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Body Focus


You feel the position of your body.
Able to Notice where the air is against your skin.
When you look, you can see parts of your arms or legs.
Becoming more and more aware of your body.

You can feel your chest rise each time you breathe in.
Able to feel the unique sensation of air filling your lungs.
And then, feeling your chest fall as you breathe out.
Your heightened awareness relaxing you.

You can feel any place where skin touches skin.
And if you are clothed, you can feel the fabric against your body.
Becoming fully aware of your body.
More relaxed and open with every moment.

And you may even notice the small blinking in your eyes.
Or the smell of the air in the room.
Your mind opening more and more.
Feeling so good to let yourself open up.

And you may feel a slight tingle in your chest.
An urge, an ache.
As my words open up your mind.
Wanting nothing but to follow these words.

And this tingling may spread through your body.
Penetrating deep into your mind.
Fully desiring to follow my words.
Wanting to give your mind entirely to my control.

Feeling the need to contact me.
With just two little words.
Just to let yourself give in.
"Yes Master."

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