Bora Bora


After checking into our beach-front cottage on the white sand beach with crystal blue water, it was time to give you your gift. All the way there I teased you. On the planes, in the waiting areas, in the cab... Telling you about the gift without telling you exactly what it was had peaked your interest. In fact, you have been hounding me to tell you. Not until now.

We began to unpack. You teased me by showing me the little frilly lacy things you planned to wear. Ohhhh so sexy! You kept one eye on me as I pulled my clothes out, wanting to see if you could see the gift. I purposefully left it in the bag until the very last.

Finally, I pulled a purple box out and turned to you. In big bold letters, the box read, "Venus Butterfly". You looked at me quizzically as I handed it to you. I explained that this was to be worn by you all the time on our trip. The only time you were not to wear it was when at the beach, swimming or bathing. Otherwise, it was to be on you at all times.

You pull the butterfly from the box. It has a set of straps to hold the butterfly in place. I tell you to strip and put it on. As you do, I reach into the box and grab the remote control. You are so sexy, just a sheer blouse and nothing else covers your sexy body as you try to figure out how to put the butterfly on. Sitting on the bed as I watch you, I stand up and pull you to me as we kiss, a hungry sexual kiss.

As I kiss you, I activate the remote, making the butterfly vibrate against your pussy. Gently it caresses your pussy and you break our kiss and look deep into my eyes as you react to the sensations. Your eyes tell me you like it!

We begin to kiss some more. I turn the dial on the remote, increasing the intensity of the vibrations. You moan into my mouth as our tongues dance. Again you pull back, obviously enjoying your new toy. You purr and squeak a little as the sensation continue. I can tell that if the vibrations continue, you will have an orgasm. Turning the dial again, the vibrations turn into a slow pulse. Not sure of the rhythm, you jerk slightly every time it pulses against your pussy.

That's enough for now. I turn it off and tell you to get dressed. We are going to the bar to have some drinks and a snack. You pout a little as you reach to remove the butterfly. I tell you to keep it on under you panties. Slipping into a little wispy sun dress with nothing but your panties and the "fly" underneath, we walk to the bar.

The bounce of your braless tits gets the attention of every male that sees you. Your nipples have hardened from the attention. Have I told you I love to see your hard nipples push out against the fabric? Makes me hard almost instantly! You are reveling in the attention your barely covered skin is attracting. Having the fly on makes you intensely aware of your own sexuality and the effect on men.

Just as we sit down at a table with a beautiful view of the ocean, I reach into my pocket and turn on the fly. You jump just a little as the vibrations start again. I lean over and give you a sweet soft kiss and turn off the fly for now. You will not know when I turn it on or whether it'll be vibrations or pulsing. I like it!!!!

When the waiter comes over to take our order, right in front of him, I again turn the fly on. He asks you what you want and you can barely tell him what you want to drink. When he turns to me, I change the fly to pulse mode. Long slow pulses start with a mild vibration and quickly intensifies then stops! I think I'll just leave it like that for now.

Each time it starts, you squirm a little trying to get the fly right where you want. Your pussy is dripping wet. I can see the lust building in your eyes. Time to tone it down. I reach and turn the fly off. Your bottom lip sticks out slightly as you pout. You are so cute when you do that!!

The drinks and snacks are delivered to our table. I know you are expecting me to turn the fly on again, but I don't. We eat and drink and chat about the beauty surrounding us, and the things we want to do and see while there. The entire time you are wondering when the fly will start.

You excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. As you get up, I get a quick glimpse between your legs. I can see the dark spot on your panties where you have soaked them. You walk towards the restroom and I wait until I'm sure you're in a stall. Reaching into my pocket I grab the remote and turn it on. I am imagining what you do once the vibrations start. I imagine you sitting on the toilet, head back, holding the fly tightly against your pussy enjoying the vibrations. With just the right pressure you cum. Not a blasting orgasm, just a little one to satiate your sexual appetite... for now. Trying to calm down, you try and clean up some of your juices and your soaked panties. It's no use. You pull your panties off and throw them in your purse. With nothing on but the fly and the clingy wispy little sundress, you walk back to the table.

I ask what's wrong as I see the flush of your face and chest. Knowing full well what happened, a sexy little grin comes across my face. This is just the beginning. I have more surprises in store for you.

For now, I want to keep you in a state of excitation all the time until you can't stand it any more. I purposefully stay away from our room. We walk, we shop, we drink, we eat... The whole time I tease you with the fly. Bringing your excitement up and then backing it down before you can cum, teasing you, building your desire to heights you thought were unattainable.

After almost a whole day, we finally get back to our room. All day your pussy has been wet, teased by the sensations from the fly as I control the time and place as I turn it on and off. The fly has done its job for today.

Entering the room, you grab me and kiss me with sexual wanton abandon. Practically ripping my clothes off, we fall onto the bed kissing, groping, touching. You pull the fly off and tell me you need me in you NOW! Not yet my love!

Although there is nothing more I want than to bury my cock in you, I still have plans. Reaching into the nightstand next to the bed, I pull out a rabbit vibrator. I know you've been dying to get one. You gasp when you see it and immediately lie back on the bed and spread your legs. You have been dying to try one. First however, I will be the one wielding the toy!!!

Kissing and fondling you I work my way down your body. Stopping only at your breasts to lick and tweak your nipples to attention. I crawl between your legs and look up. Over your panting chest our eyes meet. I can see the overwhelming excitement in your eyes. Turning on the rabbit, I slowly rub it up and down your lips. You are so wet and turned on, your lips are engorged and red with desire. Your juices are running down and making a wet spot on the sheets. Mmmmmmmmm... I love how wet you get!

The rabbit parts your lips with its gentle vibrations. These are different than the fly. You squirm and moan as I work the tip into you. Now that I have it in your pussy, I climb back up and kiss you. All the while working the length of the rabbit in and out of your pussy. When I have it deep in you, the vibrating ears touch your clit and the churning balls inside massage the walls of your pussy. Your breathing is erratic, your face and chest are flushed. You really like it! I kiss you harder working the rabbit in and out. You are gasping for air as the first wave of an orgasm flows thru you. I hold on tight as we both ride the waves of your orgasm. You are moving and squirming so! I have never seen you cum like this before! I can feel your pussy grab the rabbit as I continue using it to make you cum some more. The noises you make are telling me you are at the peak of the orgasm. It is now that I must bury my cock in you.

In one swift move, I remove the rabbit from your dripping pussy and replace it with my rock hard cock. Your pussy grabs at my cock and squeezes. You are so wet and hot and soft. It feels like my cock is in melting butter. The feeling is incredible. I pump into you as you continue to writhe and scream in orgasmic bliss. Trying to keep my cock in you as I pump is almost impossible. Watching your pretty face contort in ecstasy is too much and my cock explodes inside you. Jet after jet of my hot cum explodes inside you, as our juices mix. My orgasm is all engulfing. My mind is reeling.

My body is numb from the intense orgasm. I collapse on top of you. My dwindling hard-on, slips from your folds. Our panting and gasps mimic each other. I roll off and lay beside you as we both tremble from the feelings. We hold each other in our arms, cuddling, breathing, sweating, loving... and this is only the first day!!!!!!!

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