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Brother Samuel's Bride


If there's anything I love doing, it's showing the world that black men and black women united can do anything. Nothing gives me more joy. My name is Nikita Jackson and I'm a six-foot-tall, voluptuous and very good-looking young black woman living in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. I've got face, I've got chest, I've got body and I've got booty. Which makes me a Dime Piece, as they say in the hood. Intellectually, I'm no slouch either. I major in civil engineering and I always make the Dean's List every semester. I'm also a student-athlete. I'm a member of the Lockwood University Women's Rugby team. It's the highlight of my life these days. I'm having the time of my life. I'm in a relationship with a fine black gentleman. His name is Samuel. Also known as Brother Samuel. A big and tall, openly bisexual black male writer who recently enrolled at the Lockwood University Law School.

When I met Samuel, sparks flew. He was so tall and good-looking. So masculine and sure of himself. I like a man who's confident. Samuel was unlike any man I had ever met. He was a man who fought for what he believed in. An advocate for Men's Rights and Men's Issues. He was also open about his beliefs, from his bisexuality and staunch support of the Boston-area bisexual community to the modern-day civil rights movement. He was a member of various human rights organizations. He also fought for animal rights. Samuel didn't believe that dogs or cats should be neutered and he spoke on that topic in many places. He respected men and women of all races and walks of life but he feared no one. I saw him as a Hero. A paragon of masculinity in an unmanly age. I wish there were more men like him out there. My superman.

Samuel enrolled at Lockwood University's Law School at a time when the school was undergoing a lot of transition. Lockwood University had begun to field an intercollegiate football team for the first time in its 120-year history. The school decided to add football in an effort to boost male enrollment. In 2004, men made up around thirty eight percent of the school. This was quite upsetting among the campus thirty-thousand person student body. In 2005, they added men's varsity football. Three years later, men made up fifty percent of the student body. And this was reflected in the Department of Athletics. Lockwood University sponsors Men's varsity baseball, basketball, cross country, rugby, gymnastics, fencing, soccer, water polo, volleyball, swimming, ice hockey, golf, rifle, tennis, football and wrestling along with Women's varsity softball, basketball, fencing, gymnastics, rifle, cross country, soccer, volleyball, swimming, water polo, ice hockey, field hockey, equestrian, golf, tennis and rugby. We compete in the NCAA Division One.

Samuel was quite happy about the changes happening on campus. I was happy about them too but I didn't realize the significance of it to him until he told me. Samuel told me how, two years ago, he fought for the rights of male student-athletes at James Madison University. That school had a seriously low male enrollment and they decided to ditch the bulk of their male sports teams to please politically correct Title IX. The most unfair law ever signed by man-hating feminists in American legal history. Samuel fought for the rights of these young college sportsmen, and lost. What could a solitary men's rights activist do against the combined might of the federal government, the college administration and the women's rights groups? Besides, he lived in Boston at the time and this was happening all the way in the state of Virginia.

Yeah, Samuel had been through a lot. I had never met a man like him before. He was a staunch critic of the black community, yet he was also their most passionate defender. He protested when a community college in his hometown threw out three young black men just because a white female student accused them of harassing her. As it turns out, the black male students were innocent and the young white woman had a pattern of making false accusations. The black male students and their families hired a top-notch legal team and sued the living daylights out of the school. They won an undisclosed amount of money from the lawsuit. Samuel considered that day a major victory for men's rights activists everywhere. I had no idea how cruel the plight of men in the western world was. Seriously. Men definitely did not have it easy. And it took a great man like Samuel to help me see the light.

My relationship with this man was changing me in ways I never would have thought possible. Sometimes, Samuel and I would sit quietly in my dorm, just holding hands and talking. We had a lot in common. We shared a love for German philosopher Nietzsche's unique brand of literature, along with the works of French visionary Voltaire and legendary American legislator John Jay. Other times, we walked through the streets of Boston together. Just a big and tall black man in his mid-twenties with his tall and very voluptuous black girlfriend. And we were smiling, and making out. And we were happy. Lots of people are surprised when they see a happy black couple. On television, black men and black women are always shown to be bitter, angry, and aggressive. Samuel and I treated each other with dignity and respect. At his core, he's a gentleman. And unlike those hussies you see in the hood, I'm a lady who's truly worthy of the name. I think because I act. I think before I speak. That's how every man and woman living on this planet should behave. Unfortunately, not all of us were blessed with devoted fathers and good mothers who brought us up the right way.

The relationship was wondrous. And it wasn't one-side either. Samuel learned as much from me as I learned from him. I taught him to relax. This was not easy. Samuel is a man with many gifts. He's always fighting for new causes. He was contacted by a men's rights activist from Australia in mid-November of 2008 and undertook the mission to raise awareness of Paternity Fraud in New England. He also volunteers for an organization which helps male victims of abuse. On top of that, he also wages a one-man war against the sociopaths. Those men and women born completely without a conscience. I learned a thing or two about them in my psychology class. Samuel knew of these predators intimately. He can sense them. That's his natural ability and he can't turn it off. I took it as my personal goal to teach him to relax.

It wasn't easy, but somehow I got it done. When December of 2008 came, I treated my beloved Samuel to a vacation. We went up to Harmony, Maine. A nice, quiet town. We stayed in a small house for about a week. A house with no TV. No computer. No newspaper. And no daily mail. We were completely shut off from the world. All we did was talk, play games, read books, and make love. We also did arts and crafts, and worked at fixing the place up a bit. Working side by side brought us closer together. When the vacation ended, Samuel told me he had the time of his life. I smiled, and kissed him. Then we returned to Boston. January 2009 was upon us. I had to go back to class. As did Samuel. He was worried about the state of the world during his week-long vacation. He was happy to find it still standing. I laughed as he told me he was worried his favorite causes might have been under attack while he was away. Lucky for him, things were okay. I can't fault him for thinking like this. It's who he is. The weird, quirky, smart, and wonderful man that I love. I love him fiercely. But I know I will lose him someday. Not to another woman or even a man, but to the world. He's got a destiny, you see. The world needs its superman.

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