tagIncest/TabooBartering with Brothers

Bartering with Brothers


The day that I discovered the power of bartering with my brothers was the best day of my life. It was a long day filled with victories and forbidden pleasures. Let me tell you all about it...

The alarm clock went off that morning disrupting my sleep and instead of hitting "snooze" like I had the last five times, this time I actually rolled over to turn it off, figuring I should probably get up at some point. A drowsy glance at the clock revealed that the time was 8:45AM. I shot up in bed with a gasp. Damn! I was late for work again! By the time I got to the office I would be over an hour late. And to top things off, I'd woken up horny. I hated when that happened, especially since my boyfriend had moved out a month ago. I really wasn't getting my sexual needs met anymore, but between working and going to college full time, I just didn't seem to have any free time to party or meet anyone.

I was feeling pretty sorry for myself and, more importantly, my poor lonely wet pussy. It desperately needed some affection. I knew I could quit my job and still pay tuition, then I'd have more free time to find a lover, but I liked having extra cash for my addiction -- clothes and shoes.

I hopped out of bed and got ready as fast as I could, but still made time to make myself look good. After all, a girl could never tell when she might find a sexual prospect. When my shiny dark hair was straightened and smoothed, my plump lips accentuated with lip gloss, and my dark doe eyes emphasized with a little mascara, I went into my bedroom and put on the sexiest suit I owned that really hugged my ample tits and round firm ass. I wore a low-cut, tight fitting top underneath the jacket. I then jumped in my car and sped to work. I arrived at MagnaTrue Corp, and was immediately told by the secretary that my boss wanted to see me in his office. I gulped and thanked her, then headed to his expansive corner office.

When I walked in I saw Aaron Peterson, my boss and my oldest brother, sitting behind his desk typing on his computer and wearing a look far too serious for his 25 years. But then again, running an entire department was putting a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. He was bearing it well, though, since unlike me he actually fit into this fortune 500 company culture. He was wearing a very expensive black suit that fit his tall muscular body well, and a royal blue tie that matched his eyes. His dark, almost black, hair was cut neatly, and his chiseled face was clean shaven and smooth. He looked really handsome, intelligent, rich and powerful. As usual.

When he saw me come in and flop down into the chair opposite his desk, he raised his head to look at me, then abandoned whatever he was doing to give me a reprimanding look.

"So, they tell me you were late again," he said, his eyes boring into me with agitation. "For the fifth time this month. Tell me...Why exactly is it that you can't get up on time?"

I was very used to his lectures; being five years older than me he'd always acted more like a parent to me than a sibling, and even more so in the past couple years since Dad died. Even though I was now 20, he still felt that he was an adult and I was a child. Of course, I knew my irresponsible behavior didn't help matters, but I wasn't ready to be the grown-up responsible adult he was always trying to get me to be. I just wanted to have fun!

"My alarm didn't go off," I whimpered, pathetically, and did my best to look truly sad and regretful. "I'm really sorry, Aaron."

"Mia, 'sorry' just isn't going to cut it anymore," he said, scooting his chair back from the desk and rising to his feet. "I can't just let you break all the rules, just because you're my sister. People see you coming in late you know! There's only so many times I can make exceptions."

"I know, but I promise I won't be late again!" I said, as I watched him lean against the edge of his desk in front of me. His pants pulled a little tighter around the crotch area, hugging what I knew was a very impressive specimen of manhood. It reminded me once again of how much I was missing sex.

Then I had an idea. I thought of a way to get out of trouble, and get some sex at the same time. Win win!

"I'm sorry, it's too late for that. I can't keep making excuses for you," he said. "I've had to write you up twice already, and that's after the dozen other times I've let you slide. This is your third official strike. That means I don't have any other choice but - "

"Don't fire me, please! I need this job! I'll do anything you want!" I said, looking up at him with big pleading eyes.

"What I want is for you to come to work on time like everyone else!" he said, exasperated. "Is that really so much to ask?"

"No! I'll do that! I'll do that, I swear! And if you cover for me just one more time...I'll do anything else you want, too," I said, sultrily.

To illustrate my point, I unbuttoned my jacket and showed him my cleavage. I even leaned forward a bit to make sure he could see directly down my tiny tank top to the large round D cup breasts nestled in my black lacy bra.

Aaron's eyes enlarged, I could tell he hardly believed what I was doing or suggesting, but at the same time the look on his face said he was tempted. I cupped my breasts in my hands and began to fondle them, watching in triumph as the bulge in his pants grew. It had been a long long time since we'd messed around. In fact, we had only really fooled around once a couple years back when I was 18.

It was right after dad died and we were all in an emotionally frazzled state -- me, my three brothers, and my mom. Aaron and I got really drunk one night and were trying to console each other. Somehow I ended up giving him a tit job until he came all over my tits. The next day he felt really bad about it and apologized like crazy, then took me on a massive shopping spree. I thought it was funny because I wasn't even mad. Why would I be? I'd enjoyed what we did. But of course I let him assuage his guilt while I spent goo gobs of his money and picked up more sweet handbags and shoes for my wardrobe.

The truth was, I'd wanted to do more kinky things with him after that night, but at the same time I didn't want him getting spoiled. So I'd held out until the time was right. And that time was now.

"We really shouldn't..." he said, seeming to be talking directly to my breasts. "It's really not right...to do that again..."

"Why not? We're both consenting adults, and nobody would know," I said.

I reached out and took his hand, putting it on my tit. His eyes seemed to light up as he began to fondle me, using both hands now, squeezing and massaging the big mounds of flesh in his hands.

"C'mon, Aaron. Aren't you horny?" I asked. "And guess what? I have something much better in mind for you than just a tit job this time."

He looked at me with eyes hazy with lust. He swallowed hard. "Y-You do?" he asked.

I nodded slowly, then licked my lips.

"Okay, lock the door," he said, eagerly.

"Yay!" I cried, and got up to lock the door. Then I turned around and walked back over to Aaron, taking off my jacket. I tossed it on the chair and knelt in front of him, reaching out to run my hand up and down his crotch. "Well well, someone is pretty horny this morning."

I wasted no time in unfastening his pants and pulling out his cock. It was as beautiful as I'd remembered: long and thick with a flared head. Fat and heavy, straight and smooth. I pulled my hair out of the way and leaned my head down toward it, looking up just a second to enjoy seeing the shock on his face as he realized I was actually going to suck it. Then I darted my tongue out and swirled it around the head. Ah that first taste, what a thrill!

"Oh my God," he gasped. "I-I can't believe we're doing this."

I just smiled and started to lick his cock and stroke it with my hand. He placed his hands down on the desk to steady himself as I ran my tongue up and down the length of his cock and around the head again and again. Then I took it in my mouth and began to bob my head, sliding my warm wet mouth up and down his engorged cock. I was in heaven. I loved sucking fat cocks so much, and his was so sexy, I loved the way it felt on my tongue. The fact that he was my brother did nothing to deter me, in fact it probably only turned me on more.

"Oh Mia...God you are good at that," he said, as I sucked and slobbered on his fuck stick.

I moaned to myself as I pleased him with my mouth, turned on by the knowledge that he was currently fucking my face, and my horniness hit an all new level. I put a hand between my legs and pulled my panty seat aside to rub my slick shaven pussy as I kept sucking and tonguing him. I then let my tongue swirl down to lick his balls. I sucked on them gently one by one before returning my attention back to his cock, taking as much of it into my mouth as possible.

He watched me intently while I pleased him and myself. The more my own pleasure intensified the hungrier I became for his cock. Soon I was pushing it back farther and farther into the recesses of my mouth until it reached my throat. I suppressed my gag reflex and slid it down my throat. Aaron let out a moan of intense pleasure as my throat milked his cock all by itself.

Needing air, I pulled him out and breathed, then sucked the head back into my mouth, flicking my tongue on the underside below the head.

"Fuck," he swore, and his hips jerked. I knew he was close.

I sucked him in again, making smooth long strokes up and down with my mouth as I slid two fingers into my pussy, fucking them in and out of my tight wet pussy to the same rhythm that my mouth was using to suction his cock. I started to moan as my pleasure escalated, and I deep throated Aaron's cock again as I went off, cumming and twitching and swallowing his cock. That was more than he could take and he grabbed my head, cumming down my throat. When he released me I eased off of his cock and licked it clean before tucking it back into his pants.

"Mia...that was incredible," he said, looking at me awestruck.

I beamed at him and then stood up. "Who knows how to be good to you?" I asked.

"You do," he said, with a happy little smile.

"That's right," I said, then kissed him on the cheek. "Well, I'm off to my desk now!"

He just stood there in a mellow happy mood as I picked up my jacket and traipsed out of the office, humming to myself, content with knowing my job was secure.


I sat in my office bored. I was supposed to be scheduling client meetings, but I didn't really feel like working because it was Friday. Not that I needed a reason to not feel like working, I never felt like working, but Fridays were the worst. And Mondays. And Wednesdays. And -- okay you get the point. Besides, I now knew I was firmly in Aaron's good graces and probably would be his favorite person in the universe for a good while. He was not going to be lecturing me about anything for at least a week, bare minimum.

Knowing this, I blew off work and spent my entire morning in my office shopping online. I found out one of my favorite designers put out a new limited edition handbag and it was soooo cute. It was perfect colors for summer, and I just had to have it! I needed to act fast, though, since there were only going to be so many of these bags.

I went online and checked my bank account. Fuck! I was short like 300 dollars! My credit cards were maxed out and mom only paid them once a month. I wasn't going to get paid for three more days and I didn't want to bug Aaron for anything else right now. So I picked up my phone and text one of my other brothers, Josh, to find out where he was. He said he was at home studying, so I told him to stay put -- I was coming over for a visit.

I grabbed my purse and keys and drove over to the college. Josh was two years older than me at 22, and he was a Grad student and student teacher. I lived in my own apartment not far from Mom and my youngest brother, Max, but Josh lived on campus in grad student housing which was a lot bigger than the tiny rooms undergrads inhabited in the main dorms. It was also a lot more private and really a lot like an apartment, which I knew would make it easier for me to work him, so to speak.

You see, Josh was very responsible with money, and pretty much had no vices. Unlike me, he didn't spend all the money mom gave us, or the money he made from working; he was a saver. I knew he had the money I needed to get my new bag, I just wasn't sure how to wring it out of him. Still, I knew I would come up with a way somehow.

When I arrived, Josh greeted me wearing his usual attire when he wasn't teaching, a band t-shirt and some jeans. His light brown hair was worn kind of long and messy in some hipster style that suited him. For the first time I noticed that he was kinda sexy. Actually, the sight of him was making my pussy twinge for some reason. I didn't understand it, but I figured it must be because my hormones were raging. My morning play time with Aaron didn't leave me satisfied. I got off but I didn't get fucked. My pussy was craving something more substantial in it than just my own fingers, and any cute guy who could provide it was suddenly very interesting.

"Hi Josh," I sang, hugging him quite closely and trying to feel him up as much as possible without him getting suspicious. I wanted to cop a feel of his ass but knew I couldn't get away with it. So I settled for rubbing his back, sneakily rubbing my boobs on him, and sniffing his neck. "Ooh, you smell good!"

"Oh, um, thanks," he said, looking a little flustered once I finally let go and stepped inside. He shut the door after me and looked at me curiously. "What's got you so affectionate today?"

"Do I need a reason? You are my favorite brother, after all," I said, with a winning smile, clasping my hands together in front of me in innocence.

Okay, I know what you're thinking, but I wasn't lying just to butter him up, it was actually true. I loved all my brothers, but Josh was always my favorite. Even though he was older than me he never lectured me like Aaron, and he wasn't a rebellious pain in the neck like my younger brother, Max, who was always getting into trouble. Josh was just a sweetheart.

"I'm your favorite?" he asked, with a lopsided grin.

"Of course!" I said. Then I poked him in the abs. He was a lot more toned than I expected. "Hey, have you been working out? You're looking fit! All your students must have crushes on you!"

"Okay, what do you want?" he asked, suspiciously, crossing his arms over his chest.

I gasped and feigned a look of shock and righteous resentment. "What? I don't want anything!"

"Right, so you only came over to tell me how great and buff I am, and how wonderful I smell?" he asked.

"And also how much I love you," I added, with a big cheesy grin.

"Oh yeah, you definitely want something," he laughed.

Knowing he was onto me, I grabbed his hand and took him over to the couch to sit with me.

"Ok I admit it. I need help. I am in a major crisis!" I said, seriously. "Time is running out and there is no one else I can turn to! Please, Josh, tell me you'll help me?"

"Of course, of course I will. What do you need?" he asked, with wide-eyed concern.

I took his hand in mind and held it to my chest. "I need three hundred dollars."

"What for?" he asked.

"A....A Phillipe Sidaine handbag."

"WHAT?!" he cried, and snatched his hand back.

"It's a limited edition bag! If I don't get one now they'll all sell out!" I whined.

He was not moved.

"Here I thought you needed something important but you just want another handbag?! You have a million of them already!"

"Not like this one!" I moaned, woefully. Then I clenched my hand tightly and proclaimed, "there's never been a bag like this one!"

He laughed at my theatrics, as planned, but he still wasn't giving up the dough.

"Where is all of your money? Huh? I know mom gives you plenty of money and you work part time for Aaron's company. So why are you broke?"

"I'm not broke it's just that the bag...coshtootowsentalas," I mumbled the last words unintelligibly.


"The bag costs two thousand dollars!" I blurted out.

Josh hit the roof. "Oh my God! You do not need a two thousand dollar handbag! No! Absolutely not! I am not wasting my money on that!"

"But I do need it! I swear I need it! Summer's coming and I can't walk around with last season's bags, what would people SAY?" I moaned.

"They'd say 'look at that pampered rich girl with a gazillion bags, each of which could pay the average person's car note for a year!'"

This was not going well. At this rate I would not get my bag. Time for plan B. B as in Bartering. After all, it worked so well with Aaron before...

"You're right. I shouldn't expect you to just give me three hundred dollars if there's nothing in it for you. Soooo...what can I do for you in return?" I asked, scooting closer and laying my hand lightly on his forearm.

He looked at me strangely. "W-what do you mean?" he asked.

"I just mean, if you do this thing for me - which would mean a lot to me - maybe I could do something enjoyable for you," I said, batting my eyelashes.

Josh just looked at me in a stupor. He clearly understood what I was getting at and he could not believe it. I knew I should feel embarrassed of myself for even suggesting this, but I didn't. I was fairly sure that even though I was his sister, he would still take my deal.

I was looking at him as intently as he was looking at me. In that moment I decided he was even more attractive than Aaron, and that was saying a lot because Aaron's face had graced the cover of many local business magazines, but Josh...he was adorable. His hair, skin and eyes were lighter than Josh's, and he had more of a baby face. It kind of made me want to corrupt him.

"I could do really enjoyable things for you, Josh," I said seductively, moving my hand from his arm to his thigh. "Remember that one summer when you used to steal my panties?"

He began to blush furiously.

"I never...I...That wasn't me! I wouldn't - "

"Oh, I know it was you," I said, with a wicked smirk. "I never minded. In fact, I used to leave them on the bathroom floor for you when I knew you were coming in to shower after me."

"You did?" he asked, quietly.

I could tell that poor Josh was just completely in shock at the turn this visit was taking, but at the same time he wasn't exactly blowing up or throwing me out, so I was willing to bet things would go my way.

"Mm hm. What did you do with them?" I asked, starting to stroke his thigh. "Did you smell them?"

He blinked at me but couldn't seem to form words.

"Did you?" I persisted.

He nodded slowly. A thrill shot through me at the mental image of his face buried in the seat of my panties.

"Did you imagine me wearing them?" I asked. "Did you imagine taking them off of me? Did you wrap them around your - "

"Mia!" he gasped, grabbing my hand to stop it before it got to his crotch. "That was a long time ago. I was just a horny teenager. It was wrong what I did, and I'm sorry. I'm really sorry."

"You're so sweet," I cooed, scooting even closer until we were touching. "But you don't have to be sorry. I'm flattered that you thought of me like that. Do you still?"

"Of course not! That would be wrong and...just wrong!" he cried, tensing up as I lightly pressed my body into his.

"Oh," I said, and sighed sadly. "I guess I was silly to hope that you would still think I was anything special."

"Mia, it's not that. It's just that brothers and sisters shouldn't think of each other like that," he said. "But of course you're special to me, you're my only sister."

"I'm glad, Josh. I'm sorry I'm so weird today. I've just been so hor -- uh I mean lonely -- you know, since Chris moved out. I just feel like nobody wants me," I said. "Like nobody ever will again."

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