tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBlackmailed in Turkey Ch. 03

Blackmailed in Turkey Ch. 03


After the dirty hotel manager told Emma's mother and sister where to find her they headed for her room where they found a devastated Emma. Emma was too embarrassed to tell them what really happened, especially because she lied to her parents about leaving with a friend to Turkey in the first place when she actually went alone. They had warned her enough before she left. So much for being young and adventurous, Emma thought.

Now, losing her stuff was one thing, but telling her mother that she let two old men use her young body would be too much. Luckily her parents are very wealthy, so it wasn't a big deal for them to fly over from the US and help their daughter out financially and get her a temporary passport so she could leave.

Once in her room, Emma's mother thought it was a good idea to stay in this hotel for a few days as it was close to the beach and she didn't want the hassle of searching for a better one in mid season. Emma tried to come up with any excuse to leave this horrible place without actually telling what really happened, but she had been so flustered that she couldn't come up with a good one. Besides, she figured her issues were over now that she was in the company of a responsible adult.

In the meantime the hotel manager and his fat friend from the beach were in complete awe of Emma's mother and sister, who were perhaps even sexier than Emma. How was this possible? The foul men figured they had it all wrong by living in Turkey their whole lives. When you have a fetish for young, blond and busty babes, America is the place to be!

When checking the new hotties in, the hotel manager noticed that Lisa was only 10 months younger than her older sister. He had guessed her to be about 16 years old earlier that day, but she actually turned 18 three days ago! Her young angelic face looked a lot younger then Emma's, which is what made her more appear more like a 16 year old high school girl.

While Lisa's sweet young facial features made her look young, her body said otherwise, as her phenomenal rack was on display in her tight summer dress. The manager had pretended to do some paperwork as he ogled this incredibly sexy and stacked blonde. How was this possible, even for a girl of 18 those knockers seemed unreal. 'What a sight!' he thought. Her slender frame and skinny legs put even more accent on her chest.

Emma's 41 year old mother was a typical MILF. She already had the necessary surgery to maintain her beauty. She'd got rid of some aging lines on her forehead and in the corners of her eyes, which combined with her tanned skin and make-up made her look young again. Her looks left no doubt that this mature woman with sparkling blue eyes, full lips and long blonde waving hair was the absolute prom queen of her time. And the way she still turned every guys' head made it clear her husband had absolutely nothing to complain about.

Of course her body did most of the work as she was very toned. Her tanned legs and silicone enlarged breasts were good for an instant boner. Their perfect round form and huge firm Double E cup size were absolutely breathtaking. Her years had taken its toll on her natural C cups as they started to droop down a bit, while her two daughters were blessed with even bigger and firmer tits than herself due to her husband's side of the family. This made her go to the plastic surgeon last year which gave her some pride back now having even bigger boobs than her daughters, although Lisa's ever growing knockers were getting very close in comparison.

It was lucky for the manager that he was standing behind a counter. Otherwise they would've seen his rock hard cock stretching his dirty pants.

Once the mother and daughter left for Emma's room he called his fat friend immediately. He had already come up with an evil plan to make every fantasy they could have had come true.

The fat bastard rushed over and a deal was made pretty quickly: the mother for the fat man and the younger sister for the teen obsessed manager.

The plan was plain and simple. The footage that was made of the manager having sex with Emma from his hidden office camera would be shown by the manager to Lisa.

If she wouldn't cooperate, the video would be posted online and the manager would claim it is evidence Emma seduced him to escape her money problems, which could put her in the Turkey prison for months.

During his blackmail of Lisa, a live video stream would be sent to a hotel room with the mother and the fat man. The fat man would threaten that Lisa would be raped if the mother doesn't do whatever he desires. Of course, the mother wouldn't know Lisa will be abused either way.

Over the next hour they prepped the rooms and sent the hotel maid with Emma to the US Embassy for a temporary passport, instructing the maid they should stay away for at least a couple hours. Again, the maid reluctantly did what the manager told her to do.

Not long after, the manager saw Lisa walk through the lobby towards the beach already wearing a bikini. The manager's mouth practically fell open at the sight of this young petite girl. She was tanned all over, though wearing a towel over her lower parts just beneath her bellybutton. He now could clearly see her breasts in all their glory contained in a flimsy pink bikini top.

The huge teenage breasts were unbelievably firm and stood very high on her tiny body as two giant melons pushed together. With each step Lisa's firm tit flesh jiggled slightly. She had the look of youthful innocence on her baby face, causing the manager to recalculate the math in his head to determine if she truly had just turned 18 years old.

As Lisa walked past the swimming pool she instinctively crossed her arms over her chest, noticing all the lustful stares. Despite men drooling over them, she was quite subconscious of their size being so big on her petite body. Although in doing this, she unwittingly squeezed her breasts together, which made the round and firm flesh bulge up over her skinny arms, creating an incredible overspill of cleavage. Every cock in the place was hard within seconds.

When she finally got to the beach, she took off her towel and laid it down.

Every set of male eyes on the beach were fixated on her young, incredibly succulent body.

They way her huge tits jiggled when she sat down caused moans and groans from the spectators.

Lisa was looking forward to a nice relaxing time on the beach. Her mom complained of a headache and jetlag, so she stayed in the room to take a nap while her sister went to the US Embassy. She looked around her with her sunglasses on and noticed there weren't any attractive boys. Her friends had teased her that she might meet a strapping Turkish boy while on her vacation, and Lisa certainly hoped she would.

She had grown tired of all the boys her age who were obsessed with her breasts and always tried to sleep with her. But she wasn't that type of girl, and her religious beliefs only allow for her future husband to deflower her, which so far she has adhered to.

Realizing there were no cute boys to look at, she sighed and laid down, soaking in the sunshine and the sound of waves breaking on the beach.

In the meantime, the hotel manager instructed his ugly friend to head down to the beach and fetch young Lisa, so that they could execute their plan.

Lisa coming down alone without her mother made everything way easier for them.

After the friend brings Lisa to the manager, he would head up to the mother's room.

The friend had changed into the same red speedos he had worn previously with nothing else.

He was quite an absurd sight with his belly hanging out over the speedos and his thick cock barely contained in them.

He gave winks to all the females as he passed the pool, to which they simply rolled their eyes.

Lisa was in a state of pure relaxation when she sensed someone walking up behind her. She propped herself up on her elbows and pushed her sunglasses up on her flowing blonde hair. A shadow soon consumed her, and she squinted as an older man stood above her.

"Hello, you American?" He said as drooled formed at the side of his mouth. The teen blonde looked so delicious, and her tits appeared to be the size of her head. His eyes traveled down her smooth tanned belly until they reached her luscious thighs.

"Hi! Yes, I'm here on vacation with family." She said with a friendly smile. Lisa shared many of the same looks and features as her older sister, but she was quite different in that she wasn't snobby. While her sister was independent and tough, Lisa was more of a sweet, wholesome girl who liked to stay at home and watch movies and read literature in her free time. So it was no surprise that she was quite respectful to the stranger.

"Beach nice. Water nice. You like?" The man said keeping his eyes on her curvy body.

"I love!" Lisa said innocently with a giggle, noticing his broken English and his odd attire – or lack thereof.

He certainly wasn't even close to the strapping Turkish boy she fantasized about, and Lisa reasoned he might be the most disgusting looking man on the beach, but she had never talked to someone outside of the United States, so she found him intriguing.

"Sit down?" He asked nodding to the sand next to her. She finally realized he was asking to sit down.

"Yes, you can sit down," she said a bit caught off guard, not wanting to be rude. She sat up while he sat down next to her.

They made small talk, or at least tried to. His English wasn't very strong, so she had some difficulties communicating. It didn't help that her hot little body was thoroughly distracting him.

"Oh look, what a beautiful shell!" she said reaching forward to pick up a sea shell lodged into the sand in front of them. The gross man craned his head back so that he could check out her bum as she leaned forward.

"See more?" he finally said taking his eyes off her ass.

"Excuse me?" Lisa said confusedly.

"More shell, over there," he said pointing towards the big rocks... the same rocks where he had ravaged her older sister.

"Come," he said standing up. She couldn't help but notice his penis pushing at the thin red fabric of his speedos, underneath his paunchy belly only a foot away from her head. She had never seen a grown man's penis before in person, so she quickly averted her eyes uncomfortably.

He offered his hand, so she politely took it as he helped her up. Surprisingly, he didn't let go, instead he led her towards the rocks. He then intertwined his fingers with hers as he held her hand. This made her very uncomfortable, but she figured this might be a custom in Turkey, so she didn't want to be rude by pulling her hand away. Besides, he seemed like a nice man who wanted to show her some neat sea shells.

The older man continued to drool as he watched her spectacular tits gently bounce as she walked with him towards the rocks. He was supposed to bring her to the hotel manager in order to execute their plan, but this lovely young thing was just too delicious to pass up. The hotel manager called dibs on her, but he had other ideas.

By the time they got to the secluded area surrounded by rocks, the man's cock was fully hard after holding hands and watching her tits as she walked. She again noticed it, making her blush. She instead looked towards the ground. Surprisingly, she didn't see any shells.

"Where are they?" she asked with a perplexed look.

"You dig. Down under sand." He said as he pushed down on her shoulder. She got down on her knees, still perplexed. She didn't want to call him a liar, so she started to dig. It was at this point she felt two grubby hands grab her ass cheeks in each hand.

"Oh yess yess yess," he groaned as he gave each cheek a hard squeeze. Lisa immediately sprang forward in shock and turned around.

"Hey what are you doing?!" she yelped, backing away from him. Before she had time to process what she would do next, the man lunged at her and pulled her to the ground.

He got on top her and pinned her arms to the ground.

"Get off of me!!!" she shrieked, but the man had no intentions of letting her go. He leaned down began licking the cleavage spilling out from above her bikini top.

"Mmmmmphh... oh Allah thank you... mmmmmm" he groaned as his tongue slid across her soft skin. She was squirming underneath him, inadvertently making her tits shake, but this only turned him on more. He was too powerful for the little teen.

The man began planting kisses all over her cleavage, up her chest, on her neck, and then on her cheeks. She was thrashing below him and moving her head in every direction to avoid him, tears welling in her eyes as she tried to break free.

Suddenly she thought of an idea. She stopped fighting him and exhaled in exhaustion. He noticed her surrender, so he laughed and smiled before moving his way back down her chest. He opened his mouth wide and inhaled her breast. Even though it was still contained in her bikini, it felt amazing. He sucked on the fabric and licked his tongue where her nipples were. The nipple instantly hardened at his manipulation, so he sucked on it through the bikini.

As much as he loved sucking on her tit, he wanted to see these knockers naked. He wanted to taste her lovely nipples and bury his face between her mounds. She remained still, biting her bottom lip and letting out sobs as the stranger molested her. He couldn't believe she had surrendered so quickly.

Just as he was about to use his teeth to rip her bikini top off her glorious boobs, she suddenly thrust her knee up into his groin.

"AAaahhhhooowweee!" he bellowed as he let go of her arms and reached down to grab his package, which was in excruciating pain. She climbed out from under him, and then with all her power, she swung her arm back and then forward, slapping him across the face.


"Oooowweee!!!" He yelled as he collapsed to the ground.

Lisa turned and went to climb out of the little enclave they were in surrounded by rocks. Just as she was about to run free, the stranger grabbed her ankle and pulled back. She shrieked as she fell on her face. Before she could get up again, the man had already gotten behind her and pushed her shoulders to the ground while her ass remained thrust into the air.

He held her down with one arm while his other hand swiftly pulled her bikini bottoms down her thighs, exposing her gorgeous ass.

"Noooo! Please no!!!" she exclaimed, but it was too muffled for anyone to hear since her head was on the ground.

The man just laughed and reached down to caress her soft bum.

"Ooooo... soft... like peach," he said fondling her ass cheeks.

The tiny hairs on her skin were standing up and she had goosebumps. He moved his fingers down to her pussy and began to rub it.

"Mmm... tight... so tight. I want loosen up."

He inserted his fingers into her tunnel and began to expertly finger her.

She was tight and dry, so he wanted to get her open enough so that he could stick his big cock into her.

"Uggghhh... noooo... stop... uhhhhh..." she pleaded between sobs as the monster finger-fucked her, getting her pussy lubricated against her will. The man's cock was rock hard at this point and looked ready to burst through the speedos. After fingering her pussy good for couple minutes, he removed his fingers so that he could take his cock out.

"Yesss.. you bitch, you hit me and kick me... now if fuck you," he said as he grabbed his thick cock and aimed it towards her tunnel.

"Noooooo!!! Please, I never.... Noooo! I've never had sex! "

"Get ready American slut," he said with a grin. As soon as the mushroom head of his bloated cock touched her wet opening, ready to plunge in, the hotel manager jumped out from behind the rocks and pushed him over. The man cursed in his native tongue as he fell to the ground. The hotel manager grabbed Lisa's arm and pulled her up. She quickly pulled up her bikini bottoms as he led her back to the beach. Before they walked off, the hotel manager turned around and yelled at his friend in their own language to get off his ass and go to the mother's room so they could move forward with the plan.

"Thank you! Oh thank you so much! You are too kind and brave!" Lisa said as the hotel manager led her back to grab her beach items and then back to the hotel still holding her arm.

"Are you going to call police on that man? He tried to rape me!" Lisa asked with tears still drying in her eyes.

"Lisa, right?" He asked trying not to stare too much at the young girls rack as they walked and ignoring her question.

"Yes that's right. You know my sister, right?"

"Well, something wrong with sister, so came to find you. I'd like to ask some questions."

He just couldn't take his eyes of her magnificent chest... so unbelievably firm and tanned all over.

Lisa noticed this was just another guy talking to her tits, though the fact that this man was old, fat and hideous made it more disgusting.

"Oh no, is she ok?!" she said with trepidation. "Let me go get my mom."

"No, my dear, it can't wait," he said with his best poker face. They finally arrived back at the front desk.

"Ok, well let me put something on first," she said while pulling her sleek yellow summer dress out of her bag and over her head.

His eyes roamed over her young and tight body. How could this miracle of nature grow such huge boobs on such a tiny frame was beyond logic. He was disappointed when her bikini clad chest disappeared underneath her dress, but the thought of unwrapping this gorgeous package very soon made it worth the wait.

He escorted her into the elevator that led to his private chambers, reminiscing on how it was just the other day that her older sister did the same thing. Once inside he didn't hesitate to start the video. She watched in horror as her sister sucked and fucked this pig of a man. He explained to her that there would be serious consequences for Emma because she tried to use sex to pay her debts. He lied that Emma was on her way to a prison right now.


While the video was shown to Lisa and the manager told his side of the story, the room were her mother was in 2 stories down got a knock on the door.

The fat pig from the beach smiled pervertedly at her when she opened the door. Forcing himself inside and pushing the hot mom back into the room, knowing he didn't had much time.

"W-who are you.. get out om my room!"

"shhhhshhhh...I just want to show you something.." the fat bastard grinned while turning the tv on and switching to the channel the hidden cam of the managers office was linked to. Knowing that her mother would probably not believe the story about Emma, and warning the police right away that had to take a different approach. Seeing the look on the gorgeous mom's face, it was already a great choice to do so.

Seeing her daughter obviously at the mercy of the horribe man in front of her she began to fear the worst..

"W-what is this.. what are you doing to my Lisa..? Let her go.."

Looking hungrily at Emma's mother, his eyes wandered over her fit and curvious body. Well toned of her many days at the gym and the plastic surgery made this forty something year old an absolute stunner.

Licking his lips he stepped in closer, his sweat scent pouring in her nose with every step.

"hush now my bride to be.. nothing will happen to little Lisa if you cooperate.. but if you don't I just have to make one phone call and I can let that old, multiple rape convicted man, get all over her.. And trust me, he will ravage her good hehe.."

"Noo you dirty ape, I'm married.. and even if I was not I rather marry a real pig then let you have your filthy paws all over me.."

The fat man stood now right in front of her, switching his stare from her large chest encased in a thin summer dress to looking deep into her eyes.

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