tagInterracial LoveBe Careful For What You Nag For

Be Careful For What You Nag For


Reader, this is a story of a beautiful woman and her husband who nags her to do something he want, but she doesn't. But it doesn't work out the way he wanted it to, and he ends up getting what he didn't want, and also something he did, but in an unexpected and humiliating way!

Her husband was getting on her nerves, if he didn't stop nagging her, she would do it, but not the way he wanted, it would be done her way, or not at all.

They had only been married for two years, and for the last 6 months he had badgered her to let him do it. He had gone on about it ever since he had watched a pornographic DVD at a friend's house. The idea of it sent him into orbit, he had even found someone, and all he had to do was get her to say yes!

All Jasmine had to do was agree; 'it's simple' he would say.

She would respond with. 'It's not simple, we are married, I didn't sign up for it, I don't want anyone else, you are enough for me, can't you understand that? I am not doing it!'

'But if I do,' she thought, 'you won't like it!'

'But darling, it's just for me, I won't ever ask you again, I promise.' He would say.

Jasmine was exasperated to say the least, it was a sexy idea, but taking part would be against her marriage vows, she had never ever contemplated such an idea, the answer was an emphatic no.

But he was wearing her down, he had started talking about it while they were making love, and he had got to her a few times, she had had some monumental orgasms at the very thought.

She was at her dresser brushing her blonde shoulder blade length hair, it was a thick glossy mane, it was in beautiful condition, and it sat on top of her equally beautiful face. She had been pursued all her life by men and boys, ever since she had been a very small girl, men had taken an interest in her, and she had had her first boyfriend at the age of 6.

Jasmine was a real beauty, she was the best looking girl at school, then college, she had no shortage of suitors. She was popular too, not just because of the way she looked, she was a good student, got good grades, and she was a really nice person, she never had any enemies, except for a couple of jealous girls.

She was 5ft 8" tall, statuesque in her poise, full breasted and large nipples that were always sensitive, she had once borrowed a loose fitting nylon top from her friend, and it had built up some static electricity, that had sparked her nipples, and she had had an orgasm because of it in her own home. After a lot of searching the shops, she bought her own, but never wore it anywhere but in the house, it was too dangerous!

Her husband had asked her to shave her pussy, and she had done so, and making love had been better because of it. She loved sex now, she would always remember her college tutor for what he had given her, but her husband never knew of it, he thought he was her teacher, and Jasmine, being the good wife she was, let him continue.

Over the years she had learned to spot all the lecherous men and boy's, the one's that only ever wanted to get into her knickers, and she had been nearly 19 when she had her first cock. Her boyfriend at the time was over the moon because she had given into him, it was the biggest boost to his ego he had ever had. And he was the proudest boy on Gods earth because he had got her virginity.

He would have been decidedly disappointed to learn that she had given in simply because she had thought it was about time she found out for herself what all the fuss was about. What her friends meant when they said, they had orgasmed. Jasmine didn't orgasm at her first attempt at sex because he wasn't good enough to give her one, but she had enjoyed his love for her, so satisfaction of a sort had been gained.

It had taken her tutor in college to give her her first orgasm, she had gone to him for extra lessons, they had seemed to have a confidence in each other, and a physical connection, and it had gone on from there. He was a divorcee, in his late thirties, and quite good looking in a bookworm way.

She had gone to his home one Saturday morning, and he had seduced her. She didn't resist, it was the real reason she had agreed to his request that she went. She knew it was ethically wrong, but it was what she wanted, and what she knew she needed to do.

He had taken her to bed, he never rushed her, everything was slow and easy, it was a totally new experience for her, and one she more than appreciated. He was in complete control; but in a loving way, he showed her what loving was about. He had made her have her very first orgasm before he got his prick into her. That was the best part for her about it, she felt languid and calm as he went about her now very receptive body.

Then finally, the act itself, he had raised his body over hers, and gently but insistently prised her vagina apart with his cock, and he was in, then he rhythmically fucked her, and they made love to each other, until they both came together.

Her affair with him had gone on for 6 months, he never pressured her, never made demands, it was what it was, a true love affair. Jasmine now knew what sex really was all about now; there wasn't much they hadn't done, except she steadfastly refused to let him into her gorgeous tight rounded arse.

He would tell her with a rueful smile. 'I will take the disappointment of not getting it, to my grave!'

Jasmine would smile and say. 'I know, but it's not for you, it's going to be someone very special, when I know who he is.'

They had ended the affair at term end, they both knew it had run its course, and they both loved each other because of it.

She had had a few boyfriends, some benefitted from her charms, lots didn't, she wasn't an easy lay, and that was that.

Now she was an accomplished woman of 24, she worked part time in her local unisex beauty salon, she did have qualifications in business, and finance, but as yet she was happy to do 4 hours a day there, and earn a little pin money, her 27 year old husband was a well paid solicitor now.

But he was pestering her to let him watch her with another woman, a black woman, and black on blonde he had told her.

She had been shocked, she never knew he had this fetish; she was puzzled by it too. 'Why do you want that, when you have all of me to do with what you want?' And she would flaunt her gorgeous sexy body at him.

'I know darling, its just something I have in my mind, I find it a real turn on thinking about you in the arms, or under the control of, even held captive by a beautiful black woman.' He had told her.

And that night he had related his thoughts to her, and then as she had made love with him, ending by telling her how she was being fucked by her lover, using a big black strap on dildo!

Jasmine had exploded into bits and pieces, her orgasm shattered her. It was by far the hardest and strongest she had ever had.

And since then he had brought the subject up now and again, he didn't harangue her, he didn't want to anger her through it.

But Jasmine had never had thoughts of another woman, especially a black one, the idea of another woman, holding her, kissing her and making her cum, didn't really do it for her.

But now he had brought all of this up, she had had thoughts of black cock, a black mans black cock. It had been his mention of the black beauty in his fantasy using a black strap on dildo that had triggered the ideas.

She had secretly hired black on blonde DVDs and watched them, and she had huge orgasms watching a blonde being fucked out of her head by a black Adonis. She would never go any further with the thoughts, but she knew if her husband persisted in his perverted wants of seeing her surrendering to a black woman, he might get something he didn't want!

That weekend, he took her to a women's club, frequented by lesbians, there were some really attractive ones, and nearly all of them had made a bee line for Jasmine. He had made her promise not to leave, a firm promise. He had bought her drinks, and she had agreed, but she hadn't known that he would disappear for a while. He for his part hadn't left on purpose, he had gone to seek out the owner, to ask if he knew of one or more beautiful black women, or girls for his wife?

The man had responded in the affirmative, and showed him a selection of photos, of which 3 were just what he was looking for. And the one he favoured above the others was a real beauty, even Jasmine wouldn't be able to resist her he thought, it made him get an unbidden hard on, just looking at her!

She was a beautiful Amazon; her details were on the back.

6ft tall, 145lbs, likes submissive women, girls, but prefers beautiful long haired blondes.

'Do you have any contact details for her please?' he asked.

'Yep, but it costs, beauty's like her don't come cheap,' he said.

'How much is it?' he asked beside himself with excitement.

It'll be a hundred,' he told him.

He baulked at that. 'Wow, that's expensive?'

'You want it, you pay, or no deal!' was the mans definitive answer.

'Okay, I'll pay the price.'

'She'll want paying too.' He said.

'Shit, how much?'

You do the deal with her, this is mine.'

He paid using his credit card, and the man gave him an e mail address, and also a telephone number.

Meanwhile in the club, Jasmine had been cornered by 3 women, all of whom were fondling her, one had her nipples, and they were making her too crazy to resist, another had her fingers in Jasmine's soaking pussy, and the other was biting and kissing her neck. Jasmine was helpless, she hated what they were doing to her, but she was so aroused she couldn't stop them, she wondered if they had spiked her dink?

When he came out of the office, he couldn't see her, he had a quick look round, and if he hadn't seen her blonde pony tail swing in the corner he would have missed her. They had got her into what looked like an alcove, when he approached he stopped in his tracks. Three women were around her. One was black, two were white, a white one was stood behind her kissing her neck, and another obviously was feeling her tits and nipples. 'That'll keep her occupied,' he knew. The black girl had her skirt around her waist and was playing in her shaven pussy.

Jasmine's head was resting on the white girls shoulder behind her, her eyes were closed and her mouth was in a perfect O.

He started towards them then took a position where he could watch her demise.

They had her, he could see that, her hands were clutching at the woman in front of her, and she was on her way to a huge orgasm. He knew it had hit her when he saw he knees buckle, and the woman behind her held her up.

They let her recover and he went over to collect her, then he took her home.

Jasmine was in a state of desire, and remorse, she had hated what they had done to her, and she hated the fact that she would have fallen down from her orgasm if the women hadn't kept her on her feet.

But most of all she hated him; the bastard had let them get her, and do her. The trouble was, she was in a massive state of arousal too, and she was going to fuck his brains out when she got him home and in bed.

And she did, she went at him in an almost uncontrollable frenzy. She got her rocks off big time, and didn't give a fuck if he did or not, she got hers, that was all that mattered to her.

When she recovered, she slowly got on top of him, leaned down to kiss him, then tucked his hands down his side, and propped her knees over the crooks of his elbows.

'Well darling that was a night wasn't it?' she murmured.

'I have never been so turned on Jas, it was great.' He told her.

Jasmine took off her rings, he asked her why?

He found out right then, with his arms locked up, Jasmine punched him wholesale in the face; she landed several hard blows before he could throw her off.

His nose was bloodied, a lip was split, and his eyes would be black in the morning.

'You fucking bastard!' she raged at him, 'you did that on purpose, you know how I feel about that, and you let it happen!'

She landed one more on his chin, picked up the duvet and walked out and into the spare bedroom.

Her husband lay there in a total daze, not only because of the blows, but because of the shock of her doing it, and the knowledge that had never ever seen his wife angry.

The following morning he was very contrite. He walked on egg shells around her, he made breakfast, he wallowed in sorrow at her anger, and begged forgiveness.

She relented 3 days later.

He had explained his absence, and showed her the photos of the 3 women he had seen, and the contact details of the beautiful Amazon he had bought, but he didn't tell her that bit.

But now her mind was made up, after what he had done, the utter brevity of it. She would give him a show, one of her own choosing, and on her own terms. One he would have no say in, and one that would bend him in half!

She went about the business the following week; she revisited the store where she had got her DVDs from. She paid for and got a list of names, the man there told her to let him know her choice, to see if it matched the one in his head. Jasmine began to contact them by e mail one by one, until she found a suitable partner for her revenge. Out of the 9 names, it was number 7 before she felt this was the right selection.

A public meeting was arranged, her selection was spot on, she felt a trust there, and also a definite attraction. He was a big man, 5 years older than her, he was a personal trainer. Very good looking, smelled terrific, well over 6ft, and weighed about 215lbs. And he was black, very black! On top of that he had a CV, there were women's names and contact details, they were customers, and would be more than willing to endorse him. She didn't know he was a well known and well paid gigolo!

She saw the man at the shop again and told him she had decided on one of them, he wrote a number on a piece of paper, and asked her what hers was. 'Number 7,' she told him, he handed her the note, on it was number 7!

The man was delighted; it would earn him a hundred for her.

And boy was her husband going to be in for the biggest shock of his life!

She mat the man and after small talk, she explained what she wanted, what she needed, and why, she told him it all, Jasmine was still so angry at her husband. He had to be taught a lesson he would never forget. He would be taught the full meaning of respect for a woman, and his place in life, at her feet! His wife!

He, Jacob was his name, was in awe of this blonde sexy and utter beauty before him, telling him she wanted him to make love to her to get revenge on her stupid husband? This really was more than his lucky day, this was better than winning any lottery!

They arranged for the deed to be done on the Friday night, she also rang the woman whose photo she now had, and went to see her, this meeting went much the same as the one she had had with Jacob. They had a long long talk, Jasmine told her about her husband, what he wanted her to do, and about what he had done. And what Jasmine wanted from her if she would help?

'Yes I will, he seems a right royal idiot to me Jasmine,' Rebecca had said. 'But you will owe me big time Jasmine,' she told her. Jasmine had an idea of what the price would be, and to be honest, she didn't think she would mind paying it! Rebecca's photo hadn't done her justice; she was fabulously feline black, smooth and silky.

Jasmine invited her to her home on the Thursday night, to meet her husband; he had to believe it was her coming on Friday, which would complete Jasmine's deception.

Jasmine told him Rebecca was coming to meet them; that she would go through with his request, that she met and had fun with another woman. He was overjoyed, he couldn't wait for Thursday, and when Rebecca walked in he was mesmerised, she was fabulous, her dark skin was shining, and her silky black hair gave him an immediate hard on. And she was wearing heels that stood her miles above them.

They sat and discussed business, Rebecca sat next to Jasmine, and touched her knee repeatedly, her huge dark eyes were locked on the Jasmines big bright blue ones, and she returned the glare. Jasmine actually got a little aroused, she knew with certainty what was going through both of their minds. Rebecca really did want to seduce her, and was determined to do so after Jasmine had playacted her game.

When she had gone, but not before kissing Jasmine hard on her lips, leaving her a little breathless, there was no doubt in her mind that Rebecca would have her, whether she agreed or not, though she knew she now would, then she told her husband the terms of her deal?

'Tomorrow night, you will be tied by me into the reclining chair in the bedroom, you will be made to watch everything, you will not be allowed to move, there will be no contact of any sort, and if you don't agree right now, there will be no show, there will never ever be a show, this is a once only deal, got it?' She told him forcefully, knowing he would agree.

He was a bit disappointed, he had fancied joining in and having fun, but to watch his beautiful blonde wife, succumbing to an equally black and beautiful woman, was more than he could resist.

'Yes okay Jasmine, I'll do what ever it takes, whatever you say?' he answered.

'Good,' she replied, and went again to the spare bedroom, she was not only still punishing him, she wanted to save her self for her evenings fun, fun her husband would not like nor enjoy!

She also never told him he would have a ball gag in his mouth to limit securely any protestations.

Friday night arrived, he had bathed and got ready, he wanted to be comfortable, so he was wearing loafers, slacks and a shirt.

At 6:00 she told him to go upstairs, she wanted him helpless long before the door bell rang. Jasmine was as hot as she could be, she had had to wipe her pussy several times!

She had showered earlier, and been to town to buy sexy, lacy underwear, with the tiniest of thongs, and a see through negligee, strappy high heels, her hair was gleaming and hanging down her shoulders, her face was made up perfectly, he watched as she waltzed around the bedroom, his prick was humping in his pants at her sight.

He was tied hand and foot in the chair, and also around his chest, but there was room for movement, she didn't want him to suffer blood flow problems. And now, sat in the corner, from where he would have a perfect view. But no chance at all of even thinking about escape, and he didn't want to, this new wife he was seeing for the first time, was turning into a sex hungry powerful woman, with a strong mind of her own. He didn't know how right he was going to be.

The bell rang at 8:00 on the dot.

'Showtime,' Jasmine chortled, boy was she looking forward to this, and the very idea was hugging her pussy in its grip.

As she passed her husband, she picked up the hidden gag; it was in his mouth and fastened around his head before he could even draw breath.

'Humph, humph humph' he mumbled.

'What's that darling, did you say something?' she said, as she disappeared from the room.

She opened the door, there he was, her pussy spoke to her 'Please hurry up Jasmine, I can't wait?' it said.

'Hi Jacob,' she greeted him, 'come right in,' she said and tiptoed to kiss his cheek.

He held her tight. 'I've waited all week for this,' he told her.

'Yes me too, me too,' she answered truthfully.

'Everything is set, you know what to do don't you?' she whispered, and stroked his already thickening heavy prick.

'You bet Jasmine, I won't disappoint you, and you can take that to the bank!'

'He's all tied up and gagged, he is going to go mad when he realises what's going on, but he can't say or do anything, okay?'

'I won't care much if he does baby, I'm getting you, that's all I care about.'

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