tagErotic CouplingsCallista and Logan Reunite Ch. 02

Callista and Logan Reunite Ch. 02


Chapter 2. Callista & Logan Reunite

He had a good nights sleep that night. He was anxious to see Callista that morning; but regretted having to ride her horse. He really did need to start rebuilding his house. But he also wanted to spend time with her. He had been in love with her years ago before she left. Perhaps if he hadn't been so passive with her, things would have ended differently. But he had been young and very shy. Time had changed him into a man. But all that mattered was the future. Perhaps now was his second chance. He quickly dressed and ran to the barn, all the way thinking he hated these big ugly dogs. Maybe he could convince her to just take a walk in the woods.


"Good Morning. Are you ready for our morning ride? I've already got old Jim over there for you. I know how you hate horses so I picked the best trained." She said with a smile.

"You mean the oldest and slowest right." Logan said with a smirk.

"Yes well I wouldn't want to bruise that lovely ass of yours would I? So let's go. I have everything ready. Well have a picnic by that old pond we use to go to." She said.

"Yeah about that bruised ass, do you think we could just forget the horses and picnic and take a walk to the pond instead?" he pleaded.

"Oh, well it's a long walk... but I guess so." She said with a shrug.

As they began their walk he felt uncomfortable with her. The last time they spoke he was pouring his heart out pleading her to stay. When she chose to attend college in London it had broken his heart; and he thought for a moment she might do it again. As they walked, he watched the way she looked at him. Her almond shaped eyes were beautiful. He slowly traced her figure with his eyes making him come alive. Her olive skin was flawless. Her make-up was only lightly applied to accentuate her eyes leaving the rest as Mother Nature had created. She was wearing tight fitting riding pants and a tank top that hugged every curve of her large breasts. His arousal put all past feelings aside as he thought of ways they might rekindle their past love. In an effort to be together he took her hand in his and swung her around so they were face to face.

"Logan what are you doing?" she said with surprise.

"What I have wanted to do since the day you left."

Logan kissed her passionately. She put her hands on his chest as if to push him away. This was much to fast for her she thought. This can't happen. Can it? But he pushed himself into her insisting, and the feel of his cock pressed against her flat stomach is all it took for her to submit. She opened her lips slowly to allow his aggressive tongue to enter. His hands explored her waist feeling every inch of her flawless porcelain skin. As they both explored each other they dropped to the ground removing clothing as they went. As she lay before him naked he took a moment to appreciate her goddess appearance. She had a small patch of hair on her pussy. Perfect he thought as he ran his hands along her sides tickling her slightly.

"Callista you are beautiful. I have loved you since we were children and I know you love me." he said.

Logan pulled her hips closer to his face. Seeing what he was about to do, she nodded her approval as if the excitement she was feeling had muted her voice. As he lowered his hands to part her joyous lips he lowered himself to her. At first he kissed her thighs, teasing her as he worked his way to just the right spot. He flicked his tongue on her sensitive clit and she moaned with the sensations.

"Stay right there." She begged as her voice returned, "I like what you're doing to my clit."

As he continued his assault on her clitoris he inserted two fingers into her drenched pussy. He pushed in as far as he could; feeling the walls of her womb. She bucked against his fingers as the sensations started to build. His tongue began to tire but he kept flicking and fucking her with his fingers till she screamed out and a gush of her juices ran into his hand. Satisfied he grabbed both of her arms and brought her toward him so they were sitting face to face. They kissed and she tasted her juices for the first time. She rubbed her hands along his legs reaching his groin and feeling it stiff below her hands.

Callista jumped up and said "I'll race you to the pond." with a giggle.


"Hahaha... come on it's just over that hill."

"But do you know how hard it is to run with an erection!" he shouted.

Logan made his way to the pond trying not to squish the berries as he ran. She had already jumped into the pond and was swimming toward a shaded spot with rocks out-looking the embankment. He jumped in and swam to her, intent on finishing what they had started. He grabbed her around her center and pulled her to him. He was ready and expected to have his way. With one hand he lifted her legs and she wrapped them around his thighs while holding her close with his other hand. His cock waited eagerly for its entrance.

"Do you want this Callista?"

"For the longest time Logan; I have always wanted you, I know now I have always loved you."

As he smiled from her words, Logan pushed her against the rocks and slid his dick inside her for the first time. It was so tight it hurt as he drove it in as deep as it would go. All the while she moaned as he impaled her. He moved slowly at first brining the tip of his dick almost all the way out and then slamming it back in her again sending shock-waves through her body. Callista loved the tease he was giving her as he again slammed into her wet pussy. Logan worked his way to a steady pace grinding his hips into hers. She was banging against the rocks as they moved their in unison. Water splashed in their face as the pace quickened and she gasped as she came again. The water was cold making her tits swell to bite sized nubs. She nibbled at his muscular shoulder as he once again slammed his cock into her over and over again finally releasing inside her. As their breaths began to slow he kept his cock in place as he gave one last embrace and said, "Will you marry me?"

With shock and joy she said, "YES!"

As they staggered back to their cloths there was a happy silence between them. Their knees shook as they dropped to the ground and gathered their clothing. Logan guided Callista to lay with him in the tall green prairie grass as they let the warmth of the sun bake their skin and warm their cold bodies. As they lay there caressing each other they thought of the future, and how her parents would respond to their engagement.

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