I was told about your sight last week by a friend of mine and after reading several stories figured some visitors may enjoy a small peek into my vocation.

I retired last year after 35 years as a freelance cameraman. I worked mostly on documentaries and a few television commercials. As a sideline, I did video work at weddings, christenings and other family style gatherings.

About 3 years ago, I was approached by a friend on behalf of a friend of his. This guy wanted someone to do a video of him and his wife having sex. At first I refused because I had never done anything like that and I considered it to porno which I dislike. To make a long story short, after much persistence by my friend, I finally agreed to meet the guy and was impressed by his honesty and candor.

This couple was not into wife swapping, but, they did enjoy watching and trading homemade videos with other couples. The man was about 50 and obviously well off. He said they had grown tired of making their own videos with a fixed camera on a tripod because the result was one dimensional and the lighting was either poor or harsh. He wanted to make several short videos with a hand held camera and really capture the action. He and his wife wanted a professional to do the job. I did the job thinking what the hell, its only once and the money's good. We filmed on a Friday night at their home and I thought that was that.

Within a month, I was getting at least 3 phone calls a week from other couples for my services. At first I resisted, but, since I needed the extra money and the first one had gone off without a hitch, I started doing private home videos.

Here are the ground rules I set and still follow.

1. I will not film anyone under the age of 25.

2. I must see everyone who is to be in the video's drivers license.

3. No drugs. Repeat NO DRUGS.

4. I do not film anything pertaining to animals, body waste, pain or rape (real or pretend).

5. I film 4 tapes of 25 to 40 minute duration. This allows a lady to freshen her makeup and change wardrobe.

6. I bring 4 blank tapes with me and I leave with no tapes in my possession. I hand over the tapes and what they do with them is their business.

7. I am onsite for a total of 4 hours.

8. I provide all equipment and lighting.

9. Client provides the place to film.

10. I provide model release forms for the client. He is the producer. I am simply the cameraman.

11. I sign a confidentially agreement.

12. I never take part in the action or appear on camera.

13. I film indoors only.

In the past 3 years, I have filmed about 300 different couples in the states of Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi and Alabama. I do not advertise, all my work is by referral. Most of my clients call at least once a year for new videos, but I do have several that film monthly. When you consider that each session can produce up to 4 videos, that's quite a bit of film. I am very discreet. If filming at a persons home, I drive my panel van and wear a uniform so it appears a repairman is at their location. If at a hotel, I drive my car and wear casual clothing.

I do not film male/male encounters. I have filmed several in the past stopped because they tend to want to have elaborate plots or can't make up their mind about what to wear or don't like the lighting and then they get mad when their time is up and they only have 20 minutes of film.

As a general overview, here are some things I have encountered in my work.

* Most people who make these videos are between 30 and 55 years of age.

* Women age better than men.

* Most women have stretch marks somewhere on their body (I can make most of these disappear with lighting and camera angle).

* Most women have clear unblemished skin especially on their bottoms. Most men have blemishes on their butts.

* Most men want to get a blow job on tape.

* Most women do not have multiple orgasms, but, will have at least two orgasms if the stimulation is right before the man has one orgasm.

* Moans and screams are not indicative of enjoyment, facial expressions are.

* Most women are very lady like even during sex.

* Most men are pigs during sex.

* Women enjoy oral sex more when performed by another female.

* Men enjoy oral sex more when performed by a female.

* Most three way sex consists of a woman and two men.

* All beasts sag, the degree of sag varies by the size of the breast and age of the woman.

* The average penis size is about 6 inches at full erection. Larger penises do not get as hard as one about 6 inches long.

* I have filmed in all types of hotels, in mobile homes, apartments, private homes and motor homes.

* I have filmed in every room of a house including a garage.

* I have filmed every conceivable sexual position. I am constantly amazed.

* Double penetration does not appear to be pleasurable for anyone.

* Anal sex generally is better for the man than the woman.

* The best videos are those which simply film what men and women generally do, have mutually enjoyable sex at bed time. This comes off as very natural as opposed to contrived for the camera.

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