tagNovels and NovellasBest For Who Ch. 01

Best For Who Ch. 01


By Sirdave64. Copyright retained by the author for all purposes.


'The kids are asleep...finally,' I added an exaggerated groan to the final word as I trudged up the stairs. "Mid Week Mayhem" I had nicknamed Wednesday night's ritual of putting the kids to sleep. For some reason it was the most difficult night to get them down and it had become my night "on duty". Still, tonight hadn't been too bad once they had finished their baths. My son, Alexander (six years old - almost seven he would tell you) had fallen asleep before I'd reached the third page of the next chapter of Harry Potter. Courtney (eight years old - that's a LOT older than you Xander!) had lasted another ten pages before the eyelids became too heavy.

I was pulling my tie off, having loosened the knot as I bathed them, but stopped dead in my tracks as I reached the top of the stairs. My wife, Kelly, was standing in the kitchen in the skimpiest bikini I had ever seen her in. Her breasts, smallish C cups, were nicely encased by two triangles that covered just to the top of her nipples whilst supporting their fullness and pushing her flesh into a provocative cleavage that made them look larger. The bottoms were an equally small triangle that told those who looked that the wearer required a close relationship with a beautician familiar with the intricacies of waxing. It was a deep green and Kelly looked sensational.

'Whadya think?' she asked when she saw me standing at the top of the stairs. She performed a pirouette, revealing her taut and rounded butt encased more modestly than her breasts or pubic areas.

'Sensational,' I replied honestly. 'What's the occasion?'

'I needed new swimmers,' Kelly replied, 'and these caught my eyes. How 'bout we have a drink, you get out of the office clothes and we go for a swim?'

'Deal,' I shot back at once. I sensed Kelly's mood was playful and given it had been nearly three weeks since we'd had sex, I was certainly agreeable to whatever plan she had. I grabbed some vodka from the drink cabinet as Kelly put some ice into two glasses. I found cranberry juice in the fridge door and was pouring it in when the doorbell rang.

'I'll get it,' Kelly said and skipped down the stairs.

'Watch you don't fall out of that swimsuit,' I called with a smile. I looked at the clock and wondered who would be calling in at eight thirty unannounced. I could hear Kelly's voice, and another as well but couldn't make out what was being said. Then Kelly appeared on the stairs with what appeared to be a shocked look on her face. She caught my eye and mouthed something which I couldn't make out, then realised it was "say yes". Then behind her appeared a uniformed police officer.

'Um, this police officer wants to ask you about driving the BMW today Dave,' Kelly said. I tensed up as the BMW was Kelly's car and I hadn't driven it in weeks. But I knew that Kelly had been caught speeding three times recently and faced losing her license for another offence.

'What's up officer?' I asked, trying to sound relaxed and friendly.

'Were you driving the BMW parked outside, at around three fifteen this afternoon?' The police officer was female, but there was no softness in her voice.

'Um yes, why?' I felt uneasy with the lie but hoped it didn't show.

'It was driven through a school zone in excess of thirty kilometres above the speed limit, and you failed to stop when asked to do so by an officer of the law.'

Shit. That was the word that came to mind. This was more serious than I had first thought.

'Look officer, I don't remember seeing a school zone, and I certainly did not see a police car...'

'Can I see your license please?' The policewoman was standing just a few paces from me now and Kelly was shuffling nervously just behind her. I briefly imagined that my wife was feeling rather vulnerable dressed as she was. I pulled my wallet from my pocket and handed my license to the police woman. She read it, and then looked at me.

'Sit down please,' she indicated to one of our kitchen chairs. I complied. 'Are you aware of the seriousness of the two offences you committed today?'

'Well yes,' I began, 'but I can assure you...'

'I'm placing you under arrest,' she interrupted before commencing read me my rights. As she did so she produced her handcuffs and cuffed my hands behind my back. Kelly had stuffed her hand into her mouth and was staring at me.

'You can't just arrest him,' Kelly blurted out.

'Pardon?' The officer moved from behind me to stand between Kelly and me. Sitting down gave me a different perspective and despite my predicament I noticed that the policewoman had quite a nice peach shaped bum in her tight blue pants, and that the band of her jacket was pulled tight around a petite waist.

'You can't do this!' Kelly was getting angry now and I watched as she advanced on the policewoman.

'Stand back!' The policewoman put her hand out but Kelly continued forward. It happened quickly, the policewoman pushing forward and knocking Kelly off balance. In a second she had Kelly spread eagled on the kitchen bench, her head pushed forward.

'I'm placing you under arrest for assault on a police officer,' she was intoning. Kelly went to struggle, but then the officer's baton was resting on her shoulder. Kelly submitted and the officer stepped back. The baton was dragged down from her shoulder and across her back, then I blinked twice as the officer pushed it between Kelly's buttocks and down between her legs.

'You always dress like a slut?'

'Hey!' I called and went to stand up. It was then I realised that she had not only cuffed my hands behind the back of the chair, but also used a second set of cuffs to attach me to the chair. I couldn't stand, instead the chair lifted with me.

'Sit down!' The police officer turned to look at me, then pulled off her peaked cap and flicked it onto the bench. As she did so long blonde hair spilled out from under it and fell down her back. I got a look at her face then; sharp cheek bones, a straight thin nose, full lips and eyes with too much make up on it for a policewoman. Kelly's groan brought the reality of the situation crashing onto me. This was a setup by my wife. We may not have sex that often now that we had kids, sometimes twice a month; sometimes not, but Kelly made up for it with these sorts of games. This was the first time however that it had been organised as a surprise. As I watched, the police officer was rubbing the baton quite vigorously between Kelly's legs and my wife was squealing in pleasure and grinding against it.

'I think I might just let my baton have its way with your slutty wife,' the policewoman directed her statement to me over her shoulder, 'then we might see about a plea bargain from the pair of you.' With that she reached out and flicked the tie at the hip of Kelly's swimmer bottoms, flicking it open and down so that it slid part way down her other leg. Kelly spread her legs, owning the slutty tag bestowed upon her and I watched in amazement and with growing lust as the long end of the baton worked its way between her exposed lips and into my wife. Kelly groaned and squirmed and then pushed against the baton until at least half of it was inside her. The blonde moved closer and placed one hand on Kelly's back to hold her still, then commenced to sexually pound her with the baton. It took about thirty seconds of this almost violent treatment to make Kelly come with a squeal, her eyes screwed shut and her mouth open as she gasped for air.

The blonde pulled the baton free and I could see it was slick with Kelly's juices as it was offered to my wife's mouth. Still gasping she licked the tip and let the arresting officer push it into her mouth. My cock was straining against my suit pants and I was eager to get involved, but both the women in front of me were acting as though I didn't exist. Kelly had turned to face the blonde, and lifted herself onto the bench, spreading her legs as wide as she could with her heels up on the marble top. This drew my eyes to the almost invisible thin strip of dark pubic hair that had been much fuller and obvious when she had stepped from the shower only this morning.

The blonde stepped forward, and again placed the baton into my wife's open pussy. Her actions were gentler now and this time she leaned forward and I watched as they kissed. It was tender and passionate and I almost came in my pants. As I mentioned, Kelly had organised such trysts for us before this, but I had never seen her kiss one of our playmates in this fashion. The blonde used her other hand to wrestle the skimpy bikini top off Kelly, releasing her breasts and their very hard nipples to my view and her touch. As she did so Kelly began tugging at the utility belt, letting it hit the tiled floor with a crash that for a moment I thought would wake the kids. How the hell would we explain this to them if they appeared at the top of the stairs? Such thoughts were erased as the uniformed shirt was slipped down over two slender shoulders; one decorated with a blue star and crescent moon tattoo, and then was pulled free of the tight pants.

From my vantage point I could see the blonde's petite breasts swing free, not much more than a handful but apparently natural and firm. Kelly bent her head to lick at tiny nipples, then let her tongue trace its way up over the blonde's smooth chest, slender neck and onto her mouth again. Throughout this action neither woman even glanced my way.

'Ahem!' I needed release, and not just from the handcuffs. My cock was bent in an almost painful fashion. The women broke from their kiss and looked at me, Kelly's eyes seeming to see me for the first time and she smiled reassuringly.

'Soon', she said.

'I'm in pain,' I smiled back. The blonde turned and sashayed towards me, her petite breasts swaying with each step. I dragged my eyes from them to her face, as polite norms dictate you should, before realising that as a hired sex toy I could stare at whatever parts of her anatomy I desired.

'Let me help,' she purred, bending down to tug my belt loose before proceeding to release the fly of my pants. Her long slender fingers snaked into the folds of my trousers, tugged my erection free and let it point towards the ceiling. She squeezed the tip, smiled at me then turned back to Kelly. As I watched she released her own pants, revealing her spectacularly tight, peach shaped bottom. She kicked her shoes and pants free and walked back to Kelly, much to my growing frustration.

Kelly had slipped from the bench and indicated that her playmate should take a similar position on the kitchen counter top. As the blonde turned towards me I saw that her pubic area was completely devoid of hair, revealing a slender lipped pussy that promised to be as tight as her bum appeared to be.

'Open yourself,' Kelly instructed and the blonde reached between her open legs to part her outer lips. As though following a porn director's instructions, Kelly swept and tucked her hair behind her ear, giving me an unimpeded view as she began to stroke the open pussy before her with her tongue. The blonde moaned; real or not the sound stoked my arousal; and then Kelly closed her mouth over the other woman's clit, sucking at it while leaving me to imagine her tongue probing deep into the wetness being offered. I watched as the expression on the blonde's face became less controlled and realised that I was either watching a great actress or that she was in fact enjoying my wife's cunnilingus enormously. I decided on the latter when Kelly brought her hand up under her chin and seemed to ram her fingers into the blonde's pussy. Kelly's sex partner threw her head back and every muscle in her stomach and abdomen went into spasm as she came. Her thighs tensed and her legs quivered and I could hear soft guttural sounds escaping her throat as Kelly's tongue guided her through orgasm. If I could have rubbed my cock against anything softer than sandpaper I was fairly certain that I would've cum. Instead I was reduced to grunts of my own and twitching against my restraints that were now cutting into my wrists and sending my arms numb from being stretched behind me.

Kelly stood between the blonde's legs and they kissed again, slower and passionately this time and I groaned again in frustration. This time Kelly turned her back to her partner, letting the blonde slide her arms around her chest where her fingers commenced playing with my wife's erect nipples.

'Something wrong?' Kelly's tone was teasing and soft but I could see the urgency in her eyes.

'Can I play?' I tried not to beg and it must've worked as Kelly stepped away and indicated that the blonde should release me. Our friend stooped to pick up her utility belt and fumbled around until she found some keys.

'Thought I'd forgotten them,' she said with a smile as she walked towards me again. This time the self confident sashay was not as evident as though she had not completely recovered her composure after her climax. She went to walk behind me then paused, turning to look at Kelly.

'Can I fuck him yet?'

'Sure,' Kelly said, sounding a little breathless. The blonde stepped in front of me, bent towards me and rolled a condom down my length. She straddled me then, her hands resting on my shoulders, and lowered herself with great control down my shaft. She was hot and tight, I could feel that through the rubber and I knew that if we had been bareback she would have been very wet too after Kelly's thorough tonguing. I tilted my head up to try and reach her mouth with mine but she leaned back with a soft laugh. Her breasts jiggled as she moved so I lowered my head to them and gently caressed her nipple with my tongue. Her skin was taut and smooth and I followed the line of her breast to her throat and up to her chin. Again she kept her mouth from mine but rested her forehead against mine as she rode me.

'What's your name?' My voice had gone throaty as my lust grew.

'Anita,' she whispered. Her eyes were blue, a light almost crystalline colour and she had fixed her gaze on mine. We moved together and it was intimate, despite the growing line of fire that was arcing down my back from my shoulder blades and the spreading numbness in my arms.

'Bring him to the bedroom when you're ready.' Kelly's voice sounded distant and glancing around Anita's slim form I saw the naked bottom of my wife swaying towards our bedroom.

'Undo my arms Anita,' I said with as much command as I could muster. 'They're going numb.'

'Okay,' she said and stepped up and off me. For a moment I regretted speaking, but I reassured myself that Anita was going to give me more pleasure before the night was out. I groaned as the handcuffs were undone and the blood began to throb through my arms, sending a million points of pins and needles down their length. Anita didn't wait, instead she walked towards the bedroom door, never looking back but I knew that she knew that my eyes were feasting on her perfect bottom and tiny waist. I went to stand and follow, but my pants slid to my knees and threatened to trip me, so I sat again, pulled off my shoes, pants and boxers, before deciding to go all out and pulled off my business shirt that was looking rather rumpled now.

I tried not to run to the bedroom, but the smile on Anita's face told me that my own expression betrayed my eagerness. She was lying in the centre of the bed, resting her head on my pillow. Her legs were parted and the leg nearest me was draped around Kelly's lap. Kelly was sitting on the side of the bed, stroking the slender leg and she looked up at me as I appeared in the doorway.

'Will you fuck her while I watch?' It was perhaps a strange question for my wife to ask, but I was happy to comply, crawling onto the bed and up along Anita's hard body. The condom was still firmly in place on my erection which hadn't subsided since our last coupling, and so as I moved into place I simply directed myself into her open entrance. Anita lifted her hips slightly and I pushed deep inside her in one smooth motion. She smiled at me again and this time let me kiss her on the mouth, though she showed none of the enthusiasm she had when kissing Kelly. Never the less the feel of her tongue against mine sent my lust soaring and I pushed hard into her sex. I longed for the heightened sensation of being bareback, but these games had rules.

Her pussy was tight, and at some level I knew that it was because she was hired help and not necessarily that eager. Still, I was enjoying her lithe body under mine as she pushed back against me with enough enthusiasm to drive my pleasure higher. Her nipples were hard points and I sucked on one then the other, then pushed two fingers into her mouth. Anita glared at me but sucked them obediently. Kelly knelt beside us and ran her hand from Anita's throat, over her breasts and onto her stomach, pausing as if to feel the other woman's muscles tense and relax. Then she put one hand on my abdomen and as I pulled back, ready to thrust into Anita again, she pushed me clear, smiled at me and wedged herself between us. I moved off the bed, my cock slick inside its rubber casing and watched as my beautiful wife began to tongue Anita's pussy that was still gaping after my extraction.

'You can fuck me babe,' Kelly broke contact to urge me forward again, and then she returned to Anita. I rolled the condom off my erection, grabbed the base of my shaft and positioned myself behind my wife. I ran the tip of my cock along her slit, rewarded with her waggling her ass at me. Anita was gasping under Kelly's attention, and not wanting Kelly to lose concentration I pushed forward with small, slow movements, first slipping the head inside, then an inch; then another. Kelly held her hips still, though her head bobbed up and down and side to side and Anita's body seemed to react in unison with more exaggerated motions. It was a highly erotic sight.

Finally I was buried fully inside Kelly, savouring the heat and wetness, and I grabbed her waist and began to thrust into her. Kelly grunted and seemed to start working even harder on Anita, who in turn began to moan and thrash around on the bed. I came first, my cum bubbling up from within and a wave of pleasure crashing through me at the first contraction as I slammed deep inside Kelly's pussy. I stayed deep, my senses blocked by the white noise of my own climax. As I came back to my senses I realised that Kelly was almost oblivious to my shrinking cock as it retreated from its slick home, instead she seemed to have redoubled her efforts. Anita had locked both her hands behind Kelly's head and seemed to be in pain judging by the expression on her face, her mouth open in a silent shriek and her eyes screwed shut. She came with a long explosion of breath and her whole torso went rigid, her breasts jiggling, her abdomen muscles taut and her thighs tensed.

'Yes, yes, yes!' she yelled, pulling harder until Kelly finally had to gasp out in pain. Anita released her grip at once with a laugh, and Kelly instantly was in her arms and they were kissing with a deep passion. I felt a twitch in my groin, but I knew that our time was probably almost up and that Anita would soon have to leave. They cuddled for a few minutes, then Kelly turned to me, her face radiant and our mouths met with passion. Anita slipped quietly from the room and Kelly followed to let her out shortly after.

I lay on the bed in the luxurious radiance of the afterglow of good sex. I didn't realise it was to be the last time I would have sex with my wife.


Saturday was more mundane. Kelly put the kids to bed, we watched SVU and were lights out by ten thirty. Sunday I took the kids to the park. Looking back now, when I came home Kelly seemed a little distracted. Or maybe that is the passage of time and events that make me think that's how she was.

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