tagLoving WivesBob & Janet & Bill & Claire

Bob & Janet & Bill & Claire


Bob Stevens was glad to be home after such a long business trip. He hated traveling and hoped he would be able to stay put for a while. His wife, Janet, a lovely woman with long, auburn hair, and a beautiful shape, met him at the door with a smile and a big hug, as usual. Bob dropped his luggage in the foyer, took off his suit jacket and stretched out on the living room couch. Janet went into the kitchen and made drinks. She sat next to him and they sipped their drinks.

"Bob, I have to tell you something."

"OK babe, what is it?"

"I cheated on you."

"What, with who?"

"Your brother, Bill."

"When was this?"

"Last night. I'm so sorry Bob. It just happened. Please forgive me. I'll spend the rest of my life making it up to you."

"Wait a minute. I work my ass off all week making money so you don't have to work. Then, because you're bored, you go and fuck my brother! I can't put up with this shit . . . How did it happen?"

"Well, Claire was part of it. She wanted me to do it."

"Bill's wife wanted my brother to fuck you? I can't believe that."

"It's true. She'll tell you."

"Janet, you'll have to tell me the whole story."

Bob sat up and listened. Janet poured another drink for both of them.

"You know honey," Janet began, "When you're away on business, like you were last week, I often go to Claire's and stay overnight. Usually Bill is not there. He travels a lot too, but you knew that. He came home late last night. Claire and I were sitting by the pool having drinks. Sometimes we skinny dip, and of course, we were naked when Bill walked in. I was stunned for a moment. Bill didn't even look at his wife. He was leering at my bare tits and his eyes fell to my crotch as I stood there. When I came to my senses I dove into the pool and told Claire to get my swim suit. She did and I put it on under the water. Then I came out and, without looking at them, I said hi to Bill and I said good night as well. I told them I was tired and wanted to go to bed."

I went up to the guest room and removed my bathing suit. I took a shower and put on my teddy and went to bed. I couldn't sleep. There was soft music playing out by the pool area and I opened the French doors and went out on the balcony. There was a soft, warm breeze. It was a beautiful night. I looked down and there was Claire and Bill sitting by the pool, both naked. I went back to my room and was about to close the doors when I heard Bill say, "Claire baby, that feels so good. Don't stop."

I was curious so I went back out on the balcony. Claire was on her knees in front of Bill. She was licking his prick up and down, like an ice cream cone. I had no idea he was so big! I was fascinated. I watched as she took each of his balls in her mouth, one at a time and sucked on them. She ran her tongue up his long shaft to the tip and took the head of it in her mouth. Bill moaned with pleasure.

I began to tingle all over. It turned me on so much. I felt myself getting wet. She kept sucking and lapping his cock, slowly and gently. My wetness began to run down my legs. My hand found its way to my pussy and it was soaked. I held the rail tightly. I thought I was going to cum. Then Claire looked up and saw me. I should have gone back in my room, but I didn't. I just stood there and stared.

Claire smiled at me and crooked her finger, calling me to come join them.

"Oh, no," I thought. "I couldn't do that. I've never cheated on you. I've never even thought about it before."

She kept urging me to come down. My feet just began to move toward the stairway. My cunt was dripping, I was so hot. When I reached the pool deck I saw that Bill's eyes were still closed and he had a smile on his face. Claire was still licking up and down on his huge cock. I walked closer. She indicated that I should get down on the deck with her. When I did I found my face very close to Bill's cock. I was amazed as to how big it was. I could see the veins running up the sides as it throbbed in Claire's hand. Claire put her hand at the back of my head and brought me closer. I could smell his maleness. The heat of his cock warmed my cheek. She didn't need to coax me anymore. I began to lick up and down on his cock. I let the large head of it enter my mouth as Claire continued to lick his shaft. Bill opened his eyes then. He looked surprised to see me there, sucking on his cock, but then lay back down and smiled.

Claire whispered to me, "go ahead, and see how much you can take in your mouth."

I couldn't even get my hand around it, but I opened my mouth wide and let about three or four inches slide in. It filled my mouth completely. As I sucked on Bill's cock I began to tremble all over. I was cumming and I didn't even have my hand on my pussy. Moaning loudly with my mouth full of cock, I came big time. It was running down my legs. Claire noticed it and felt my leg. Her hand became soaked with my cum. I kept cumming as I forced as much of his huge cock into my mouth and felt it enter my throat. Just as I began to back off Bill began to shoot his big load. It hit the roof of my mouth and ran down my throat. His creamy cum filled my mouth. I gulped and swallowed as much as I could. The ropey fluid began to drip out of my mouth and down my chin. Claire saw this and started licking my face, lapping as much as she could as it continued to flow. Bill was heaving his pelvis up to my face and moaning heavily. As the spurts of cum started to slow down I was able to lick the rest of it from his dying cock. To my surprise, Claire continued to lick my face. She cleaned all of Bill's cum off and began kissing me, her tongue probing my mouth for more of his seed. We sucked each other's tongues until all of Bill's cum was swallowed.

I said to Claire, "Wow, I came while I was sucking him."

She said, "So did I, I got so turned on watching you suck on Bill's cock."

"We lay there, exhausted, for a while. I couldn't believe what I had just done. Guilt overtook me as I thought of you," Janet said.

"Continue the story," said Bob. "What else did you do?"

"I felt terrible. I started to go back to my room and Claire held my arm."

"I want to see Bill fuck you," she said.

"I looked over at Bill. He was already hard again. I felt that urgency again. My juices were running down my legs. Bill got up and took me in his arms. He lay me down on a beach towel. Then he pushed my legs up so that my knees were against my ears, exposing my very wet pussy. I screamed as Bill buried his face in my cunt. He licked all around my pussy lips and stuck his tongue inside. Then he licked up to my clitoris. It was hard and pulsating. I came in his mouth. He had to hold me down. My pelvis was heaving upward into his face. As my orgasm began to subside, Bill moved up and kissed me. I could taste my cunt juice on his tongue. I was on fire. I reached down and got hold of his big, fat cock and shoved it into me. It filled me up. What a feeling! I could feel his balls slapping against my ass. How I managed to take that whole gigantic piece of meat, I don't know, but I wrapped my legs around his back and he rode me like a bull.

"Claire came over and began kissing me, our tongues licking and sucking each other. She cupped my breasts in her hands and kneaded my nipples. As Bill shoved his cock deep into my womb, I came again. I felt it from my head right down to my toes. It was the longest orgasm I ever had. I kept cumming and cumming. Then, I felt Bill's big cock begin to swell inside me. He started to shake. He let out a loud scream as his cock began to shoot his seed into me. I could feel the cum juice filling my pussy. As it filled my cunt, it began running down to the crack in my ass. He continued to pump, refilling me. We could hear the sloppy, squishy sounds his cock and my cunt were making. I came again!

"Bill slowly began to pull out of my cunt. His enormous load of spunk gushed out of me along with his, now softening, cock. To my surprise, Claire went down on me and began licking Bill's ropey cock juice out of my cunt. Bill sat back and watched as Claire tongued me and licked my pussy all over. She was very good. I held the back of her head and pushed my cunt to her lips and I came again. I never had so many orgasms in one night. As my juices flowed out of me, Claire licked and drank it all down."

"I finally went back to my room and slept. I've never felt so totally satisfied "

Bob sat quietly for a very long time, not looking at his wife. He finished his drink and turned to look at her. Janet was frightened. She had no idea how he was taking it. Finally, Bob looked down at his glass and shoved it toward her.

"Make me another drink and come upstairs," he said, in an authoritative tone. Then, he walked toward the staircase, turned and looked at Janet. She was just standing there holding his glass. She turned quickly and walked into the kitchen. Bob went up to the bedroom.

Janet's hands were shaking as she made Bob's drink. She carried it upstairs to their bedroom. Bob was on the bed, naked, his cock in his hand. It was very hard.

"Put the drink down and get undressed," Bob told her. "Now come over here and show me how you sucked my brother's cock."

Now naked, Janet climbed on the bed and took her husband's dick in her hands. He was not as large as his brother, but he was a good 7 ½ inches.

"Lick it up and down like you did him," Bob said. Janet did as she was told. She coated his hard cock with her saliva and licked his balls, just as she did his brother.

"Is my cock big enough for you?" Bob asked.

"Oh, yes my darling. It's plenty big. I love it," Janet said.

"You told me that you took him deep into your throat," Bob said. "You've never done that for me. I want you to do that now."

Janet took a deep breath and lowered her head. Her long, auburn hair covered his legs. She felt Bob's hand on the back of her head. Her husband's cock entered her mouth and she took all of it in until the large head reached the back of her throat. She felt the gentle pressure of Bob's hand as she let his cock force its way deep into her throat. Bob moaned with the pleasure of it. Janet held it in her throat for as long as she could, backed off a few inches and took another deep breath. She then plunged back down on it and forced it deeper into her throat. Holding on longer this time, she thought she was going to pass out. Once again she backed off for air. Then, for the third time she took him deep into her throat. When she felt his balls against her nose, she wiggled her head and tried to force the head of Bob's cock deeper into her throat. She managed to get another inch of his cock in her. She felt herself blacking out. Quickly she raised her head and gasped for air. After a few deep breaths Bob said, "I want to cum in your throat just like my brother did. Take me deep again."

Tears were streaming from Janet's eyes. She thought she was going to hyperventilate. If that was what he wanted, she had to do it. Janet knew she would have to make Bob cum quickly or she would definitely choke and pass out. Reaching her hands under his balls, she began probing his tight asshole with her fingers. Then she took him in her mouth and sucked until she felt the head of his cock, once again, at the entrance to her throat. Taking one more deep breath, Janet plunged her head onto his cock and jammed it deep into her throat. As she did this, she forced two fingers into Bob's ass. His ass rose off the bed. He screamed. Janet backed off a little and felt her husband's hot cum shooting down her throat. As she inched backward and took in air, his cream continued to pump out of his pulsating cock and shot against the roof of her mouth. She swallowed again and again, gulping his ropey cum down her throat. Bob was thrashing about the bed. He had never felt such a powerful orgasm. It was the longest cum he ever experienced. Janet continued to suck his cock, swallowing all the juice she could. When, finally, his cock became limp, she let it slide out of her mouth. She licked all around his cock and balls, cleaning any remaining cum juice from his body. Bob watched as Janet licked her lips of the cum that had dripped out of her mouth. Her face was very wet and she was breathing hard, but smiling.

Janet looked up at her husband and asked, "Am I forgiven?"

Bob took her in his arms and said, "You certainly are sweetheart. Now here's what I think we ought to do the next time we go to visit my brother and his sexy wife . . ."

To be continued...

I would appreciate any comments on this or any of my stories. I will reply to all.

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