tagInterracial LoveBlackballed Ch. 02

Blackballed Ch. 02


"Remember my last birthday party?"

A million flashes of memory flooded his brain: Alabama in a seductive turquoise sheath, her bodyguard, Barby, fucking the male dishwasher, Paloma sucking the skin off of his cock … "Yeah. I remember."

"Did you remember that there's a camera in every room of this house?"

The saliva dried in his mouth. "Uh, yes. I did."

"Then you also forgot that besides having a security crew, I review the tapes every night."

The meaning of her words sunk in as deeply as the touch of her breath on his face. "I saw you and Paloma in the laundry room." Alabama paused, using a finger under his chin to tilt his head up. "I've seen a lot of people fuck but I never saw anything like how you treated her." She sat back a bit. "Are you in love with her?"

"Paloma? No. She's not my type."

"Type enough to fuck but not type enough to keep?"


"Then what is your type?"

"Self-sufficient. Strong. In Control." With each statement, he pulled her mouth closer to his own, his hand at the back of her neck. "And beautiful enough to make me forget what day of the week it is." His mouth covered hers and he inhaled sharply, a tingle stabbing his groin. "So, what was it that I did with Paloma that you liked?"

"The way you touched her. The way you kissed her." She took a breath. "Like you really cared."

"I do care … I mean, I did care. I … I know that I'm married but Doris … "

"Is paralyzed." His eyes widened at her mention of his secret. "And she was your childhood sweetheart that you married to take care of her."


"But she's been cheating on you."

"What? No way! Doris can't cheat on me! Not from a wheelchair!"

"No." Alabama stood and retrieved a manila envelope from her desk, handing it to him. "Not from a wheelchair, she can't."

The photos were more than he could bear. Doris was well-endowed on top but the bottom of her body suffered from the muscular atrophy that all wheelchair-bound people suffered. It was easy to bind her legs apart and the black man in the video enjoyed pounding her handicapped pussy. His wife sure seemed to enjoy it; she couldn't seem to get enough of his cock. She even licked him clean, showing him a thick lump of semen that she balanced on her tongue before swallowing it down. Jimmy's already white skin turned ashen and he fought the urge to vomit.

"I can't believe this."

"It's true. Randy is a friend of mine. I sent him to sniff around and see if he could seduce your wife." She paused, replacing the pictures in the envelope. "As you can see, he was successful."

"But I don't understand, Ally. Why me?"

Alabama sat on his lap again, untying her robe and letting it slide to the floor, uncovering her magnificent body that was clad in nothing more than a lacy teddy. "Because … I'm tired of being in control all the time. I know I can trust you." She brushed her lips against his. "And I … I … "

Jimmy forgot about the gun, letting it slide in between the couch cushions. "You what?"

Her dark brown eyes connected with his. "I think I'm in love with you."

"Oh, Ally!" He pulled her mouth down to his, sliding his tongue into hers and tasting her warmth. "I've wanted to fuck you for the longest time."

"Then do it." She pulled back, sucking on his bottom lip in the process. "Fuck me 'till I'm raw."

"Gladly." Jimmy couldn't believe his luck. She was so beautiful but he'd have bet his last dollar that she was frigid. He'd watched her witness murders, drug deals and rapes and her demeanor had never changed. But tonight … tonight, she was different. Tonight, she was an accessible black woman, aching for a white man.

His lips moved across the scented skin of her throat, gently kissing and nibbling the dark skin and she moaned with his efforts, especially as he moved closer and closer to her nipples. He paused for a moment, wiping a hand over his eyes. Something was wrong. Jimmy looked up into her eyes, frowning as he tried to focus on the details of her features and found that he couldn't. Her slight weight lifted from his lap and he looked up at the blurry figure.

"What's going on?"

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