I have read stories about people who have a blackmail fetish and I wanted to relate one of my own.

I am a twenty five year old woman with a good job and I own a home with my best friend Jenn. We have been friends since college and got the house together when we graduated.

Since we have been friends for a long time and went through the wild college parties together we know a lot about each other, including our sexual proclivities. Both of us have dabbled in lesbian sex and have spent time after some parties looking for our clothes.

Since we have our own place and have been intimate with each other we act very freely around the house. It is not uncommon to spend a weekend naked sunbathing in our backyard and since I am fond of being nude I don't go to great lengths to cover up when it's just us.

Until recently I did however usually wear something when we were here together and even though she is not shy around me she always has at least a wife-beater on, but that all changed when I told her about my blackmail fantasy.

We were at home one evening and over a bottle of wine we began to talk about the things we would like to do sexually.

The conversation moved around until we got to fantasies. Jenn told me about her fantasy involving her and five well hung men that got us both very aroused.

When it was my turn I told her about my fantasy where I am blackmailed into public exhibitionism. I explained how I have never had the guts to truly live out my fantasies of being naked in public and how hot it makes me to know I am being forced to do these things.

Opening another bottle of wine she said she could help me live out these fantasies and we should start right now.

Fueled by the wine and our state of arousal I agreed and she left the room. When she came back she had her digital camera and I posed for some pictures, then she suggested I take my clothes off.

Reading my hesitation she said she had seen me naked before and I might as well get used to being naked around her here at the house, so I stripped.

Once I was naked I posed for some more pictures and we moved to the living room for some more wine and a movie. Sitting naked on the couch next to my clothed roommate I felt more naked than I had before but more aroused as well.

During the next few hours she outlined her plan to have me carry out several "challenges" that involved me getting naked in ever more public situations. I could not believe how aroused I had become and how wet my pussy was.

Jenn then told me I should masturbate, right here in front of her, and unconsciously my fingers started playing with my clit. I just went with the feeling and turned sideways on the couch spreading my legs and inserting two fingers deep into my sopping wet hole. She watched intently as I worked feverishly on my impending orgasm.

With one leg on the back of the couch and the other on the floor I was ramming four fingers in and out of my pussy, all the while working my clit with my right hand. I felt the waves of orgasmic pleasure wash over me and I rocked through the powerful spasms of my ecstasy.

When I opened my eyes I noticed she was staring at my naked body and had one hand in her panties working her clit almost as hard as I had just done.

She noticed me watching her and crawled down the couch, between my legs and placed her fingers at my lips. I could smell her sex and greedily sucked her fingers into my mouth.

"That was hot" she exclaimed as she watched me suck her juices off her fingers and with her other hand she inserted two fingers into my quivering pussy. "Your so wet" she said, surprised at how turned on I was, she told me this is how I will be when I complete my little "challenges".

The next day was Sunday and when I walked into the kitchen still nude I found Jenn already dressed in a short pair of shorts and a tight summer top.

Smiling at me she told me how she could hardly sleep thinking about making me do things in public and she wanted to start right now. Surprised, I stared at her as she told me she had printed the pictures of my masturbation and put them in an envelope ready to mail to my boss if I didn't do what she told me to.

Waving the sealed envelope in my face she told me to come on, and she dragged me, still naked to the garage where her car was parked. I got in on the passenger side as she backed us out into the morning sunshine and headed toward town.

On the drive she told me to sit up straight and that I should play with myself to get fired up before she has me complete my first challenge.

There was not very much traffic on a Sunday and I found it easier to start rubbing my pussy knowing we were mostly alone on the road.

We first pulled into a small strip shopping center and she told me she had to mail some bills.

Parking across the parking lot from the mail boxes she handed me her mail and told me to go put them in the box. I looked around and seeing very few cars in the lot I got out and started walking briskly toward the mail boxes.

About halfway across the parking lot a car pulled in and drove straight to the mail boxes, I froze and when they noticed me they stared with puzzled looks on their faces. I straightened up and walked deliberately around the car and put the mail in the box. Turning to face the couple in the car I told them I had to mail some bills and I walked back to where Jenn was waiting. Jumping in the car I squealed with excitement and Jenn looked just as excited as I told her about my encounter with the couple in the car.

I was so wet and aroused I thought I would orgasm any minute. Jenn reached over and pinched one of my hard nipples and told me we were not done yet.

Our next stop was a drive through; Jenn had me sit next to her with my legs spread and my fingers buried in my pussy as we got our breakfast.

The young attendant was shocked when he noticed how I was masturbating in his drive through. We drove off giggling and headed for what Jenn had told me would be my toughest challenge of the day.

On the way she told me how the mail I had mailed this morning contained the pictures of me from the night before and I had better do exactly what she said from now on if I didn't want them to end up in my boss's hands.

Mortified, I asked her where she had sent them. She informed me I was not to concern myself with where they were going but I should be ready to do exactly what she was about to tell me to do.

Pulling up to a beach shop she told me we were going to buy a bikini. I thought that after what I had done this morning this would be easy. The shop was almost empty as we entered.

Being naked the clerk noticed right away and he could not stop staring as he showed us to the bikinis. Jenn told him we wanted to see the really sexy stuff and took us to the back of the store.

We looked at some small thongs before she found an impossibly small, sheer, G-string bikini. Turning to me she told me to put it on, and while the clerk watched I stepped into the tiny suit.

Jenn started taking pictures as I got into the bottom, having to adjust my pussy lips to get the suit to cover me. The camera flashed again when I had the top on, if you could call it a top, it barely covered my nipples. I don't know why I had the bikini on, it didn't cover me and it was see-thru anyway so I didn't see the point when Jenn told me to take it off and let the clerk ring it up.

While he was ringing up the suit Jenn chose a very short, tight tank top for me, it was also sheer like the bikini and when I tried it on I could see my breasts through the thin material.

I had to take the top off for the clerk as we paid and left the store.

Once in the car I asked her how that was supposed to be the toughest challenge of today and she explained that it was not even a challenge but I would soon have to carry out her orders and fulfill the tough one.

Pulling into a busy grocery store parking lot she parked as far away from the entrance as possible.

She made me put the tank top on and the bikini bottom pulling the string deep into my pussy. I felt more naked this way than when I was completely naked. I was given a shopping list and some money and told to go get the things on the list.

As I started toward the store I heard the car drive off and turned to see Jenn leaving. My heart raced as I stood in the parking lot nearly naked and all on display, contemplating what to do. I decided that she would not leave me here and I should complete my challenge.

Walking into the store every head turned to watch as I started shopping. Looking at my list I could not believe what I was to buy. I took a small hand basket and started shopping.

Cucumbers, Vaseline, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup, quite a recipe for pleasure and I know all the stock boys walking around me knew what I was going to do with my groceries.

The older lady at the check out stand gave me a dirty look as I paid for my items and walked out into the parking lot. I walked to where Jenn had left me and waited until she pulled up.

I started to get in the car when she stopped me and told me to remove what little I had on. Not too many people around so, I got naked once again then she told me to get on the hood. I sat on the steaming hot hood and she told me to spread my legs. Lifting my feet up on the hood I spread my legs as she stood between them.

Opening a frozen Popsicle she must have bought while I was shopping she told me to start pouring the chocolate syrup over my breasts. Doing as I had been told I covered my naked tits with the gooey brown syrup.

Next she took the Popsicle and inserted it into my pussy eliciting a gasp from me. She then told me I would have to stay on the hood just like I was until the Popsicle had melted completely, then I could get in the car but I was not to make a mess with my syrup covered tits.

After about thirty minutes she said I could get in the car just as a small crowd was starting to gather. When I was in the car she told me to use the cucumber to masturbate while she drove us home.

Once in the driveway she ordered me to lie on the grass and finish masturbating with the cucumber. She was filming and told me we were not going inside until I had an orgasm.

Needless to say I worked the cucumber furiously and the whole scene combined to send me over the edge.

The orgasm I had was tremendous, the sexual arousal of the day combined with what I was doing on my front lawn had me screaming.

Later that night sitting nude on the couch we watched the video and I came again watching my depraved act on the lawn, I wasn't even aware I was capable of a squirting orgasm.

I came one more time watching the whole scene and I noticed Jenn was grinning wildly as she worked her pussy with her fingers inside her panties, undoubtedly thinking of new ways to humiliate me in public!

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by Anonymous

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by zoolicious08/26/17

my turn

I would love to blackmail you. Since that won't happen, I'll have to blackmail my wife.
Great idea.

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by Anonymous06/03/17


I read this as I masturbated and came really hard. Twice. I hope to read more like this.

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