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It started with Sasha. I met her online in a chat room and we hit it off and have been having very sensual role playing scenarios and just hot erotic conversations about various aspects of sex ever since. She is an extremely sensual erotic woman and her descriptions of her body make my mind work overtime producing fantasies and images.

After a while, I learned she had a roommate that was equally into role playing named Nikki. I actually mistook Nikki for Sasha one evening and she didn't reveal herself until after our conversation and after she had cum. In the coming weeks Nikki's personality quickly emerged as a very physically, forceful, aggressive woman who used her sensuality to weaken and lure a man. That was extremely hot and scenarios always drifted to me being used in some way that led to explosive satisfaction for both of us. My chat time with her had a raw intensity to it. Now I had two very hot and different girls to keep me occupied when online. There was always an email waiting for me and it was usually very creative complete with random pictures and little videos from the web.

Then one night the two girls said I should talk to their friend Yvonne. She was a Mistress and commandingly dominant in a dark irresistible way. Our role playing conversations took a very wicked turn which was a real turn on. She was a little scary at times with her intensity but she got me hard and hot fast and seemed to know just what buttons to push. She was not shy and after many request I finally saw the message I wanted to see.

Yvonne: Would you like to see a picture of me?

I immediately answered yes. As soon as I heard the email bell I clicked the attachment. A crystal clear picture slowly came into view. First her sparkling deep black hair, high cheek bones oooo green eyes, wow mesmerizing, then blood red lipstick. Oh my GOD I can't take my eyes off her. But her shoulders started to come into view, lower, lower heavy cleavage beginning (a drool slips off my lips as I try to stop it). Now the top of some clothing is beginning to come into view Damn! Her breasts seem to never stop getting big and the nipples clearly poke through the leather bustier. Now the clothing ends, it's a type of top which barely contains huge firm breasts. Now her long torso, tight, toned (more drool I can't believe my mouth keeps sliding open). Her hips are tight and gorgeous, she is wearing a tight skirt mid thigh length and her legs are very long and incredible looking in her black 6" heels.

Yvonne: Am I the piece of Ass you thought I would be?

OH MY GOD! Is all I could think to type.

Just then another window opened. It was Nikki.

Nikki: Yvonne said she just sent you a picture. She is freakishly hot isn't she? But I'm jealous now so do you want to see mine?

I couldn't believe my eyes. "Send away," I said, "I'm already stunned and stroking".

Again the mail bell rang and I clicked on the attachment.

I realized they were sending high resolution pics so they would load slowly. Nikki's Blond hair came into view combed back and over slightly as if she had spent the day at the beach. Her face was a little more chiseled, she had cock sucking cheeks (my term for cheeks that sensually cave in when sucking begins). Her lips were very sensual but my god her shoulders started to appear. She was muscular. You could see the muscle striations in her shoulders biceps and forearms plus she was stacked like a porn star. She had a Barbi doll waist and long muscular legs. Her body looked very powerful like it could definitely hurt someone.

Sasha: Saving the best for last baby here comes mine.

Sasha was very exotic looking with tanned shiny skin and extremely erotic. She was quite a contrast to the other two. She was insanely mesmerizing, busty and ball dropping gorgeous. She had me wrapped around her finger as soon as her face came into view. Her body was exquisite.

As if on cue, all of them typed "it's time for us to meet you!"

"You got to be kidding, I'll have a heart attack if I'm in the same room with all three of you," I typed back.

"If you want to see nothing but skin we have to do that in person." Yvonne typed. "And we all know what a horny boy bitch you are..."

"...AND you definitely want to see nothing but skin", typed Nikki.

"Ok how do I meet you, you're probably far away, maybe in another state."

"Or you can just answer the doorbell", typed Yvonne

---ding dong---

I turned white with shock. Panting and wondering if I'd pass out. My hands were shaking now. That has to be a coincidence.

"Answer in the nude or we won't come in," typed Sasha

NUDE! This cannot possibly be them they can't be on the computer and at the door at the same time.

I walked to the door and peaked out the peep hole which was blocked. Then I heard a little scratching on the door. I was so hard it hurt. I opened the door a crack and before I could peak out a hand unknowingly slipped through and encircled my cock. Sasha's dizzying gorgeous body pushed through the door and closed it. She had to squeeze me hard because I almost exploded on contact. I doubled over in pain as she leaned over me and said "Not yet my little piece of stud meat".

I felt her finger slide up the crack of my ass and over my puckered hole before I had a chance to stand. Upon gathering my balance, she melted into me, pressing her large breasts against my chest and giving me a long delicious kiss.

"The night is just beginning for you, the things I want to do would take hours to type," she purred."

She had her hand around my balls, palm up and was able to insert the tip of her middle finger in my ass. She backed me up against a nearby wall. Her mouth gently nipped at my neck and attacked my nipples. I can't even begin to describe the cage her hand made around my cock, complete with anal stimulation. I only know the intensity was getting unbearable and my throbbing viciously fought her grip to no avail.

Then she stepped back and turned saying

"You want a piece of this Yvonne"?

As my watering eyes saw Yvonne for the first time the look of pure unbridled lust was scary. She walked over and rubbed her body against mine as she sank to her knees. Sasha released her grip and Yvonne slid each of her hands to my ass cheeks and pulled me to her inhaling my cock. I exploded so hard over and over in her mouth and down her throat. Her suck was both painfully aggressive and exquisite. I had to fight to keep from passing out as my orgasms seemed to not stop. She was completely wrapped around my lower body, face buried between my legs. Fingers from both hands easily entered my ass, and pulling me apart. It just added to the incredible stimulation. I doubled over a nearby counter. Yvonne now under the counter wickedly pistoning on my cock and Sasha's body sandwiched over the top of me I was stunned by the feelings exploding throughout my body.

Sasha whispered sensually in my ear.

"Remember all the shemale role playing evenings we have had with you. Well there is one little surprise we have been saving for just the right time".

Suddenly I felt a hard sharp thrust which shocked me and made some kind of surprised sounding yelp escape my lips. In moments my ass was filled. I didn't even know who was behind me but she started fucking me hard and deep as she stuffed a dildo gag in my mouth stretching my jaw wide open and filling every inch of my mouth to the back of my throat which caused my gag reflex to trigger violently. Sasha's gently coaxing voice urging me to succumb and let it out, to scream and let all my inhibitions go. The contrast between her voice and unmerciful hip thrust was too much for me. I didn't know if she had a cock or a strap-on, it was just big. Then suddenly I heard her begin a low guttural panting whimper as Yvonne, now standing at her side was coaxing her on.

"Nail him deep Sasha, fill this BITCH, Make him feel it, Come on baby you OWN this ass"

Then there was an incredible explosion inside my ass, I screamed a little as she flooded my intestines. My sounds turned to frantic moans and whimpers at the delicious pain of her deep thrusts were controlling me so thoroughly. All sounds were heavily muffled. Thrust after cum pumping thrust made my body spasm and I know I came some more but details blurred.

After awhile Sasha was breathing heavy and slowly pulled her big lizard out making sure I could feel every inch that had been in me. She stepped away leaving me to collapse dripping in sweat on the counter. Suddenly another body lunged on me and another big cock slammed into my ass. It was Yvonne I winced at her size as she pummeled me unmercifully hard, my legs now numb and the counter almost coming loose to try to hold me up.

After a brutal beating her huge loads of cum splashed up in my intestines deep. When she pulled out I leaked down the inside of my thighs like the well fucked whore I was. I slumped to the floor unable to stand.

"One more lover than we'll talk," said Nikki from across the room.

I weakly turned my head and saw a gorgeous smooth muscled goddess with a massive hard erection.

"I want you to meet my boys," she said as she lifted her cock and cupped two very big balls.

"And these are my girls and their anxious to meet you," she said caressing huge flawless breasts.

"But right now the beast is hungry and has been ever since I met you online."

She stroked her massive erection slowly.

"Now why don't you show all three of us how obedient you have become by backing your ass right up between my legs. If I have to walk over to you there will be consequences. Let's just say that your throat may get hurt."

I looked up, left then right to see Yvonne and Sasha of course had real cocks coated with cum dripping inches away from my face and they were hung like horses. There was no way I would be able to get them in my throat. I was stunned.

"I guess we'll have your throat Yvonne said, breaking my stupor.

I immediately and slowly began to back up. Nikki got on her knees sat on her heels and spread her thighs wide then waited. They coaxed me

'Spread your legs wide as you back up baby...... mmmmmm that's it" said Yvonne

"Gooood boy" cooed Sasha

"See he can be trained to obey" Yvonne said in a low serious voice.

"Look at that hot ass, I may not be able to wait till he gets here. That's it baby, go slow and think about what this log is going to feel like" Nikki said stroking her cock from head to balls along the length of her cock

I went slow from being dazed, extreme weakness and soreness. The other two really worked me over hard.

As soon as I was within reached I felt Nikki's strong hands grab my hips and violently yanked me back across the floor. At the same time her hips thrust forward. My ass and her hips met with a sharp thud. Her cock disappeared into me like a knife in hot butter. I screamed/cried uncontrollably and fought hard to escape, my body found new energy to fight but she had already anticipated that and wrapped both arms around me. Her powerful thighs easily pinned my legs open. She leaned over my back pressing her large breasts into me. It was impossible to use my arms and I could not get up. She proceeded to pull me on and off her cock like a toy as she timed her thrusts for maximum "POP". I remember very little except I was like a rag doll, Nikki was amazingly strong. My belly bulged with a little pain as she cut loose inside me her whole body tensing up to fill me.

That's all I remember until I woke up. Nikki was straddling me as I lay on the floor my ass pulled up off it and almost dangling from her cock still deep inside me. She had unwrapped her arms but still leaned over my back. I must not have been unconscious long. My whole pelvis region tingled with numbness and I could feel her cock throb.

"Per every role play any of us have ever done, you are now OWNED!," she whispered teasing the wet hair out of my face.

She slowly pulled herself out of me and my insides felt like they were sucked out with her.

"We own you now," Yvonne said in a very regular toned voice.

Sasha said, "we stalked you, hunted you, captured you, played with you like a toy..... then impregnated you with our seed".

"That's what you have wanted for months, you just never thought it would really happen," Nikki said in a dominant tone of voice.

"Now you are going to accept your ownership by drinking our cum one at a time," Yvonne said.

My eyebrows raised barely. They held up erect cocks pinching off the tips of them.

"You see this tube of cum underneath our cocks, it is full. One at a time you will open your mouth and accept your ownership by drinking."

From behind me Nikki rubbed her breasts against my back and showed me some tool she had that looked like pliers. At the tip was a jewel with a metal rod on it like an earring but a little larger, thicker.

"This is Sasha's jewel, as she uses and fills your mouth, I will fuck you in the ass. When both of us are ready she will let her seed ooze into your mouth, I'll cum in your ass again and you may feel a slight sting as I pierce her jewel into your ball sac marking you as her property. This is a very special ceremony and we only do it when we decide to own a man."

My mind suddenly went WHAT!

Nikki held my face in both hands, "we will treat you like a prized STUD horse," she said, "You will be cared for and fucked daily."

Again, WHAT!

Nikki pointed my head up, "open lover."

I was dazed and exhausted and before I knew it Sasha forced herself past my lips her fingers opening my jaw. She pushed to the very back of my throat and as a huge gag began she came hard down my throat filling my mouth. Yvonne was on my ass and with a swing of her hips buried her cock. I attempted a scream but my mouth was filled with seed my lips wrapped tightly around Sasha's girth which forced me to swallow all of her cum. I winced as the jewel pierced my scrotum. I can't describe what snapped in my head. One after another in a very physical ceremony each girl was on me quickly and without hesitation took their turn filling my mouth, penetrating my ass deeply then piercing me. As each pulled out, their cocks oozed cum onto my body and they made sure to coat my cock and balls and body liberally saying they were marking their territory. I collapsed with the last piercing and went unconscious.

My eyes flickered then opened. It took awhile to realize I didn't know where I was. Then my mind started thinking. Where am I, how long have I been asleep where the first thoughts as my head cleared. I noticed it was hard to move and started checking out my situation. Some divider was at my waist and my wrists were held down. I had an extremely strange feeling below my waist I could not identify. After a few moments the entire evening with Sasha, Yvonne and Nikki flashed through my head. Was it real?

"Heh baby," a soft voice said. I turned my head to the side to see Sasha. Oh my god I thought as I fought to control a little panic, it all happened.

"How are you feeling," she said brushing the hair from my face.

I just stared at her body, oh my God.

"Mmmmm you're looking good," she said as she looked on the other side of the divider.

"What's going on," I asked hoarsely.

"Heh Nikki he's awake," Yvonne's dark frame strutted in and Nikki's bombshell body moments later. They both kissed me.

"You've been out awhile," said one.

"Well it was necessary," said another talking amongst them selves.

"I agree said a third, it's just easier after the operation."

"Heh Heh!! What operation? What's going on?" I blurted out.

"We have... enhanced you," Yvonne said with a wicked smile.

Nikki took the divider off as Sasha released my wrists.

"Sit up," Nikki said. "Now stand."

As they helped me up I felt a heaviness and something hit my leg. I looked down....

"You now have an 11" cock when erect, your balls have been surgically enlarged and we had a neurosurgeon put a few extra nerve endings in strategic places on your cock, balls and the rim of your ass."

I was dumbfounded.

"It took 3 surgeries and 1 month of an induced coma so you could heel properly."

"How can you do this to a person, it's illegal, you can't take me and operate..."


Yvonne drew blood, "You're OWNED!" Yvonne said in a very forceful tone of voice grabbing my face and pointing it at her..

Nikki immediately turned and shoved me chest down on the bed spreading my legs with her thighs.

"Do you remember these," she said touching the 3 jewels. "And maybe you have forgotten this," she said as she viciously rammed her cock in my ass making me yelp and cry.

"DID - YOU - THINK - WE - WERE - KIDDING?" she said as she rammed my ass with deliberate thrust to punctuate each word.

In a calm beautiful tone of voice Sasha whispered, "You are owned, your ass is ours. Besides being out cold for a month we fucked you every day, whenever we wanted to so your ass should be use to this." Tears rolled down my cheeks.

"You are in Thailand, sex capital of the world. We have not done these things to you without a plan. You are ours and we love you but you will obey. If you don't you will be fucked nonstop and we'll make sure it hurts until you are ready to obey. OR this can be a much easier and a highly pleasurable transition,´ Yvonne said as she laid out the new reality..

"We are going to breed you with the highest priced call girls in the world. These girls are bred since birth to fulfill sexual roles. The ones that will be brought to us by their trainers need two things. Some of them need their openings to be stretched. With your huge cock you will tease them open and stretch their asses and vaginas. They also must be able to take it very deep. You will work them both ways without cumming. Some girls have been marked to be bred. The breeders look for and will inspect you mostly looking for a healthy body in great shape as well as huge fertile balls and a large oversized cock. It is believed in Thailand that a properly bred girl is stretched and probed beyond what they are capable of handling then when they are as vulnerable as possible and weakened, you impregnate them. It is firmly believed this kind of mating produces superior girls."

"Tell me the thought of that doesn't turn you on" whispered Sasha "and these babes are smoking hot".

"As you can see your ball sac is the size of a grapefruit," she said as she fondled me with one hand. My breath shook as the new nerves in the ball sac skin fired.

"Oooo those extra nerve endings are working real good right now aren't they?" Sasha cooed, "specialized growth hormones have been carefully administered to.... Help you achieve your full potential."

Trading off with the talking the girls continued.

"You got enough seed in here to impregnate 5-10 Bitches at a time and that is big money for all of us. You too baby. We will work you up until you're very horny and ready then you will be lead to an equi-mount. An equi-mount is used for horses to mount and hump against when the owner wants to get the horses seed. It's a simulated fuck. It's been modified for men so it is in the shape and size of a woman's body on all fours, made of Cyberskin. You know that material they make dildo's out of that is very realistic skin feeling. The hole for your cock is tight, textured, ribbed and lubricated for maximum stimulation. You mount it just like a dog in heat and furiously fuck until your balls are empty. You'll pump a complete load into the sleeve which is connected to a clear tube and your sperm is collected in a special bag. Your fuck needs to be viciously wild to demonstrate your animalistic instincts to breed. I don't think that part will be any problem," she giggled. "We will work with you to increase your sperm volume but we have tested you and your sperm are wildly active and perfectly formed so you are going to be veeeery potent. All these things and more attract breeders. Breeders rarely buy your load from an equi-mount because they rather have it delivered fresh from the source into the girls that they would like to get impregnated. The girls are the cream of the crop and have been raised or sometimes bred since birth to produce prime BITCHES to satisfy men. So they have many qualities to enable them to accomplish their tasks. They are basically Geisha Girls on the extreme sexual side.

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