

Harold went to her room. "I wanted to change, so I wouldn't ruin this, but I can't reach the zipper, can you help me?"

Harold eased the zipper down, then let his hands stroke her shoulders.

Heather stepped out of her dress, and stood in bra and panties. "That feels so much better." She stretched, then turned to her father. "Daddy, don't you want to get comfy?"

Harold had already removed his coat and he loosened his tie in response to her comment.

"C'mon Daddy, loosen up." She took his tie off, then started working on his shirt. When she wasn't rebuffed, she turned to his pants. With his pants around his knees, she pushed him back on the bed, took off his shoes, socks and pants, and looked down on him, laying there in his underwear.

"I had a great time tonight, Daddy. It was just like a real date. It was wonderful."

"I had a great time too," Harold admitted, watching his daughter.


"Yes, darling?"

She unsnapped her bra in the front and tossed it to the side. She then stepped out of her panties. "I think you're about to have an even better time."

"Oh, Really?" Harold answered with a laugh.

She grabbed his underwear and tugged them down his body, leaving him completely naked, with his hard-on standing tall. "Yes, REALLY."

She climbed on the bed and went immediately for his hard cock. "God, you are so BIG Daddy, how does Mommy ever manage to take it all? I can't believe that would fit inside of somebody. It would tear me open."

"Oh, I think you'd find a way to accommodate it," Harold told her.

"Daddy, I'm going to suck you now, Ok? I've never done this before, so you'll have to tell me what to do. You'll teach me, won't you." Heather asked, her face inches from his swollen cock head, her eyes looking up into his.

"Heather, dear child, I'd love to be your teacher in this."

As her mouth closed over his cock, Harold couldn't help but reflect - what a difference a summer could make.

Heather gave it her best, licking and sucking under her father's direction. She practiced stroking and kissing, sucking him deeply, and using her tongue on him while in her mouth. Getting the swing of it, she turned to make sure the camera had the best view possible, and bobbed her head up and down on his mighty staff, stroking in time. Her father's hands wandered blithely over her teen body, and as he reached his finish, his fingers worked her insides.

"Angel, I'm going to come," Harold gasped.

Heather came up for a breath, "In my mouth," then went at him even more aggressively, staring into the camera attached to the top of her monitor.

He exploded, grunting, holding her head, while he filled her mouth.

Heather took it gamely, getting of on getting her father off. God, the power was mind-boggling. She swallowed repeatedly, sucking her father dry.

* * *

Heather stayed up late, editing the video, working on it until it was just what she was looking for. It was nearly 2:00 am when she finally mailed off the two copies.

* * *

"What time's your mother getting home?" Lynn asked.

"Supposed to be around 6:00," Heather answered.

"So what time should I spring it on Jeff?"

"I think 4:30 would be good. You Ok with this?" Heather asked nervously. A whole summer's efforts depended on this.

"Fuckin' A. This should be wild." Lynn laughed.

"Cool, see you then."

* * *

Come 5:00, Heather was getting nervous. Just as she got ready to give Lynn a call, the front doorbell rang.

"Daddy? Can you get that, I'm in the bathroom," Heather called out. As she heard her father leave his study and head to the entrance, she slipped down the hall to follow him; she didn't want to miss a moment of this.

Her father looked out the peephole, and called back loudly, "It's just Lynn. You didn't mention she was coming over."

Harold opened the door and was stunned to see Lynn's father, Jeff, was there as well.

"Why, hello Jeff, what...Oooof" he cried out as Jeff stepped into him and punched him in the gut as hard as he could. Considering Jeff's 6'2 stature and 200lb mass, that was pretty damned hard. Harold dropped to a knee, gasping, unable to catch his breath.

"Dirty little fucker!" Jeff yelled, then grabbed the back of Harold's shirt and dragged him a dozen feet into the family room.

Harold was dazed and suffering, he tried to ask what it was about, but his breathing was only just coming around. He looked up at Jeff to get an explanation, but he got a full swing backhand across the face that tumbled him to the ground. He could taste the blood in his mouth where his teeth cut his lips.

"Stay down, and don't get up if you know what's good for you," his assailant warned him. Harold scooted back to the couch and leaned against it, wiping his sleeve across his mouth.

Heather ran into the room, "Daddy! Mr. Davis! What are you doing here?"

Jeff just waved at the TV, "Turn that thing on!" He had loaded a DVD into the player.

Heather picked up the remote and turned on the TV. Within seconds, a scene of Harold spanking Lynn appeared. Lynn's bare ass was reddening after just a few strokes. There was no sound, but none was needed.

"What the fuck do you think you're doing?" Jeff yelled, facing Harold and yelling down at him. "How DARE you expose my daughter, or lay a finger on her."

"Please, Jeff, calm down, it's not what you think."

"It's not what I think! Ok, let's just watch for a while. Maybe you're right, maybe it's not what I think." Jeff sat down on the couch. When Harold made a move to get up, Jeff leaned over and backhanded him hard across the temple, making him see stars.

"Don't move asshole." Then he turned to the two girls. Lynn was dressed in a light sun dress, and Heather had on her Daddy's favorite plaid skirt and tight white top. "You two sit down."

The girls obediently took their seats, Heather as the end of the couch, and Lynn in the lounge chair.

Jeff took the remote and examined it, then hit the rewind button, rewinding back to the beginning. "Let's see here, yes, I believe that is my daughter Lynn, naked from the waist down, laying across your lap. Oh yes, and now I see that you're spanking her bare ass. Your hand's lingering a little long on her naked ass, don't you think. No, never mind, don't say anything. I need to watch this, in case it's not what I think."

"Lynn, that is you, isn't it?" Jeff asked his daughter.

"Yes," she said softly.

"Just wanted to make sure. Now you're really laying into her aren't you. That's quite a severe beating for, what was it, Lynn?"

"Pulling the hose off the pool vacuum," she answered.

"Yes, quite severe. Not very good aim there either was it, Harold? Looked like you might have accidentally contacted her privates, oops, there you go again, oh, and again! Maybe it's not incidental. Jesus, your spanking my daughter's naked pussy! No, I guess it's not what I think."

Jeff continued to give a scene by scene voice-over for Heather's spanking as well. Near the end of her ordeal, he really got worked up. "Am I seeing things right. Are your fingers buried up inside your teenage daughters twat? Fuck, Harold what were you thinking?"

Harold had his legs pulled up to his chest, as much to make himself as small and invisible as possible, as to hide the erection he was getting from watching the show.

"I just..." he started, before getting another backhand, right on the ear, that hurt like the devil and left his ear ringing.

"Shut the fuck up," Jeff said offhandedly.

"Fine, as if beating my child once wasn't enough, you've got to have your way with her again. But this isn't punishment, it's just plain molestation. God, you made your daughter beat you off, while you fingered poor Lynn. Look at that, look at what you're doing. Their just fucking high-school kids, for Christ's sake."

Jeff took a long breath, "No, wait, let's not jump to conclusions, maybe it's not what I think it is. Now let's watch carefully, maybe you're just trying to help them out. Nope, that's clearly three fingers stuffed up my daughter's twat, you bastard. Oh, nice. It's not enough that you finger-fuck her, but you've got to give her a beating as well. But wait! Wait! That's not the worst of it, is it? Your daughter's hand is still at work, isn't it? Isn't this where, oh right, I shouldn't jump to conclusions - there! I thought so, you just spunked all over my daughter. What the fuck is that!"

Jeff stood up and started pacing back and forth, then rewound the last part and watched Harold finger his daughter before spraying cum all over her back.

"Jesus, you fucker. I could just kill you. I should. I should fucking kill you."

Heather went to him, "Please, Mr Davis, he just thinks he's helping by punishing us. He didn't mean any harm."

"He's fucking molesting two teenagers, including his own daughter! How the fuck is that not harm?"

"What are you going to do?" Heather asked.

"What should I do, Harold? Should I give you a taste of your own medicine? How would you like it if someone beat your child and molested them? How would that be?" Jeff asked, pulling Heather over to him, and reaching down and squeezing her breast. "How do you like that?"

"Don't do it," Harold said angrily.

"Oh! Didn't like that? How about this?" He reached down and smacked Heather's butt, through her skirt.

"Stop it!" Harold shouted jumping up, and running at Jeff.

Jeff Davis stopped him with a couple of well placed blows, including one between Harold's legs, that had him moaning and clutching at himself, curled up in a ball on the floor.

"Girls, bring two of the dining room chairs in here. One with arms, and one without. NOW!"

Heather and Lynn ran to do his bidding.

"Great." He leaned over and dragged Harold into the chair with arms and sat him there. "Very good. Now Lynn, you will undress Heather down to her panties, and use her clothing to tie her father down. Understand?"

"Please, Mr. Davis. Don't do this," Heather gasped.

Lynn started removing Heather's top, and Jeff went and stood in front of Harold. "Stand up, asshole."

"Don't hit me," Harold moaned.

"Fucker. Stand up and give me your belt." Jeff said calmly.

Harold stood and started removed his belt. He held it out, "Please don't hit me," he pleaded.

"Now drop your pants, I'm not going to hit you."

Harold lowered his pants.

"Underwear too."

"Please, you don't have to do this," Harold said before the slap snapped his head back. He quickly lowered his underwear.

"You said you weren't going to hit me!" he whined.

"As long as you obey, fuckwad. Now sit."

By this time Heather was nearly naked. Lynn used the clothing and Harold's belt to tie him down. She looked up and Jeff passed her his own belt, "Here, for his other foot."

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