tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeauty and the Beast Ch. 03

Beauty and the Beast Ch. 03


He dreamed of her that night, her soft, supple flesh. The embrace of her arms. The welcoming signs of her open thighs. He saw her laid out naked before him like a feast. Her nipples hard and red like cherries. He suckled on them, tasting her warm flesh.

But the visions changed. Belle changed into the woman who caused him this torment. Her hair long and pitch black. Her eyes silver and sharp like knives. Her smiles cuts him like a knife as she raises up on her elbows and holds her hands out to him. She cups his face in her hands, cutting his cheeks with her fingernails.

"You cannot escape me." She whispers. "Oh though you may run from it, I own you entirely." She forces him onto the ground, chains wrapping around his arms and legs and throat. He struggles, gagging against the weight of the chains on his neck.

She stands over top of him, her feet firmly planted on either side of his rib cage. Her silver eyes glow, leering at him. "Ever since that day," a whip appears in her hand and she holds it up and lashes him across the chest. He roars out and fights harder against the chains. "You will feast upon her flesh eventually, like all the others." She struts around him as the ground raises into a table before her.

Her red lips spread into a wide smile. "She will turn you away the same way you did to me." Her gloves hand strokes from his neck down his chest and then she grips onto his cock and she began stroking. "You feared me for what I was. Imagine what that sweet little angel must think of you."

"No." The beast seethed. "Do not touch me!"

She doesn't seem to hear him. "That sweet little thing, I bet she is exquisite." The beast tries to ignore her, tries to ignore the growing image of Belle in his mind. "Her soft hair. Her tender flesh." She grips down hard on his dick causing him to spasm. "Her tight, virgin pussy."

He growls, struggling against his restraints. "Stop it!"

"You're so hard!" She giggles. "She must really be something." She licks up his shaft causing him to moan. "I can almost taste her on you."

"Shut up! Shut up!"

Her glares up at him. "You are mine. I will do whatever I want." She lowers her mouth full onto his fat cock, sliding him down her throat and sucking hard at him, even biting.

He twitched and writhed, trying to ignore her mouth. "You vile bitch! You turned me into this monster." His breathing was becoming heavy and ragged. "All because I saw you for what you really were."

She lifts her head, smirking. "You knew what I was all along, dear." She climbs up on top of him, straddling him and presenting her pussy to him. "But you didn't care then. All you wanted was my flesh, my body." She holds his cock, swirling the tip around the wet entrance of her vagina. "You used me like a toy. Fucking me whenever and however you wanted." She licked her lips hungrily.

He roared. "You did the same to me!"

"Remember the time you fucked my breasts?" She moaned, touching her breasts headily. "Or what about the time you fucked me in the ass?" She giggles, lowering herself down on his chest, kissing the chains around his neck. "You used to tie me up like this and make me scream with that special ivory dildo." She sits back up and holds his cock again, pointing it at her pussy.

"Leave me be!" He was almost in tears.

"Let me show you how I have missed you." She lowers her hips, inserting is girth deep inside. "Oh! How I have longed for your rod!"

"Stop! Stop!" He roared, thrashing at the chains, feeling her pussy bite down on him. "Stop!"

"Beast?" A soft, sweet voice rang out.

His eyes shot open and he looked over at Belle, holding a candle in her hand and staring at him concerned. She reached out and touched his face. "I heard you screaming." She said comfortingly. "I was worried."

He reached out, touching her and making sure she was real. "It was only a bad dream, Belle." He sat up, looking her over in her nightgown. He had never seen her clothes before. "How did you find me?"

"I followed your voice." Belle said shyly.

His eyes trailed down her, the cold night air biting through her thin nightgown and making her nipples tighten and swell. He licked his lips, but his mind went back to what the silver eyed woman had said. He turned his head away. "You should go back to bed, Belle."

Belle touched his arm. "Please, let me stay."

He glared back at her. "Why would you want to stay?"

Her eyes were bleeding sympathy, and he almost couldn't stand it. After all he had done to her, taken from her? How could she stand to even look at him at all? He reached out, taking his face in her clawed hand. "I am lonely." Belle murmured. "Please, may I stay with you for the rest of the night?"

The Beast sighed and pulled back his comforter, presenting his throbbing cock to her. "Make me cum and you can stay for as long as you need."

Belle looked away momentarily then back. She climbed up into his bed, taking him into her hands and rubbing him gently, her hands soft and warm. She licked at the red helmet of his cock with her soft tongue.

"Do you like the taste of flesh?" He asked, rubbing his fingers through her hair.

Belle looked up at him, her eyes heavy with lust now. "I like your flesh." She breathes.

He smirks. "Do you lie to me to stay alive?"

Belle takes as much of him as she can between her lips her tongue wrapping around him and lathering him up. She looks back up, kissing the tip of his cock lovingly. He seethes, feeling himself on edge just by looking into her eyes. "Your breasts." He suddenly whispers.

Belle looks at him, surprised. "My breasts?" She sits up, opening her nightgown and presenting her full bounty to him.

"Use them." He commanded. "Make me cum with your breasts."

Belle looked unsure, cupping them in her hands and then sliding his cock between them. "This feels good, sir?" Her breath was ragged.

"Very good, Belle. Very good." He moved his hips slightly, excited to fuck the softest of her flesh.

She moved her breasts up and down slowly, feeling the throbbing of his cock. She looked up at his face, watching him breathe heavily and roll his head back. "Are you about to cum, sir?" She asks.

He looks back at her, running his fingers through her hair. "You look lonesome, Belle." He takes her hands and pulls her up beside him on the bed. His long tongue licks her breasts and then glides down, licking her pussy. Belle mewls, her clit jumping to meet his touch. The beast pries open her legs, folding them over his shoulders.

"Oh sir..." Belle whimpers. His tongue glides over her and then penetrates her. Her breath hitches and she forgets the breathe. The first day she had arrived he had pleasured her thusly, but she had been to terrified to enjoy it.

"Breathe," the beast coaxed gently.

Belle nodded, breathing shakily. "Yes sir."

He smiles, licking her tight bud. "You've become so responsive these past few days." He sticks a finger inside her, feeling her quiver and squeeze. "But have you lost your fear?"

Belle buried her face against the blankets, trying to hide her elated expression.

The beast removed his finger and slid up between Belle's open thighs. "I think you're ready to take my cock again. It should be easier than yesterday." He holds himself, gently swirling the head of his dick around her entrance.

Belle gripped tightly onto the sheets, holding her hips up for him, wanting him thrust inside her and make her forget everything. "I want it, sir." She mewled.

The beats grinned, gently probing inside and then pushing, stretching her open and he put himself as far inside as he could. "You're still as tight as a virgin." Drool glittered on his bottom lip. "I can feel you swallowing me whole!"

Belle whimpered, she still felt some what sore from yesterday. But that pain mixed in with her pleasure, causing her to gasp and moan hungrily. She moved her hips, wanting the beast to fuck her with all his might. He had fucked her into a stupor yesterday, fucking her until his animalistic hunger was sated.

"Please," Belle whimpered.

"Please what?"

Belle gasps for breath, his deep thrust shaking her. "Please...be like yesterday...be a beast...a beast!"

"Oh Belle..." he pumps harder, causing her to bleed slightly. "Dear, sweet, Belle you are a dream!"

Belle screams as she climaxes, she reaches up, rubbing her hands down the beast's hard body. She cannot make words anymore, she can't even make a straight thought. All she can think of is the carnal pleasure this monster brings her.

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