tagMind ControlBeetlesmith's Ch. 12

Beetlesmith's Ch. 12


The fear that held me fast in the city lost its grip with each mile I traveled home, and as I saw the comfortable, familiar surroundings of my neighborhood, I was finally feeling quite peaceful and content—the strange psychotic episode was all but forgotten.

I got home to an apparently empty house. I called out Karen's name a few times but got no answer. However, as I made my way to the bedroom to change clothes, I heard the distinct sound of women's laughter. I recognized one of the voices as Karen, and assumed the other was Denise—I guess she couldn't wait until Saturday. It wasn't Denise, however, and what I saw when I entered the bedroom stunned me into silence. Karen was on the bed, lying on her back, naked. On top of her, also naked and wrapped in her arms, was our friends' daughter, Barbara Grant.

All I could say was, "What the fuck, Karen!"

Seeing and hearing my reaction, the two women giggled. Then Barbara said, in a voice of complete innocence, "Hi, Mr. Henry."

I started to say, "Karen, what in the hell is go...," but Karen cut me off.

"Well, it seems Lisa took off for the day and locked Barbara out of the house. So, after she was done with her chores, she decided to stop by instead of staying out under the hot sun. Didn't you dear?" Barbara just giggled a reply, laying her head onto Karen's chest as if she were a small child seeking comfort from a maternal figure.

Right away, I knew that story was a lie. The Grants always kept a spare key to their house under a fake rock in their backyard. Lisa knew this, and I'm sure Karen knew it as well.

I looked at the two of them and knew this was wrong. Barbara wasn't some young, anonymous girl we picked up from a coffee shop. She was daughter to our good friends. Someone we had known and even nurtured almost as a daughter since before she could drive. I was about to tell Barbara to get her clothes on and leave, when that surge of power I've come to know well, swept over me.

I tried to fight it back, shutting my eyes to the erotic scene before me. A sudden sickness welled up in me. I could taste the bile rising in my throat as my stomach wrenched in fits of spasm. For a moment, I thought I wouldn't be able to hold back the sickness any longer, and would vomit right in front of them. Only when I looked at the two again in lust and want did the sickness begin to recede...

And once again, as I had experienced at Beetlesmith's, I was standing outside of myself.

I stared at Barbara for the longest time. Her blond hair was straight and short, and its pale coloring made it look as if she wore a cap of gold, or donned a gilded halo. Lying as she was on Karen, her youthful, firm breasts pressed hard against my wife's chest, and each time she inhaled, they seductively pushed out to the side. She had an athletic build, born from the fact she always tended toward the tomboy in her teens, and was still continually active in sports. Yet, I could still see a few pounds of baby fat through her shapely build. It lay mostly along her cheeks and buttocks, both of which dimpled whenever she smiled or of when she nervously clenched her bottom.

Karen had locked her legs around Barbara's legs. With their legs intertwined so, when Karen spread her legs in one tantalizingly fluid motion, she spread the younger one's as well, and thus giving me a tantalizing view.

I gazed lovingly at Barb's firm buttocks, which protruded mound-like, smooth and pink far above the small of her back. A seductively thin, dark cleft divided the two, smooth mounds. She clenched them together tightly, as if she were afraid to show me what was between them. I smiled to myself at her nervousness, knowing she would only need the right touch and that tight cleft would freely open wide for me. Lowering my eyes from that lovely sight to another just as sweet, her bush was cropped short, and given the pale yellow color of her hair, it looked as though her pussy had no furry covering at all. I couldn't tell how aroused she was, but I could with Karen. A heavy wetness glistened all across her outer folds and along her rose-colored thighs.

I pulled my gaze back so that I could frame both of them in a single glance. Yes, it was all wrong, so very wrong—but I no longer cared, filled as I was with desire.

Karen's hands slid down to Barbara's ass. She pursed her lips, as if to blow me a kiss, then gently spread Barbara's cheeks in a teasing manner, saying, "It was such a nice treat I gave you yesterday, I thought I'd give you another."

I took my suit jacket off, and sat down next to them on the bed. I ran my finger gently down the middle of Barbara's back, starting from her shoulder blades, then moving along and through her still, tightly clenched cleft. I didn't penetrate her, just performed a teasing glide with the tip of my finger that ended at her vulva. I pressed ever so softly at her opening, feeling it slick with her arousal.

Kissing the small of her back, I asked, "So, you decided to pay Karen a visit, then lo and behold you two fell into bed, naked?"

Karen laughed, "Well it didn't happen quite that way, silly."

I continued kissing Barbara's back, moving further down toward her buttocks, "How then, silly?"

"We talked for a long while, didn't we Barb. We talked about school, and her parents, and boys. Oh, we talked a lot about boys."

"Just boys...No men?" I asked, teasingly.

"I only know boys," Barbara interjected, dreamily. Then she giggled, "Well, I know one man."

I continued my gentle kissing, making it to the crown of one of her firm globes. She clenched her cheeks as I shifted attention with my finger to her now protruding button, "Only one? Who is this mystery man that has your affections?"

Karen giggled this time, "Seems our dear Barb has always had a crush on you, my love."

I stopped my progress with lips and finger to look at the two of them, "And how did you come by that secret?"

"Right after we kissed," Karen said.

"Okay, now you have to tell me everything."

"Well, it was about an hour before you got home, and Barbara was helping me fix dinner. We were still talking about boys, and talking about you of course, when little Miss 'clumsy' here, dropped an egg on the floor. I still think you did that on purpose."

"Shut up you brat. I did not," Barbara said, laughingly.

Karen stroked Barb's buttocks lovingly, before continuing, "Anyway, we both bent down to clean it up, but she was quicker and so she got to the mess ahead of me. I was still leaning over her when she stood up after gathering the broken shells, and put her face right between my boobs," Karen patted Barb's ass again, saying, "That, I know you did on purpose."

"Shut up! I did not."

Karen kissed her on the forehead, and ended her story, "Then it just happened."

Kissing Barbara on the exposed corner of her mouth, then kissing Karen on the lips, I asked, "Who kissed who first?"

"I kissed Karen first, after she grabbed my boobs and started playing with them."

Karen got a mock, indignant look on her face, before saying, "You brat, you weren't supposed to tell."

I asked, "And how many bites of the apple did you two take?"

Barbara looked confused, but Karen knew what I meant, and answered, "None. We waited for you."

I smiled, "Good girls. Now, show me how you two kissed."

They slid their hands up and into the hair of the other, before pushing sweetly into each other's lips. They started slow and soft, just a kiss with the lips, but gradually they increased their fervor, recklessly pushing their tongues together until they melded as one.

While they kissed, and positioned such as they were with one on top the other, I easily applied a finger to each button, and gently massaged both with a hand. It was such a gentle massage, a teasing fingertip that I barely rubbed against them using a slow, circular motion. Karen was fully aroused, and in no time, I had rubbed her to a quiet orgasm. She made no sound and continued kissing Barbara passionately throughout, only a subtle shivering of her legs and a small squirt of her pussy were the telltale signs she had come.

Barbara took a bit longer because of her nervousness, I think. Yet, I felt her moisture continually grow as I slowly rub her with increasing pressure. Karen continued to clamp her mouth over Barbara's, forcing her to breathe and moan forcefully through her nostrils. Now that her juices were flowing freely, I inserted a probing thumb into the opening of her vulva.

As she neared climax, Barbara's forced nasal breathing was becoming staccato and loud. Almost as a way to augment the audible approach of her orgasm, she clenched and unclenched her buttocks almost in time with her rapid breathing. It was so adorable. I had to kiss her buttocks in approval. When I shifted my oral attentions lower, flicking a quick tongue across her perineum, I felt her legs shutter violently in orgasmic spasm.

She laid her head back on Karen's chest, eyes closed and panting. I offered my drenched fingers to Karen, who sucked on them insatiably. As Barbara's breathing became more normal, I stroked the small of her back while saying, "That was nice sweetheart, but you have to make a decision now. This and much more will happen to you if you stay, or we can end it now with no complaints or regrets. Just put on your clothes and leave, and we'll never speak of it again. It's your choice."

"I want to stay," she said without hesitation.

"Very well, from now on you will address me as 'Sir' and Karen as 'Mistress' and you will speak only when spoken to. Is that understood?"

"Yes Sir."

Karen looked at me with flames in her eyes, knowing the direction I was taking the evening. When I had done similar things with her and Denise, I purposefully kept Karen submissive along with Denise, but now I was making her an equal partner in our sexual games.

Karen's voice was almost melodious, as she added her own conditions, "We're going to have so much fun, dear heart, as long as you do what we say. But, baby won't get her candy if she's unruly and headstrong. If you treat Sir and Mistress with disrespect, then nothing for you. Is that understood?"

"Yes Mistress."

I was amazed how easily Barbara slipped into the submissive without any hint of reservation or confusion. It was as if she had fantasized about this moment her whole, short life, and accepted her role without question. As expected, Karen slipped into the role of dominant easily enough. She had been chomping at that bit ever since our turn with Beth in the car, and I had a feeling she wanted to do this going all the way back to our first time with Gloria.

Karen kissed Barbara's forehead while stroking her buttocks, "Good girl, now roll over and lay on your back."

I took off my clothes, as the two got comfortable in their new positions. They renewed their kiss as I slid my head between Barbara's legs. She was thoroughly aroused now. Beads of moisture glistened on her pubic hair, and all along the folds of her vulva. When she felt my tongue enter her, she let out a soft moan around Karen's tongue, and spread her legs as wide as she could for me.

She had very thick outer labia, almost muscular in the extent that they robustly protruded away from the rest of her groin. Yet, her inner labia were very thin in comparison to the outers, but they stood out rigidly, forming a clear and well-defined triangle, framing her slick, fragrant opening. At the triangle's apex, a very large clitoris protruded stiffly outside its protective hood. I smiled to myself when I saw her button. Thinking that even a blind, sexual neophyte would have little problem finding it, even on a night as black as pitch.

I teased her, ever so deliciously, flicking my tongue up from underneath her clit were it joined the labia, while simultaneously rubbing its sensitive upper side with a wet finger. In no time, her lower torso squirmed to the slow, mounting pleasure.

Karen asked, "What are you doing to her?"

I answered, mirthfully, "Hardly anything at all."

Karen shifted her attentions to Barbara's firm breasts, and used as slow and gentle a technique on Barbara's mounds as I was doing to her vulva. I watched for a moment, as she gently massaged one of her breasts with a soft, yet firm hand, while sucking on the other with equal tenderness. The young one kept her eyes closed the whole time. At irregular intervals, Karen would switch hand with mouth, keeping Barb off balance as to where the pleasure would come next. Every so often, Karen would back away, and stare at Barbara's angelic face as she ran a moistened finger over and around her nipples. Each time she did this, Barb would intake a sharp breathe of air through her slightly parted lips before letting out a low, protracted moan. All the while, I continued my slow tease of her clitoris with tongue and finger, keeping her legs dancing in unrequited ecstasy.

We spent a very long while teasing her—'feasting' on her like two lions gorging ourselves over a fresh kill. When Barb's moaning became loud and incessant, Karen became every bit the lioness. Overcome by her own excitement, Karen took both of Barbara's breast in hand, and crushed them together hard while taking great, sucking bites from each in turn. I could hear a loud popping sound each time Karen sucked hard off Barb's nipples, and at each place that Karen sucked, deep reddish, ovoid welts formed.

As for me, I continued the slow tease, firmly, yet slowly, stroking the dorsal side of her large, protruding clitoris with a finger. Occasionally, I swiped my tongue along its underside, adding a bit more wetness and a differing tactile flavor to her aroused pussy that augmented my tormenting finger. Her pussy and buttocks were in continual motion, as both areas clenched and unclenched obscenely each time I stroked my finger down toward the tip of her clitoris. When I added a gentle, circular rub of the very tip of her button, her muscle contractions expanded outward from her vulva, encapsulating her whole lower torso—thighs, stomach, and pelvis were now in continual, shifting, sexual motion.

Her moans came loudly, joined by a single, protracted word, "Oh." Each time, her vocalizations started low in timbre as she exhaled, yet always ending on a note a few octaves higher.

I heard Karen laugh, melodically, "Is Sir pleasuring you well, dear heart?"

Barb barely squeaked out, "Yes."

"Yes what, dear heart?"


Hearing the sweet timbre of arousal in her voice, I concentrated all my efforts on the very end of her clit. Pushing it firmly into, and holding it against my tongue, I stroked hard at the tip while shifting my tongue about its underside. Barb arched her back immediately, and let go with a rapid series of 'Ohs,' again in that sensual low to high tenor.

"Is dear heart going to come?"

"Oh...Yes Mistress...Yes Mistress...Yes Mistress...Oh..."

Her last 'Oh' was abruptly cut off by a jolting spasm that threw her belly even farther into the air, causing Karen to side further forward toward Barb's head. Karen clamped her lips over her mouth, as the young one continued to tremble with arched back, while a fast trickle of fluid emerged from her opening, running down between the cheeks of her ass. I finished her by applying a whole, massaging hand to her vulva, and continued to rub her until her back settled down onto the bed.

Karen released her from the kiss, and asked seductively, "That was so sweet. Did that feel good, dear heart?"

Panting heavily, Barb replied, "Oh yes, Mistress."

"I didn't bite you too hard?"

"Oh no, Mistress."

Karen ran a finger down the middle of Barb's face in motherly fashion, while asking, "Do you think you can do the same for me that Sir did for you?"

Barbara giggled first before answering, "I'll try Mistress."

Karen straddled Barb's head while facing me. I laid my head on Barb's stomach for a moment so that I could watch. Such an erotic visual, with Barb's head framed as it was between her own breasts and Karen's straddled legs, she began her tease of Karen by running curious fingers all about her vulva. Between long bouts of finger play, Barb would perform brief jaunts with an extended tongue, gliding it slowly from Karen's clit to her opening, and then back again.

Karen asked, breathlessly, "Is this your first taste of a woman?"

"Yes, Mistress."

"I would have never guessed," Karen said with surprised tone, closing her eyes to the pleasure of Barb's tonguing while pinching hard at her own breasts.

Overcome with what I was seeing, I said to Barbara, "Bring your knees up to your chest, baby. Now spread your legs wide for me."

Her pussy was warm, soaked, and so very tight. I easily pushed my cock all the way into her, and began a slow, evenly paced screw. Already, she was arching her back well off the bed with imbued arousal.

Leaning forward, I latched my mouth onto one of Karen's breasts. She gasped and shuddered, and grasping both of her breasts hard, held them forward for me.

I could see that Barbara had wrapped her arms around Karen's hips, and based on the violent, shifting machinations of her chin accompanied by the loud squishing sounds coming from Karen's groin, Barb had pulled her face fully into Karen's pussy, tonguing and sucking on her with delight and complete abandon.

Karen couldn't stay in her upright position much longer. Lowering her body down, she assumed the traditional sixty-nine position with Barbara. Once positioned, Karen intently watched my cock slowly sliding in and out of Barb for a time, before loudly moaning a request, "Let me taste her on you."

I pulled out of Barb, and pushed into Karen. She suck on my cock with such a voracious hunger that I almost came.

Putting a mild, chastising hand onto her head, I said, "No my sweet, Sir mustn't come too quickly."

She looked up at me with those big blue eyes, now smoldering violet and soon on their way to turning obsidian black, and said, "Yes Sir." Then she slowed her pace, licking and gently sucking Barbara's flavor off me.

I went back into Barbara, fucking her a bit faster and harder. When I pounded all the way in, I could see her grip tighten around Karen's hips, as her forearms and fingers left deep indentations into Karen's thighs. Leaning a bit forward, I could just barely see the top of Barb's head sticking out from under Karen, as it wildly shifted and pivoted about Karen's pussy. Both of them moaned loudly and often.

After a few more hard thrusts, I pulled out of Barb again, and slid fully into Karen's waiting mouth. She clamped her lips far down on my shaft while applying a very hard suction as I withdrew myself, sucking me clean again. Before shoving back into Barbara, I pulled Karen's head toward my groin, putting my scrotum into her warm mouth. Now, she could suck and tongue on me to her heart's content, and she did, accompanied with deep, throaty moans that vibrated all about my lower extremities. There was a loud 'pop,' when I pulled my testicles out of her mouth, causing her to giggle uncontrollably. Holding her head fast, I shoved my cock into her mouth to quell her disrespectful, mirthful exuberance, pumped it a few times, before pushing back into Barbara.

This went on for some time, shifting back and forth between Barb's tight cunt and Karen's delectable mouth. Toward the end this interplay, Karen slipped two fingers around Barb's clitoris and slowly stroked it up and down. The finger manipulations combined with my hard pounding were excruciatingly pleasurable on the young woman, as Barb brought her knees all the way to her chest and held them there. By this time, I think she all but gave up on servicing Karen, succumbing to the waves of pleasure that were fast building toward climax.

"Is Sir fucking you well, dear heart?"

Barb grunted loudly in staccato, "Ye...Yes...Miss...Mistress!"

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