tagNonConsent/ReluctanceCaptive Ch. 04

Captive Ch. 04


"I just want to say thank you to everyone who has given me feedback, I will try not to stay away for so long. Please, I do enjoy feedback and hearing from my readers. Thank you!"


Kira forgot her hunger momentarily and blushed at the words of the man beside her. "Does he really think I'm pretty?" she wondered as she felt the cum on her skin beginning to dry.

The man took a moment to look over his young pet, she was really coming along nicely. He reached out and ran his fingers across her cheek, feeling his dried sperm against her silky skin. "Do you like pleasing me pet?" he asked as she leaned into his touch.

"Oh yes Sir," she replied eagerly, "I would do anything to please you Sir." As the man looked in her eyes there was no doubt to him that she was serious, he could feel it. He leaned back into the couch and reached out to touch her, his fingers lightly tracing invisible pictures on her cheek, her lips, and her neck. "You know baby doll, sometimes when pets want to please their Masters they use their mouths to do it," he looked in her eyes for a moment before asking, "Would you like to please me that way pet?'

Kira wasn't sure, she looked down at the floor and her mind raced. In less than twenty-four hours so much had happened, she had been kidnapped, violated in the park, and she had been taken home by her kidnapper only to realize that she wanted him. This man had taken her virginity and convinced her to stay with him, he also taught her how to give a hand job, but now... now he wanted her to suck his cock. She wasn't sure she could do it, she didn't even know how to, she began to stir and worry.

The man, the kidnapper, the attacker, the rapist, he sensed her uneasiness and did what he could to help, he kissed her forehead and whispered in a reassuring tone, "Don't worry baby doll," he said, his lips close to her ear, his breathe hot on her skin, "I will teach you, I know you can do it, I won't let anything bad happen to you, my pet."

Kira stopped stirring as soon as she felt his tender lips, he calmed her like no one else could. She listened to his words carefully, she believed him. She looked up at him, her ocean blue eyes on his emerald green eyes, she nodded.

With her kneeling before him on the floor she was already in the perfect position to learn how to use her mouth on her Master's cock. He was already semi-hard despite his recent orgasm and he was anxious to see what her mouth could do. Kira looked at his cock, which was fairly close to eye level and she subconsciously licked her lips, she wanted it, again.

The man began giving basic instructions. He told Kira to lean forward and begin licking the length of his cock slowly. She did as he commanded. It didn't take long for the man's cock to reach throbbing proportions with her touch. Kira noted that when she licked the underside of his cock, the man seemed to really find it hard to sit still.

When his cock was standing hard and begging for her hot mouth the man began to expand on his teachings. The man petted her golden hair with his fingers as he continued, "Now lick around the head like you would lick an ice cream cone." Kira began to instantly follow orders, she traced her wet tongue slowly around the crown of the older man's cock head, loving the feeling and the taste. It didn't take long for the man to begin speaking his praise for her efforts, "Oh yeah baby... that's it, lick me good with your hot little tongue," he moaned out, "Oh yeah, lick it like that. Good girl!"

There was something about those words, something about being called a "good girl" by this man, something about his praise that made Kira light up like a Christmas tree, her eyes shone brighter, her smile got wider (even pressed against his cock), her nipples hardened and her twat drooled. She was his.

The man tried hard not to thrust his hips up into the young girls face just yet, he wanted to wait, he wanted this to last, he restrained himself. When he couldn't take it another moment he told Kira, "Okay baby doll, now put the tip in your mouth and lick it a little." The heat of Kira's mouth resulted in a strong groan from the man who was enveloped by the heat of her young mouth and aroused by the knowledge that not only was he the first man to ever use her pussy but he was also the first man to use her mouth. No matter what happened, she would never be able to forget him.

Kira followed her Master's demands and held the tip of his twitching cock in her lips, she couldn't deny the wetness she felt in her cunt each time his cock twitched and pressed against the roof of her mouth slightly. She ran her tongue around the cock head, liking the salty taste and the way the silky tip felt against her busy tongue. She worried that she may not be doing it right, after all this was the first cock she had ever sucked, but each time she began to wonder, the man on the couch would grunt lewdly or moan his encouragement at her as he squirmed on the leather cushions. "Oh yeah baby," he would moan through gritted teeth, "That's it, lick me good."

Next, the man put his hands in Kira's hair and began to slowly pull up and push down, forcing her to begin bobbing on his cock. For a first timer she truly was a quick learner. Each time the man pulled up on her hair she sucked his prick head like a vacuum and solicited a moan, each moan louder than before. Each time the man pushed down on Kira's head she took more of his thick shaft in her mouth and never once did she even gag.

As for the man, as he watched Kira get lower and lower down his shaft, and he couldn't help but get closer and closer to blowing his load into her mouth and down her throat. He fought back the urge to cum and kept up his lesson with the young girl, guiding her hand to his balls to fondle them while her mouth kept working.

The hard wood floor between Kira's knees was accumulating a puddle of juices from her cunt. Soon, she was finally able to take all of his cock into her mouth. Even as it began to work its way in her throat she still did not gag. She was an instant professional cock sucker. With her lips pressed up against the man's belly he stroked her hair and rocked his hips a little, speaking slowly, "Oh baby that's it, take it all. Show me what a good little cock sucking cunt you are."

The man watched with a grin as Kira's face blushed deep red, she was enjoying this and it was written all over her face. The man coiled his fist with locks of her hair and slowly began to pull the young girl's mouth off of his pulsing dick. When it was all freed from her mouth Kira was breathing heavy, her lungs trying desperately to fill with, but yet she still leaned forward trying to get her lips around it again, the sooner the better.

The man couldn't help but laugh a little, she was an eager little submissive that's for sure. He didn't make her wait long either, he kissed the top of her head and then let go of her hair, allowing her to take him in her mouth again. She did, and Kira went to work like a starving animal, feasting. She licked and sucked at the tip of the man's cock before slowly pulling it into the back of her mouth and opening her throat to take it down. As if she had been doing it for years, Kira deep throated the thick cock, loving the way the big purple vein down the center throbbed in the heat of her mouth.

For his part, the man began to thrust his hips up, fucking young Kira's face. At first she was taken aback by this, spitting out saliva as she gagged, but it only took her a moment to regroup and she began to find her rhythm, sucking hard and milking the man's prick eagerly. The man held the back of her head and moaned loudly as she drove him closer and closer to his explosion.

In a move that shocked Kira, the man reached down and plugged her nose as she devoured his cock, he also held her head to him hard, preventing her from retracting any. Quickly Kira began to run out of air, but she stayed calm, she trusted him. The lack of oxygen resulted in Kira's mouth becoming an even stronger suction that literally pulled the ropes of cum from his balls as Kira massaged them.

At the exact moment that Kira ran out of air the man began to pump his cum into the young girl's throat. He grunted loudly and called out, "Yes baby, take it all." Kira's face burned red and her eyes bulged out slightly as she choked on cock and cum. She needed air, but it was being denied to her, she stayed still trusting him with her life.

Kira's mind raced as she ran out of oxygen, in part she knew this was crazy, she should be struggling and fighting against this man who was choking her but yet she couldn't do it. She didn't want to disappoint him, he and his orgasm were the only things that mattered to her, the reasons why she felt this way are still unknown to her, but deep down inside she believes he will teach her about them. She was willing and eager to please, whatever the cost, even if that meant that she choked and passed out, or worse. She was his to use, and if he chose to use her like this, she accepted that without protest. She felt her eyes getting heavy as she began to lose focus, her body shutting down.

As the man's orgasm began to slow and he had only a single spurt of cum left to share with his slave, he pulled his cock from her throat completely and allowed her to breathe. Kira instantly began to cough and breathe heavy as she refilled her young lungs. As she did so the man emptied the last of his cum into her wide open mouth. Despite being slightly disoriented due to the lack of oxygen Kira knew she loved the taste of his sperm and drank it down.

The man leaned back, completely satisfied. He had really found himself quite a slave, despite being a virgin she was an incredible fuck, she gave expert hand jobs and now as he just found out, she had the mouth of a whore. He smiled a contently and said to himself, "Things just keep getting better."

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