tagBDSMCalled Up to the Boss's Office Ch. 2

Called Up to the Boss's Office Ch. 2


This is the original "Called Up to the Boss's Office." I wrote in on special request. But after I was done, it just didn't…satisfy me. So I switched the roles and that's the one you all seem to like. The intro is the same…but the action is quite different. Looking back, this one does have a certain charm to it. Let me know what you think about Scott and his adventure.

* * * * *

You'd been working at the new division for 4 weeks. Things were going well. You have your own office and were very glad to have your own 4 walls and a door. No secretary...yet. But you were on the move. This was a small division in a monolithic company. That was good thing though, it meant there was only 4 levels of management between you and top.

On this particular Friday afternoon however, you were feeling particularly good. The receptionist had flirted with you. You had been able to answer technical questions about the new product line. And in a big meeting you were about to ask intelligent questions and your manager actually seemed pleased. You were looking forward to a good weekend. But just before quitting time, the engineer down the wall came by and said "The big boss wants to see you - top floor suite - Pronto!." The he was off to his weekend.

You heart was now in your throat. The big boss, who you haven't even meant wanted to see you. Well, he must have heard about your "performance" at the 2 meetings today. "This could be my break," you thought. As you went to the elevator you noticed, being a summer Friday, almost everyone had left 15 minutes early. It was 4:55 and the floor was almost deserted. You got in the elevator and pushed the highest button - 15. Never had a reason to go above your floor, 11, before. Now you were on your way up, literally. You were daydreaming of bigger offices and secretaries as you got out of the elevator and the door closed behind you. As you came back to reality, you realized you must have gotten out at the wrong floor. This floor was filled with cubicles and lined with offices just like your floor - no executive suites. You remember now that the building is 20 floors; there must be another set of elevators.

You start walking the perimeter of the floor, and find another set of elevator in the hall off the west coroner of the building. You call and get in it when it arrives. You push 20, but it doesn't light. It has a key next to it. "I guess they are key access only." You are now beginning to think you have been sent out for that proverbial "bucket of air" or "Left-handed monkey wrench." Cute joke guys. Just to be sure you try the other buttons. 18 lights up. "OK, maybe it was no joke."

At 18 you get out in another world. A luxurious hallway lined with big offices (judging from the distance between the doors). All the doors are closed, save one. You approach it. None of the doors are labeled, You guess you have to know where you are going or you don't belong here. You steal yourself and open the already ajar door.

"Hello. Hello?" You think now that you really should have taken the time to check the org chart and see what this guys name was. But as you approach the inner door you see a name plate - Hallelujah! "V. A. Riley."

"Hello, Mr. Riley?" You cautiously push open the inner door. "Mr. Riley?."

"Mr." Riley is standing at the window, looking down on the city and SHE is certainly no mister. Her tight black business suit and 4" heels leave no doubt about that. She slowly turns to you, looking at you as if you were a piece of furniture and says, "And isn't that just the thing, if I was MR. Riley I would have gotten the fucking promotion." With that she strides over to the bar in the corner and pours herself another drink. She pauses and turns back to you. You are trying to fade into the woodwork.

"What are you doing here?"

"You sent for me. Scott , at your service." Oh that was lame. How is it a pickup line pops out when you are staring down an amazon...and she's winning.

"Well, Scott How about a drink?" Without waiting for an answer, she pours about 4 finger of amber liquor in a glass, with ice (thank goodness) and hands it to you. She take two large swallows out of hers and points you to a chair.

"Have a seat, Scott my boy. Let me see if I can remember why I asked you up here on this shitty Friday afternoon." She returns to her desk and leans on the edge while finishing her drink. You but your coat on the hook my the door and have a seat.

Your nerves have you drinking a little too fast. You notice and slow down. "What division are your from?" she asks absently.

"Scientific, I just moved up from Commercial a few weeks ago." "Well you are a man so you must be good at everything. Or at least better than me." With that she strolls around the room and stops behind your chair. She then slips around it and sits on the arm.

"Are you good? Do you think I am any good?," she asks, more of a challenge than a question.

"I've heard the division is doing very well," I reply weakly. "You're damn right!. And I did it. But do you think I get the credit?" The suns going down and the office lights are not on.

"How much do you like your job? I can make you or break you, you know."

She moves to the desk and deftly knocks the pencil cup onto the floor. "Pick that up for me Scott, will you?" You lean down and get on all fours. Before you have the final pencil in the cup, as you reach under the desk you feel her heel on your shoulders. "You are a pretty little boy, aren't you. Stay down there!"

Ms. Riley moves around and sits on the chair you had occupied. "Take off my shoes, my feet need a massage" she orders. She is wearing no hose. "Both shoes. Both feet." You oblige.

"Now Scott, I hold your job in my hand just like you are now holding my feet. Obey and you will get ahead. Disobey and I will break you. Now suck on my toes." You are more than a little shocked. But start, one toe at a time.

"How much do you like you job...she says slightly slurred...go lock the door Scott, I think its time we talked about your giving me a raise." He thought maybe she had misspoke. She hands you another drink and orders you to sit at her feet again. You are back on your knees. She has you face away from her and get on all fours. "What a nice foot stool you make, Scott. Turn round and let me see your lovely eyes."

Your head is now between her legs. As you look up you catch her musky sex scent. And as your eyes wonder to up to her face, you can't help noticing as you pass that she has no panties on. When your eyes make contact she pulls your head forward as she spreads her legs. "Ms. Riley wants a tongue bath. Just the thing to ease the tension. And you are in the perfect position to oblige," she says.

You try your best to make her moan. You hear a moan, but it is yours. Her hands are on your head and she lefts your head to meet her eyes. You can tell my the look in her eyes that she was enjoying your work.

"Yeah that will do for now. Don't stand up. I like you like that. Go fetch me a cigar and another drink. That's right stay on your knees." When you come back she is down to her bra and garter and hose and your hard-on that started when you ate her pussy is now doing a great job as a tent pole. And as you walk on your knees back to her with her drink in one hand and a cigar in the other, there's no doubt she can see your condition.

She moves to the other side of the desk before you reach her. As she moves around the desk, you stand so to more easily deliver the drink, and avoid rug burns. She seems to sense your change in position, even with her back to you.

"Down!" And you almost fall as the authority and loudness of her voice shakes you. You knee-walk the rest of the way to the opposite side and set the drink and cigar on the side of the table opposite.

"My dear Scott, you are not a good house boy. You stand when you are not allowed and you deliver a drink most rudely. I think you need to learn more manners." She moves around the desk to stand behind you. She moves up to you, her knees pressing you against the edge of the table. She leans over and picks up the drink. Downs it and lights the cigar. The heady scent of expensive cigar fills the room. She puffs for awhile pressing your chest into the desk, occasionally rubbing herself against your shoulder.

Her knee slides to your sides. She is crouching behind you. She has a leg on either side as she leans forward and deftly removes your shirt but not your tie. You just want her to open your fly! You start to speak...to say something to entice her to go for your belt as well...She grabs a hand full of the hair on your head and stands. She nearly lifts you off the ground. She pulls your head back - "You will speak only when I tell you to speak do you understand. Nod like a good house boy if you understand."

You nod and she lets go of your hair. "Stay there." You hear a door open and close, and open and close again. You hear her returning. Your head is swimming a little from the drinks. But that doesn't dull the sharp sting of the first hit of a wide leather strap. You yelp and that brings her yanking your head back.

"That's just a sample of what you'll get if I don't receive better service. With that she turns your head causing you to turn to face her again. With her heels and height, this puts her pussy right at your lips and soon she shoves your face in it again. But this time she doesn't lie back idly. She grabs you head and is fucking your face, pounding it like there's no tomorrow. You work hard to keep up and without thinking about it, you loosen your own belt and free your throbbing shaft. As you grab your rod, she climaxes and nearly suffocates you.

While she is still in spasm from the orgasm, she reaches down and wraps your tie around her hand. She lefts the tie and you have no choice but to follow. She leads you around the edge of the desk and then pulls you over the desk, directing you to lie down face up. Flat on your back with your tie still in her hand, she moved to the side of the desk above your head. She leans over you and with her pendulous tits dragging across your face, she pinches, nibbles and sucks your nipples. She crawls up on the desk and released your tie. She now moves over your body one leg on either side.

Her wet cunt slides over your face and down your chest. You are still trying to catch your breath from the nipple nibbles when, without hesitating she mounts your dick. She raises your knees to use as handles and she starts riding you like the expert bull-wrangler she is.

You reach forward and grab the sides of her two cheeks. You look forward and enjoy the view of your hot cock sliding in and out between her cheeks. She continues to ride and you start to moan as you feel yourself near the edge. This really spurs her on and with a few final thrust she bring you to climax, just as another orgasm from her squeezes your cock and seems to milk it for every last drop.

She jumps off of you and the desk with a great deal of speed and agility. She's so fast you look down to be sure your dick is still in place.

"You have been a good little house boy, ...Scott. Will you be here next time I call."

"At your service, mam," you manage to get out. She finds that charming, from the look on her face. She grabs the coat on the hook, leaving her dress where ever she dropped it. She wraps the coat around herself and goes for the door.

"Clean up and get the lights, will you boy?" Without waiting for an answer she leaves, but not before slipping a business card in your jacket pocket.

You dress, straighten up and get the lights. As you are going through the door into the outer office, a woman enters.

"What are you doing in Mr. Rileys office?" she asks.

"You mean MS. Riley's don't you?," you say.

"Well his wife is here often enough, but I think it still is her husband's, MR. Riley's, office. I should know I am his secretary. I just came in to check on things. Mr. Riley is out of town. Haven't I seen you somewhere? (she turns to do work at her desk) You work in the ABC Scientific division on the 11th floor. But what brings you to this floor? Allied isn't even part of the ABC ..." You don't hear her finish.

You walk quickly to the elevator and are grateful that the door opens when you call. You stand inside and as the door closes you find the card in your pocket...

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