tagErotic CouplingsCamilla Ch. 039

Camilla Ch. 039


Naked Camilla took Mr. Patterson into a private room for lap-dances. They sat down, facing each other and waiting for the next song to begin.

"So I taught you back when you were in grade two?" he asked.

"Yeah," she said with a giggle. "I'm Camilla Mennon. Remember that name?"

"Camilla Mennon," he said, looking up and trying to remember her when she was about six or seven years old. Suddenly, an image of her, sweet, skinny, and innocent, in a pink dress with her hair in pigtails, came to mind. "Oh, now I remember: you were cute little Camilla!"

She squealed and giggled with delight, fidgeting in her chair. She said, "Oh, sir, I had such a crush on you back then. I remember one time after class, I tried to unbutton your shirt..."

"...And I quickly stopped you," he said emphatically. "You naughty girl. What if a teacher had walked in our class and seen that? I would have been in big trouble."

"Well," she said with a sexy pout, "I was curious." She leaned closer to him as the next song began. "I still am," she purred. She sat on his lap, facing him, and loosened his necktie so she could unbutton his shirt. "What does it look like in there?"

"I feel a little uneasy," he said, "having sexual thoughts about a former child student of mine."

"Why?" she asked, unbuttoning his shirt and putting her hand inside to touch his hairy chest and tickle his nipples. "I'm 18 years old now, of the age of consent."

"Well, I guess that makes it okay," he panted.

She took her hand out of his shirt, grabbed his hands, and put them on her ass. Then she said, "Feel me up. You can touch everything...even deep inside."

"Really?" he asked. "No anatomy is off-limits?"

"Nope, I'm not shy at all," she moaned from his squeezing of her buttocks. Giggling and looking lewdly in his eyes, she knew his fantasy, and acted her part accordingly. She played the slutty persona of 'Candy', the bad girl she'd acted like in front of Hanson, Pierce (when they were in the shower area of gym class), Williams, and Johnson. Her left hand pinched his right nipple while her right hand gently squeezed the erection that bulged in his pants. He fingered her anus, rotating his index finger around the puckered orifice. She pressed her forehead and nose against his, looking in his eyes lasciviously to encourage his lecherous fingers to explore further...and deeper. He gently and slowly pushed his finger inside her anus. Breathing heavily, she looked straight in his eyes with a salacious look that told him how good his finger felt in her ass. She got up and brushed her breasts against his face, her nipples tickling his lips. Then she turned around. He pulled his finger out of her asshole, and she sat on his pointy lap. As she rubbed her buttocks against his phallus, she accurately guessed his erection at about 6 1/2 inches; it was undoubtedly as thick as Grisham's. Feeling its tip rub against her wet vulva, she knew sex with Patterson would make her tingle all over with pleasure. How am I so lucky, always getting such well-endowed men? she thought.

He cupped his hands around her breasts and gently squeezed them. Sighing from his sensitive touch, she then got up, spread her legs wide open, and bent over to give him a peek. She looked back at him upside-down from between her legs, grinning as she saw his eyes happily study each delicious wrinkle and fold on her pretty purple vulva and bronze anus, both of which were clearly and deliberately displayed, for his lip-smacking viewing pleasure. She giggled at his lustful eyes and tickled him under the chin with her finger.

Then motioning to him with her finger to bring his face closer to her two mouthwatering holes, she, always grinning, asked, "Would you like to have a taste?"

"You'll let me?" he asked in delighted surprise.

"Sure," she said. "I love getting head."

His tongue dove inside her vagina, ravenously licking the orifice while his nose rested contentedly against her anal opening. She sighed and squealed as she fondled his erection with one hand and fingered her clit with her other. He pulled his tongue out of her cunt and licked her asshole with even greater energy. It was perfectly clean, and he opened it wide so he could slide his tongue inside. She was getting wetter and wetter, squealing at steadily ascending pitches. He put his fingers in her vagina; they explored everywhere in there, rubbing against all of her vaginal walls and stimulating her G-spot.


Rick and Don, the bouncers at Luvlee's, were enjoying the free pornographic video Camilla and Patterson were providing on the monitor screens, which were supposed to be used to make sure no customers were going too far in the private rooms. The bouncers were too hypnotized by what they saw to have much concern with excessive public indecency.

"This is so hot!" Rick said. "I love my job!"

"Camilla had better hope Mrs. Chen doesn't find out what she's letting those guys do in there," Don said. "Or else she'll get fired."

"Who cares?" Rick said. "I won't tell if you don't. Just enjoy the show."


Now Patterson had his finger sliding deep inside Camilla's rectum while he licked her pussy. He couldn't believe this girl, who was once skinny, shy, sweet, and quick to cry when the other kids made fun of her. Now she was curvaceous, brazen, wickedly sexy, and eager to fuck when a cock was near. How quickly the girls grow up! he thought as he sucked on her clitoris. She was now screaming really high, and approaching the whistle register. With a brief buzzing on her clitoris, he made her screams reach that uncannily high pitch, and she splashed her come all over his face.

"I don't believe it," he said as he wiped the come off his mouth and nose. "My former student, once an innocent little girl in pigtails, just gave me a facial."

Giggling and sighing her satisfaction, she asked, "Wanna take me home and fuck me, sir?"

"Who in his right mind wouldn't want to?" he asked. "Let's go."


She wore her light green dress and high heels to his apartment, but got naked in the outside hall before he even got his door unlocked. Her pussy was hungry for his cock.

As soon as he got the door open, she rushed inside. "Which way to your bedroom, sir?" she asked.

"Go straight," he said as he closed the door. "It's the last door down the hall, in the middle." He locked the door, took off his shoes, and rushed after her.

When he got in the bedroom, she was on the bed, on all fours with her legs spread wide open and her ass pushed out so her vagina and anus were showing. Her tube of anal lube lay beside her. She looked back at him with her mouth open, licking her lips. "Which hole do you want, sir?" she asked. "My mouth, my pussy, or my butt?"

He got naked and got on the bed. In doggy-style position, he slid his already fully-erect cock into her dripping-wet pussy. She screamed several times in rising pitches as he slowly pushed his cock in deeper. When it went all the way in, the tip reached and pushed against her A-spot: she squealed in whistle register and came.

"Already?" he panted as he continued thrusting. You are one highly-sexed girl, he thought.

He kept fucking and she kept coming; she let out a staccato, whistle-register squeal with each poke of his phallus against her A-spot. He pushed his finger deep inside her asshole and rubbed it against the anal wall that her vaginal wall shared. His bedsheets were soaked with her jizz. Not wanting any more of a deluge of come on his bed, he pulled his cock out of her cunt. She turned around and took his phallus in her mouth.

He lay on his back as she sucked him off. She looked lewdly in his eyes as she went up and down on his manhood. She played with his balls, tapping them with her fingers and making them dance. She wrapped her tongue around his protruding corpus spongiosum, and she deep-throated him intermittently. As he grunted and looked down at her, he was in awe of her technique, to say nothing of her masterful control of her gag reflex. "Oh...God! I'm gonna blow my load!" he moaned. She pulled his cock out, pointed it at her face, and jerked him off briefly. His come splashed on her nose, her left cheek, her lips, and in her right eye. Grinning and giggling the whole time, she screamed in delighted surprise with every squirt on her face. After the last spouting of his come, she gently brushed the tip of his cock against her cheeks, not wanting even one drop of his come not to be on her face. They sat back and slowly regained their breath. "That...was incredible," he panted. "What...a metamorphosis you...had. The last...time I...saw you, you were...a sweet, innocent child. Now, you're a...sex goddess."

"Thank you, sir," she said with another giggle. Her grinning never stopped. "You want me to leave your come on my face?"

"Yes," he said. "You look...so pretty...that way."

"I'm glad you like it," she said as she wiped the come out of her eye. "I like being sexy for my teacher. I gotta go pee-pee. A lot o' guys like to watch me do that: you wanna?"

"Sure," he said. "I gotta pee too." He took her to the bathroom, her going in before him. "Ladies first."

"Thank you," she said as she sat on the toilet. She kept her legs wide open and leaned back so he could see. As the golden liquid poured out of her urethra and tinkled against the toilet bowl water, she looked up at him with eyes and mouth agape, as if she were an innocent child who knew nothing of the taboo of being seen peeing. He alternated between looking in her sexy eyes and looking down at the yellow line between her legs; he smiled, and she giggled. When the last of her urine came out, she squirted it out in short little spurts, and let out a little high-pitched staccato squeal with each squirt. With the last squirt and squeal, she giggled once more. "OK, I'm done." She wiped her vulva with some toilet paper and got up.

"OK, my turn," he said. "I don't want to flush the toilet just yet; your pee looks so pretty. I want my pee to mix with it: is that OK?"

"Of course," she said. "But can I hold your thing while you pee? I'd like to know what it's like to aim one of them at a toilet bowl."

"Sure, of course," he said as she took his penis in her hand. She aimed it down at the bowl, but the first spurt of urine splashed against the side, and some of his piss sprayed outside. "Aim carefully, sweetie."

"Sorry, sir," she said with an embarrassed giggle. Then she aimed his now hardening cock better, and all of his piss went in the toilet water. He finished peeing, then he flushed the toilet. "Since we smell of pee-pee, maybe we should wash ourselves off in the shower--what do you say?"

"Sure," he said, and they went into the shower stall. They rinsed each other off with the water after soaping up each other's genitals. She also cleaned his come off her face. They got out of the shower stall and dried each other off. Patterson's cock was hard again, and Camilla went back into the bedroom for Round Two.

He followed her into the bedroom and found her on the bed, on all fours again, pushing out her behind so he could see her asshole. He got on the bed, and she handed him her anal lube. "Wanna fuck my ass, sir?" she asked.

"You're insatiable, sweetie," he said, his eyes agape at her boundless nymphomania. Nonetheless, he was thrilled at the delightful prospect of shoving his phallus inside her pretty brown asshole.

He lubed her rectum and his cock, then he gently pushed it against her anus, teasing those lovely chocolate lips open. He pushed the knob inside, careful not to hurt her. She looked back in his eyes, her mouth widening as she enjoyed feeling his cock go in. She groaned with pleasure as he slowly slid it in deeper, always only a few millimetres at a time. Oh, the delightful tightness of her anal orifice! How those puckered anal lips sealed themselves tightly against his rock-hard member! How the width and length of his cock stimulated her rectal walls, and indirectly thus, her neighbouring vaginal wall! He pushed in, deeper and deeper: her eyes squinted, and her jaw dropped all the way down as she felt her rectum being widened. When he pushed his cock all the way in, she squealed a high pitch, very close to whistle register. He grunted and moaned as he continued pushing in and pulling out. This girl was born to give men pleasure! he thought. To think, she used this beautiful chute for crapping! Now it was all his...

As he kept pumping inside her, she used her right hand to balance herself while her left hand fingered her hard clitoris. He grabbed her breasts and squeezed them. She put her finger inside her pussy and massaged her G-spot: her squeals reached the whistle register and she came another puddle on his bed. He was approaching orgasm himself, but he didn't want to flood her rectum, so he pulled his cock out. She reached back and masturbated him briefly while he admired the wide-open hole he'd made of her anus, a hole that before seemed to blow kisses at him whenever she so generously showed it to him; now it was a hole that seemed to say, "Wow," to his amazing cock. He blew his load, sprinkling his come all over her back and buttocks. When he was finished coming, we gently wiped the tip of his sensitive, spent member against her ass, along her anal cleft and gluteal sulcus. This way, she had every drop of his jizz on her body.

They got off the bed, and he removed the soaking bed-sheets. She helped him take them to his laundry area; he enjoyed seeing his come run down her back and off her buttocks. Though drops of it got on his floor, he didn't care: it was the prettiest filth he'd ever seen.

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