tagInterracial LoveBethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 02

Bethany Gets Afro-Sheened Ch. 02

byrikki rocks©

As the days passed, Bethany wanted to approach Foley in the hallways on the rare occasions when they'd pass by each other but thought better about it. She desperately wanted to see him again but was confused on how to broach the matter.

Worse still, in the following dark lonely nights, she couldn't get the picture Foley's mammoth cock out of her head. She tried vain attempts to fantasize about cute white boys in her class but it was no use. His menacing cum-exploding black monster was what a true cock should be. She could think of no other.

These nightly visions possessed the lust-filled girl. Having no one she could confide her dark desires with, she had less concern for white boys, including Michael, her boyfriend. Lusting after a black man was still taboo in her world, yet she couldn't help teasing or flirting with black men when the opportunity arose.

Like last night when she and Michael ran an errand for her mom at the Stop'n'Shop, she noticed a black guy at the counter ogling her as she shopped while Michael waited in the car. Unable to resist tormenting the black man with her charms, Bethany slowly strutted around the aisles showboating for him. She adjusted her halter top, pulled on her micro-mini, ran her fingers through her hair. She coyly smiled and sashayed slowly to the door after paying for the items knowing that if she didn't give him a furious woody, she most certainly gave him a host of lewd ideas.

Later in the car, Michael tried to put the moves on her, but she was having none of it. She wouldn't even give him a hand job when he begged. He had to settle for a quick peck on the cheek.


Bethany turned to prayer at night--imploring for release from her compulsion...her obsessive craving for Foley's black cock. Yet even as she knelt in prayer before her bed, her plea obscenely turned to depraved thoughts of kneeling before Foley's majestic cum-filled nut sack, awaiting it's release of copious sperm paste for a willing white cum-slut's mouth.

These frenzied cravings absorbed her. Bethany needed to be near him. Her body became electric whenever she caught a glimpse of the lowly custodian. She had to taste his black meat soon or she would go batty.

Then on Friday, (nearly three weeks since Foley defiled her in the most wretched way she could have imagined--and then to later discover that she actually treasured their tryst and, in fact, craved more!) while most of the school kids ran off to enjoy weekend plans as the last bell rang, Bethany made her routine stop in the girl's lav to freshen up before heading home.

As she adjusted her hair and applied more lip gloss, a couple of her girlfriends had quickly finished their business and hurried out to head home having long ago abandoned patience for her compulsive and time-consuming pruning.

Suddenly, silent as a shadow, Foley appeared in the lav. He locked door and confidently ogled over the young cheerleader's body. Here they both were again--in the same lavatory as before. He had returned to the scene of the "crime."

"Yo' sprucin' yo' sweet self up jus' fo' me?" he said.

She jumped. He startled the young girl as she dropped her lipstick into the sink. Bethany turned to face him and her heart raced. The black stud janitor had shown her something that stole her pride, poisoned her morality, and crushed her confidence. The thought of his enormous, insurmountable, black spear painting her angelic face with his cum as he had done weeks ago was enough to make her cream her jeans. And just as she had hoped, they were alone once again...at last. She couldn't believe her good fortune.

"I...a...no, I mean...a..."

"Don't be afraid little girl," he said and walked over and retrieved her lipstick case. "I been seeing how yo' been lookin' at me in the halls these last few weeks. I been wantin' t'see yo' too, but we gots to be careful." Foley placed the lipstick in her palm.

"We gots t' be smart," he said. "Now, I know a thing or two 'bout girls like yo' and if I'm right, well, we gonna have us a good ol' time. I'm gonna go in that stall over there and close the door but I won't latch it. If yo' be wantin' to have another go 'round, then all's yo' gots t'do is just come on in. If I'm wrong 'bout yo', call out and I'll come out and unlock d'door and yo' can run yo'self home. Dat simple enough."

"I...I think..."

"Hush, girl," Foley said, gently placing his finger to her glossy lips. He envisioned those thick rosy lips around his cock and hoped she be sucking on him soon. He walked into the stall. Bethany nervously stood by the sink in a white, clinging, low-cut button-down dress that displayed every curve of her model body. Except for her slightly swinging gold hoop earrings, she froze.

A decadent proposal, yes, but she was beginning to view herself as a white girl born to submit to big black cock. She got off on the thought of being used and she knew Foley knew it. The only real decision was to what level of depravity would she allow Foley to take her.

She made her way to the stall and opened the door. Foley had his overalls down around his ankles and his back to her. "Would yo' like to hold it while I take me a piss?" he asked.


His black snake fascinated the young girl. She was naturally curious and wanted all mysteries revealed.

"Then come around and aim dis snake at the bowl..."

Bethany moved beside him and tenderly took his soft but heavy cock in her manicured hand. Her long pearl polished fingernails sparkled against the dark tone of his cock as they curled around the shaft. "Here goes, my sweet cum-sucker" and Foley let loose with a strong, steady stream. Bethany's fingers could feel the urine racing through his penis as she held him. "Ahhhhhh...dat feels good! Nothing like a pretty young thang to have help tap a kidney. Now don't fo'get to shake it when I'm done."

His steady golden stream arched and splashed in the toilet and Bethany watched--enthralled with the lurid task. She never before witnessed a man relieving himself and now here she was holding a cock of a black man as he emptied his bladder. She loved the warmth of it in her hands and gingerly shook it when he finished. A few drops fell silently into the bubbly bowl.

"I betcha I know what yo' want now," Foley said, "come girl, tell ol' Foley..."

Bethany trembled and spoke, "I...I...just wanted...I...wanted to talk to you...I..." She had difficulty finding the words, but began stroking his growing cock. She wanted to please him, to pleasure him, but how could she say the words.

Foley let out an unruly belly laugh. "Talk! Who the fuck yo' kiddin' chil'. Look me in the eyes and tell me yo' here fo' conversation. We both know what yo' mouth is REALLY for, don't we, bitch? Ha ha ha!"

"I...I...think you're mistaken..."

"Mistaken? Bullshit! Why I oughta throw yo' sweet white ass outta here!" Foley scoffed.

Bethany looked away, taking a long pause then whispered, "I...I...I'm sorry, Foley." She felt his eyes running over all her body. Her emerald eyes stared back at him as lust smoldered in the short distance between their bodies in the small cubicle. She thought she might cum from just his commanding stare.

She grew more comfortable and dared a request: "Foley, I came in here because I wanted you to do that thing you did to me the last time we were in here. Only I'd like you to do more. I don't have a whole lot of experience so I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. I haven't gotten you out of my mind since that day."

Foley knew he was an ugly troll--an ugly troll with a jumbo package. "Now yo' still ain't being quite honest wit' me. Yo' couldn't get ME out of yo' mind or yo' couldn't get my black COCK out of yo' mind?"

Bethany shamefully looked down. "Please don't make me say it, Foley. Please...I'm really longing to taste it." Bethany dropped to her knees on the tiled floor.

"Ooooo weeee, what we got here is a black-cock slut, mmmm mmmmm!" Foley turned to face her. She looked down almost shamefully then turned up, nervous with anticipation, still stroking his growing cock which was now aimed at her face. Foley reached down to his overalls and withdrew a hip flash from a pocket. "Why don't yo' have a sip a scotch to help relax yo' a bit?" and he gently tilted her chin up.

"Sure, I guess so..." she said and took a mouthful. She immediately made a horrible face and spat out what she hadn't swallowed into the toilet bowl. She thought she might vomit. "Yuuuckk, that's disgusting...it tastes like shit! Blllaaaawwwk!!! How do I get this nasty aftertaste out of my mouth? It's putrid." It made her gag and burp up, burning her throat.

"Here," said Foley, "I got just the trick...and it's lookin' yo' right in d'face." The cure for Bethany Moline's craving had grown fully erect. She salivated. She puckered her lips and kissed the head while looking him straight in the eyes and then began licking it. God, she thought, it was moist and tangy and tasted better than she ever imagined. Her body shivered with eagerness. Her pussy quivered. This was some sort of heaven on earth, she thought.

Pre-cum dribbled from his cock eye. She lapped at it joyfully and spread it over her tongue to kill that lingering rancid scotch flavor. Then she fisted his cock and as more pre-cum appeared, she used the index finger of her manicured left hand to spread it around the purple mushroom head. She licked her fingertip and nail clean, opened her mouth to engulf the head, still fisting his shaft. She could smell his piss and reached to close the lid of the toilet.

His cock was fully engorged to its mammoth proportions. Bethany was mesmerized--exploring every inch of its fleshy texture. She was gaining knowledge of black cock through her tongue. Every bump and vein, every crevice and pore were hers to discover.

Her pussy lips swelled and moistened as she continued to suck more and more of him into her mouth. His cock glistened with both saliva and pre-cum. She pulled it out of her mouth momentarily and licked his plum-size balls. As she licked, she lightly scratched his cock with her nails and he moaned. Her slick hands felt it pulse while her pearly nails glistened almost obscenely.

Her knees were beginning to hurt on the hard tiles but she ignored the discomfort focusing on the pleasurable task at hand. Looking out from under his balls she gained confidence and finally divulged her dark desire: "I want to feel this black cock all the way down my fucking throat--NOW!!"

She steadied her hands on his thighs for support and opened wide to begin the descent of throating his superb male blackness. Slowly she took more and more when about half way down she felt the gag reflex trigger. She pulled away before grimacing.

Foley suggested she slowly attempt it again and try to keep her tongue stretched forward so her throat would expand. "Thanks for the help," she remarked and began again. His cock slipped in further as their eyes locked. Her tongue stuck out under his shaft but then withdrew. It took some practice but she was up for it.

When she felt the crown mushroom poking the back of her throat, she concentrated and fought off the gag reflex. When her tongue was in position and she felt her throat open up, she tugged on his backside which he took as a hint to rock his hips and thereby forcing the head beyond the threshold of her virgin throat.

She slurped and gasped for air, then in one slow motion stretched her lips and bore down on him. He bucked another time and it was in and down her throat. With tearing eyes and a face nuzzled in pubic hairs, Bethany had taken her first cock to the root. A ten-inch black monster. She felt more proud at this accomplishment than having aced a math exam. And prouder still that it had been a black cock to de-virginize her throat. She would have never given herself this way to her oversexed and undersized white boyfriend.

She rejoiced in the feeling of having her throat holster a black cock. Having him own her mouth made her feel helpless and lustful at once. The way it endangered her ability to breathe like it was more important than oxygen was an addicting delight.

She held it there for nearly a minute then pulled back, releasing it, resting and gasping for air. She stroked his slick cock as strands of her saliva drooled off onto the floor.

"Show me your prowess, Foley, please fuck my face until my eyes water," Bethany begged and brought his hands to her head. He suggested she sit on the toilet and unbutton her dress to free her breasts. She breathlessly sat up, undid the top of her dress, pulled off her lacy white bra, dropped it to the floor, and let her pure untanned globes hang out. Her long fingernails tweaked and twisted her pert nipples. They were huge as were her silver-dollar sized areolas. She gazed into Foley's eyes, opened her mouth and said, "AAAHHHHHHH..."

He rammed his cum piston relentlessly through her mouth and throat as her loop earrings swung in place, frequently holding her head down on his cock, completely stuffing her face with cock. Every time she'd cough it up for air, she urgently dove back down on it again in lustful desparation. She came in her panties several times.

Foley began to moan loudly. "Where yo' want it, slut?"

After another orgasm subsided, she hungrily peered up at him and said, "Season my tongue with your sperm," and touched a long pearly fingernail to her lower lip. Grabbing his cock, she jerked it as her lips clamped around his mushroom head. Her other hand frantically rubbed her pussy under her dress. She felt another wave of orgasms approach just as Foley howled, "Arrrggghh!..."

He unloaded, squirting the biggest load of his life into her mouth. So much steaming jism erupted from his black babymaker that her cheeks bulged out as though she were holding her breath. She felt the force of his orgasm blast across her tongue and hose down the inside walls of her cheeks.

When he was done, she carefully slipped the cock out while holding in the ample reservoir of semen to savor. Her ravaged face beamed in ecstasy at her depraved performance as she swished the massive load around in her mouth. The experience of having a huge black dick explode in her mouth was incredible. Feeling the sperm spew forcefully and unabashedly all around in her moist oral cavity without regard for anything but its immediate satisfaction was devilishly delightful.

To complete her depravity, she creamed herself yet again as the entire community of sperm slide down her esophagus to her belly. "Bet that did the trick little girl, huh? Bet yo' fo'got all 'bout dat nasty scotch?"

"Oh, yeah...that was fucking amazing, Foley..." she anxiously replied. "Your black cock is awesome. It's a pleasure to service it!." A strand of semen began to cascade from the tip of his cock and she quickly gathered it with a fingertip and smeared it across her lips like lipstick. "I'm going to wear some of your cum home!"

She stood up and threw her giddy arms around him. "When may I see you again, Foley?"

"Why don't yo' stop here Sunday morning 'round nine o'clock. I have d'key and no one will be 'round here. We'll have d'whole place to ourselves. We'll have us a sure enough good time!"

"That'd be sweet! Let's plan on it. Let me leave you with a little something 'cause I really got to get going..." Bethany said and reached her hand under her dress, pulled down her wet panties and stuck two fingers in her pussy. "Here, something to hold you over until Sunday..." and she brought her fingers to his lips. He devoured her fingers and sucked the young woman's nectar off, relishing the sweetness. He liked how she slowly moved them in and out of his mouth and poked the long nails tenderly to threshold of his throat.

"MMMmmmmmm...damn yo' is tasty girl, I could eat yo' all up!" She smeared more pussy juice on her areolas and nipples for him to suck on. He eagerly lapped her breasts and he began to harden. She squeezed his shaft and balls with one hand and moaned, "Mmmmmm...down boy, I gotta go! Now go unlock the door before my parents begin to wonder where the hell I am!"

Her hair was a mess and her eye liner had smeared. Bethany fixed herself up as best she could in what little time she had. On her walk home she sparely licked her cum-coated lips, wanting to taste Foley for as long as she could.

She slept soundly that night with the thoughts of Sunday to pacify her black cock yen.

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