tagBDSMCamille's Needs

Camille's Needs


This story is not intended for underage reading. If you are an adult I hope you enjoy and send me some feedback. Please give me the credit if you are reproducing this story. A big thank you to Mollee and Passion for their work editing this story. Thanks.

Camille had goosebumps along her forearms, her upper lip sporting a faint dew. As an excellent young university student, she was having difficulty coming to grips with meeting the man she had never seen or spoken too. Yet she bared her hidden desires to be used and disciplined like a true fuck slave to him. Here she was, a smart independent young girl kneeling in her hallway, clad only in a tiny red silk g-string that was already becoming damp with her juices in anticipation of his arrival. As the cold air drifted under the door and across her breasts, teasing her hard erect nipples, she shivered at what sounded like a car door slamming. Momentary panic filled her as she considers her near naked condition, the acts she is about to perform, and how little she knows about the man she is about to call Master.

She freezes halfway to her feet hearing the key she left outside turning in the lock. Too late to hide she sinks back to her knees and lifts her eyes to the door and trembles as her new Master steps through her doorway. Towering at 6'3 or 6'4 tall, solid with muscles, she flinches involuntarily from the commanding gaze of his deep brown eyes.

"Drop your gaze slut!" he roars as he sees this bitch staring him in the eye – " I thought I made it clear that I was in charge this evening but obviously you need to be shown firsthand!" grabbing her arm and hoisting her up, he drags her into her bedroom.

"Bend over the bed slut, tell me how many spankings you think you deserve for disrespecting me!"

Camille bent over her bed, her ass pushed in the air covered only by a thing silky red strip she softly replies,

"I don't know... 5?" mumbles Camille.

"Firstly slut you will refer to me as 'Master' or 'Sir' every time you speak to me, and second that is clearly not enough to teach you to respect me is it toy?" he emphasizes by reaching around and pinching her erect left nipple. "Now tell me slut, how many times did you fuck yourself with your fingers and toys this week?"

"14 times Master" she replies shakily having anticipated what comes next.

"Well then my little fuck toy, I think that one spank for each time is adequate don't you slave?"

"Ye-es Master..."

"I want you to count them out and thank me for each one. If you don't keep count I will have to start all over again, understood slut?"

"Yes Master, thank you Master."

He caresses his hand over her pale ass, teasing her, then suddenly he brings his hand down in a sharp slapping motion.


"Ahh!" she yelps at the sudden shock and stinging pain, "One Master, Thank You Master" she moans as he continues to tease her by running his hand over her quivering firm ass.


As she reels of three blows in quick succession, "Two, Three and Four Master, thank you Master," she quickly answers as he stops to admire the spreading and deepening pink colour of his work.


"Five, thank you Master," gritting her teeth.


"Six, thank you Master," her breath quickening, her folds getting moist.


*Seven, thank you Master..."


"Eight, thank you Master..."


"Nine, thank you Master," she says breathlessly.


"Ten, thank you Master."


"Eleven, thank you Master," she says, barely audible, her head hanging down, breathing ragged.

By now her ass was clearly red and glowing, as he turned her over and said,

"Well done pet, you have been performing exceptionally – in fact I have decided to give you a reward."

Her face breaks into a beautiful smile anticipating a much needed orgasm.

"I'm going to give you the choice of whether you shall receive your final three strokes with your hairbrush or with my belt?" as he smirked viciously. Her face deflated with the loss of an impending orgasm and three more painful – more painful strokes.

"The hairbrush Master."

"Don't worry slut I'm sure it won't hurt me at all," said the Master grinning viciously. "Now to show how much you want this why don't you thanks the hairbrush and give it a nice big kiss..."

Camille slowly leaned to the proffered hairbrush and tentatively kissed its back. "Now, slut that's not how a true whore shows its appreciation is it?" smirked the Master.

"No, Sir," Camille whispers.

"Show me how a true whore does it girl – deep throat it."

Camille slowly begins to suck on the end of a handle as though it was a lollypop.

"Come on slut you can do better," gloats the Master as Camille flushing with embarrassment proceeds to humiliate herself by licking up and down the shaft of the hairbrush with her nimble tongue. With her red cheeks still flaming from her spanking she begins taking the whole handle in her mouth and sucking like a cheap whore while her Master watching her humiliate herself. Camille becomes entranced in her oral stimulation of her own hairbrush while her pussy juices are flowing freely, soaking her tiny g-string and causing her inner thighs to glisten.

"Enough slut." barks the Master, as Camille flushes guilty in realizing how much she was getting into blowing her own hairbrush and how long she had been going for.

"Bend over the bed again slut and resume your count!" He orders as he runs the saliva soaked hairbrush over her pale ass and teases her soaking pussy with the handle. When suddenly he brings back the brush and,


As the hairbrush smacks across her left cheek leaving a red welt over her already rosy and flamed cheeks.

"12, thank you Master," sobs Camille as her body is racked with a new type of stinging and burning pain.


"13, thank you Master," Camille stutters as then pain is repeated on her left ass check and to Camille's own surprise her arousal increases causing the room to obviously smell of her arousal.


"14... thank you Master," breaths Camille as the final stroke welts across her two burning cheeks. As tears of relief begin to well in her eyes as the pain is over.

"You have done well slut – better than I expected in fact," complements the Master as Camille still burning with shame and embarrassment fawns for her Master.

"Thank you, Sir."

The Master tenderly lifts her and passionately kisses her – his tongue invading her mouth. As he breaks off he breathes, "Would you like to cum slut?" looking deep into her eyes and his own brown eyes glint mischievously.

"Yes Master – more than anything," She pleads begging with her eyes.

"I will think of it slut, now play with yourself while I consider it," He orders to the frustrated but mortified girl. Camille hesitates over the idea of fingering her dripping pussy in front of this fully dressed and quietly confident man. This act would totally label her as a total submissive fuck slut. Some of this must have been apparent on her face as the Master barked,

"Now slut – I gave you an order! If you want to cum you had better get started!"

Camille lied down on the bed tentatively rubbing her hand over her dripping pussy while her other hand began to pinch her erect nipples.

"Hurry up slut, we haven't got all day!" the Master says pointedly with one eyebrow raised. Camille aching pussy and rush of much anticipated sensations overwhelms the last vestiges of her humility and begins to brazenly finger her hole and frantically rubbing her clit. He smiles as he watches the girl finger fuck herself like a total whore desperate for relief. Judging that she is near orgasm he sharply barks,

"STOP SLUT!" she hesitates being right on the brink of a desperately needed and shattering orgasm.


Camille slowly puts her hands at her sides, tears of frustration rolling down her cheeks as she moans,

"No you didn't Master – please please may I cum Master?"

He smiles and reaches across to pinch her nipple firmly causing her to wince and moan.

"Not yet slut there are more immediate items that need attention." He states as he releases his 8 and a half inch cock from his jeans, and pointing to the floor orders "On your knees slut and show me what I am to you!"

Camille takes his thick shaft in hand and begins rolling her tongue around the head of his cock causing him to moan in pleasure. "Good slut, but I think we can do better." As he takes a handful of her hair and pulling her head back shoves his cock completely into her mouth causing her to gag. "Don't worry slut you will get used to it," he gloats as he begins to slowly fuck her face cause her to gag and for drool to roll down her checks. He increases speed and after what seems like hours to Camille, he pulls out of her aching jaws and asked her, "Do you want my cum whore?" staring into her eyes and she completely submits and states simply, "Yes, my Master."

Still looking deep into her eyes he begins to cum over her open mouth, face and breasts. Sinking back onto the bed as he watches her swallow and taste his cum that landed into her gaping mouth he sighs contently.

"Very good slut – you will turn out nicely when your training is complete."

Still kneeling submissively and covered in his white and sticky cum, she beams as she replies, "Thank you, Sir" expectantly awaiting her turn to cum.

"I will see you tomorrow slut and you are forbidden to cum tonight. Have a pleasant evening my little fuck slave," he says striding out of the room buttoning his pants. Camille kneels there stunned – ass checks burning, cum covering her and pussy screaming for release – as the knowledge of another night without release sinks in. Still kneeling she reflects back of how she needed to be commanded to stop finger fucking herself like a whore, sucked her hairbrush that was used to spank her, thanked him for spanking her to tears and how he used her mouth as a fuck toy.

As she finished thinking back she realized that she would not touch herself until tomorrow and would do everything he asked the next day as well because she was in truth a submissive little slut, and happy.

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