tagErotic PoetryBuddy Fuck --Ballad

Buddy Fuck --Ballad


Magee and I were hot to trot
Young, burning with desire got
To find a gal meant to sire (believe me)
Both our cocks were on fire
We were out for a stroll in Greenwich Village
Looking for a gal to pillage
We wandered along from bar to bar
But hadn’t gotten very far
When I spied a tall black chick
With tits and ass built swell, my prick
Stood up to salute, purely
An involuntary action, surely
A sign from heaven that the Gods ordained
This chick was ours to garner fame
In this here ballad story’s vein
I slipped my hand around her waist
I didn’t have any time to waste
And asked, “Hon, where can we go dancing?”
She was carrying in her hand by chance
Two red high-heeled shoes
She smiled, “I’ve got nothing to loose”
Then seeing we were now in three
His hand in hers, there stood Magee
“Is it dancing or romancing you boys desire”
“Babe you set my cock on fire”
I said as a matter of fact right to her face
“Do you have a place
where we can have some fun?”
“I know a hotel, hon
Its cheap and the bed’s king size
Big enough for me and you two guys
When we’re done leave the room for me
It will be too late to travel home you see”
“Sounds good,” said Magee, their arms now linked
“Let’s get a bottle of something to drink”
We found a liquor store a block due west
Then walked to the hotel as she’d request
“We can enter only as two, I know
So one of you will have to go
And wait till we register as a married couple
Then come up on the double”
We followed Becky’s plan
I walked her in and paid the man
And in ten minutes we were three
Me and Becky and then Magee
We drank that whisky in no time
And Becky was look’en warm and fine
While she was peeing in the narrow bath
Me and Magee made our plan fast
And shed our cloths to occupy
The king-size bed where we did lie
We cut the lights and waited there
While Becky combed her long black hair
She pranced nude into the room, the door she closed
Carrying in her hands her neatly folded clothes
Her tits were big, her nips were spice
Her ass was the shape of a full moon nice
“I’m used to one but not two guys
I guess it something new to try
Just do me one at a time, if you please
Let me get in bed before I freeze
No need to wear a rubber you have seen
I may be a bit drunk but I’m clean
I like the taste and feel of naked dick
And there’s no need to do it quick
Oh yeah, I’m on the pill,
Let’s get started, I need a thrill”
I went first as Magee sat on a chair
I didn’t care that he was there
Watching as I sucked her tits
And loosened up her cunt with spit
She sucked on my cock a while
Long enough to make me smile
I fucked her for the longest time alone
Until she started in to moan
And saying words I didn’t understand
She was hot and rand-
-dy while Magee sat playing with his big dick
I motioned for him to get in bed quick
And before she knew I’d pulled out
Before objections she could shout
Magee was buried in her hot snatch
The two of them a real tight match
My cock still hard I lay behind
And started rubbing her behind
She pushed me off but gave up resistance
As Magee was side fucking for the distance
She was hot as a gal could be
And started moaning, “I’m just about gon’na cum”
When Magee in a flurry shot his load of hell
And Becky shouted aiiiiiiiii and came as well
And I stuffed my cock deep in her ass
And shot my cum, maybe she thought it was my thumb
But my hot spunk filled her up with glee
As her cunt overflowed from Magee
We all let out a collective sigh
And relaxed half drunk and high
An hour later I awoke
While Becky snored, I gave Magee a poke
We dressed and I left a note real quick
On the bath room mirror with her lipstick
Just simple words, “thanks for the fun”
Although the lipstick kind of ran out
And the “u” and the “n” were kind’a wiped out
So off into the cold street we fled
Half drunk and laughing with all we’d said
So that’s the story of how me and Magee
And Becky made our sex in three
It was hot and real sexy, her ass and cunt were tight
And in the end Becky got the room for the night
Which was all she asked for, she was a lady
Our lady, our luck
She lay between us and let us fuck
What more could you ask of Lady Luck
But a hot chic and a buddy fuck

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