tagCelebrities & Fan FictionCalendar Art Ch. 5

Calendar Art Ch. 5


Chris, Heath and Orlando had a wonderful time in Oz while the movie was being filmed. They had spent time together as a trio, and some evenings Chris would just be with one or the other. As all good things, the shoot came to an end, and they had a tear-filled departure at the airport.

Each of the men had new promotional tours to start on, and Chris had her assignment to finish. While in Australia, her agent had contacted her. Apparently, someone else had volunteered for the calendar, Colin Farrell.

Chris closed her eyes and reviewed what she knew about Colin. He was a dark-haired, brown-eyed, tattooed Irish bad-boy actor. He had a sexy accent when he was au naturel during interviews and such. Oh, this was going to be one interesting session…

Colin Farrell had seen pictures of Chris in some of the trade papers while she was with Heath and Orly in Oz. He was immediately attracted to her looks, but, damn, was she really with both of these guys? He had contacted his agent, telling him he would like to be involved in the charity calendar, just to meet Chris!

Chris was busy setting up her cameras and adjusting some lights. She actually jumped when she heard the doorbell. Smoothing down her dress, she took one more look into the mirror. She was wearing a cute sundress, sandals, and had her curls piled on top of her head. “I guess I’ll pass,” she thought to herself as she heard the deep voice of her next portrait subject.

Anna, her housekeeper, brought Colin into the studio. Chris’ breath caught in her throat as he walked into the room. He was wearing a black short sleeved shirt with casual jeans. His hair although short, looked tousled enough to make one think he had just rolled out of bed. Chris shook her head. That was the LAST picture she wanted in her head. Colin, naked, standing by a bed…

Chris walked over to meet Colin. His gaze traveled over her slowly, taking in her long tan legs, short little lilac colored sundress that hugged some very awesome curves, and a wicked tumble of curls piled up on her head. He reached to shake her hand, deciding instead to kiss it.

Chris’ hand was shaking. Why did she continue to get nervous when meeting these guys? “Ah, hello, Mr. Farrell. I’m so glad you could be part of this project…” They made some more small talk and Chris led him to the dressing room.

“You can wear anything you choose, and you get to keep what you model.” Chris closed the door behind Colin. She took a deep breath and leaned against the doorjamb. He really smelled good, and he was so attractive. She could feel that warm feeling spreading through her body, the one that signaled that once again, she definitely wanted this man. Sighing, she tried to banish the thoughts of Colin to a back corner of her mind. Cripes, she had enough trouble right now trying to juggle time with Heath and Orlando!
Colin rummaged through the samples of underwear. Holding up a very small bikini sort of thing he wondered to himself if any man actually wore these silly things? He had taken off his clothing before he started looking through the underwear. He kept thinking to himself how lucky those other two guys had been. This Chris was very attractive, damn artistic, and had a brain! He flexed a bit for the large mirror that was in the dressing room. “Ah, what the hell,” he thought to himself, “who needs underwear?”
He opened the door to the dressing room. He saw Chris across the studio, busy with camera equipment. “Hey Chris, I really can’t find anything appropriate, either you come in and help me, or figure a way to shoot me this way.”

Chris turned and caught sight of Colin, buck naked, semi-erect, leaning against the door of the dressing room. Color bloomed hot in her cheeks as her nipples hardened instantly. She dropped the light meter she was holding, no words forming in her mouth.

Colin grinned. “Did I surprise you?”

Chris slowly shook her head. She couldn’t drag her eyes away from his body; he was beautiful to behold.
She watched, as his erection became more prominent.

He started to slowly walk toward her. “Chris, you okay?” He knew he had made quite an impression on her. Oh, he wanted to show this beauty what a good Irish lad could do for her! “Did you break that thing you just dropped?”

Chris dropped her gaze and scooped up the meter. “No, no, you just, um, sort of surprised me.”
Determined to not let him see how rattled she really was, she put the meter down and walked over to the dressing room. She slid past him, just barely grazing her thigh across his manhood. “Okay,” she thought to herself, “you wanna play this game, I’m more than up to the challenge!”

Colin sighed when her thigh touched his flesh. Damn, this girl wasn’t afraid of anything. Fine, two can play at that.

Chris had chosen two pairs of shorts, one royal blue silk boxers, one pair of tight boxer briefs in burgundy. "I think these might do.” She passed closely by him, the shorts brushing his skin.

Colin’s skin burned where she had trailed the fabric over his skin. He had already had enough of this game. He wanted her, and he was going to have her. He sensed she wanted him too. “I’ll make her forget all about her Aussie boytoy and his English sidekick…”

His hand shot out and took her wrist, pulling her close to him. The shorts slid from her hand. He pulled the clip from her hair and sighed as her curls tumbled loose down her back. Colin buried his face in her hair. “You smell so damn good…” He crushed his lips over hers, exploring her lips and mouth with his tongue.

Chris was still in shock. What a rush he was! Ah, she was so turned on by him, this felt so right!
Colin was pleased when she began to respond to him. He backed off just a bit, allowing her to return his kiss. His fingers stroked through her hair, then slid down over her back. Hair like silk, skin satiny, and she smelled like flowers…His erection pressed hard against her thigh. Her nipples had grown very hard, and her panties were damp.

Colin caressed her back, and continued down over her bottom to her thigh. His lips trailed down over her throat, then back up to her earlobe. He could feel her press into him, her knees actually buckling a bit.
She was suddenly aware of him murmuring into her ear. “If you want me to stop, I will.” Chris shook her head. “No, please, I mean, oh, just keep doing what you’re doing!”

Colin grinned. He gazed into her eyes, while unzipping her dress. She felt mesmerized as his hands slid the straps of the dress over her arms, then pulled the dress off her breasts. She could hear him sucking in a quick breath.

“Oh, you are lovely, lass.” He dipped his head down to brush his tongue over each nipple, while continuing to remove her dress. Chris’ head was back, her eyes closed. Colin ran his hands over her newly exposed skin. She felt as though her skin was on fire with each touch. Colin pulled her into a tight embrace, his mouth taking hers again. His hands were firm on her body, stroking, caressing and generally causing her to melt.

He pushed his cock against her hip and placed her hand on it. “Hmm, “ she thought, “he likes to be in charge. I guess I could concede the power for once.”

She stroked his hard member, at least 8” long and 2”-3” thick. Colin moaned softly into her ear. “Where’s the bedroom, woman?”

Chris pointed to a door across the dressing room. Colin scooped her up and took her through the door. He put her down. “Take off those knickers.” His voice, still sexy, but with an authoritative tone.

Chris immediately slid the panties off. Colin took them, breathing in her scent. He took her in his arms and again plundered her mouth. She began stroking his cock, her ministrations to him causing her to get wetter by the minute. She sucked gently on his tongue and lower lip.

“I think I’d like you to be doing that a bit lower, lass.” She immediately dropped to her knees. Colin swiped the head of his penis across her lips. She darted her tongue around the head, swiping the little slit while loosely squeezing the base. He groaned as his rock hard erection parted her soft lips and she slid them almost all the way down the shaft. “Ah, damn, yes, that is just what I wanted!” Chris slid his cock slowly in and out of her mouth. She could feel her own juices making her cleanly shaven pussy slick. Colin had his fingers in her hair, gently pulling her head into him. He looked down in time to see her stroking over her mons with her free hand. Reaching down, he pulled her fingers to her mouth and licked her juices from them. Oh, yes, she tasted mighty good! Colin could feel he was getting close. He pulled Chris away from him.

“Colin, what’s wrong?” He pulled her to her feet. “Nothing, lass, nothing. Believe me, we’re just beginning!”

Once again he lifted her up, depositing her on the bed. He pushed her back, raining kisses over her face and neck. Moving down her body, he licked and nibbled his way to her breasts, kissing and stroking each one until the nipple was rock hard and aching. Chris arched her body up to his. She tried to push his hand down to her womanhood, but Colin wasn’t cooperating.

His voice tickled her ear. “Lass, you should be a good girl and let me have my way with you.” She could feel his lips smile against her face. With more urgency, she pushed her body against his, testing to see just how far he would go. Lifting his head, he looked directly into her eyes. As she gazed into their depths, she felt a warm, heady glow passing through her body. He was so passionate and powerful. For the first time, she wanted nothing more than to surrender to this man. Of course, her stubborn side reared its head. “Just remember this, Colin, turnabout is a bitch!”

He grasped both of her hands in his larger one. “Not to worry, luv. I’m looking forward to it.” He held her hands fast over her head, making himself comfortable stretched out beside her on the bed. At first she tried to loosen his hold on her, but that only served to make it even tighter. He responded by kissing her mouth hard and long, his tongue dancing with hers as she moaned under him. The other hand he kept busy, tickling over her breasts and nipples, gently squeezing now and again. His lips burned a path down her neck, nibbling and licking trails of fire along her skin. Chris’ eyes were closed, her body exploding with desire. Colin kept his cock pressed firmly against her thigh and she could feel it throbbing against her. He licked and sucked on her nipples in turn, his fingers continuing lower, down over her thighs. His voice vibrated against her skin. “You like this, Chris?” She could only whimper her affirmative answer. Ask he sucked on her nipple, he softly nudged her thighs further apart. He began to lightly play with her slick outer lips, then slipped a finger into her warm, tight depths.

“Oh, Colin, oh god, yes…” Chris writhed under his hand. Colin could see her face; her eyes closed in ecstasy. “You want more, don’t you, my naughty lass?”

Chris opened her eyes and looked directly into his. “Do you want me to beg you?”

Colin slid his thumb over her clit, causing her to gasp aloud. “Oh, I don’t think that will be necessary…” he continued stroking his finger in and out of her while rubbing her clit gently. Chris moved against his hand frantically. Colin kept teasing her, using his mouth on her breasts while keeping her hands pinned over her head.

Chris was almost there. Colin could tell she was close; every throb of her tight tunnel caused his neglected cock to jump.

He slid his lips to her ear, breathing softly, “I want you to look at me.” Their gazes met, locking together, as she was even closer.

“Please, please, Colin, don’t stop, it feels so good…”

Colin watched as she exploded around his finger. Losing his grip on her hands she grabbed his face and kissed him wildly. Grinning from ear–to-ear Colin wrestled her under him. Taking her hips in his hands, he slid just the tip of his cock between her swollen pussy lips. Chris lunged up towards him, and Colin reacted by plunging his full length into her. They both called out at the sensations overwhelming them.
Chris reacted by having another explosive orgasm. Colin pulled her hips up tighter to him. She was so hot, wet, and tight! Damn, he didn’t think he was going to be able to last much longer…

Chris wrapped her thighs around his waist. This felt so good, so right! Colin rained hot kisses on her mouth, her face and neck. Her nails grazed the skin on his back as he pounded into her. Chris ran her hands over his chest, teasing his nipples. Colin couldn’t hold back any longer. Calling her name loudly, he spilled his juices into her. That pushed Chris into another crashing orgasm.

Colin collapsed onto her. After a few moments, he rolled to his side, pulling Chris into his arms. He kissed her over and over. “I guess you’ll be making a few phone calls today, seeing as how you have a new Irish boyfriend…”

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